Catholic MPs advised to ‘denounce anything unjust’ in Malawi Parliament

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) has challenged members of Malawi Parliament especially those from the Catholic Church to strive and proclaim for the truth about human dignity hence denounce anything which is unjust to the society.

Fr. Chimombo addressing the MPs.- Photo by Louis Suwedi,ECM

Fr. Chimombo addressing the MPs.- Photo by Louis Suwedi,ECM

Participants to the event.-Photo by Louis Suwedi,ECM

Participants to the event.-Photo by Louis Suwedi,ECM

Patel speaking during the meeting.-Photo by by Louis Suwedi,ECM

Patel speaking during the meeting.-Photo by  Louis Suwedi,ECM

Acting Secretary General for the ECM, Fr. Emmanuel Chimombo said this Wednesday when the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace held an interface meeting with all members of Parliament that belong to the Catholic Church at Capital Hotel in Lilongwe.

The meeting which was termed as working dinner between the Catholic Church and Members of Parliament who are currently meeting in Lilongwe for the 2015/2016 national budget was aimed at briefing the parliamentarians on issues that affect their constituents thereby challenging them as duty bearers to take actions during this time when they are meeting for the budget session.

“This gathering is an opportune moment for us as ECM to exposes the social teachings of the Church. This is part of the Church’s moral theological reflection on the complex realities of human existence in society-social, political, economic-in the light of faith, therefore, allow God to play a role in any intervention that you contribute in Parliament,” said Fr. Chimombo in his key note address.

Fr. Chimombo said the social teaching of the Church has a threefold task which is to: announcing the truth about human dignity, denouncing unjust situations in society and contributing to positive changes and real human progress.

“We encourage you, our honourable parliamentarians to consider the plight of those affected by floods and droughts. Through this forthcoming budget deliberation currently in progress, the affected ones need to be strengthened hence resuscitating their livelihoods. Their food situation needs also to be strengthened by deliberately putting in resources that would support their winter cropping, as an example,” said Fr. Chimombo.

CCJP’s national programmes coordinator for governance desk, Martin Chiphwanya in his issue paper presentation towards 2015/2016 budget process said the justice and peace arm of the Catholic Church in Malawi engaged with both national and district Civil Society Organisations and Faith Based Organizations to assess the issues that are being impacted by the national budgetary process.

“It is therefore imperative that the Malawi government in the 2015/2016 financial year prioritizes midterm and long-term recovery plans. As such, our call is for the budget to be a recovery budget setting the tone for fiscal development in the next few years,” said Chiphwanya.

Adding his voice, CCJP’s national secretary, Chris Chisoni said the Catholic Church is also concerned with attacks for albinism and xenophobia that rocked the country hence the need for parliamentarians to critically address the situation.

Speaking on behalf of fellow parliamentarians, Mangochi South Member of Parliament, Lillian Patel commended the Catholic Church through CCJP for always remembering its Christians including Catholic Parliamentarians.

“Before we all became parliamentarians we belonged to the Catholic Church as such the Church is like our parents whose duty is to advise us so that we deliver in our constituencies. As a Catholic law marker, I will strive to follow the social teaching that the church encourages us to subscribe to,” said Patel.

Other notable faces that attended that working dinner included Minister of Transport and Public Works , Francis Kasaila, who is also leader of the house in the national assembly, former first lady Patricia Shannil Dzimbiri, Juliana Lunguzi, Alekeni Menyani, Harry Thomson and Ralph Jooma among others.

The event was organized in line with the Scaling up Enhanced Citizen Participation for Accountable, Transparent and Responsive Governance project which is being implemented in twelve districts across the country with support from Tilitonse Fund.

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…… Eklezia Katolika Oyera ……. Ndipo oyera ayanjana pochita zabwino

Malawian Observer

Supposing it was Livingsonia Synod advising her faithful legislators? By now, there would have been 173 comments not on the subject but on physical, biological and geographical description of all those with origins from up there. Please take note I am not from there. I am only a Malawian Observer


This is wonderful.However ECM should also collaborate with PAC and other pro-human/pro-life Civil Society organisations to bring sanity to our satanic-bent governments of the day who are tolerating sodomy,beastiality,incest,witchcraft/magic,abortion,suicide etc in the name of human/women rights or and freedom of choice.Otherwise, like other satanic/anti-human life nations, we are heading for doom!




Catholics lead, others follow



This is very good move to talk to the Catholic Parliamentarians, but how practical is it that these Catholic Parliamentarians can influence the DPP Government? Are these NOT the same people who remind us that ” If you want to join politics ( Ndale) stop being a Church man and join politics (Ndale)? Are these Catholic MPS Really obedient to their Priests that they can influence their friends and the DPP Government? If yes, then I suggest that these should share this good move by the Priests to their colleagues (Christians at Large) in the August House to make one… Read more »

What about CCAP MPs and Moslem MPs


Yes. One of the honourable house sitting passed a budget of K10bn for toilet construction. Where were these toilets constructed? Our MPs should ask for accountability of this enormous amount of money.


Can somebody on the know how expose most of of the cashgatters which churches do they belong so that we may encourage their respective church leaders to do as the catholics do?

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