Catholic MPs challenged to advance policies for people’s good in  Malawi Parley

Members of Parliament (MPs) that belong to the Catholic Church in Malawi have been challenged to be God fearing leaders and to advance development policies that promote the good of the people that they represent in their respective constituencies.

The Catholic Parliamentary Liaison Officer of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), Fr. Henry Chinkanda said this when he presented a paper entitled “Politics with a Christian Face: Biblical Foundation of Political Leadership” at Capital Hotel in Lilongwe recently.

Hon. Chiwaya (Centre),commenting as a Catholic MP-Pix by Louis Suwedi (ECM-Media & Productions Officer)

Hon. Chiwaya (Centre),commenting as a Catholic MP-Pix by Louis Suwedi (ECM-Media & Productions Officer)

Fr. Chimkanda,presenting his paper to the MP's-Photo by Louis Suwedi (ECM Media Productions Officer)

Fr. Chimkanda,presenting his paper to the MP’s-Photo by Louis Suwedi (ECM Media Productions Officer)

Fr. Chinkanda said that as representatives of the people, Members of Parliament should always remember that it is God’s people they lead and therefore their leadership style should be that of service after Christ the model leader.

“Our National Anthem starts by invoking God’s blessings on this country, “’O God bless the land of Malawi!’ This is an indication that Malawi is a God fearing nation. It means that we are a nation that is guided by both natural and divine law governed by principles that ensure the common good for all in accordance with God’s design who is ever good to all his creatures, “said Fr. Chinkanda.

He added by saying that “As Christians who live by the inspiration we get from the Bible, we know that God is the first politician in as far as, by politics; we mean people’s welfare and especially that of the voiceless, the poor and downtrodden.”

According to Fr. Chinkanda “God was always at the centre of the political, social and religious life of his people”.

Fr. Chinkanda, therefore, challenged the Catholic MPs to exercise their power and authority on behalf of God who is the ultimate power and authority.

For his part, parliamentarian for Mangochi Central, who is also Second Deputy Speaker in the National Assembly, Clement Chiwaya commended the Catholic Church in Malawi for always remembering and giving direction to its Christians including Members of Parliament.

“It is an disputable fact that the Catholic Church played an important role for democracy to be become a reality in this country. I therefore feel that we politicians will always consider coming closer to the Church and value our principles as committed Christians,” he said.


Adding her voice, Minister of Gender, Children and Social Welfare, Patricia Kaliati asked the Church to continue with such initiative, saying that, “… this will serve as a reminder of the promises we made to our constituents.”


During the same occasion, the Catholic Development Commission in Malawi (CADECOM) Interacted with the MP’s.

During the interface, the Catholic Development Commission in Malawi (CADECOM), backed up by testimony given by farmers that were representing the communities, Mr. Mazinga, the Program officer presented issues of socio-economic concern regarding fair market policies that would ensure economic justice for the small farmers in the country.


Other notable parliamentarians who attended the event were the former first lady and MP for Balaka West, Patricia Shanil Dzimbiri, Ralph Jooma of Mangochi Monkey Bay and Meleka Chiwondo of Mangochi West.

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25 thoughts on “Catholic MPs challenged to advance policies for people’s good in  Malawi Parley”

  1. DHILU says:

    more fire Jonto……………..

  2. DHILU says:

    Fools…. go check the origin of “politics”……. nobody is spared from possessing the title of “politician” unless you tell me that religious leaders are not human beings, and that they do not live within our society.
    Please, STOP speaking with your dull and uncivilized mindedness……

  3. The Patriot says:

    There is country where all MPs are catholic and the Church forced the MPS to vote against divorce and modern contraceptives! We hope our country will not go that direction where the Catholic Church will control Parliamentary debate!!

  4. The Patriot says:

    Give unto Ceaser what belongs to Ceaser and to God what belongs to God! We believe in separation of powers between the State and the Church! What shall profit a Church to gain the whole world but lose its soul? I hope the so called Church has NO hidden agenda!

  5. josephy mapira says:

    Thanks the Catholic church for the role you are playing but advise VP Chilima to respect others. He is the one who sponsored vote rigging. God cannot forgives a thief like him.

    1. Mike says:

      hahahaha so if God cant forgive a thief
      9if hes really a thief) who does he forgive???

      1. Mtumbuka says:

        A Khrisitu, tisayambitse manong’onong’o apa. Palibe chifukwa chothokodzela ma MP a Katolika okha pa nthawi yino. Mziwe kuti Chilima, Kaliati ndi ena ambiri ali mbali yanu koma!!!?? Sometimes be careful with your timing! It’s not all who like these people, so watch out!

    2. Mike says:

      hahahaha so if God cant forgive a thief
      (if hes really a thief) who does he forgive???

  6. Mbanangwa says:

    Love you Fr Henry Chinkanda, am also on of your flock. I went to Nkhata-Bay Secondary School. You were my teacher at ………..,,,,with chigandanga Paul Mpwiyo. I like your approach to things ‘Magnali Dei’

  7. peter mbulaje says:

    Its good for the church to give and advice the mps not only christians but allk’ so that dey should know their role in house

  8. Tembo says:

    Catholic MPs surely serve Gods people

  9. Hegel says:

    Catholic Church, mpingo wa pamalo ponse.

  10. sello Mvuyane says:

    ha ha ha ha ha koma zanga phee wandiwaza,, catholic forever man,,

  11. Bandasiime says:

    No. 1 takunyadirani. Pitilizani kuimba bwinotu uko!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Zangaphe, I feel sorry for you because you have blind loyalty. While not all catholics are bad and evil I would like to let you know that some prominent catholic figures or their affiliates have been behind many woes in the world ie. Adolf Hiltre. Time will also come or is coming when a political grouping of Euoropean countires with the influence of the catholic church will pass adecree that only Sunday should be a day of rest contrary to Christ teachings. You must read a lot of books/ journal or articles on internet and you will discover all what I am saying. There were powerful people people who have published secret doctrines that will be unvelled shortly in this world whose consequences will be catastrophic to christians of other denominations. One of these is the ” The Pope Francis secrete oath to the Jesuits”. There are lots of other articles that when you read them you will be shocked because even some prominent people like presidents and millionaires are members of the grouping who would like to wipe some population of the world especially the middle class and leave only the reach and poor at around 2 billion. So before you declare your allergance youi need to conduct a research and find out the true church of God. People are being deceived so much because of large fopllowing and infrasture but the Bible refers to Jesus true followers as a little flock………this is just to give you a little insight of how the multitudes are being led astray by the devil. The scriptures clearly states that in the last days many people will be deceived even those elected if it were possible. It further states that a lot will claim to be representatives of Jesus but Jesus warned that “take heed that you should not be deceived”

    1. sello Mvuyane says:

      osovenge, ayiseee unkhaula, Katolika ndiwake wa Yesu , enanu adzakuvomerani poti mumatchula dzina lake , chonchobe

    2. Giling'ande says:

      I agree with you Lt. Hornbrower….its only a few people that open their eyes to see what lies benearth. Most are blinded.

    3. ANALYST says:

      I feel sorry for people who have been brainwashed to pick out ONLY the negatives of the Catholic Church. Jesus founded this Church when St Peter answered him (Jesus) that he was the Christ (read Matthew chapter 16 when Jesus asked the disciples who they thought he was) by giving him (Peter) the keys to Heaven. Peter (meaning rock) was declaredas as a rock and that Jesus would build his Church on this rock. No powers in heaven or on earth shall prevail against this Church (up to now the Catholic Church still goes strong despite the forces of Martin Luther, John Zwingli, John Calvin, etc – including the current forces like you)

  13. Lomiasi says:

    Ndimakunyadirani Fr Chinkanda, moni kwa Mtenje mukapita ndi ku Kasina Parish

  14. lazarus says:

    The Catholic Lobby is in motion…

  15. pooooopo says:

    Kumva kukoma ndi Mpingo wanga wa Catholic. eeee spiritually satisfied with Catholic.

  16. chekambewa says:

    Realy father educate some of these MPs who so call them reverends they are misleading people out their. after this term they will see themselves out of the parliament

  17. zangaphe says:

    Katolika, mpingo wapamalo ponse. Mpingo wabata, wodzetsa chilungamo ndi mtendere. let me sing….”katolika ndimukonda ine ndimukonda, katolika ndimukonda ine ndimukonda,,, sindidzalowa mpingo wina, koma katolika ekha..iyaya oo, o liyaya olire liyaya, oo liyaya olire liyaya, sindidzalowa mpingo wina koma katolika ekha”. Kunyadira mpingo wanga ukoootu…..

    1. kholophethe says:

      Bwanji osanyadira Yesu m’malo mwa mpingo. Kumwamba sitikalowa chifukwa cha mpingo. Kuteroku when the church encourage and support nepotism and regionalism in the name of DPP inu mumasangalala. Ine kuchita manyazi.

      1. sello Mvuyane says:

        nanu Yesu ali mu mpingo,, kunyadila mpingo wamwini wake Yesuyooo, Katolika woyeee

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