Catholic MPs in Malawi challenged to do politics with a merciful gaze

The Parliamentary Liaison Office (CPLO) of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM) recently celebrated holy mass at Parliament Building in Lilongwe with Malawi Catholic Members of Parliament who are currently seating for the midyear review budget where among others; parliamentarians were challenged to do politics with a merciful gaze.

MP Lucius Banda getting ashes cross during the start of Lent period - Photo by Prince Henderson

MP Lucius Banda getting ashes cross during the start of Lent period – Photo by Prince Henderson

The officer responsible, Fr. Henry Chinkanda said the call for parliamentarians to do politics with a merciful gaze was in line the entire Catholic Church which is celebrating the Jubilee Year of Mercy.

Reflecting on Lord’s words as found in Mathew 5: 7 that state; “Blessed are the merciful for God will be merciful to them” Fr. Chinkanda reminded the MPs that they too are invited to embrace this wonderful gift of God by being merciful politicians in exercising their national responsibility.

He called on politicians in Malawi to adhere to Pope Francis’ advice, who recently said, let politicians not build walls of resentment, rather, let them construct bridges of dialogue to establish good relationship.

“To be a good Christian as a Politician is to be a bridge of dialogue, love and reconciliation as a result of being merciful.  Resentment breeds hatred and hatred breeds death,” said Fr. Chinkanda, adding that “Don’t raise your voice in the august House – rather improve your argument by means of mutual dialogue and mercy.”

Over 50 Catholic Members of Parliament and staff were in attendance during the holy mass.

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Last days,why talkin about catholic,do you many religions now they dont follow the truth,lets not point each other and follow GOD’S will,who knows religion wont escort us to our father but havin faith in him.


Kikkkkkkk ndakuvanitu nonsenu pamenepo!!!!!!!!! Tilankhule chakwathu kuno kuti POPE asanveko kikkkkkk!!!! tamayesani nthawi zina kumaonako pa YOUTUBE ndiye mulembe mau woti ANTICHRIST ndiye muoneka zomwe Katolika alili kikkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!! NO4 Mzungu mbuli walankhula zomwe ndimafunitsitsa kuti ndilankhule!!! any way anakudyetsani kale machaka simungazinvetsonso vuto lake. Ndapita ine.

Catholic was there just after Jesus and it aim was to spread the words of him and its what it is doing even right now. Its ways of preaching are from him by the holy spirit, that’s why its preaching are not by vocal and shout as we are seeing to other churches. I just feel very sory to my brothers and sisters who call themselves Christians but hate catholic bcoz to me its lyk hating your grandparents yet you could not be you without them. Its my pleasure now for you my friends to search back the aim of… Read more »

Which sect of the church do you belong to? Am not catholic but you will be amazed that most churches mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Having done comparative religion for years Ialways ask people to find the history of their faith. Its amazing if you study CCAP, CATHOLIC, ADVENTIST, JEHOVA’S WITNESS, MORMONS, ISLAM, JUDAISIM, HINDUISIM. Funny. Osamanyoza tiye tidzingotsatira dzome tasankha mpakana tsiku lomwe mulungu atadzatsegule maso athu. God bless you all.

Webster Chirambo
Mmmmmmh!!! Am I the only smelling a rat here? The 3 entries above here sound like they are coming from one and same person. Open your heart Brother and learn more about catholism rathèr than just having neagative and biased opinion over something you don’t know. Catholism is probably the only denomination today in Malawi that does not put self-enrichment before everything else. You may have a different faith, or a non-believer altogether but having humanity which I think and believe Catholism today in Malawi and world-over stands for is parmount for humankind not only for us but generations to… Read more »

Malawians we are so funny… we want christians to be Politians not pastors get involved into direct politics… I like Reverend John Chilembwe.. man of God chased and hunted like outcast… azibusa if you want politicians to do politics with merciful gaze take aleadership role


If catholics across the globe could know the secrets about catholisism in vatican, the church could disband in a week.


Every time I hear about Catholism my heart beats faster. Am a Christian but Mmmmmm


Catholic is the continuation of Babylon religion.there is nothing holy in Catholics. Cry my beloved Malawians cos most of them don’t even know the symbols in the church. And the symbols in the popes dress code

Generation of Vipers

Another medieval cult in the 21st century

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