Catholic women back church’s stance on abortion, contraceptives

Catholic women in the country say they will rally behind the church’s stance on abortion and use of contraceptives, adding they will spearhead the fight to make sure that the legalization of the former and the use of the latter come to a halt.

Madam Chilima listening to the Homily-Pix by Prince Henderson

Madam Chilima listening to the Homily-Pix by Prince Henderson

Receiving the Holy communion

Receiving the Holy communion

Catholic women including  Madam  Mary Chilima, wife of State vice president

Catholic women including Madam Mary Chilima, wife of State vice president

Meeting under the banner of Catholic Women Organization (CWO) in Catholic Diocese of Karonga, the women also made their resolutions on such other issues as “being faithful to their spouses and families” as well as “climate change.”

Bernadette Chiwaya, CWO Malawi national chairperson, said they “would follow to the latter the statutes of the Church,” and would “remain firm in as far as abortion and use of abortion which the Church condemns is concerned.”

She said while many quarters were calling for the legalization of abortion in the country, and freer use of contraceptives, they would support their leaders on their stance on the matter.

On climate change, Chiwaya said that they had resolved that every Catholic woman in the country plant a minimum of a tree from henceforth and take care of it as one way of supporting the Church’s doctrines on responding to climate change.

“The minimum of a tree is just a minimum, but we agreed we could plant as many as possible,” said Chiwaya. “And considering the number of Catholic women in the country, we are sure the impact would be huge.”

Bishop Peter Musikuwa of Chikhwawa Diocese, who is also chairperson for the Church’s lay organisations at the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), encouraged the women to “remain united” and spirited in their pursuits towards attaining eternal life.

Citing the example of Mary the mother of Jesus Christ, Musikuwa said women were “builders and not breakers” because God had not prepared them as such.

He, therefore, asked women to “help in preaching the good news and building the Church further for the greater glory of God.”

The weeklong meeting was held at the Catholic’s Miracle Technical Institute – a vocational training centre owned and run by the order of the Marianist Brothers also known as the Society of Mary.

Over five hundred delegates from all the eight dioceses of the Catholic Church in Malawi attended the conference. Next year the conference will be held in the Diocese of Chikhwawa.

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15 thoughts on “Catholic women back church’s stance on abortion, contraceptives”

  1. Rita Banda says:

    Ladies let us be civilised, this kind of mob thinking is very unfortunate, some of you who are subscribing to this follow the leader theory, you know very well that once in your lifetime, you have either aborted or aided someone to abort. Hey! Back street abortion is for poor people while the rich continue to procure safe abortions in some clinics across the country and please stop the hypocrisy, we need to save lives of poor women and girls. Tisaikemo personal opinions when we know very well that whether you block the passing of the Law or not 70,000 women will continue loosing their lives thru back street abortions annually, so then you will be happy to bury them by singing hyms going all the way to the graveyard when such deaths should have been prevented. Amafatu ndi amayi osati abambo ndiye mudziwe kuti you are subscribing to mass deaths with those rhetoric declarations of yours. Wishing you well in your misguided thinking.

  2. Jj says:

    If there is one thing the human race to needs to become immune to is Religion! It is so stupid primitive it does not focus on real issue ls or real problems. It is only interested in imaginary stuff! Real humans die of back door abortions, you people don’t care about them!

  3. anadimba says:

    zomwe mumachita mseri adziwa ndi Mulungu .musatinamizepo apa.ine ndine mkatolika koma ndikanena kuti sindinalere Mulungu andikatha.Mulungu andkhululukire

  4. isake mhango says:

    Malamulo adayamba ndi mulungu simungaletse

  5. Benson Chirwa says:

    Abortion or not, it is happening and does it affect your Christianity? I guess No. If laws were to change those who don’t subscribe to it will not have it because there’s a law. Laws or not each person has a conscious so let us not come in the way of others.

  6. anyamata says:

    mimba mutenga ndinu azimyi. kaya mulera or not mwamuna Ali pheeee. zanuzo

  7. State of the Nation address ya Peter says:

    I would agree with you on abortion but of course where pregnancy threatens the life of the bearer it may be necessary. On contraceptives you sound to be too superstitious. Mukungonena apa. Kufuna kutinyenga kudya galu. Amatero?

  8. redeemed says:

    Speaking of climate change, the heat wave is just so unbearable.

  9. mbuli67 says:

    The world would
    be a nice place to live on if these pple would walk the talk

  10. Willie Chirwa says:

    Some of your points ladies are good especially the one on faithfullness however, lets not talk of some issues just to please the audience. How many of you who attended and spoke on the non use of contraceptives are actually relying on auto pilot in their families. Contraceptives is part of the Malawian culture when it comes to birth control ever heard of mkuzi, this was our forefathers means of controlling escalating births. Abortion is an issue everywhere Wade VS Roe case in America etc, however, abortion might be necessary were the life of the mother to be is at stake and when this can be supported by proof (be it medical or otherwise) then lets practice it. Not the one which some of you there at the gathering practice. Your daughter falls pregnant and because you have a position in society/church you practice bush abortion which may lead to death or damaging the womb. So please lets discuss some of these things in a free way and not the follow the leader type, lest I be viewed as a non beliver.

  11. Achanda Atonga says:

    Let me congratulate my Church, the mighty catholic for being who we are. Lets not be like mpingo wa anthu onyenga uja koma kukakamila saturday eti osasamba ndiye kuti agwira ntchito. To Mrs Chilima, keep on being humble just as ur husband, this is the only church to make u who u r.

  12. dzambo says:

    Chilima is overtly catholic! You would rarely seem him or his wife in other church gatherings. Pls be a bit more ecumenical, if you want to be the vice-president of all christians and other religions in Malawi. There are times when other churches have called you and you either dont answer or you cancel last minute, but not when its a catholic thing.

  13. The Catholic church can’t dance to American satanic tunes. The Americans who have tied all all aid to satanic cultism

  14. Chauta says:

    Killing babies is an ancient pagan satanic ritual traced all the way back to babylon. It is still being practiced by the global elite nowadays. By legallising abortion we would be getting inducted into this satanic cult. Legalisation of Abortion,prostitution, and homosexuality is being championed by the same satanic elite. These practices are very destructive to society. The global elite prefer a moraly,and spiritually weak society which can easily be controlled and enslaved Our leaders accept these filthy practices simply out of fear of loosing power.

  15. Jacob Zuma says:

    Dumb and Dumber

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