CCAP Blantyre Synod Rev in incest scandal: Fathers child with own daughter

Reverend Chimesya Phiri is not new to sexual controversy that threatens his vocation. The Prison Chaplain for Blantyre Synod of the CCAP, has now broken the moral and spiritual code after impregnation of his own teen daughter who has since given birth, Nyasa Times understands.

Revv Chimesya: Incest scandal

Revv Chimesya: Incest scandal

The daughter, Eliza, fell pregnant last year while she was a student at Michiru Private Schools and was immediately dispatched to their home village.

The reverend allgedly asked his daughter to implicate a garden boy who was also immediately fired as a cover up despite his repeated claim of innocence.

The issue, which has been a secret for months, finally floated to the surface after the girl broke the news to her friends who came to visit her at the family’s home at the HHI Synod headquarters in Blantyre.

“She must have been tired and angry at carrying the shame on behalf of his father that is why she let the cat out of the bag,” said Nyasa Times source, a resident at the HHI Mission.

He added: “Its no longer a secret. Almost every resident at HHI knows about the story. The daughter has been telling friends about it. It’s a shame to the church and indeed the kingdom of God.”

This scandal is not the first for the embattled cleric to be involved in.

In 2008 the Weekend Nation reported that, while serving at Mpilipili Church in Mangochi, Chimesya employed a 12-year old girl to run house chores while attending school. But months later he was implicated in her pregnancy and was transferred from Mpilipili to Msoni Church in Chiradzulu by the Synod.

Chimesya Phiri denied any wrong doing and told the paper then: “I know this is a fight by some pastors against me because our synod is already divided. But I am ready even to appear in court and defend myself.” .

He admitted having employed the girl, saying he did so to rescue her from an early marriage which the parents had arranged with some man, a claim the parents denied.

The issue died a natural death as police and synod through then general secretary Rev. McDonald Kadawati covered up the story thus failing to help the girl’s family in soliciting justice and discipline.

Meanwhile, the synod is yet to meet and discuss the issue which has now caught the attention of thousands of church members. It is believed that even the Malawi Prison Services want Chimesya out as its chaplain.

Ironically, Chimesya’s moral decadence comes at a time when he was summoned by the synod after he spoke to the media attacking government.

Chimesya denies the story and blames his detractors at the synod for “cooking” it up to turnish his image and deal with him.

Blantyre Synod moderator said if indeed there was evidence on the matter, the Rev. Chimesya Phiri would have to appear before several courts of the Church that include staffing and nomination committee and the General Administration Committee which may recommend his dismissal.

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100 thoughts on “CCAP Blantyre Synod Rev in incest scandal: Fathers child with own daughter”

  1. Mandla Nkonyane Nkonyane says:


  2. liz says:

    its true we are heading towards the end of times. God have mercy


    sibwino kulowesa ndale mpingo

  4. Chindindindi says:

    Man of GOD,aaaaa ,Mulape msanga Mulungu wakwiya nanu

  5. Kadawati says:

    Atajelula kkkkkkkkkkkk koma m’busa iwe ndi more.

  6. Oliver Twist says:

    Thou shalt not judge!!!! Popeza muyeso omwe muyesa nawo a mzanu, nanunso mudzayesedwanso!!!

  7. nyavizwazwa says:

    Satanist at its cause. The one who could no believe the sory should do so. It is end times when satan is striving to destroy the church.

    Just imagine, if a Muslim hears about this what will be the comment? He will say we told you that it is good to have many wives to protection the temotation of adultery

    But in the true sense, this is not right.

  8. wizard says:

    ukuseka ukuona ngati ndi nzeru zimenezo?moto wakugahena ukudikira iwe .bwanji ukuipisa zina la mpingo?waiwala kuti tinakuthamangisa kwa amfumu a chonde nkhani zake zomwezo?

  9. xxxxxx says:

    Munthu wamkulu angosekelera. Wayamwa mazira ake womwe.Adamva mau a Mulungu kuti tichuluke kuposa mchemnga.

  10. chinkombaleza gumanyundo gowa says:

    Let Nkhoma or Livingstonia investigate this story otherwise there will be no fairness or justice in the issue

  11. Michael says:

    these are pure lies from the pit of HELL.Be carefull those of you who are writting or commenting without proof.dont play with men of God.this is a government ploy to tarnish the image of careful

  12. phodo says:

    Churches and police are similar. If one has committed a crime atone station, he or she is transaferred to another station immediately. Guta system form Chilobwe in Blantyre to EastBank in Chikwawa.Unfortunately fisi ndi fisi amakalakwanso komweko.

  13. Angel says:

    Why people create stories? this, just reading from a distance one can tell is a pure machination fabrication and it is not only destroying CCAP but all who believe in God and His servants. What is wrong with you people of Malawi.

  14. Lyson Tchiza says:

    This is very shameful act being a man of God. But devil uses such kind firthy implications to destroy men of God. Had it been this was done by a worldly person it couldn’t gone as far as on this media. At this point the devil is

  15. Thako B says:

    why plz?

  16. Chikopa H says:


  17. Idi Amini Dada says:

    mwamuna mizila chabe. mtolankhaniwe bwanji sudakamfunse mwanayo face to face to balance up the story? ukungoti amauza anzake and zoti manebaz akuziwa za scandal iyi. bodza basi. lne siine wa ccap, ndine wa new apostolic church. osamatelo abale

  18. lesta says:

    Cooked up story by CCAP Blantyre synod haters,hahaha,koma ya,ndale zafikapo Ku blantyre sybo,just like my Livingstonia synod,

  19. Thumbwe man says:

    For sure i cant believe this story and who ever is creating this should be ashamed of this seemigly cooked up story. Even the version of the story doent carry any sense. Iam a Catholic but eeeeshiii ma neighbors CCAP, mmmmmmhhhhh this isnt fair to the man of God and to your church as a whole.

  20. Thom Chunga says:

    The pastor must be fired . It’s a shame to the CCAP community .

  21. wa ku Mitchesi kuja!!!! says:

    This case calls for DNA evidence, no less.
    Science should be the source of evidence in cases of pregnancies, like this one. The tests are cheap; and the results are indisputable. Accept no substitute evidence.

  22. Njolinjo says:

    Save us Lord from these vampires.

  23. Muslima says:

    Kaya zanu izo, thank God am a muslima

  24. Wawa Phiri says:

    Pomwe ayimangilira

  25. Vichewa ntchewe zeneko.

  26. dadaboma says:

    Koma a Lomwe, eeeish! Pitani kwanu ku Mozambique – mukuipitsa mbiri ya dziko lathu.

  27. Zisandikhudze says:

    You journalist have you proven beyond reasonable doubts on your reporting this is embarrasing! How do you intend upon turnishing the image of the Man of God? On what grounds do you base your allegations be careful! Lest you take upon yourself the wrath of the ALMIGHTY I believe you have ears!!! Eeesh!

  28. Madalitso says:

    Where is our synod going? Mulungu atithandize ndithu azibusa ambiri mwachoka pamaso pa mulungu.

  29. JB says:

    Tione zomwe azungu andiuze ndikufotokozerani

  30. There is no way the Kungdom of God be ashamed cos it’s not run by man but God Himself only that for one to be a pastor doesn’t necessarily need education, the right qualificatio

  31. zeni_zeni says:

    Its not true that only SDA pastors are salt and light to this world. M’busayu sanachimwe chifukwa cha CCAP wachimwa chifukwa cha khalidwe lake!

  32. Kasim says:

    You point blank you are out of order. Which pastors in this country are famous for conjugal loinal issues. Its seventh day xtians and pastors. You are not even ashamed of your fucking habits. The whole church is full of motherfuckers shaft imakhala mmanja fucking other peoples wives the kufaini of this world all of you what are you talking about?

  33. THIS is comletely a cooked story. The writer of this story was aid to tanish the image due to wrangles currently rocking the synod. Cheap propaganda

  34. mapwiya says:

    dont forget that kuli zisankhotu ku synod there is something which is happening

  35. lesta says:

    Mmm,people wake up,thus is a deliberate move by dpp to furnish this reverend’s image,do you people remember this reverend’s stance against Peter mutharika’s “prison wall” writing business? The blantyre CCAP synod has finally run out of ways of dealing with innocent people who tell the truth about their darling dpp politicians,nealemba mmadzi a blantyre synod,takutulukirani,muzikanamiza anthu osaohunzira kumudzi,incest is a criminal act which is tantamount to imprisonment,why is the police not involved after all that evidence? You people mumapempheladi inu? Shame on blantyre synod,ife tili pambuyo pa chinesya,tikuonerani

  36. ..... says:

    Zachilomwe Izi

  37. juwawo wawo says:

    Sured timba amwa dzila lake kkkkkkk

  38. juwawo wawo says:

    Zadziko lapasi kutopetsa shatapu!!!!!

  39. Trevor Manyi says:

    Koma ma pastor awa they are the worst hypocrites

  40. mfedede says:

    Mkukhala kwake Chimesya Phiri. Amakonda kukwera kwabasi. Zaka za m’mbuyomo ali m’busa ku Bemvu C.C.A.P wakhala akukwera atsikana a choir ndi azimayi a mvano. Amakawakwelera m’phiri la Bemvu. Madzulo aliwonse amanyamuka pa njinga yake yamoto ndi kamnyamata kena kamene kamakamuyitanila tiatsikanato ulendo kukakwera. Akamakwera m’phirimo kamnyamatako amakasiyira njinga yamotoyo, iyeyo akatha kukwerako basi kutengana ulendo wakunyumba. Anyway I am not judging.

  41. Wesley says:

    The end of world

  42. che kaphwiti says:

    Musamupake matope mbusayu chifukwa cha ma elections. Ndale zonunkha ayi.

  43. GRM says:

    I am very worried with the attitude of Chimesya as reported in Newspapers. Does he care about respecting authority? I am not familiar with the rules of this Mpingo. But i do not see how a car donated to man of God remain his and not of God? I am catholic and if catholics donated a vehicle to a hardworking priest that vehicle belongs to the parish akamachoka amaisiya. How can a pastor own property?Let alone how can he claim ownership of a car donated to him by doing God’s work for God people? Please educate me. Otherwise it is a scandal to fight for God’s property. More scandalous than this current fake story.

  44. Bratusha says:

    Kaya ndi zoona olo ayi, nkhawa yanga ili pa anthu amene amaika chikhulupiriro chawo chonse pa the so called men of God. Koma zonsezi zimadza chifukwa a khristu ambiri sawerenga ndi kumvetsa mawu.

  45. WAMUMPESA says:

    Many so called men of God are in fact wolves in sheep skin.They are at the centre of destroying other peoples marriages and relationships.My warning to my fellow christians is always keep an eye over your shoulders whenever a Pastor or Bishop visits your home.Now as for the innocient girl who has been impregnated by this stupid Pastor, i ask Patricia Kaliati to intervene in this matter so that the man gets a stiff penalty.This will serve as a lesson to other ungodly clergy.

  46. drakes says:

    Let’s not judgr

  47. MAKO says:

    Kukhwimira ndi ubusa womwe ??

    Koma achawa ndi alomwe mfiti

    Zokha zokha !! Zodya maliro !!



  48. zakumpanda says:

    ccap woyeeeeeeeeee, Blantyre synod woyeeeeee, a ccap mumakonda kunyoza mipingo ya anzanu ngati ndinu a ngelo.

  49. Vyaya says:

    I cant judge him God will but if it is true, the church needs to take strong disciplinary measures on this pastor.

  50. ikamuna yamemena says:

    I have known this man of God and can say this is not true. There are elections at the synod people withing the church are doing whatever they can to paint each other the darkest paint that fails them to win. Not all what is written here is true. Who did the medical test to prove he did this? Please Blantyre synod behave yourselves. Don’t destroy each other because of positions.

  51. Vagy James says:

    Kodi Inu Ma Journalist Mumakonda Kulemba Ma Scandal Azanu Pamene Mma Office Anumso A Media Mumachitika Ma Scandal Timamva Simumapanga Post Mwanj?Muzayelekeze Kunena Za Ine Winawe Ndizakuulula,shame!

  52. Malundani man says:

    It’s really a shame. I know him very well it’s his habit. Chauta amakutoperatu ndi kukutaya. Uyu zedi sakutumikira Yehova koma woipayo

  53. Munthali Bowoyeke says:

    You are a shame to the church

  54. matama says:

    Mwangodana naye ndipo mukungofuna kumuipitsila mbili poti mukukanganila galimoto yomwe JB anapeleka,ku CCAP kuli abusa ambili a uve ena ali ndi akazi awili ndipo ndikhoza kuwatchula maina, kulibe m’busa wolongosoka ku ku CCAP onse nd achinyengo komanso ziphuphu

  55. Vwapuvwapu says:

    M’busa ameneyu akufanana ndi Yudas Escariot. Sayenera kukhala pakati pa aChristu ayi.

  56. Honest says:

    This mdodana at mchenga utuwa was found on top of the maid on the matrimonial bed last week, but the church has just sealed its mouth.

  57. GANYAVU says:

    Boma kwidzingani ameneyu azikangonana ndi akaidi azake.

  58. kambwali says:

    This has been cooked up….the girl was dispatched to her home village and then she was telling her friends who came to visit her at hhi
    …… wina walipidwa apa

  59. Joyce H. M. Banda says:

    Ine ndikuti abambo awa nyere yimaabvuta kwambiri. Ndithu ndipita nawo kwa T. B. Joshua akawathandize

  60. Jelbin mk says:

    I would rather die than defile myself and my daughter by sleeping with her.

  61. Kambani Zanu says:

    Bullshit of a story. Manyi a nkhani. This is DPP fighting the man of God. Its the synod election politisisation.

  62. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    The gvt must regalise maukwati apachibale. Our beautiful sstas akukwatiwa nd zidakwa. While our brothers they are marrying zinkhwankhwa mmidzimu. Boma tilolen tikwatire azilongo athuwa akufa ndi umbeta, chonde!!

  63. Lucky its not from North Malawi state, otherwise it was about Tumbuka tumbuka.

  64. Chikangawa Forest says:

    Iwe mubusa iwe watipangitsa manyazi ndipo usayimenso uko

  65. Chizamupulika says:

    Kodi iwe mubusa wotani kupeleka mimba zambiri mbiri mu Blantyre umu?

  66. Kafukule says:

    I will never trust this man

  67. Me says:

    How many times are you, journalists going to apologise for cooked up stories? Report the reality and not what some people pay you to report. By the look of things, this story is not true; people are trying by every means to tarnish other peoples image just for the sake of the synod’s elections.

  68. Khumbo Kachale says:

    This is very bad iwe muliska uli Hule chomene

  69. Mzomera says:

    Uyu ntchindere chakufikapo

  70. Coach Ramadan says:

    Very shameful we don’t need such people in high offices

  71. Mbuyankhoma says:

    The man of God, why are you so wicked to that extent? This is why Jesus had wished, if you were like him: No wife, no child no wealthy, inorder to save God well. What you have done is a disgrace. You lack charisma though………. Going to church is one thing, and to be Godly is another, really.

  72. Chekambewa says:

    ameneyutu anjatidwe komanso ubusa uthe pompo

  73. ziphaliwali says:

    men of the cloth at it again what a shame.

  74. Zoonazake says:

    Ngati ndizoona ameneyo ndi zofooka zake siza mpingo.

  75. Lots of pastor are not called by God, zigawenga izi zikungopitako ku ubusa bcoz of kusowa ntchito ku Malawi kuno.

  76. Ernest kamono says:

    Carrying my beloved CCAP

  77. point Blank says:

    Very sad story and very shameful. At least its a CCAP pastor not an Adventist Pastor coz this wall would have been full of Insults by now. This should act a light to you SDA pastor since you’re salt of this world and people expect you to be exemplary. As for our pastor pray to God to forgive you for you to enter the kingdom of God. As for the consequences, they will come. What will benefit you to have everything on earth and loose the kingdom of God. We are all sinners and Jesus died for all of us including you pastor.

  78. chindere says:

    No problem abusa you are following what the bible said “uzadya thukuta lako”.AMEN

  79. Recco says:

    Is Ths Drama?

  80. The Most Concerned says:

    Chimesya is a Northerner, plz dismiss wt immediate effect! He a shameful character to our disciplined Synod. He wanted to fight the DPP government in the name of Prison & Synod, now let him dance to the tune!

  81. Josephy says:

    Munthu otsogolera nkhosa za mulungu amayenera khale chitsanzo kwa anthu onse koma izi ndie ziti? Wotchout christians satan also with you within the church

  82. Honest Man says:

    MAN OF GOD ??? My Ass !!!

  83. John K Black says:

    It is clear that these days the Church does not have any morals. Look how the CCAP in Blantyre is in a power/money struggle, and the same goes for the Muslim Association of Malawi. These people are mortals, and behave just as good or bad as any other. Only: they don’t pay tax (for unknown reason!) The Church has no moral highground any more.

  84. Wa BB says:

    Agalu inu ndi chonchi basi. Ndinakakhala ine mutandigwetsa kale mu mpingo. Anthu oipa tikaonana

  85. myao says:

    Koma abale

  86. Dickson says:

    Rev, Chimesya need an urgent spiritual Devine.
    Let’s help to pray for the problem he has is beyond his capacity and unfortunately he can’t see that the devil is working withing him so that he can completely die spiritually..
    The sex scandal and the fighting he is in with him Boss ( The General Secretary ) all these signifies the power of the devil in him.

  87. tiwonge says:

    Nkhuku yomwa madzira ake.

  88. Figo says:

    What a shame

  89. Me says:

    BT Synod you are letting us down. You were in the news yesterday regarding your political innuendos, now we hear this. For once try to focus on the church mission which is to act as the body of Christ

  90. Bob says:

    This is a shame to the church. Particularly Blantyre synod, why condone such reverends to get away with such indespicable acts?

  91. Ethiopian justice says:

    Zikuchita kuwonekera2 kuti BT and Livingstonia synod of the CCAP can make good mitilitia groups upon given guns!!!!!

  92. anadimba says:

    hasnt this story being cooked?last week he was on times tv narrating his sour relation ship with synods sec general. And today youare bringing this issue. I am proud to be acatholic but i smell arat here.komanso anyasa mwamuthimbiritsira mbiri.

  93. APM says:

    I don’t see any truth in this issue

  94. William Mzunga says:

    Police should arrest him immediatily dont wait for the synod to meet the NGO who protect the child rights where are u please act on this man justice has to preveil

  95. Yatota Yatota says:

    Rev Chimesya ndi Atate. His zip is always open. Slow down Man of God!

  96. Dr Bright Msaka-Cypress University says:

    Works of Maulana. Za ziiiiii. Maulana paja umatambaso usayiware ukhwima tooo much

  97. Truck says:

    Kodi Nkhuku yikudya Mazira ake womwe kiki! Its a shame for a Man of God doing bad things like this kiki!

  98. Rodgers Banda says:

    The man claiming to be the man of God is a man of gods of incest ashaming CCAP synod.

  99. Khwinda says:

    Ndi m’busa wa seventh day ameneu?? paja mumati SDA ndiya mchiuno kwabasi

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