CCAP inducts new cleric to replace ‘rebel’ Chimwemwe Mhango

Kanengi CCAP of the Livingstonia synod has inducted a new church cleric to replace rebel reverend Chimwemwe Mhango who has since broken ties wih the northern region based presbterian church.

Rev Chimweme Mhango garner support for Mwawi

Rev Chimweme Mhango garner support for Mwawi

Moderator of the church, Reverend Levy Nyondo said during the induction ceremony on Sunday that the new church cleric, Reverend Samson Ng’anjo would work to unite the church after Mhango and the so called Kanengo CCAP broke away from the Livingstonia.

“He is here to unite the church, he is here to ensure that the church is stonger than ever before,” said Nyondo of the cleric .

The Kanengo CCAP of Reverend Ng’anjo is now based at Lilongwe Teachers College having been succesfully pushed out of its former premises in Kanengo by the rebel Chimwemwe Mhango church.

Mhango was booted out of the Livingstonia Synod after he refused to transfer to Mzimba forcing his congregation to be independent of the Livingstonia Synod, severing years of close relationship.

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19 thoughts on “CCAP inducts new cleric to replace ‘rebel’ Chimwemwe Mhango”

  1. Bina Undule Mwaipopo says:

    Chimwemwe Mhango is too crooked wawona zayamba kumuvuta waitana kampingo kena ka Pastor wina ati azigwetsa anthu bwino koma Chimwemwe sazatheka amwene eeeee mbava siyinawoneke. After induction iyi ikunenedwayi Munthu waMulungu m’modzi anapangidwa interview ndi Amaziko Radio ndipo ananayankhula bwino kutiiiii a Christu omwe ali kutsatira Synod ya Livingstonia alibe nawo chifukwa iwo chifukwa chili pakati pa iye Mhango ndi omwe anamulemba ntchito (a Synod). Iye kungomva choncho wathamanga kutuma ma puppet ake omwe akuba nawo ndalama za mpingo kukalankhula zinthu zopanda nzeru kufuna kusokoneza a Christu aja. Amvekere iye Chimwemwe alibe mlandu ndi Synod koma Mpingo wawowo ndi Synod. Onse atatu amakabwebweta pa Radio ya Maziko ndi ma faillures in life onse mutawafufuza ndi anthu opanda nzeru okhaokha nzawo Clerk number one salola zokayaluka pa wailesi akuti amakanirani kwantuwagalu. To crown it all Chimwemwe akufuna yekha kukanilira ku Kanengo after all term imene anka kanilila inadutsa March, 2016. Anzakewo inner circle yakeyo yatha ma plan kuti kodi uyu akapita tizidya bwanji dollar pamalopo ndi woooooooo. Watch the space tiyeni tiwawonelele si adakali pamalopo ati achoka nzimu ukawatuma though akudziwa kuti si malo awo. After all mlandu woyamba analuza kale ango khalira ufiti pano koma azachoka chothawa ndi ma teargas lamulo liposa mphamvuuu. .

  2. pamkuku says:

    Nyondo should wait for Synold général assembly this August and stay away from church issues. How can he rule the Church when he can rule over his own family. His Daughters are such family members that he has failed to bring to lie.

  3. Folias says:

    To be very honest, Rv Chimwemwe Mhango without being judged, has accepted to be used by Devil. All other facts aside, if its true that he refused to be posted away, regardless of whatever reason, the behaviour was unwelcome. Even pamalo patakoma mwantundu wanji, or akhristu atakukonda chantundu wanji, but if you are posted away, you have no justification whatsoever to refuse moving out. Honestly ndi zodabwitsa ndi kumvetsa chisoni. Ndikuona bgati you accepted to be ysed by Devil. Anthu a Mlungu ndi nyali and especially Reverends like you who used to command so much respect, when you mess up like this, the trust erode away. People surely lost trust in men of God like you and I feel like you are SURELY RESPONSIBLE AND ANSWERABLE TO GOD OVER THIS

  4. Morris Munthali says:

    Am a CCAP full member kweni na kharo wayamba apa iyi nitifumengemo waluska kujitemwa ,nakujikwezga.Ntchito kutemwa ndalama walije mtima wa uzimu utuwa.

  5. Soft shelled Tuna Tacos says:

    What is special with Chimwemwe Mhangoz?Where was he before Kanengo?Did he sign a contact that he shall be there forever?This man indeed a rebel not a rabel or label as u other ashoz put it.If u think he is a man of God you are just cheating yourself.Do you know that CCAP reverends receive salaries?For God’s work really?I feel sorry for u idiots who are cheated by religion.PATHAKOPINUNONSE.Wake up

  6. zakamura says:

    Rev Mhango is not called a rebel. Kodi chizungu chobwelekerachi bwanji? Cant u see the word is put in quotes. Indeed little knowledge is dangerous. However that aside Rev Mhango has and will have the sympathy of all rational persons. Down with Livingstonia Synod. Their treachery is out there for everyone to c. How long have they tried and successfully illtreated Rev. Mhango. My heart goes out to him. May God bless him more and more.

  7. zako says:

    Masiku womaliza ano

  8. QONGWANI says:

    I wish I had met the writer of this story. He does not know what he is talking about. In fact you should have based your story on the inducted cleric. You call Rev. Mhango a “rabel”? or you were told by the Synod itself that for your story to carry weight you should mention Rev. Mhango as a “rabel” as professional journalist, let you not be used by those so called men of God. You should have put a picture of Rev. Ng’anjo or other people who attended the function.

    To the leadership of Synod of Livingstonia; Take this from me: It is high time you started preaching the gospel rather than fighting your own children. CAP was born out of this Synod and you did not learn a lesson. This time around you have held a very dangerous bomb in your hands but it will hurt yourself. For your information several religious groupings are wishing Rev. Mhango well because they see nothing wrong that Mhango has done. If you were a responsible father your actions could not have been like the way you do. To Proper Kanengo C.C.A.P, CONTINUE PRAYING FOR YOUR REVEREND -MHANGO. GOD CANNOT LEAVE HIS CHILDREN SUFFER WITHOUT A PURPOSE. GOD BLEESS YOU.

  9. TRUTH says:

    I want to advice the one who has labeled the man of God as a rebel to me that person or that church which encourages Judging each other , I think there are out of Christianity in the sense that we are advised by the almighty God, that , Judge not .
    His name is God who has the right to judge his son
    what you reject God favors.
    Learn to preach the living word of God WHICH IS LOVE. you CCAP LIVINGSTONIA SYNOD

  10. Collen says:

    God show these people the truth cos your kingdom remains united and one Amen

  11. Mmalawi says:

    Rev Chimwemwe is now a Malawian…. si Mtumbukanso….

    A tumbuka mboli zanu

  12. Che Guevara says:

    Church has become a battle ground for politicking.

    I commend and encourage the “real” Kanengo CCAP which is operating from the Church building and not from a Teachers College, to stand firm and united in the face of adversity.

    Like David stood up to Goliath, Rev Mhango and the Kanengo Congregation should be firm and unshaken in their resolve. Goliath will fall.

  13. Chipapwiche says:

    Mtumbuka sadzathekanso

  14. inayakeinayake says:

    The church of Livingstonia will always have problems in other regions because it’s only objective is nepotism and greed. God does not support such ideology hence the church always coming up short of blessings but is been riddled by chaos.
    Focus on the word. Bringing in another pastor won’t change the fact you despise achewa and other tribes in your church or rather “unite the church” as you put it.

  15. gg says:

    stupit comment from chikopa

  16. ben says:

    thus y timat pano ambiri sakufuna kupemphera kut akalowe Ku ufumu was Mulungu. APA muisovenge.

  17. chikopa says:

    The grammatical errors are too much i.e. Kanengi for Kanengo; Stoner for Stronger. Now let us review the issue. If you, mbwenu mbwenus have elected Ng’anjo to be your Church Cleric who you have said is not a Tumbuka, how will he do his job? Is he Mtonga? Chitipa Boy or Mnkhonde? Kodi Ng’anjoyo ali ndi nzeru? Wakuchimanya chitumbuka? Wakughogha mwana lume yula? Will be used as financial conduit to ensure that the funds reach plateau of Rumphi? Izi ndiye timati matuvi.

  18. jenala says:


  19. hhhhh says:

    Why calling him label ? He is a good man and God fearing .Arsenal Supporter.

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