CCAP shamed with scandals – Report

The General Assembly of the Church of Central African Presbyterian (CCAP), mother body of three synods of Malawi namely Livingstonia, Nkhoma and Blantyre CCAP, has expressed concern with conflicts rocking the church.

Rev Timothy Nyasulu:  CCAP conflicts worrying

Rev Timothy Nyasulu: CCAP conflicts worrying

Moderator of the General Assembly, Reverend Dr Timothy Nyasulu, has said the leadership in the three Synods handle misunderstandings.

He is quoted in the Daily Times commenting on divisions rocking Kanengo CCAP where the congregation have broken ranks with Livingstonia Synod in protest against Reverend Chimwemwe Mhango’s suspension.

Rev Nyasulo told the paper: “The wrangles are not only haunting Livingstonia Synod but are also prevalent in Nkhoma and Blantyre Synods. In Nkhoma Synod, we hear some ministers are not happy with the allegations of the missing K60 million at the secretariate; while in Blantyre Synod, we hear politics amongst the ministers is taking centre stage. What is wrong with our churches?”

He said the CCAP conflicts are putting the church members to “shame”.

According to the report, Nyasulu said a recent meeting in Lilongwe with the Assembly General Secretary revealed that political influence had impact on the leadership of the Synods and that the quality of leadership at the Synods was also a concern

He stressed that the General Assembly is “ ashamed” with the conflicts and fear that “such conflicts can mislead dedicated church members.”

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54 thoughts on “CCAP shamed with scandals – Report”

  1. Anord Nsonga says:

    Shame to our so called today’s Reverands, cause though their hearts wish to be in line with God and do God’s work they are unable because they love money than loving GOD. They know well what they supposed to do but their hearts mwadzadza chinyengo. shame shame.

  2. Sunga says:

    When Rev Mhango was at Chiwavi members did not want him to leave,when transfered to Katawa the members there did not want him to leave for Embangweni.At Embangweni, they rejected him transfered to Ekwendeni….At Kanengo the same. It means, according to my opinion, either the people associated with him trust him or he has the problem.It is up to him(Rev Mhango) to solve this problem.I suggest forming his own church and people will follow him as every leader has a following or conform to what the Synod follows when transferring its pastors.Otherwise we r to blame either the synod or the reverand for all this pandamoniun. Jahova bless our synod.Amen.

  3. Utawasala says:

    Rev. Nyusulu if you say that the synods are a shame then you are also because you are the people to solve such problems in the synods. You were there as a pastor for such problems. The issue of Kanengo CCAP the Rev. knows very well what he is doing to confuse innocent christians, I strongly believe that there is no secret on the eyes of God. The foundation of church from the background of confusing people will have its reward some day here on earth or in heaven. My fell Christian do not be shall minded, think beyond the thought of your pastors because they are also people like you. Rev. Nyasulu take the problems that are happening in our CCAP church as problems for you to solve and its normal because you are as a solution to the church.

  4. TANDWE says:

    46. If you do not know what is happening at Kanengo, you better keep quet or come this Sunday at CCAP Kanengo and see what God is doing. I wish Maziko repeated that program so that anthu amve ndithu zoona! 46, Mulungu akutsegule maso/makutu auzimu kuti wuone zenizeni zauzimu.

  5. F kajera says:

    The love of money is the root of all evil. We should be careful they way we look at this amenity that makes things move in our earthly life. It should help prepare us as we await our journey to heaven. The things that have happened between our two synods; Nkhoma and Livingstonia is a typical example of the devils tricks to defeat believers. All was well and there was harmony in our church but following events that have overtaken the partakers – our very reverends baffles us all. Let us PRAY ceaselesly to ask GOD to renew us and align us back into His will. Borrow a leaf from our brothers, ROMAN CATHOLICS. I have never heard them say follow our children in Lilongwe and put up a church there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Why, Why Why CCAP. Our reverends, know that the church is the only institution that does not discriminate or segregate. We will be answerable to God if we do not become careful. God help us and stop this shame.

  6. Mwendanato says:

    The truth is that leadership of the church in the name of Reverands has brought all this misery happening in all our Synods and a few misguided church elders like the ones at Kanengo CCAP who are busy preaching confusion on Madziko radio another church radio station repeating the same lies every week, please enough and don’t give them another forum or else you will mislead people. Rev Mhango humble yourself. Anzanu ku BT Synod atatsusa the roman catholic pastoral letter the Bt Synod chopped off thier leadership positions and sent them to other churches they humbled themselves and left. No single Rev. can finish chitukuko pa mpingo umodzi and the late ReV. Mwambila should have been the first kukakamila becuse he was the pioneer in LL

  7. S mswayo says:

    Solve the matter u leaders don’t mislead church members, tsogolerani kum’zimu osati kuthupi. mwayamba kukhala atsogoleri onyenga, thaweni ziwanda zingakusokonezeni.

  8. Kanyama Chima says:

    General Synod has a problem: why are they not being proactive? Look at the Livingstonia/Nkhoma Synods border wrangle- all reasoning people noted that there is a problem at the General Synod – tribalism rather than Chritianity triumphed. Bvuto ndiloti enanu ubusa munalowa chifukwa cha kubvuta kwa ntchito- it was not a calling.

  9. InEEeeeeoooooo says:

    Aaaaaa ok!!!!!!!!! Masiku otsiliza ano!!!!!!!!!! Anthu ambili simkudziwa zomwe mukupanga!!!!!!! Kuti who is a christian simudziwaso!!!!! God forbid anthu anji osadziwa zomwe mukupanga? BiblE likunena izi inu mukupanga ina!!!!!!!! Mulungu saona gulu2 HE will destroy yese wosava ndikuchita mawu ake!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Wallen Chris says:

    Let love lead, zonsezi zikusoweka kulorelana basi osati kukwera pachulu

  11. Tiyanjane says:

    Shaaah!!! Shall we label this permitted christian swearing?


    WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR CHURCHES? This is the question I want to answer.

    In your churches leadership is determined by popularity. You need to choose leaders that are Godfearing even if they are not popular. The bible says we are not of the world. You choose leaders that are of the world and you expect them to lead according to God’s will. Impossible!!

    When time of elections comes you campain just like politicians. You spend your money and when you take the positions you first position yourselves so that you recover your money and continue stilling.

    A sinful leader can not take church members to Heaven. I would like to advise those christians who are serious that make indepent decision to establish good relationship with The Almighty God. It will be shameful for you to miss heaven because of a sinful Reverend or Church Elder or Decoan.

  13. Charombanthu says:

    I wonder how all this has to do with race or tribe. It just shows how shalow minded some people are – always talking about Alomwe, Atumbuka, Achewa etc. It will never take you anywhere. This article is about squabbles in the synods which we have all read about in the past few weeks/months and some idiot cannot think straight other than race-wise. Shame on you. Mudziyenda and you will see how dull a mzungu, a mtumbuka, a mYao or a Mchewa can be and how brilliant a mzungu, mlomwe, mtumbuka or mYao can be and how these have inter-married. Has it ever occurred to you that a million years from now, this world would have a single race considering how we are inter-marrying?? If you are not a believer, it is better not to comment on issues to do with faith, lest you expose your ignorance.

  14. Hosea says:

    Mau a Mulungu sadzapita pachabe, nanga mufunilanji umboni wina a Khristu? Masiku otsiriza anthu adzakhala odzikonda okha, adama, okonda ndalama, osamva chidzudzulo, olalata, oledzera, ufiti, zivomelezi, mitundu ndi mitundu kuukilana, zinkhondo, maudani, nkhwidzi, the list is endless….read the book of Revelations. All of us will be saved by the grace of God… mavuto onsewa tiyeni tiwa tukulile kwa Mulungu atichitile chifundo popeza Iye ali okhulupilika, wa chilungamo ndi wachikondi. tiyeni tipemphele kosalekeza a Khristu.

  15. Jamie says:

    I their by encored the attitude that is happening in Churches.. Yes, eventhough am not of a CCAP christian, but as long as we all submit to one God through Jesus Christ then i also have to submit something towards the problem. Ofcoz it is not happening only in CCAP, but in all churches which we claim they are of God. In according to my understanding of this issue, this is happening due to ununique evil mind that comes after you are in that position where you been chosen to be the church’s “BANK”. So my opinion is that; ofcoz i know its a difficult problem to handle for i dont believe it can come to its end,, never.

  16. chipapwiche says:

    I think anthu ena tinabadwa through mankhwala achikuda, you cant bring up a constructive comment koma kutukwana basi. Some of us are not Tumbukas koma zimatinyasa kuti china chilichonse kumanyozana mitundu. Lets always contribute in this forum zothandiza osati zonyozana. it just shows how low you are if you don’t know.

  17. Harbson says:

    Our C.C.A.P. Church is running smoothly and we are able to contribute generously to Blantyre synod. If you and synod leadership squander that money on personal issues you are stealing from God. God will certainly punish you.
    As for Rev Nyasulu if you think the synods are a shame please resign. The church belongs to God. If you go the church will still go on, note that it was there before you came. All we need are dedcated prayers for the synods.

  18. ENOCH says:

    Meaning Of CCAP Chalichi Chsonkhana Afiti Pouluka no wonder mukanfunse mzungu anathawa ndi mwana wake ku mission ya CCap atauzidwa ndi mwana wake kuti amakauluka ndi mai amvano ndi a msiska

  19. Lyson S.C. Mabaso says:

    I will not duel much on the current wrangles, but my small advice is that let us go back to the drawing board affecting our church boundaries. My observation is that we first sort out church boundaries the rest will take care of themselves. Imagine I live at Ching’ambo where there is Matope CCAP Church and Church Leaders welcome me at Zolozolo CCAP, why can’t the elders at Zolozolo CCAP Church advise me to submit my transfer to Matope CCAP Church because that is the church close to my residence? In as much as there is freedom of worship, this only creates unnecessary confusions when I encounter a problem that will need the church to help me. This also leads into christians doing things contrally to our church doctrin because I feel Elders here do not know me. I am aware that we should not fear fellow human beings, but let us be realistic that pears too have an impact on our lives. After sorting the inter-church boundaries the Synod boundaries will naturally be taken care of. As a Presibyterian myself I feel sad that we cannot arrange ourselves with these simple issues. I beg our leaders to guide us that from where you live the nearst CCAP Church you can go to Is such and such, pronto. This will not only help me to congregate with my close brothers and sisters in Christ, but catter for so many things that will need my spiritual attention instantly. Please our leaders lead us in the right direction.

  20. Mnngulu says:

    Lumbani Gondwe nyasi ndiwe, dzeru zaka semu na phalambungu. Nysaulu ndi wa General Assembly siwatumbuka. Iwe ndi uchewa wako ukuyalutsa nyau ngati nazo zikuganiza ngati iwe phalabungu

  21. wakale says:

    zonseIzi ndi pitala mutharika, sabweranso Ku church kuja…. wina akuti wansembe kupeleka mimba , a shehe kudya ganda, eeeeee..zimenezi zikuchitika momuno??? kaya ine ndine was mboni ndiri pheeee

  22. precious pate says:

    Vuto ndia TUMBUKA

  23. Kaporo says:

    Kalanga ine!!!.. Masiku otsiriza!!… anthu asiya kuopa Mulungu chifukwa cha ndalama…..

  24. chipatso says:

    What I have noted is that money is talking more centre stage than the teachings of His Word. In congregations we know the Abusa’s role is to teach so that the Christians can ultimately attain eternal life. Instead the current leadership is busy changing the Presbyterian concept in favor of the Pentecostal concept on the pretext of retaining the younger Christians, all because of money. You will see all Reverends close to the leadership will be posted to churches in the cities. Those not close will remain in the rural churches. When elections come you will see those in the cities campaigning to retain the same leadership so that they should remain in the city. Abusa please go back to your role of tending the sheep.

  25. Ndoda na nkosana says:

    what a shame for so called Christians of the same faith kumatukwana like this and also lack of respect to your leaders. Nothing Godly in this. Politics in the church, Gods glory has departed hence such. I don’t believe Christians can call each other such evil and demonic words.

  26. manyokolay says:

    Dzangokunyerani atumbuka m1usaphatikize ndi a ku bt.

  27. lumbani gondwe says:

    Iwe Nyasulu ndiwe chitsiru chamtsogoleri. Mmalo mokamba za atumbuka anzako a Livingstonia ukanena za ku masinodi ena. Aku Nkhoma ndi Blantyre zawakhudza bwanji za Mhango ku Kanengo? Adakuuza ndi ndani kuti ku Secretariat ya ku Nkhoma kunasowa K60m? Ntchewe / chindere chakufikapo. You better resign if you’re ashamed of our church.

  28. Evangelist Blessings Mduli Chirwa says:

    Misunderstandings are every where. Even Jesus Himself had some misunderstanding with His disciples. Some were opposing some were proposing. For example: Jesus instructed His disciples to be praying as he went little further in the Mount Olives,on His return He found them sleeping.He shouted at them as they woke up. Pliz this is normal its not strange to have such things happen where there is people. All we are all expecting is sorting this issue out in a spiritual way put politics out. If you are not Careful i will make a prayer which will make all of you people bringing confusion in the CCAP loose positions. Remember your positions are under God. Lastly,please this is not about atumbuka or a chewa kaya ndani,NOOOOOOO thats unmature reasoning. It shows your mind is not upgraded you still got old school way of thinking. You need quick deliverance. Livingstonia Synod is not for tumbukas its a church of God therefore its for everyone. Just like here in Cape Town we have Livingstonia Synod only operating here. So all CCAP Christians who are in Cape Town here,most of them worship there.

  29. hango says:

    Yankhualani ngati nkhosa za Mulungu. Rev. Nyasulu is write but the issue is – what are the causes and let these causes be uprooted. Conflicts are high at higher levels of each synod – why this men of GOD?

  30. Patriotic says:

    It is the general synod which should be ashamed for its failure to exert its authority over the 5 synods. How could it fail to tame Livingstonia hotheads over the border issue. Personally I don’t see the relevance of the General Synod as a permanent institution within the CCAP setup

    1. Charlie Hebdo says:

      Please find the root cause of misunderstandings between Livingstonia and Nkhoma before making comments of things you know nothing about. It was Nkhoma that first invaded Livingstonia territory. Nkhoma synod said it was following Chewa speaking people that had settled in Livingstonia territory as the reason. Should Nkhoma Synod seek sympathy now that their actions had backfired? The matter about Nkhoma encroaching Livingstonia’s bounderies was referred to the General Synod long time ago, but it miserably failed to decisively settle the matter or condemn Nkhoma? Why should it be concerned now that Livingstonia followed suit in retaliation? For your information, Nkhoma owes its coming to Malawi to Livingstonia Synod. It was Robert Laws who invited William Murry to come and evangelize the Central Region as it had become to big for Livingstonia at that time.

      Having said that, this fact will always remain true. God does not look at the physical Church one goes. The church that will remain forever is the body of Christ. We are just wasting our time jumping from one church to the other, forming break away churches in search of the truth or salvation. Greed is what motivates us. We always want to be called founders, presidents, prophets, senior prophets, evangelists, men or women of God, Bishops, Reverends, pastors etc. No wonder greed is one of the deadly sins.

  31. Mazulu says:

    Kuno ku south Lunzu CCAP nako tinasiya kupeleka za mu card chifukwa asungi chuma sakufotokoza bwino mmene chuma chinayendera,ndiye zikuwonetsa kuti ndalama yasanduka kasatana kena kake

  32. Bongololo says:

    That’s why I don’t go to church. Why sit before these hypocrites and their ungodly ways?

  33. Kiiiiiiiiii says:

    Ankhoma ndi Blantyre sizikuwakhudza vuto ndinuyo atumbuka anthu oyelekedwa inu we dont want stupid things in our country, go to hell stupid peaple.

    1. Tiyanjane says:

      Are you yourself a Christian of Nkhoma or BT Synods? Your written language does not show so.

    2. Nyabighi says:

      Just sort out your problems of Livingstonia, osamapaka ena atumbuka inu

  34. Mbanangwa says:

    Personally, I feel ‘5’ is not getting it right. Human being by nature are social and political beings. You can not separate religion from the polis=( rule of the city). Politics simply means the rule of the city which has an etymology of the rule of th city where there is religion just as on compnent

    Politics has over the ages gotten a wrong meaning. People have disfigured the rule of the city or the polis. Religion an politics go together.

  35. Kadakwiza says:

    Mpingo wanga ukuonongeka chifukwa cha multiparty Ku Malawi. Nthawi ya chipani chimodzi cha MCP mpingo wanga wa CCAP udali bwino zedi. Koma ambuye wachifundo sataya nkhosa zake. Mu mphamvu zake a mbuye mulungu adzakonza mpingo umenewo ndipo zonse zidzabwerera mwa kale.

  36. Chikopa says:

    Wa Nyasulu – nkhani ndiya Kanengo Church which is the Cash Cow ndiye aliyense afuna akame nawo mkaka. Ma Synod enawo mpang’ono monga Wa Nsembe kupereka mimba monganso Shehe kudya ganda. Shaaaaaa!

  37. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Sorry, Dr. Nyasulu, Reverend, please donot make us stumble. You are highly esteemed people.

    Am sure you know who has authority to forgive and to reconcile the broken hearted. He says ‘His people will not be put to shame’ And you are ashamed. My foot!!!!

    Don’t bring your issues to this jurisdiction, we may judge you wrongly.

    Thank you

  38. ankhoma says:

    not only in CCAP.pliz.

  39. lesta says:

    Like someone has said above,there is too much dicratorship in synods managents,

  40. Hitler says:

    Mpingo koma Anglican

  41. DPP Guru says:

    Ufiti this church mmmm

  42. Chindindi says:

    Zonse nzachabe;mlaliki adanena kale.
    Lakula ndi dyela anthu
    a Mulungu

  43. gonapamuhanya says:

    Zonsezi ndi chifukwa cha atumbuka!

  44. Patrick Phiri says:

    Bvuto la CCAP leaders ndi dyera.

  45. zangaphee says:

    CCAP means “chimpingo choipa atero petulo” thats y kukangana shame!

  46. Lone Ranger says:

    Church and Politics don’t go together ask anywhere. That’s why many members of ur church are running away. That’s why you are saying there is too much politicking at bt synod, politics has now infiltrated the church, are we going to heaven or it’s an earthly church like ………

  47. Jah says:

    Khwani saotchela 60 mita ndiyambiri mpake kukwiya popeza sanadye nawo

  48. Akulisinga says:

    Dictatorship is not godly. God is a democrat He allowed satan to live so we may choose who to follow. When our church leaders practice dictatorship in their respective churches, just know that satan is in control. Go back to the bible and NOT running the church using the by-laws from vestries. Those by-laws are mostly enforced with envy.

  49. Jayz says:

    Life starts when the church ends..

  50. Mavuto 0khaokha chifukwa utumiki otumikira anthu pa za uzimu udatha koma kuika miyoyo yawo pachuma. Abusa ambiriwa adachita cholowa monga ntchito kufuna ndarama zambiri osati kuitanidwa ayi. Ndi chifukwa chake akutilimbanirana nkhosafe poopa kuti tikacho kwina kupita kwina ndarama zichepa chifukwa akadakhala kuti ndi otumidwa ndi MULUNGU bwenzi akusangalala kuti kulikonse tapitako kuli MULUNGU osati mbusa kumati ndikutsata anthu a mtundu wa kwathu ndarama zawo akudyera anthu a mtundu wina , enanso mkumati mwatiranda anthu athu ayi. Zikungotitsimikizira kuti onse akufuna ndarama kwa ife adzidya ndipo tidziwalera ngati ana.

  51. Tsikulokufanyani says:

    Anthu odzodzedwa mwatani kodi? The problem is that some people call themselves that they were called by God. In fact God was calling other people and they themselves just overheard the calling and rushed. nanga si by ya zambale.

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