CCAP sponsors wedding for orphans in Lilongwe

In a very rare move by churches in Malawi, Msonkhamanja CCAP in the city of Lilongwe last Saturday gave a special Christmas and new year present to a young couple who are orphans by sponsoring their wedding which otherwise would not have taken place because the couple and those looking after them are impoverished.

Yes it has happened.

Yes it has happened.

Posing for a photo with the Reverend after officiation

Posing for a photo with the Reverend after officiation

The moment of wedding rings

The moment of wedding rings

Many people came to witness the special wedding the first of its kind in Msonkhamanja

Many people came to witness the special wedding the first of its kind in Msonkhamanja

The bride, Titani Naphiri and the bridegroom, Lester Chibwe both live in Phwetekere location, one of the biggest squatters in the capital city of Lilongwe, and can both be described as orphans although Chibwe’s parents are still alive but were divorced many years ago such that the mother brought him up as a single parent.

Steven Phiri, church elder from Phwetekere ward narrated the story of the couple: “Though Chibwe’s mother is alive she could not afford the wedding expenses as she has no reliable source of income even to sustain herself.

“Chibwe’s father left them when Lester was a baby and never had anything to do with them. Lester Chibwe and her mother survive on a small barber shop run by the son at Phwetekere.”

On the day of the wedding, it was said Lester Chibwe’s father was at home a few meters from the church where the wedding was taking place but couldn’t come to walk his son down the aisle to the altar because there has been no connection between the two.

“On the other hand Naphiri lost both parents and lives with her sister who is also finding it hard to feed herself.

“They had no hope of having a decent wedding reception, what they wanted was only to go to church on this day and be blessed by the church minister by laying his hands on them, thereafter they return to their squatter home and continue with their life as if nothing had happened,” revealed Elder Phiri.

It was the church session clerk who, through interaction with the couple when they came to register their marriage, discovered that they just wanted benediction from the church minister.

The clerk was touched when he heard their story and brought the issue to the attention of the church elders in the vestry.

“I told vestry the story of Titani and Lester and Vestry after discussing the matter, set up a wedding committee which has started working on wedding arrangements for the couple and this is an appeal to you all congregation to come and contribute whatever can help fulfill the plans,” the clerk told the church.

Resident Minister of Msonkhamanja CCAP, Dr Chatha Msangaambe, who is also Moderator of Nkhoma Synod of the CCAP, and has been minister for close to twenty years, acknowledged that in all his entire service as minister, he has never witnessed a church sponsor the whole wedding ceremony one hundred percent as Msonkhamanja has done.

A few months ago, Rev. Dr Msangaambe embarked on a campaign to entice all the Christians who had their marriages not blessed to come and get blessed.

He emphasized that many people fail to come to church to bless their weddings because they are afraid that they don’t have money for wedding receptions. They just elope and come back to church later for disciplining.

“I tell you that marriage blessing is not the expensive receptions you hold, the expensive cars you ride in or the plenty food and drink you enjoy. Marriage blessing is the benediction the couple receives when they are committed by the minister unto God, and that’s most important,” said Msangaambe.

At that point, he invited all those wanting their marriages blessed: Come dressed in any way, with or without wedding dress, with or without shoes, walking or driving from your homes, get your marriages blessed and go back home happily because all these other things are not mandatory but if you don’t get your marriage blessed, you live in perpetual sin (adultery).

Most people believe this teaching inspired many Christians both already married and new couples to come forward and receive blessing for their marriages even without the normal any pomp.

At their reception, held in church premises, people turned up in large numbers and braved the rains to witness this special occasion and presented the couple with many gifts including blankets, kitchen utensils. There was overwhelming wedding offerings (perekani-perekani).

The church also booked an expensive suite at the newly opened high class Simama hotel in town for the couple to spend their first matrimonial night, Simama hotel management upon hearing the amazing story of the couple gave a 50% discount on the room charge.

Additionally, the couple after a night at the hotel will not go to Phwetekere squatter because they have been offered a place to stay for some months in Falls as they settle down and decide whether to go back to Phwetekere squatter or find somewhere else to stay.

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80 thoughts on “CCAP sponsors wedding for orphans in Lilongwe”

  1. CHIKOKO says:

    mulungu akudalitseni lester ndi banja lanu latsopano.

  2. godobaman says:

    koma atchalichitchi inu musatichimwisepo apa abakha amenewo ndi maopharn khalani ndi nzeru ma orphan anangamafunine kutchayana hahahahahaha ambuye azalanga wina

  3. tonde says:

    Kkkkk, sponsoring a union that promotes population growth? At what age does a person stop being called orphans? If these so called orphan reached a stage if marriage it means they are mentally, financially and crowning it all “they are socially independent”.
    I have never heard that the couple being wedded are orphans.
    What are you promoting as a church? You should be ashamed of yourself as a church if you felt this was the best present or gift of the year to marry these orphans.

  4. moniredada says:

    Golingo do u go to church? Much as there is freedom of expression and u r entitled to ur opinion in this free society, know that the freedom of expression is not an absolute right, sometimes where ur freedom of expression ends is exactly where u infringe on someones rights! The way u have bared it all and exposed the names of private parts and the functions they do is not acceptable to the people who thought they were doing the right thing in assisting raise funds for this contentious wedding! I am not blaming u but just trying to reason with u to use acceptable language in our society. Musandinyoze sindinatukwane

  5. Favour says:

    At my church,this is not news. This family needs to be empowered,otherwise things will not be easy for them.

  6. padoko says:

    Orphans? Hahahaha!! They got married below the age of 18 to call them orphans?? In that case, almost all of us are orphans then.

  7. Nankungwi says:

    If the church has pais that mney for her to do a course whuc can assure her of an income, they would have improved their lives a lot morfe permamnently I think. I am worried about children being married when they cant even afford to feed themselves!

  8. Instead of thinking about their education or business they’re thinking about fucking? Uchitsiru uwu! Who will feed your kids? Are you planning for another Madonna adoption?

  9. Reasonable Man says:

    Uchitsiru wa pa Malawi. Instead of working hard to build wealth, you’re entering into a useless union. What for? MNCHINDO OMWEWO? FOTSEKI

  10. Dick says:


  11. Chendele says:

    So you say they find it hard to live how are they going to manage in marraige. It means they will pay rent, source food and probably care a child. I only agree with the first 3 sentences of chewa federartion front. where they could have have used the money spent,on uplifting the lives of the newly weds. the rest of the comment is misguieded thought from someone with questinable brain capability. in short its bull shit

  12. sayin it like it is says:

    I THINK THERE IS A NEED TO DRAW A LINE WHERE ONE CAN BE CALLED AN ORPHAN…IN MY CASE I LOST BOTH MY PARENTS..MY FATHER AT A VERY YOUNG AGE AND MY MOTHER 4 YEARS AGO..AM AOVER 20 YEARS..I DONT THINK IT WOULD BE RIGHT O CALL ME AN ORPHAN BECAUSE AM GROWN and able to fend for myself..orphan should be anyone below the age of 18 and why fund a wedding for people who cudnt fund their own nde kodi muziwadyesa ku nyumba kwao daily?the advise to them wud be don’t get into such before u are financially stable apatu mpingo wapatsa munthu nsomba kuti adye instead of teaching them how to fish

  13. zalerani dada says:

    umulungu ndi umenewo zikomo pitirizaninso kwa ena

  14. Sips says:

    When giving, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is giving. This is the type of giving Jesus preached, not announcing from the rooftops.

  15. Nyapapi says:

    Munthu woti amatota ukhala bwanji orphan? When you grow up you stop being an orphan, you become a woman or a man!

  16. nabanda says:

    That’s good but. There so many orphans out there who also wish to wedd but have no means if they approach the church will they do the same?

  17. mbofyo says:

    Shud we say the church is encouraging teenage marriage. From my understanding of the word orphan it means you’re still dependent on someone and you are below that age where you can marry. Was the word used deliberately or accidentally?

  18. mapasa says:

    Other Churchers do finance Weddings kuyambira kalekale ; inu a CCAP mukuyamba lero zimenezi? a SDA timapanga support ma ukwati even makolo alipo as long as pali need.

    1. Favour says:

      Nane ndikudabwa.ife ku church kwathu imeneyi sinkhani.Tathandiza maukwati ambirimbiri.Tikanakhala kuti timawauza a tolankhani, bwezi pano newspaper zitatopa ndikulemba.

    2. Njokaluzi says:

      a Busa Msangaambe amakonda zoziwonetsera kwambiri.

  19. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    I thought the 50% paid at the hotel could have been avoided and been given to the couple as part of their start up to expand the business? I see a lot of contradictions here! Which is which? Why giving them moyo woti sadzaukhala, I mean if the story I’ve jst read is anything to go bye?


    This is where Nkhoma Synod gets it wrong.
    Spend a million kwacha on a wedding like this; for what? The best you could have done was use that money to put the young man through your Nursing School giving him a real chance in life.
    What we get from you, Nkhoma, is objectionable. Look, even as you quarrelled with the Thengere beasts you were busy recruiting them into your institutions.
    Let me make this statement: Nkhoma Synod has a much bigger catchment population than Livingstonia’s, yet the latter has had a bigger impact on people’s advancement within its catchment.
    When Livingstonia first opened its doors it deliberately chose a 100% Tumbuka student body. One should also go to its Ekwendeni School of Nursing to see its student body.
    When will Nkhoma learn from these excellent examples? Kuwapatsa ana ukwati????? Give them a FUTURE kaya!!!
    By the way, Livingstonia Synod will soon open another institution supposedly to train “agriculture experts”, mostly Tumbuka; and has got funding for it!!!!

    1. bizwek Pakhala says:


  21. Umunthu says:

    Thumps up Msonkhamanja CCAPs”.! The church should learn to give back so that God also blesses the church. What am seeing gere is that this couple couldn’t manage a pompy wedding. But the church played a motherly role for the :destitutes. Whether the orphan has been miused or not, the story has been shared. Osalephera ena odana ndi zabwino alankhula za nkutu

  22. ineyo says:

    Nice preaching pastor. Preach water imersion and spirit baptism as jesus did for salvation also. GBU!

  23. Leo says:

    I dont see any reason for the nonsense arguments here. Whats wrong with Malawians. Is it for the first time the writer to use irrelevant word. Just appreciate. We are fond of fault finding. This will not take us any where

  24. hoitty says:

    All grandmothers and fathers with no parents are orphans? Nanu ma reporter a nyasa

  25. Chipani says:

    Interesting story, orphan for ever? Shaaaah!!!I thought he has a barber shop, one shave can buy bonya the second one kau ujeni uyuni, walkman, nkhuni ndimaona mu 43mu akugwetsa mmitengo and finally next shave for the day save for the wedding basi palibe nkhani apa.

  26. MWASUWA says:

    Be careful my dear brothers and sisters in christ when we want to assist. Avoid show off. How many needy of the church ha been so far?

  27. Cashgate 1 says:

    Infact the word Orphan has been abused here, whatever circumstances these grown up people are it does not qualify them to be orphans. Are they below 18 years? If they are not then they are not orphans but vulnerable young couple, just like anyone out there and all they need is to find ways how they can cope in situation like that. Olemba nkhani nanu tamapangani edit zinazi musanapange post for public consumption.

  28. Let’s hope CCAP will be funding their meals too!

    1. hoitty says:

      dzina limeneli palibenso hahahahaha

  29. Eye Opener says:

    God bless this Man of God for such a marvelous revelation about what a true wedding is all about. The Prophet of the Hour WMB also teaches on the same. God bless you richly!!

  30. Billiat says:

    This is not on. Does one remain an orphan for ever? Even at 40 years old I shall still be called an orphan? That’s encouraging laziness Malawi.
    If they are old enough to marry, let them work and save for their big day. Period.

  31. Nkhoma Synod Presbetarian says:

    Don’t just criticize the Father when you haven’t heard his side of the story. Every Father would love to see their biological children no matter what but the problem lies with the other partner especially if their divorce process was a bitter experience. Many parents who have a chance of living with the kids after divorce tend to plant seeds of hatred in the kids towards their other parent and the children grow with a wrong perception of the whole issue . Luckily enough this changes when the children grow up and start realizing what really happened for their parents to divorce and after learning about who initiated the whole process of divorce. Its only God who knows who is in the wrong here, so don’t just make conclusions here. It can be the Father yes, it can be the mother of the boy and who knows, it can be the boy himself who didn’t want his father to come to his wedding. Has he said that he went to inform his biological father about the wedding and that the father refused to come???? I don’t think so. For the Church, you have done a very commendable thing but we should all know that what is more important is THE BENEDICTION as the Moderator indicated. I hope my fellow Msonkhamanja Christians will understand in future when we fail to do the same to another underprivileged couple.

  32. Koma says:

    Koma golingo, if u can write that what about ur mouth. Hhhhhhhhh, osangolangiza bwanji mmalo motukwana.

  33. chilungamo says:

    That is giving at its best, msonkhamanja God bless you ena apa atukwana ena atsutsana nazo ena akukaika nkumati mpingo mulimba? ine ndikuti ngati nsonkhamanja anachita izi polemekeza Ambuye and that God has been glorified what ever challenge may come ahead God will take care and may i plead with those who rush kumatukwana ingakhale kutukwana the irrisponsible father, please lets hold our tempers, brethren these are not the first couples to be helped in this way but this one God has let the church do because these are the things the church should do to help the poor the needy the orphans and the widows that is God instructions for us so as a church this is their obligation and this God reminding them and all other churches to do likewise those who are already doing it to continue those who are not doing it should begin to do it and those that see wrong in doing this i would advise you to keep quiet and watch see what God will do to them which will later change you and force you to repent these very same remarks you are making and God will hear you and answer you for he loves you and by his grace you will be saved so to you i say God’s time is the best Happy new year

  34. LeoMesii says:

    Much as i get touched with this Story i have one observation .There should be a clear definition distinction between orphanage and impoverishment for precedence sake. If this is not cleared the church should expect more members to fight for the same equity or face sit inns.

  35. kwabaniso says:

    Church to entice members from : winners / whore-ghost-fire / calvarian / livingmadzi / bushite prophesizer / heaven is there etc etc

    But you 6 (golingo) you are a stupid dog, hyna chi fisi chamchire, chindere chiMtumbuka chakudead north kuthengere uzipita kwanu idiot wopanda nzeru nyini ya amako ukawachinde amako, mulungwako pamodzi ndi agalu akwanu ku north. Who told you that they are from South?

  36. Malawiana says:

    I hope the church goes on to sustain the livelihood of the couple as well. It is pointless to sponsor a wedding whose end result will be a family rooted in deep poverty and endangering the future of the off springs in the process.

  37. ABITI says:


  38. Chikopa says:

    Umasiye umatha munthu akakwana 21 years or even as low as 18 years. Let us stop this no sense. Mpingo bwezi utalipira sukulu fees kwa ana osowa osati izi vanjulibwi. next time make address priorities. Mwina Session Clerk ndi Bambo a bride.

  39. willard Thipa says:

    May the Lord bless you all indeed you have set a good example to others. Church

  40. Jah says:

    Kodi orphan amakhala wa zaka zochuluka chonchi?

  41. Mtupatupa says:

    At our church we have done so many times, i feel blssd to help those people who could not afford such things, whilst many people like to help those who are already doing well. This tendancy is some good and it has also its bad side especially to those who expects to be helped bv did not get the required help, may God bless the cheerful giver!

  42. melc says:

    chulu dats wisdom
    apingo mwalakwitsa kaya ndinu anyasatimes orphan ndi mmodziyo basi

    Enanu makometi anu mulungu akulangani nazo
    mark 5yrs from now mmene zinthu zizakhalile pa moyo wanu
    pena palipose kutukwana bas Hell z waiting 4 such kind of pipo

  43. Wbc says:

    Ine sindikuonapo nkhani apa, nosense!!

  44. Overseer says:

    Does this mean the man is an orphan? Do you know the meaning of orphanhood? Stupid presentation

  45. A COMMONER says:

    Who is an orphan? Stop confusing readers plz. I thought an orphan is whose both parents r demised. No wonder real orphans r abused and molested cos no one explained to them who really they r.

  46. Chabecheker says:

    Chikamwini system is responsible the neglecting to look after their children who are said to belong to to their maternal uncle or asibweni

  47. Phwilephwile says:

    Puting it right18 yrs below and both parents died an ophan. Ampingo mwatiwonjezatu, amtende wambone. Mukanango thandiza osati khani yoseyi.

  48. chefourpence says:

    very inspiring…..Most churches are busy enriching their Pastors and neglecting their needy. But this is basic christianity. Those of you blaming this church must be ashamed. The church can’t sponsor every wedding but its a rare show of fellowship and giving aimed at transforming the poor.

  49. EYE WITNESSES says:

    I think the conventional way of calling an orphan ends at 18 years? Can we cross check on this. Stupid church. C.C.A.P=Chibwezi Chimakoma Ana Palibe.

  50. Dickson says:

    May the Almighty God bless every member of the Church including the Rev. Dr Msangaambe…for the good gesture.

  51. Apao says:

    Osamafulumila kutukwana, mai anaphiri anali hule, ndiamene amauza ana awo zoyipa za bambo awo. Pofunakuteteza chitidwe woyipawo. Infact bambo alibe mvuto lililonse koma mkazi analinalo. Nde osamafulumila kutukwana, do u kno that amene ukumutukwanayo ndi amene analesa kuti mimba ya.naphiri asataye? Bambo abwino apose apa? Mai akuti tichite abort, bambo akuti ayi? Chibwana chomatukwana lekani. Mai ake anaphiri uhule udawampha kalekale bambo akadalipobe

  52. Mwiza says:

    God bless the Pastor, entire congregation and the newly wedded. You ‘ve made us proud!

  53. Thumbwefu says:

    That is very good, the church should be able to give back to the people not always should be people giving to the church regardless of their status.

  54. Hu Jintao says:

    If these are not eighteen yet the could be orphans. But if they are above that, they are not. I think the best word to define them is that they are poor or they come from poor backgrounds nor orphans.

  55. TIMVE says:

    Nothing amusing . The church should sustain the precedent they have set. I am sure these are the only orphans. This church has its priority upside down. ii needs to have a policy of empowerement for all and I dont believe that if you are comitted to each other for life and dont come before the church then you are comiting adultery. NO! you can have your wedding blessed yet comit adultery. Please get your facts correct on the meaning of wedding .Do not cheat your congreagation.

  56. Think Tank says:

    iam touched. Doing a good turn should really not be limited to donating foods,blankets to orphanage and the elderly. What has happened to the couple will go a very long way in their lives. I know someone who grew up as an orphan and Lion’s Club,Blantyre, raised him up thru fees etc. He is no longer an orphan. Happily married,grandchildren and was a general manager at one of the biggest companies in the country. This man went on to help many,many orphans when he was working. His family is now almost around forty off springs! Patriach

    1. As your story goes – he was given school fees. An investment in his future. Not this bullishit here. An investment in mnchindo.

  57. mtila zomba says:

    there are some points to be corrected here..,( 1 ) the church did not sponsor the wedding but well wishers within the church contributed. (2) people were worried to notice that lester’s blood brothers did not show up despite being well to do and they live about 50 metres from church premisses. (3) titani lives at mwenyekondo and not phwetekere.

  58. Rational Black man, single at 40! says:

    Foolish couple, they do not have means to support themselves but they want to bring children to this world. Who will take care of the children and themselves? Typical of black people, no matter how poor they are, they will prioritize fucking and having children. Other races post post marriages and having children until their economic situation is such that they can support themselves and the children. Mark my word, ana a nthuwa ndi mbava zoopsya za mawa!

  59. Malawianah says:

    Blessed is the hand that giveth….big thank you to everyone contributed the wedding.

  60. ujeni says:

    I think in Malawi we dont know what the word orphan means and we have used it as a source of getting favours and monetary gains without sweat. How can a boy raised by a single parent be called orphan and since when was an over 18 year old be called orphan? Silly Malawian waiting for aid all the time.

  61. Bubu says:


    I read through the article….”Otherwise they could not be married “, why? Because the two have no money. WITH DUE RESPECT IS A BIG LIE, OR ITS ATLEAST SOMETHING WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CHRISTIANITY. Its good to assist, always good but never claim that you are the reason why the two are married.

    Answer the question, what is marriage? And how does marriage come into being? Through money???????????? The community at large and the church is in forefront oppressing people. Why cant people marry properly even without money?? Whats wrong with a church Reverand simply blessing a man and woman as husband and wife?

    Thats all this and that: Iyayi pafunika ndalama ya ku Church, a Abusa paja pafunika kangachepe (Crate), eehh, eeh, etc. And then there is a comittee with full of demands.

    What??? mpaka “without assistance, they could not have married”.Completely wrong and unnecessary.

    Think about it, if you well believe that the two can not manage a wedding, will they manage marriage? of course they will (atleast if they want and strife to) because wedding nor marriage is not dependent on money. Osapotoza UNTHENGA CHONDE CHONDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  62. Mr Ineyo says:

    At what age does orphanhood end? As far as I know orphanhood ends at age 16. Was the church sponsoring a wedding between 2 children? That’s disgusting!

  63. bizwek Pakhala says:

    Make better priorities as à church. Zopusa.

  64. golingo says:

    The irresponsible father of the bridegroom should be arrested!!!! People should learn to reponsible!!! He must be an idiot!!!! Kungo kwata mkazi basi osalabadilako za mwana!!!!! We have lots of people of that kind in this country who just believe in fucking women and making them pregnant without taking care of the kids!!!! Ofcourse this very common in the southern region!!!! Anthu amango kwerana aimlessly!!!! A machindana mwakathithi ati achulukise mavoti!!! They are the people who are perpetuating poverty in this country!!!!! All irresponsible father pa thako panu!!!! Azimayi nanunso osamango khanyula kuti mbolo iloweko ayi kumaona kaye kuti kodi chimbolocho chithandiza!!! Osamangoti nyekhu nyekhu chisawawa ayi mwanva!!! Nonse azimayi achoncho pa nyo panu!!!! Stop this nonsence!!!! Anrhu kumango chindana chisawawa ya!! Amalawi munatani kodi!! Mbolo ili ndi ntchito zina osati izingo khalila kulowa panyi no no no!!! Ya! Mapwala anu!!! Matongo yinu!!! Patumbo panu!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Malawiana says:

      I can understand your frustration golingo but there is always a better way of presenting your case than the way you have done.

      1. Kumbukani Saizi says:

        Golingo is absolutely right. 100%. As a matter of fact, thats the only way of confronting people for their stupidity. I love your comment Golingo.

    2. Uli boooooo Golingo uli boooooo

  65. Mr.Bambo says:

    Koma a mpingo mulimba ndi zimene mwaziyambazi?Aliyensetu osowa akuuzani kuti mumpangire sponsor ukwati wake apo ai mumva mpingo ndausiya ndi okondera.Bwanji mukadangowadalitsira ndikuwauza kuti azipita kumudzi osachulukitsa gaga mdiwa?Zikuitanilani mavuto izi,anthu chopeleka asiya mbale.

    1. true says:

      The left hand should not know what the right hand has done.

  66. mwana wa malawi says:

    God bless you all who did this wonderful for this couple.
    We should always help others

  67. Jeremy banda says:

    Bullshit, what is the story here? ngati analibe ndalama osangodalisa bwanji????? Amalawi let us change our mindset. Zimandikwiyisa kwambiri nkhani zopanda nzeru ngati is presented in a positive way.. fools! !

    1. Magongwe says:

      You are a big fool

    2. kanchenga says:

      The news here is that the church must show love to the poor when any opportunity arise. It id a lesson to it’s members. A lesson of love. God is love. There is no God without love and no love without God. But needless to say you do not sound intelligent enough to understand this.

  68. chulu says:

    Very touching story by why the misrepresentation? The man is not an orphan. How can one be described as an orphan with both parents alive??????

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