CCJP calls for ‘economic patriotism’ in Malawi

The Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP), an arm of the Episcopal Conference of Malawi (ECM), has called economic patriotism to develop the impoverished southern African nation which is reeling from donor freeze.

Chisoni: Call for patriotism

Chisoni: Call for patriotism

CCJP national secretary Chris Chisoni noted  in a statement released on Sunday December 7, 2014 that there is absence of legal framework for investor’s corporate social responsibility in Malawi.

CCJP observed that investors are involved in the works that would have been under corporate responsibility but dealt with like charity work.

“A lot of companies make immoral profits but give back irrelevant Corporate Social Responsibility like sponsoring golf or buying a ticket for one person to go abroad to watch soccer.

“We are encouraging government to come out quickly with a legal and policy framework that is enabling for companies and communities to share resources for the development of all and mandate companies to commit to ploughing back to communities resources they extract from the same,” reads the statement.

It said through properly regulated Corporate Social Responsibility, Malawi government can have its development efforts complimented by investors and in its absence, we are losing a lot.

The watchdog also noted that the spirit of patriotism is  “shrinking” amongst citizens in the country.

“We live like we have borrowed this country from elsewhere. With the shrinking spirit of patriotism is the growing spirit of irresponsibility as most Malawian people are no longer responsible. This is visible in physical vandalism (i.e removing road signs, urinating anywhere) and cash gate,” CCJP said in the statement.

“ It does appear to us that most people would love to enjoy their freedoms and rights without attendant responsibilities. Yet for this nation to develop and to improve we need committed people, we need patriots.”

CCJP  urged Malawi to “radically change their senses of perception and patriotism.”

Reads the statement in appeal: “We must learn to love our mother land if we must transform Malawi. Without strong spirit of patriotism, we are killing the future of our children and future generations.”

The commission said it has observed with “sadness and a heavy heart,” the emergence of loud mouthed leaders among civil society organisations, faith organisations, traditional and political , “who are just excited with their leadership positions but are confusing the general citizenry with half truths and comments on national issues without substantial and verifiable evidence. “

CCJP said it is asking for  “transformative leadership and not transactional leadership in all leadership structures and positions be they in FBOs, CSOs, parliament, judiciary and the executive.”

The commission stated that with no donor support, Malawians should that the status quo as a challenge to develop the nation with economic independence.


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24 thoughts on “CCJP calls for ‘economic patriotism’ in Malawi”

  1. Joshua says:

    Why is CCJP splitting hairs? What is economic patriotism anyway? Patriotism is patriotism, full stop. One is either patriotic or not. We cant be talking about economic patriotism, religious patriotism, social patriotism and what have you. Who has the time for that?

  2. Chiye Nang'omba says:

    Akatolika tawerengani bible la yakobo chapter chonse muve zowawa zamasiku omaliza izi zinalembedwa enawa akukwanilisa ali ndi tsoka lalikuru!

  3. kukhala says:


  4. The Truthful One from the West says:

    There is nothing useful CCJP are saying. Instead of pointing out that the Peter Mutharika DPP govt is failing to perform you talk about abstract things such as patriotism. You are against federalism when the Catholic Church practices federalism.

  5. Gilbert says:

    Don’t talk….doing!!!, that’s economic patriotism!

  6. Munyasiwa says:

    CCJP should first talk to irresponsible leaders who missuse our resources.

  7. zebe says:

    We are patriots and that is why we never get tired of paying heavy taxes to our government. It is only sickening tikamamva our leaders going to the US and lodge there with a 70 + strong entourage. Blowing millions dining with journalists, etc. I lose morale in my sense of patriotism as a bad precedence is set from the top in terms of priorities. On the other hand, the lack of patriotism is compounded with the high illiteracy levels in Malawi. Adding to this our curricula has little elements of teaching patriotism unlike in Kamuzu days where the key characters Timve, Tsala, Sibo and Dingase shaped the hard working and responsible attitude in our mindset. Only if some few would take heed

    1. urban planner says:

      Well put.

  8. Professor CJ says:

    It’s good that someone has noted how companies just enjoy their profits without giving back to the community. Now, this might sound like an intent to turnish the image of some super rich individuals but look, companies like Zagaf that runs the largest Oil transportation company and a brokerage IHB, has a cement factory too. As big as this company is, they have only given the cimmunity a mosque in Machinjiri. I have just used this company as a yard stick to giving back to the community.
    In most developed countries, companies that seem to be interested in helpingtheir communities the government makes sure they do so by taxing them heavily. Those who do their part to their communities get tax breaks. Sadly, in Malawi you get a rax break if you donate to the ruling party.

  9. Chikopa says:

    Zonadi tangoganizani pp kulemba kalata ku Globle fund kuti asiye kuthandiza ati chifukwa anatuluka boma . Atola nkhani athu kulemba ngati iwo amakhala ku mozambique kuno azangocheza kaya amaona ngati fun kaya samaziwa kuti zomwe akulemba zikubwezela dziko mbuyo sikuti musazuzule ayi koma mukuwonjeza inusimumaziwa kuti mukuika moyo wa amalawi pa chiswe palibe investor angapite komwe angowelenga zoipa zokhazokha , amalawi tonse tilindivuto olo atanena kuti tonse tikakhale ku usa ku newyork pakutha kwa 3months ma school onse akhala opanda magalasi . Zikwangwani zonse kupangila ma kasu kuiwala kuti amzathuamalima ndi ma tractor zimbuzi zogejemula koma kunyela pambali , kulembalemba toilet kuti sungandimenye , ana a school kuwaphikila nsima yosaphya kuswa magalasi mwana wazaka 13 kukhala ndi mwana mzake, kuona ndalama mtima phaphapha ngati waotcha tchalitchi , kuba mangwala zipatala zonse zaku newyork pakutha pa zaka ziwiri newyork yonse kuthelatu, mmalawi ndiovuta kumulamulila anazolowela one party state. olo mzungu atapeza anthu 10 ndikunena kuti ndasiya bread 10 pasogolopo mukatenge modzimodzi mupezakuti wina apelewela wina watenga muwiri . Ndiye poti a ccjp awa ndi matenda apadela ndiye titani?

  10. Tizanka says:

    Nyasatimes is just a tip of the ice berg of what is wrong with this nation. There is no such a thing as to how we can help the youths be responsible in stuff that they do. or how we can be financially literate, or how we can join hands and do joint ventures as Malawians. Its always gossip, gossip, jealousy, hate peddling, Lhomwe trashing on and on and on. so sick and tired of this. We need a new sense of responsibility in this nation and it starts now, nobody is gonna stop this. The whiners let them whine, the hustlers let them hustle, the builders let them build. LETS GO!

  11. Mwendanato says:

    This is totally a true observation. I have always pointed my finger at companies such as Limbe Leaf. It has reaped millions from this country but its CSR is mean. By now it could have built reputable secondary schools, at leats a district hospital in each region and a public university for the country. Koma abunu ake very selfish indeed thats why late Bingu kicked them out such self centred and pigheaded abunu. JM of RSA is right idbule bunu

  12. Luke says:

    Good move Catholics. You are always there for us. We thought MBC board membership would silnce you but you have proved otherwise. Be free to even point out at issues or mistakes the current regime is delibarately doing. The greedy opposition should be left out in all this. We r a hopeless nation

  13. Tatha says:

    eyadi apo nde mwalankhula ma companies ambiri amakonda kupanga sponsor golf basi. ndaonapo angapo sponsor imeneyo kupereka ku chipatala anthu ambiri apanga benefit pomwe golf muzaonesese amasankhana anthu ochita bwino okhaokha a mma company osiyanasiyana okhaokhao. wosauka no benefit.

  14. Cashgate1 says:

    UTSOGOLERI, it all begins with leadership.

  15. GONANI says:

    CCJP, this is a brilliant recommendation about the state of our nation right now. I absolutely agree with your findings. There is complete lack of patriotism in leadership of all levels in Malawi now. We need to go back to the drawing board and redefine ourselves with patriotism and great passion for our nation, just like our founder Ngwazi Dr H Kamuzu Banda did.

  16. Master says:

    This is God in you!

  17. Ticoon says:

    Bravo…we need constructive advice and ideas from people like Chisoni not greedy people

  18. Nyasa says:

    I 100% agree with CCJP. Ena mpaka telling donors that they should not give us (Malawi) money. Everybody is nepotistic. Churches are in forefront in nepotism e.g. Livingstonia Synod. At both individual and institutional levels, Malawians are SELFISH and JEALOUS of each other. Consequently they pull each other down and finally achieve.

  19. gerald says:

    very true CCJP this is true.Malawians we need to be patriotic to our country.U see a lot of Malawians we like to talk bad about our country saying politicians are responsible for the underdevelopment we have but everyone is responsible.i do not condone or tolerate seeing someone throwing litter everywhere I make them pick it it in towns and cities.Malawians please we should not talk highly about Johannesburg,Lusaka,Nairobi,Maputo.noooo,lets hold hands and develop Malawi.lets have good road proper infrastructure nice streets in cities.all this is possible.lets have a picture of the kind of Malawi we want and strive towards attaining that. talking negatives about our country will never help us.

  20. Patriot says:

    Patriotism iyambe kumtundako. Osamangoti tokhatokhafe patriotism pamene kumphikako you show signs of selfishness.

  21. Tizanka says:

    There is never gonna be any truth more than this. Malawians are a confused lot and don’t even want to take responsibility even in their homes. Consumption, consumption, consumption, loans, loans, loans and constipation.

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