Chakwera accuses Mutharika of ‘sleepwalking’ Malawi into economic turmoil

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader Lazarus Chakwera has accused President Peter Mutharika and his ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of “sleepwalking” Malawi into economic turmoil why they are in comfort zone of opulence.

Chakwera: Malawians deserve better

Chakwera: Malawians deserve better

Chakwera said the DPP-led government lacks the vision and leadership acumen to address the suffering of Malawians due to a myriad of macro-economic challenges facing the country.

The leader of opposition, speaking at MCP rally in Zomba and Mzuzu, said the cash-strapped country’s economic woes were  impacting negatively on the people as drug shortages, lack of maize in Admarc markets and dwindling education standards are some of the pressing issues.

He said the DPP leaders are busy in “wrongful self-enrichment” and are failing to fight corruption because “they themselves are thieves and corrupt”.

Chakwera alleged that some government officials are forced into corruption and when they try to reveal culprits are threatened of death.

“The biggest challenge for an individual is not blindness, but to have eyes without a vision. Malawi is stunted today because our leaders lack a vision.

“Hospitals have no drugs. Admarc markets have no maize. Quality of education is going down. All this is because our leaders have no vision. They have stolen up money meant for such developments,” said Chakwera as his jubilant supporters danced to music chanting slogans in support of MCP.

Chakwera told crowds that Malawi needs a leader with a vision to end theft and corruption and that leader is certainly not Peter Mutharika, saying some day Malawians will know the truth and “ it will set us free.”

Also commenting, MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwila said Mutharika government has failed.

“These people have failed dismally. The development you see in Zomba was left by MCP,” said Kabwila.

DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaila said Chakwera was hullicinating without evidence on his corruption allegations, challenging him to go to Anti Corruption Bureau to report his claims of corruption.

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81 thoughts on “Chakwera accuses Mutharika of ‘sleepwalking’ Malawi into economic turmoil”

  1. aunt says:

    Pamaliro nkhata sizinabedwe ayi but a lady in uniform ya mvano analowerera kupeleka nkhata asali pa program ndi amene anasokoneza it was not on purpose. My sincere apologies to the first gentleman what happened was very bad. Pavilion ndipovuta

  2. Truth says:

    All this economic mess and rubbish, because of DPP,cashgate it started with DPP, this country will face untold challenges as long as DPP is on the seat. I hate this party with passion. But thank God, he has his ways….

  3. Blind loyalty says:

    Malawi a failed state full of idiots.They follow their parties blindly motivated by tribalism.Alomwenso aliranso ndi umphawi koopsya kuti Thyolo kuno.Tione ngati atadye Dpp .Nothing is working in Malawi at the moment,

  4. Wantali Savalagogoda says:

    Koma Kongeres kkkkkkk chipani chosekesa kwabasi. Chithera ku opposition mpaka kalekale ndiiithu kkkkk. Nonsense chakwera akhala chatsika come 2019 naaa ngati aimetu kkkkkk. Agaluinu a Kongeresi, mbuzi, abakha, ankhwezule , nyauzanu kkkkk.

  5. James says:

    Its easier for those who are employed and are able to provide for their families to ridicule what chakwera is saying. But before you start criticizing the messanger, i urge you to consider the common folk and the average malawian. People are struggling to make ends meet. Being a dpp man myself, i automatically hate chakwera but i got to admit that the man is right. Its an economic warzone out here and the average malawian is a casualty.

  6. mbodzole says:

    I used to comment more but now I Have realized that majority of those who comment here ndi Mbuzi ngati Chakwera amene. you got no time to analyze things. Chakwera if you think that APM has failed why can’t you come with Ideas that could help and make us vote for you come 2019. you better be coming with solutions other than backstabing. For those of you who hate LHOMWEs don’t west your time we are all malawian and because a lhomwe is on the seat does not mean that lhomwe is ruling this country………

  7. Trevor Manyi says:

    Koma what can we expect when DPP anabera vote, kuotcha MEC warehouse, kupanga hacking ndi Bowler ndi Chilima? Aaaaaah

  8. Naphili says:

    At least Chakwela has got personality intelligence and you can understand what he is saying.

  9. snakes says:

    Please God help us. It’s too much to bear. We cannot go on like this. Please our Heavenly Father, rescue Malawi. Do not look away Father, you know what we are going through in this Nation. We are about to sink, mud is up to our necks. Come quickly Lord according to your loving kindness and mercy, in Jesus name, Amen.

  10. Agripa says:

    The problem is we Malawians are just making noise about these DPP officials or government but we are not being supported by the internal community to fight them. Our NGOs are toothless because they are poor they depend on the same government we are fighting against therefore they can not fully stretch their hands in the fight. Development partners and donors where are you? How can you let the government of Malawi squander our own hard earned tax monies with impunity? We are dying of very minor ailments in Malawi because there is not even panado in our hospitals. Prices of everything are going up daily. Where should we run to if our own parent ( government ) is inflicting us un told misery on us? Guys Malawi is really on sick bed someone ought to come to our rescue.

  11. Wantali Savalagogoda says:

    Chakwera adzalira 2019 kuti ng’weeeeee. Palibe chomwe achite trust me. Munthu waukapolo uyu. Galu alibwino. Usayese aMalawi ngopepera kuti mpaka kukuika iweyo president asaaaa. Ufa choncho. Ufunse John Tembo kkkkkkkk mbava iwe.

  12. Chifful says:

    Peter ndi olephera & ife alomwe tatopa nao

  13. ngongoliwa says:

    ALL THE MAN OF God? Where do you take all these terms for dehumanizing the God you see on this planet. I am told that man was created in the image of God and Man is God according to the bible believers. Then Laza why do you use different descriptions against God , APM according to bible biblical teachings.At times I dare to think why does the president sideline you, Laza at his rallies.And Malawians believe that you dont do anything wrong to APM. However, I have discovered the reason why Laza you are mathanyula dont You are terrible. You describe this image of god as baby seater. You described APM as baby seater at one time, now you are describing him as sleepwalking. Malawians this is the reason why APM sidelene this LAZA. He uses strongest descriptive terms.

  14. jabulani says:

    Kasaila argues like a toddler.

  15. Mika Kumbire says:

    Number 11 that song was composed and sung by Lucius Banda and not Aleluya Band.

  16. wangonde says:

    tell chakwela how apm did the regging otherwise he has no chance to rule this beultiful malawi.ojitemwa ngati iye nimulunji. u have failed assemblies to grow how about the nation.uzinamiza nyau zakozo. amalawi mcp will never change. ngati dpp yikuba mcp ndiyakupha basi.wighane utankhighana twema uswe chakwela nu mcp wako.we are alwayz hoping for a good ending. why against god inu mvula ndinu mukubisa moti isagwe anthu nkumalephela kulima nkumafa ndinjala. sorry sunati umva zambili.

  17. bwanji kodi says:

    ACHAKWERA 2019 MUSADZAPANGE KAMPENI MUDZANGOKHALA PAMPANDO CHIFUKWA PANOPA ALIYENSE WAWONA KUTI DPP YALEPHERA 2019 MCP BOMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ineyo wa ine says:

    Ok..!! Zanzanu ndiye mwanena tamva nanga zanu.

  19. Ambuye Yesu angobwera anthufe tikapume, achakwera nanu musatinamize kuti mukhale pampando mukhoza kuiwara zose, panopa mukhoza kuwoneka abwino, monga peter amati ndiwabwino koma lero bwanji? anthu osawuka owona zokhoma dziko lino inu muli phe mungomwa tea, anthu asatana inu Mulungu adzaweluza inu phe.

  20. Obster says:

    Let’s us make a change,Malawi is no longer alive because if malawi is ok, we would be abroad?

  21. chimwemwe says:

    Kwacha sliding everyday inflation is eroding buying power Goodall saying we will claps hands next year but how do we survive till next year

  22. Nasirina says:

    Koma abale, ndalama kuba, katundu wa boma kuba, nkhata zapamaliro kuba? I think DPP is addicted to stealing. Sikufuna kwawo koma chibadwa. Paja mavote anabanso. Chilipo chomwe mumachiona ndi maso okha? Eish!

  23. Kaka says:

    A Diphiphi ngakhale mudzikometse ndinu mbavabe. Mukufuna muoneke abwino apa, tamadyani misonkho yathu.

  24. Alungwana says:

    Malawi has never had a blind leader like Apm. I dont know what brought him to Malawi

  25. getu maseko says:

    Kasaila nzelu ulibe ACB yake iti? Yomweyi yopanda mano ngati APM yi? Akapezeka mmodzi ofuna kufufuza zenizeni ngati Njauju ndie zotsatila zake mukuzidziwa sangapite patali.

  26. Ramsey Majiga says:

    Vote wisely vote for Chakwera vote for MCP.

  27. Lottie says:

    We shall see when your time comes – it at all it will come.

  28. john banda says:

    There will never be a president who will make everyone happy. Chakwera go to that seat yourself lets see if people will not demonstrate against you. Its better to offer solutions than criticize.

  29. mulopwana says:


  30. michie says:

    I can’t believe that some people are still supporting APM & his DPP. Are we all going through the same economic hardships?

  31. Johnathan says:

    Malawi politicians are all dogs

  32. michie says:

    I never thought someone out there would vote for APM. Honestly, I have never seen any leadership quality in him.

  33. Gladson malinga says:

    Dpp stands 4 Digest people’s pockets. No wonder if…,

  34. Father says:


  35. Kanyimbi says:

    Bingu took the presidency from Bakili when Donors had also left this country but he changed the economy faster. APM should start thinking outside the box. The office of the president is not a court room. Please consult economists.

  36. wakummawa mario says:

    Baba Chatsika don’t be cheated or cheat urself. u’ll never ever rule this country called Malawi and everbody in this country including baba Tembo knows vr well that u r a big crook.Inu tu bambo ndinu wakuba zedi mpaka osachita manyazi kuba za mpingo? Nanga kukupatsa dziko ungabe bwanji mbava iwe? kagwere uko.

  37. Bristol says:

    If I were supporter of DPP I Could feel sorry because Malawi has more problems now that when JB was ruling this country. People expected APM to be focused in his administration but corruption is worse now. Almost every week, we read stories of theft and corruption in Government. What our party president has said is true and MCP Has the answers to the prevailing problems the country is facing. Vote wisely is 2019.

  38. The Patriot says:

    Lhomwes and DPP are currently on cloud nine, enjoing all the privileges of beiing a ruling tribe/party! Selling govt assets to each other(MSB) and distributing govt posts and contracts amongst themselves. Please know this: other tribes are watching you and your greed ! The time Bingu died, Lhomwes should have taken time to reflect on their greed for power and money. The only time they want Quota system is on education but NoT on govt contracts and ministerial positions. Out of 20 minister how many are Lhomwe, what about PSs? Ndiye Mulungu akadzati ena alamulire muzalire? Mopiya mopiya lero koma anzanu akalowa m’boma kulira ngati kuti the whole tribe cannot live without being in govt or govt positions or contracts. Pano MULLI ali chete kutakata, sakudandaulanso za ma contract! Za ngongole ya MSB kuli zii.Tidzaonana pa Kachere: you can fool all the people some of the time, you can fool some people all the time BUT you cannot fool all the people all the time. Malawi belongs to all of us, NO TRIBE OWNS MALAWI. we are all equal. Mwatikwan kwabasi!!!

  39. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Kabwila should stop talking about the PAST. Surely MCP can do better by talking about the present and future.
    Thius woman needs to go for basic communication course.. Anyway it is good to see MCP in these areas of Zomba and Mzuzu. A good start.

  40. Kavuluvulu says:

    A LHOMWE akuba awo !

  41. Stupid says:

    Bingu was very disrespectful to people of GOD that why he went earlier than he came. Can’t separate between earthly things and that of GOD ? If you are living its because GOD has allowed it . Pls go back and rethink.

  42. mapapaya says:

    I love Chakwera because he builds castles in the air. When do you think you rule Malawi?

  43. Chibanja tv says:

    Only those with blood in their hands will vote for MCP but not otherwise. This man failed to steer Assemblies of God into what it is today alas! God removed him from the post and his friends have now taken it into prosperity. Today he wants to portray as people do not know anything but himself walemba m’madzi, iwetu 2019 ubwelera ku mpingo wako apo biii! uyambisa wako itakukana constitution ya MCP.

  44. NyauSiThobwa says:

    DPP has failed, I bet they should be banned like Muslim brotherhood. Amene mukuti azungu alibe Ndalama kwao zavuta sindikudziwa chomwe mukunena. Maiko ena akulandirabe Aid yo popanda vuto including India. Malawi yaola koma Mulungu achapa dziko li pompano

  45. Nasimba Novirhikana says:

    Pa Chanco pano takonzeka kudzakuvoterani mwina ma ma K275 000 tikulipirawa mungadzatichitIreko subsidise.

  46. Koma Kumeneko says:

    i like this Person called Chakwera the guy has guts and can talk sense, i hate those who rigged elections in favor of APM denying malawians a chance to have a visionary leader in the name of Chakwera. Ine or chakwera atayima independent nditha kumuvotera sindimavotera chifukwa chazipani ine koma quality ya munthuyo.

  47. Pinford says:

    He is only saying the obvious. Be gentle with the X man of God.

  48. phiriwaphiri says:

    hi they hav a vision the jenda road has started is that not a vision SHAME ON YOU CHAKWELA

  49. Zuze Chilombo Chammudzi says:

    Chitsilu chilichonse chili ndi mwini wake! DPP mwini wa APM

  50. APM Sangathe says:

    My advice to Chakwera. It is obvious now that MCP has to be tried in power but remember one thing that Malawi politics are regional. I suggest you revive your office at Independence Arc, rent a house in Namiwawa and stay in BT for 21 days and 7 days on Lilongwe from this year to 2019. Every weekend be in Thyolo Phalombe Mulanje and many more southern region districts. Kucheza ndi mafumu mma midzi then 2019 is 100% yours. Chakwera listen to me bery carefully.

    Kukhala mu Lilongwe sizikuthandizani ku south kuli anthu ambiri. Tamutengani Sidik Mia olo wina wake otchuka to be your deputy. 2019 sitikufunanso DPP yationjeza. Mafuta agalimoto ayamba kale kusowa. Dec kuli mavuto. DPP ndi anthu akuba ndipo afiti. Alibe nazo zamunthu olo. Ine ndi mlomwe koma sindinganene kuti DPP ikuthandizani, ai. Pofika Dec dollar imodzi ikhala K1,200.00. Munya manyi amalawi. Panopa ma radio ma news onse akunena kuipa kwa DPP. Its only MBC imadziwa ubwino wa DPP. Ma business ambiri akutsekedwa anthu asowa owalemba ntchito ndiko kukhala umbava kathithi nanga adya chani anthu. DPP woyeeeeee.

    1. Chimunthu Banda says:

      u r talking sense

  51. Ulunji says:

    Crying for my mother Malawi.

  52. Registrar says:

    DPP – Destructive Plunderers and Prostitutes.

    DPP – Death Poverty and Problems

  53. ARICHO says:

    DPP and peter made false promises and the Lhomwes fell for it

  54. Fumu mdolo says:

    Leader of opposition address the general public if the president has dinied costructive ideas from you.Peter mukayankhana pa rally amalawi akuziwa nkhaza za MCP.Chuma azungu nao kwaoko chavuta.

  55. Utali says:

    Politics aside, does the President really have a vision? I doubt it. His late brother knew what he was doing!

  56. Nyasosera says:

    Dziko laipa

  57. Tama Saula says:

    Kkkk zooopsya

  58. Amfumu says:

    dpp isanalowe m’boma inkabwebwetanso ngati momwe mukubwebweteramo. mwatikwana mbava inu. katsala kanthawi pang’ono chabe. Akupezani muli choncho.

  59. lesta says:

    Anybody who voted for dpp obviously has very low IQ,intelligent people like us knew a way back that dpp is full of thieves

  60. Nachithidzi says:

    Kodi bwana mukamati mankhwala kuchipatala kulibe mukutanthauzanji? Umufunse jessey kabwila ngati kwa khombedza anthu akumabwelera opanda mankhwala.

  61. Petulo wopanga sponsor thugs says:

    Ndipo a BWANA anga a president athu onunkhira a Chakwera musamawasiye anthu amenewa ndiwoyipaaaa ndipo musabweze moto mukamanena za corruption ndi akuba baaad a DPP wa. Mukafunse ali yense wamuboma ask akuuzani mmene akanganya
    amenewa amabela, kungoti Inuyo BWANA muma wapattsa mpata anthu amenewa muziwanena, kuwakumbutsa pafupipafupi , muzitikumbutsanso anthufe kawilikawili kuti na DPP njakubaaaa yosafunika kumayisiyila ndalama zathu za MRA amngogawana. Ndipo kasaila asakuwopsyezeni kuti mupite ku ACB mukapezako ndani Mesa boma la DPP likumapha ofufuza 92 billion. Komanso BWANA Mulungu akubiseni Patricia kaliati uja akamakunyozani AMAKHALA kuti wakulepherani mu uzimu akamachita zaufiti zake ndiye popsya mtima amadzangoyamba kukunyozani pagulu muchenjere nawo ngotamba awaa

  62. DPP Cadet says:

    The biggest problem is Chakwera himself. He lacks the fearless quality that a leader in opposition must possess. You see Mr Chakwera your job is to keep Mutharika under control, not to come to a rally and tell us the obvious. We already know what you are saying there. Simple talk without doing anything won’t do a thing.

  63. Baba wa boy says:

    Why not ask for an audience, and discuss with him.

    Campaign talk is cheap and is becoming boring. How many times have you said exactly the same thing, just goes to show you have no ideas either.

    1. peter says:

      We don’t run a government like a canteen. There are procedures and laid down protocols that are well established within our legal framework that allow leaders to engage with the masses. One of this provision is through parliament where the president engages with all Malawians through their representatives (MPs both in opposition and government) but our president(s) are too timid to face the representatives of the masses. APM has just joined this bandwagon of timid leaders (looters) who are afraid that such engagement might reveal the truth of who they really know they are. Unfortunately many Malawians know the calibre of these looters masquerading as leaders.

  64. Josophat says:

    I thought its the other side which is hallucinating here? Feteleza wafika pa mk18,000 tsano. DPP WOYEEEEEEEEE!KUMWERA UKO WOYEEEEEEE! Ku THYOLO UKO Kwa THUNGA UKO WOYEEEEE! WOBETSA MAVOTI UKO WOYEEE! ALOMWE ONSE WOYEEEEE!

  65. Vanasio says:

    Most Malawians seem wise,mature,visionary and focused when out of power. The moment they ascend into power be it presidencial,ministerial or whatever,all the maturity,wisdom,vision and focus wear out. Mr Chakwera,dont cheat Malawians as if you will be exceptional. All Malawians are like that. You promise heaven on Earth !!

  66. Blessed Banda says:

    A Kasaila, a Engineer anzathu mukutichititsa manyazi. Engineers are supposed to think objectively as we do not rely on halucinated theories to solve problems. We use concretely founded principles but you are just dancing to the tune of your master. Are you sure that the country is not functioning? Don’t you see thatyour fellow engineers are failing to advance because their construction companies are owed money in billions which you have staggered payment for a periond of three years? SHAME!!!! SHAME!!!! SHAME!!!!

  67. JB says:

    A leader with a vision who could end this theft and corruption is none other than Rev. Dr. Lazarus Chakwera, a God fearing leader… Malawians let us pray to Almighty God to change this pathetic situation

  68. Jusha zulo says:

    Please reverend, go easy on the president and his gang of cash starving hyena’s. The more you speak out to they’re failures the more the deem it necessary to stock up as much as they can for the next elections. Instead of closing down loop hole they’ll just make it bigger. Ofcourse the law shall take them after down after they’re done stealing from our government resources, but as for now Rev just take a seat. Soon you’ll see God put you where your supposed to be. Very soon.. Malawians are aware of the dpp governments failure to get this country to its feet. We just have to make it official…

  69. Bratusha says:

    Kasaila, which anti corruption bureau? Do we have any in Malawi? If you deny that DPP is corrupt then it’s because you are part and parcel of that. Anthu ngati inu you are the enemies of Malawi. You don’t wish this country well. But I have got to tell you this; no matter how dark it may be the sun shall rise. Remember Alleluia Band sang this song,” Mumati zidzakhala choncho mpaka liti abale!!? Ana a Mulungu sangakhale kulira masiku onse a moyo wawooo!!!, nalanda ufumu kalero naupereka kwaoyenera!!!……” End of quote. Who knew PP could lose grip of power as a party which was in government with all machinery under its control? And Malawians thought there will be change for the better only to be on this precipice.

  70. Bob says:

    This Muthalika guy is myopic. He cant sit down and reflect on how his brother died. It all started the same way. Kenako cardiac nje. Njala pano anthu yayamba while your cronies are busy looting.

  71. King Jaffe Joffer says:

    In all fairness, Peter Mutharikha is a regrettable president who is totally fake. What a waste to this country this matchona man is. I don’t see this country surviving under his leadership. Am at pains to see what this man does apart from sleeping 24/7. Nothing is working at all. It is either this country or him who will perish not in so distant future. It’s a curse for Malawians to have put this stranger into high echelons of power. Very very sad.

  72. Manjeretsa says:

    Dpp Akayankha Muziliranso A Chakwera.

  73. steven says:

    Auze makape a DPP. Sakudziwa chomwe akuchita m’boma mu.Ayamba kuthyola ma office ama Auditors ofufuza za K577bn ija yomwe sikuoneka ma Accounts books a Boma. Munapha Late Njaunju Wakukana Anti-Corruption Bureau and now alowa yokaba ma Files a Investigation. Mwauponda poti mwalephera. German Ambassador has Warned Malawi Government not to use robbery to jeopardize the investigations of 2009 to 2014 CASHGATE Scam.

  74. The real ujeni says:

    President Peter Mutharika has nothing to show for his achievement as cabinet minister, being a president is a step to far.

  75. Ziko lantha says:

    achakwera asowa chowuza anthu kuti avotele kasala wawo wa mcp chipani chompha anthu. Ife kumpoto kuno ndi DPP woyeee basi zipitani kwanu kwa achewa azanu inu achakwera mungalephere kuba inu inu nde mbava zenizeni

  76. Madziakaphwa says:

    Ngati zikuvuta apm nde inu a chakwera mungatani inu? Sitimatu imaphweka akamayendrtsa wina. Mwayi wake MCP ili ndi zaka zambili kuti idzalamulire tikanadzakuonerani. Wawuwisi kumayaka what more ndi mapesi a chaka chatha????

  77. chakwera akakhula Dziko limakhala chete. Sure truth will set malawi free at one point.

  78. clement says:

    Idiot revered Lazaro. You failed to run assemblies of God now fwufwifwi. I know you better chakwera you were leading people by accident in assemblies. You don’t deserve to lead even mcp ask yourself and prof Peter won’t lose with your ubformidable party wamva whatever you can lye to people. Everyone knows why we have this economic problems. I thought you were completely quite when Joyce stealing money and devaluate kwacha?

  79. James.b.o.banda says:

    Bomari ndirachinyengo.tionana 2019.

Comments are closed.

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