Chakwera accuses Mutharika of ‘sleepwalking’ Malawi into economic turmoil

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader Lazarus Chakwera has accused President Peter Mutharika and his ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of “sleepwalking” Malawi into economic turmoil why they are in comfort zone of opulence.

Chakwera: Malawians deserve better

Chakwera: Malawians deserve better

Chakwera said the DPP-led government lacks the vision and leadership acumen to address the suffering of Malawians due to a myriad of macro-economic challenges facing the country.

The leader of opposition, speaking at MCP rally in Zomba and Mzuzu, said the cash-strapped country’s economic woes were  impacting negatively on the people as drug shortages, lack of maize in Admarc markets and dwindling education standards are some of the pressing issues.

He said the DPP leaders are busy in “wrongful self-enrichment” and are failing to fight corruption because “they themselves are thieves and corrupt”.

Chakwera alleged that some government officials are forced into corruption and when they try to reveal culprits are threatened of death.

“The biggest challenge for an individual is not blindness, but to have eyes without a vision. Malawi is stunted today because our leaders lack a vision.

“Hospitals have no drugs. Admarc markets have no maize. Quality of education is going down. All this is because our leaders have no vision. They have stolen up money meant for such developments,” said Chakwera as his jubilant supporters danced to music chanting slogans in support of MCP.

Chakwera told crowds that Malawi needs a leader with a vision to end theft and corruption and that leader is certainly not Peter Mutharika, saying some day Malawians will know the truth and “ it will set us free.”

Also commenting, MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwila said Mutharika government has failed.

“These people have failed dismally. The development you see in Zomba was left by MCP,” said Kabwila.

DPP spokesperson Francis Kasaila said Chakwera was hullicinating without evidence on his corruption allegations, challenging him to go to Anti Corruption Bureau to report his claims of corruption.

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Pamaliro nkhata sizinabedwe ayi but a lady in uniform ya mvano analowerera kupeleka nkhata asali pa program ndi amene anasokoneza it was not on purpose. My sincere apologies to the first gentleman what happened was very bad. Pavilion ndipovuta


All this economic mess and rubbish, because of DPP,cashgate it started with DPP, this country will face untold challenges as long as DPP is on the seat. I hate this party with passion. But thank God, he has his ways….

Blind loyalty

Malawi a failed state full of idiots.They follow their parties blindly motivated by tribalism.Alomwenso aliranso ndi umphawi koopsya kuti Thyolo kuno.Tione ngati atadye Dpp .Nothing is working in Malawi at the moment,

Wantali Savalagogoda

Koma Kongeres kkkkkkk chipani chosekesa kwabasi. Chithera ku opposition mpaka kalekale ndiiithu kkkkk. Nonsense chakwera akhala chatsika come 2019 naaa ngati aimetu kkkkkk. Agaluinu a Kongeresi, mbuzi, abakha, ankhwezule , nyauzanu kkkkk.


Its easier for those who are employed and are able to provide for their families to ridicule what chakwera is saying. But before you start criticizing the messanger, i urge you to consider the common folk and the average malawian. People are struggling to make ends meet. Being a dpp man myself, i automatically hate chakwera but i got to admit that the man is right. Its an economic warzone out here and the average malawian is a casualty.


I used to comment more but now I Have realized that majority of those who comment here ndi Mbuzi ngati Chakwera amene. you got no time to analyze things. Chakwera if you think that APM has failed why can’t you come with Ideas that could help and make us vote for you come 2019. you better be coming with solutions other than backstabing. For those of you who hate LHOMWEs don’t west your time we are all malawian and because a lhomwe is on the seat does not mean that lhomwe is ruling this country………

Trevor Manyi

Koma what can we expect when DPP anabera vote, kuotcha MEC warehouse, kupanga hacking ndi Bowler ndi Chilima? Aaaaaah


At least Chakwela has got personality intelligence and you can understand what he is saying.


Please God help us. It’s too much to bear. We cannot go on like this. Please our Heavenly Father, rescue Malawi. Do not look away Father, you know what we are going through in this Nation. We are about to sink, mud is up to our necks. Come quickly Lord according to your loving kindness and mercy, in Jesus name, Amen.

The problem is we Malawians are just making noise about these DPP officials or government but we are not being supported by the internal community to fight them. Our NGOs are toothless because they are poor they depend on the same government we are fighting against therefore they can not fully stretch their hands in the fight. Development partners and donors where are you? How can you let the government of Malawi squander our own hard earned tax monies with impunity? We are dying of very minor ailments in Malawi because there is not even panado in our hospitals. Prices… Read more »

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