Chakwera against anarchism in Malawi: ‘Politically compromised police unacceptable’

Leader of opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has denounced an outrageous attempt to terrorize opposition members and critics of government, saying the tax-payers run Police service should be professional, rising above party politics.

Chakwera: Let Mutharika lead

Chakwera: Let Mutharika lead and be consistent

“It is sad that some people would want to deliberately perpetuate intolerance, violence and irresponsibility,” said Chakwera, referring to the ugly face of political violence after his rally in Mzuzu was disrupted by panga wielding thugs.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) deputy national youth director Dyton Mussa has been implicated as ‘commandeering’ the political violence that occurred in Mzuzu and that he is heading a hit squad.

Recently, Nyasa Times revealed that ruling DPP recruited youths who will eliminate critics of President Peter Mutharika and his Vice Saulos Chilima, and the party

An impeccable source confided to Nyasa Times that the party appointed a notorious thug Dyton Mussa to be commandeering a reign of terror.

“They intend to use pepper sprays, pangas and drips-yes the same drips, they will be literally poisoning people. Their team would do exactly what they did to Robert Chasowa and even Issa Njaunju of ACB,” explained the source.

Northern Region police spokesman Maurice Chapola could not deny that the Mzuzu suspects had mentioned Mussa but demanded to know the person who revealed.

However, government officials are said to have ordered Police to release the suspects and told them to “shut up” to get state protection.

In an interview in the Weekend Nation newspaper, Chakwera said Malawians should be and feel protected by Police and their government regardless of political affiliation.

“We do not want a government that presides over anarchy,” he said.

Chakwera also pointed out that rising incidents of mob justice are being perpetuated because of the perception that the police service is incompetent or politically compromised.

“This is worrisome and unacceptable. The police ought to be professional, rising above party politics,” said the opposition chief.

Chakwera, nonetheless, said the youth should desist from being abused because such acts wreck their own future.

“Politicians should put national interest or the common good of Malawians above personal interests and agendas.

“ It is sad to note that the Mzuzu saga demonstrated the extent to which the Executive arm of government disregards our Republican Constitution which guarantees freedom of association and our laws by not thoroughly dealing with the perpetrators,” said Chakwera.

Asked by the paper on what ideas he has that can rescue Malawi from the socio-economic challenges it is facing, Chakwera said the nation has to “re-examine” its policies and promote only those that truly empower Malawians to prosper.

“We have to examine our approach to politics so that we encourage commitment and love of our country above patronage, rent seeking and appeasement.

“Above all, the culture of corruption, fraud, entitlement and wastage must be dealt with urgently through genuine transformation. Unfortunately, we all talk about changing our mindset but expect the other person to do the changing and not us,” commented Chakwera.

Pressed to comment on the calls for President Mutharika to resign, Chakwera was evasive.

“Let the President lead; let him continue to have the trust of all Malawians; let him be consistent, transparent and accountable. He need not wait for people to call for his head,” he said.

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10 thoughts on “Chakwera against anarchism in Malawi: ‘Politically compromised police unacceptable’”

  1. pitala says:

    iwe zidura chambe and vinyake ana anu adzalipila zomwe mukuyankhula ngati siinu a malawizi. God is watching. mukuganiza mukuchenjera koma mulungu akuwona and angry with you and your imposed so called presdent

  2. Winston Msowoya says:

    Chakwera,you abandoned God to get rich financially in politics,the DIRTY GAME.This anarchism is part of political setup,get used to it.The Party you are leading now was the most inhuman and brutal in the history of our nation,so why complaining now,it is part of the game you must join.When MCP was killing and abusing innocent people,you were on the pulpit,but you observed the worst human rights abuses head on and yet,you kept your mouth shut,if you condemned the MCP then,despite its brutality,we could have in Malawi,another Bishop Desmont Tutu of “Malawi”. Chakwera,you can cajole us,but you cannot mislead God.

  3. kwacha says:



  4. mwana nyungwe says:

    Vinyake, zidula and Chambe what a sore in the eye of God and the nation you are I think you are such type of the people that politicians use to bring terror in Peoples lives and societies what evil citizens we have in maybe you have drunk the DPP evil pill politics is a clean game that is supposed to bring developments unity and stability but if we put bad people in government like the one we are having now then politics becomes a dirty game. Chakwela is speaking sense here and like a real leader not the rubbish you are writing

  5. peter says:

    Let APM lead and he must do so as truthful as possible and in the best interests of the owners of this land, Malawians. If he messes with the systems put in place by Malawians for personal gain, he will surely pay one day.

  6. Vinyake says:

    Former man of God, every game has its rules. I hope you are copying well with the rukes of this dirty game called politics. You are the one that is harbouring thugs in your party, the likes of the Kabwilas and Chankhwanthas. Stop the blame game. By the way, can anyone who knows the manifesto of MCP or PP cite one here? I see these parties always wait for a would be flow in DPP for them to go onto the podium or press conference. When APM says I have no problem, they hold a press conference. When Billy Mayaya says there is maize in the ADMARC depots, they hold a rally. What is it that they said they would do if voted into power? Zikuoneka ngati masomphenya palibe koma ntopola okhaokha. Surely, it will be easier for a primary school teacher to become a professor than these in opposition to lead Malawi in presidency! Zoonatu izi. My advice to DPP is that you should engage an extra gear and do what you know best, start campaigning and ask all those in opposition to form one front for easy dismantling in 2019. Amenewa tidzawadyeranso mpunga ndithu. Sawadziwa mene me Blues amasewelera bola.

  7. Chambe says:

    If you thought that politics is a clean career, then you got it all wrong. You were better off on the pulpit than this ma rubbish!

  8. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    oChakwera, how can the public respect you as a person, never mind as a politician, when you are such a cry baby? Perhaps you should have understudied as an MP, first, for several years.
    Politics is a bruising sport, and you have to take your lumps. Church is not, and it is easy to dictate your wishes there. You should reconsider if you are really in a fitting role or profession: perhaps you should not have abandoned your flock, in the CCAP first, and latter in the Assemblies.

  9. tuvitwana says:

    Uku nde kulankhula kwa president, osati ZIKO KAMBIRI, ZIKO KAMBIRI mutu muli mbeeeee

    1. chief says:

      Then all political parties are just the same because they have so-called “Youth something”. But you politicians do know that largest portion of malawi population is youths? If we can use this portion, this nation will at least develop to some extent. We(government not party) can invest in those youths who are willing and ready to start at least some kind of income generating activity. For example (my own), I do farm but I lack some kind of farm inputs like fertilizer and sprayer. If I can have these on loan base, the better it can be. So, it’s just a matter of more developmental than political then malawi will develop.

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