Chakwera apologises to Malawians forced into exile during MCP rule

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera has unreservedly and unconditionally apologised to all Malawians who were forced into exile during the party’s 40 year autocratic grip to power.

Chakwera and his MCP deputy Richard Msowoya who is also Speaker of Parliament, reveive wreaths to lay at Chibambo grave

Chakwera and his MCP deputy Richard Msowoya who is also Speaker of Parliament, reveive wreaths to lay at Chibambo grave

Speaker Msowoya and Malewezi at the funeral

Speaker Msowoya and Malewezi at the funeral

Chakwera said this during the funeral ceremony of Rose Chibambo, the country’s heroine and historic figure who aggressively and fiercely fought the white rule and later Kamuzu Banda’s dictatorial rule that forced her into exile for over 30 years as the MCP one party rule officials were baying for her blood.

Chakwera was not on the official programme to speak at the burial ceremony but was slotted in to make the apology that those who went into exile waited for over 30 years although some of them received compensation from the government from 1994 at the dawn of multiparty democracy when the MCP was kicked out of power by the United Democratic Front (UDF).

In his eulogy, Chakwera said if Rose Chibambo was looking upon  Malawians now, nothing would displease her more than  seeing the nation  continue to take  the freedom she fought for, for granted.

“Fellow Malawians, I believe that nothing would displease her more than seeing  us refuse to rise out of the depths of the mediocrity, institutionalised corruption, and dependency on hand outs that we are wallowing in,” said Chakwera.

“Let us resolve that going forward, we will make the right choices, make  bold decisions; decisions that can  and will stand the test of time,” he added.

Vice president Saulos Chilima described Chibambo as a Malawi’s rare breed.

Other senior politicians who attended the burial ceremony include former vice presidents Khumbo Kachale and Justin Malewezi.

Chibambo was buried in Mzuzu at Heroes Acre as recognition for her fierce and aggressive freedom fighting against the white rule and later Kamuzu Banda’s autocratic rule.

Vice president Chilima led the nation in paying last respects to the gallant freedom fighter, the first female cabinet minister in Kamuzu Banda’s first cabinet meeting.

State House has not explained why President Peter Mutharika has not attended the burial ceremony despite family members rescheduling the ceremony from Friday to Saturday to meet the head of state’s busy schedule.

The President also missed another historic event, the John Chilembwe Day commemorations at Providence Industrial Mission in Chiradzulu. No reasons were given.

He also missed a funeral of his relation in Ntcheu last week.

Chibambo died aged 86 on Tuesday due to heart complications.

She is known to everyone in Malawi as her beautiful young face is on K200 bank note.

The ministry of information says the government accorded her military honours funeral ceremony, not the state funeral. The ministry says this is an honour which Chibambo deserves.

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29 thoughts on “Chakwera apologises to Malawians forced into exile during MCP rule”

  1. HPB says:

    It is said that charity begins at home. MCP must show robust internal democracy, demonising those who oppose certain actions by the leadership must stop; no regional nepotism.

    The MCP Consitution must have clearly defined decision-making structures and procedures; conflict resolution mechanism and procedures; checks and balances for abuse of office.

    To ensure that regionalism is wiped out, membership of the National Executive Committee and other Policy Implementation bodies must be equally represented by each region, regardless of number of MCP membership in each region. This is very important. Equally important; the Presidency must rotate every X number of years between the regions. The Party must have a National Chairman, supported by two deputy chairmen each from other regions other thsn that of the National Chairman. The powers of the Presidrnt of the Party should be more recemonial and the Chairman more administrative (CEO); the Secretary-General would run the Secretariat-day-to-day reporting to the chairman.

    The President would preside over policy-making meetings and sign on major agreements and decisions of the Nationsl Executive Committee or Council .

    That would entrench internal democracy, remove regionalism and encourage professionalism.

  2. ibrahim makwati says:

    musamadikile pamaliro pepesani kwa onse amene akufunika kuwapepesa osati amwalire kaye

  3. Chisomo says:

    Thank you. This is good.

  4. wowenga mafuta says:

    muzankhala ovota mupaka liti?

  5. Jemusi says:

    Kanchenga, your comments are just rubbish!

  6. Z says:

    The apology is what Malawians have been waiting for for a long time. Malawians want to hear that such dictatorship will not be repeated in Malawi.
    This type of message, if it comes genuinely from MCP, will propel them to State House come 2019.
    The apology should also extend to the thousands of Malawians who were detained, maimed and injured unjustly in the name of protecting our hard-won freedom.
    Well done President Chakwera and VP Msowoya. Should you continue with this approach, you will become State House Material very soon. There are many Malawians, especially in the North and South who suffered under the autocratic reign of MCP and the apology is music to their ears. Keep it up.

  7. komaziliko says:

    Osamangopepesa zilizonse, mungalowetse mphepo mu chipani. Even German Chancellor, Merkel, has never apologised to Germans on the atrocities of Hitler.

  8. Chakwera mukukwanatu kodi lamulira dzikolino. I think you were will bring a different style of leadership, and am will unite Malawi as one. I wish it were so by to day.

  9. Apology not accepted…atleast those people who were forced into exile their lives were spared,honestly people who really deserve apology here are those families whose their beloved ones were fed to crocodile alive,those who were hammered nails in their baldheads,those forcibly injected with poison,
    those who were put in a morgue freezer while still alive

  10. abel says:

    Rest in peace mayi olimba ntima

  11. kanchenga says:

    I am ashamed of you my President. Apologising on behalf of who. Dr. Banda, MCP or yourself. Do you really understand what the cabinet crisis was all about. One of our problem in this country is listening to the vocals without thinking even when the truth is right in front of us. When the lebel ministers got what they wanted in 1994 they came back and have since remained silent despite the suffering of the voiceless. If indeed they wanted a better Malawi why do these people remain silent when the public is facing social problems. Are you sure that democratic Malawi is better than Dr Bandas Malawi. I am sure that the elite were happy to hear you apologising. They must have clapped hands for you. But which class of people do you represent. The elite or the least among us or the whole Malawi. Remember you are as great as the least member of your society. Yes Chiwambo was instrumental in our fight for independence no doubt about that. But that doesn’t cover the mistake these people made after the cabinet crisis. Remember this THE MALAWIANS WHO DIED AT THE HANDS OF DR BANDA KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DYING FOR. THEY HAD MADE A CHOICE TO FIGHT FOR WHAT THEY BELIEVE IN. Yesterday you apologised to that group of people. Now tell me who will apologise to the little children dying in our hospitals, the least of our people physically strong enough to fend for themselves but abandoned by an irresponsible government. Surely you should be able to differentiate between fighting for a foolish cause or noble one. Those people were fighting for a foolish cause that will keep this country poor until we find another Dr Banda. If you are not that person then resign today because you are waisting our time. No country has ever developed under absolute democracy.

    1. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

      @ Kamchenga: You are spewing nothing but nonsense. Wishful thinking.
      In your view, Kamuzu was a democrat thru and thru? Really?

  12. JK says:

    APM Wachita bwino if only he showed up on these 3 ceremonies i bet a 100mill wud have been blown

  13. It takes a man to say sorry. In Dr. Chakwera Malawians have a a future president. Keep it up Dr.

  14. salador saan says:

    this chakwera guy sandigwira ntima ndisaname. i wish malewezi took over the presidency of our beautiful party. he has true tambala blood in his veins.

    let me school you lazarus. amene anathawa kuno ndi amene amalimbana ndi boma. tonse amene tinatsala ndife amene timamvera. kodi mwana wazaka zitatu angachalenje mike tyson pa ndewu. kodi wamasacheti anganyenge beyonce?

    let’s look at this logicaly. after nyansalandians got rid of kamuzu, brought their multi-party democracy, free market economy, freedom of speech blah blah blah and all the exiles came home, are we better off now or then? have machonas brought anything well cooked to the table?

    lelo anthu akunyengana mathanyula public, albino killers, rape ya ana, ena mpaka achotsa anzawo khungu, extreme poverty, hunger, uhule wa nyansi, theft by guns, theft by cashgate, theft by vagina, unemployment, alcoholism….things that were unheard of on kamuzu’s watch. so before you throw around apologies my friend, first look at the situation on the ground.

    sometimes a firm hand is a good thing. kamuzu did what he had to do to make this the most prosperous nation in southern africa for 30 years….

  15. Ujeni Phiri says:

    Apology received.That’s what leadership is all about, taking responsibility.

  16. kukhala says:

    Some benefits of being a politician

  17. Ankhwinda says:

    Inu nomwe atolakhani mumati president asamangoyendayenda akangokhala ku palace mukuti ayi koma akanapita kuzochitika ndiye titole chiti

  18. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Its true good politicians are dying and we are now left with selfish or greedy ones…….

  19. 2016 welcome says:

    I suspect Peter Mutharika is seriously ill. The absenteeisms on such national events cannot be because of mere laziness as he is known for. By the way, we are waiting for apologies from the UDF and DPP as well for causing untold miseries even during multiparty dispensation. We have not forgotten the atrocities occasioned on the Malawi society by the notorious young democrats and the cadets. The memories of the gruesome murder of Evison Matafale and Robert Chasowa among others are still fresh.

  20. A Chakwera kupepesa mmalo mwa ena ine ndathokoza ndipo tiyembekeza za utsogoleri odzichepetsa pomwe amalawi akadzakupatsani udindo oti muwatumikire pa 20!9 pano

  21. observer AKA prison monger says:

    Tisanene zambiri mwina a president wo ali bwino

  22. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    Now, oChakwera and MCP should follow up this apology with compensation.
    Compo to all who lived, but held no official position in the Party. They all suffered “heavy” during that dictatorship; even students. The psychological “damages” are evident even today; manifesting themselves in many ways. I suggest K100000, min. for each victim. And the victims shouldn’t have to prove “damage”. Living the experience should be enough!
    It is indeed the norm to follow apologies with meaningful compo; otherwise the apology rings hollow.
    Malawians are waiting for MCP’s next move.

  23. Sapitwa says:

    There is a lot more that Chakwera has to ask for forgiveness for what his cruel party had done to Malawians. We don’t need a blanket forgiveness without listing down all the atrocities this party had done to Malawians.
    We need Truth and Reconciliation Commission which has to come if MCP wants to be forgiven and reclaim its position in Malawi. If not, it will be a Central Region Party and people in the Central Region don’t feel pain because they were the gurus of the party planning those atrocities including their chief of Police;Kamwana.

  24. Peace loving Malawian says:

    May Malawians accept the apology unconditionally. It takes a ” one human being” to do that.

  25. Tengupenya says:

    a gallant fighter goes to rest… fare thee well and rest in eternal peace.

  26. Adalakwanji? says:


  27. The Analyst says:

    Komatu nde muli ndi chintchito chopepesa . . . To how many people are you to apologise cause there is just a lot and can take you a whole decade apologising hence lose focus of elections which are just nigh.

    Also, were you not supposed to apologise to Rose Chibambo herself?; while she was still alive? Why wait for her departure? If you did it before, then we were not told.
    And who was supposed to apologise between you Chakwera and Tembo (Puludzu)? The latter, I presume; coz he was part and parcel of the iron fist that crushed people’s heads and knifed-out their intestines as crocodiles were seen clapping hands, and losing themselves in gymnastic and acrobatic somersaults while lying in wait for a yummy comestible.

    And trust me, you don’t even need to apologise to anybody for anything. Malawi just needs you to give them hope that you can lead them out of this ever-absent APM, and wisely, henceforth. Basitu!
    Osati when some nyau MP insults Bisnowarty you come and apologise for the sins of your forefathers. When Chibambo dies, you come again and apologise. Are you sure you will manage? A a! Past is past.

Comments are closed.

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