Chakwera blasts DPP’s ‘tribal and arrogant domination’,  miscarriage of rule of law in Malawi: Query on Muluzi case

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The Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government will have itself to blame when Malawians vote them out of office in 2019, leader of opposition and presidential aspirant Lazarous Chakwera has told parliament.

Chakwera: Gap between the rich and the poor increasing in Malawi

Chakwera: Miscarriage of rule of law in Malawi by DPP government

He accused the DPP government of President Peter Mutharika of being “chief culprits” in the miscarriage of the rule of law.

Chakwera, who is also president of Malawi Congress Party (MCP, said on Monday in response to State-of-the-nation-address delivered by President Mutharika on Friday that the rule of law, the bed rock of any functioning democracy.

He demanded answers from government on Anti-Corruption Bureau Deputy Director Reyneck Matemba’s decision to recuse himself from former president Bakili Muluzi’s corruption case.

Matemba said he has withdrawn for personal reasons while ACB boss Lucas Kondowe assured the matter will proceed to its logical conclusion.

But Chakwera said the withdrawal of Matemba as lead prosecutor can “discernibly be seen to be a result of government interference.”

The opposition leader said his MCP pushed for the independence of the ACB to safeguard the integrity and sanctity of legal processes, insulating it from any undue political interference of the executive.

He said:  “Malawians must know that the chief culprit in the miscarriage of the rule of law in Malawi is the DPP government. Malawians will not forever be fooled by a government that has no credible commitment to the rule of law. “

Chakwera pointed out that when government officials are engrossed in corruption and also when they pursue narrow and self-serving interests, they end-up creating “conditions for the prevalence of lawlessness and poverty among its citizens as is the case for Malawi today.”

He said: “A glance at the trends in Malawi today provides clear indicators of the linkage between the prevailing socio-economic hardships, public policy decisions and the pursuit of narrow interests by leaders over the last twenty years.”

Chakwera said the DPP government “will have itself to blame when this great nation votes them out of office in 2019. “
He said the government keep asking the opposition to provide alternatives to its actions and ill intended policies “yet this is not a listening government”.

Continued Chakwera: “When Malawians speak through the Public Affairs Committee and the President scolds and intimidates PAC for indicating time frames in which certain things should be done… what else do they want us to say? Here is free advice: Stop intimidating ACB and PAC. You voluntarily offered to serve Malawians and not rule over them. Not just to extract taxes, but to be held accountable for how you use them. That’s why we have insisted that this country needs servant leadership, not a tribal and arrogant domination of a disgruntled government.”

Chakwera said it is evident that DPP’s blocking of the bill for ACB independence was for the reason of perpetuating its control and partisan influence over its work.

“Covert or overt interference in the work of the ACB a governance institution like the ACB seriously impedes the democratic tenets of the rule of law.”

He also noted that it is only in Malawi where former presidents are prosecuted or persecuted.

“By the way this is the only country where two former Presidents are unable to live in peace; one lives outside the country, the other is in and out of court.  This is unacceptable,” he said.

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Dpp corrupt and rotten to the core. Once its leader seriously stops corruption, then start enforcing the laws to the letter by arresting all close corrupt friends and family only then will most dpp gurus and the country follow suit. On corruption at the moment the head is the problem.


By the way, was Chakwera young when MCP was terrorising Malawians, up to the extent of sending teachers back to the North?

Gerard mapanga Phiri
I don’t agree with Chakwela on this. All corruption started with Bakili, putting incomplete in state owned enterprises and the later sell them is bakili started it, state enterprises diverting resources to political parties started with bakili, almost all systematic government officials corruption started in his time. I can agree in Kamuzu time there was zero corruption, tribalism was there but he realised it too late because he was not go to the people himself, a good leader go and listen to voiceless people,victim by himself, on Joyce Banda agree she is politically victimized and issue of nepotism yes is… Read more »
Hihihihi Chakwera says “tribal and arrogant DPP” and this other day he went to town and said “regionalistic DPP” and continued saying he hates Lhomwes. He used words like “Lhomweism”. Hey what kind of leadership do we have in Chakwera? Every time he opens his mouth, it is about dividing Malawians. What kind of a leader are you who always likes tribal and regional cards? What Malawians need is not a tribe, region, politics, divisions or fake English accent. What we need is called “economic development”. One thing you must know is that Malawians are watching your dirty mouth. These… Read more »
The independence of the ACB is cemented when the appointment of the officials falls under at least the two arms of the government. One arm proposes names and the other arm scrutinizes and either rejects or accepts the proposed names. How can parliament proposes names, scrutinizes, and accepts or rejects its own proposal? Is that democracy? Or does that make ACB more independent or less independent? The current arrangement is good for our democracy. Malawi does not need all the powers to rest in one arm e.g. the parliament. On a lighter note, pastor Chakwera be serious like a leader… Read more »
Joseph Banda

I want to agree with PHYUTA and Mai Kaliati, Chakwera very doubtful to be ready to rule. The case of Muluzi is under control. Mentioning it, what will help the plight of Malawians present problems. PEPANI ABUSA bwelerani ku Mpingo. IF ACB WAS UNDER THESE EMBICILES, the staff itself would have been under unnecessary pressures and would have been called to come with unprofessional reports. The case of two deputy speakers and Muluizi. What is you want ACB to do?


Chakwera is very daft. You mean you don’t follow world news Rev; Chakwera ? There are a lot of former Presidents who are answering court cases today. You will never rule Mr. Chakwera. No wonder, your Party wants to be led by Dr. Daza.

Flawed American Accent
Flawed American Accent
Malawi us the only country where former presidents are prosecuted and persecuted? Which universe do you belong to, Mr Lazalo? Mobutu Sese Seko (DRC/Zaire) died in exile in Morocco Idi Amin (Uganda) died in exile in Saudi Arabia Patrice Lumumba (DRC) was killed by a firing squad Kenneth Kaunda was briefly stripped on his Zambian citizenship Rupiah Banda (Zambia) had his presidential immunity stripped in 2013 Fredrick Chiluba (Zambia) was subjected to a long trial after he left office Canaan Banana (Zimbabwe) was charged with sodomy and imprisoned Sadiqi Al Mahdi (Sudan) spent a long time in exile Laurent Gbagbo… Read more »

Has the budget already been presented for Chakera to respond to it? Fwetseke

Flawed American Accent
Flawed American Accent

The fool should have responded to the speech osati zatulo zakezo. Kachizungu kokhala ngati akudwala chimfineko sadzalamula nako dziko akapitiriza chibwana chakecho

masa masina

Sharp and to the point.


Brilliant Chakwera. Peter cant be compared with you Dr Chakwera. Mtsogoleri weniweni. DPP Inamanga muluzi 2005 mpaka pano mlanduwanji otere fotseke. Joice Banda kumulanda chilichonse not even benifts. Fakiyu


Dikira Peter 2019 first tikukumanga 577billion basi

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