Chakwera, Chilima wealth made public: APM, JB assets known

Malawi Vice-President Saulos Chilima has declared ownership of five farms, several plots and houses and insurance policies valued at about K7 million in the details of his wealth declared to the Office of the Director of Public Officers Declarations.

Chakwera: Declared wealth known

Chakwera: Declared wealth known

 Msowoya: Wealth made public

Msowoya: Wealth made public

Chilima: Assets known

Chilima: Assets known

Banda: eclared that she fundraises both “locally and internationally” for her local and international charity and development work under the Joyce Banda official comment from the Reserve Bank of Malawi

Banda: Seclared that she fundraises both “locally and internationally” for her  charity and development work under the Joyce Banda Foundation

President Mutharika: Billionaire

President Mutharika: Billionaire

Chilima also declared registered jointly with his wife Mary, several bank accounts holding about K8 million.

The assets declaration information made public also is that of leader of opposition in Parliament Lazarous Chakwera.

Chakwera, who is also president of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), also said he jointly owns with immediate family members, 10 other different bank accounts.

The MCP president, a former head of Assemblies of God church, declared four houses worth K120 million, six vehicles and six bank accounts,  including one in America containing about K6 million.

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya assets declared on December 19 2014 are four houses constructed in Lilongwe and Mzuzu worth K120 million.

Malawi President Peter Mutharika declaration of wealth shows he is among a group of billionaires details indicates that he has a number of bank accounts within and outside Malawi that hold close to K4 billion cash.

The President, who declared his wealth in July last year, has over $8 million (about K3.4 billion) in two bank accounts which he holds in the United States of America (USA) where he spent most of his working life.

In Malawi, the declaration of assets documents show Mutharika has about K70 million at Standard Bank and a fleet of nine vehicles which he reportedly bought between 2001 and 2014 also valued in millions of kwacha.

Mutharika’s predecessor, Joyce Banda, among her declarations, is about $14 000 (K6 million) in a bank in the USA, about 240 000 South African rand (over K9 million and K2 million at National Bank of Malawi.

Banda, who is president of the People’s Party (PP) and made her declarations on December 30 2014, also declared ownership of 63 vehicles, most of which she donated to her party and tax is yet to be paid in full to Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA)..

The former president also declared businesses such as her school, Joyce Banda Foundation valued at K114 million.

In May 2004, Bingu declared his wealth to be around K150 million. However, an assessment of his estate after his death valued his wealth at K61 billion, a figure his family disputes.

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109 thoughts on “Chakwera, Chilima wealth made public: APM, JB assets known”

  1. amunabawa says:

    I have 2fleet of kabaza bikes and 3 bags of charcoal+1mosquito net

  2. chirambo gift says:

    go on with physical check up

  3. Andrew phiri says:

    No wonder APM iz never shaken when it comes 2 de issues of zosololasolola. Kungoti a Malawi kudana ndi Chilungamo. APM’s Asset declaration iz a true reflection of wat he has. It was imposible 4 him to win de elections from de oposition if he had no money. He used part of him mane to fund the political ralies.

  4. Choster says:

    Malawians lets not be jelous asiyen ndi thukutalawo limenelo koma nde sitibeledwaso ndi kulemelakwake kumeneku

  5. zagwazatha says:

    Mr Tukula yambanipo ntchito. Ife tikuthandizani verify these amounts

  6. Jelbin mk says:

    Marimar Mbuli yoopsa ndiiweyo ms lectures are having grades and get paid according to their grades and Peter was not a senior lecture,he was the down graded lecture teaching in a public university which pays less more than the private ones and your break down is soo pathetic because if someone gets $30 000 it doesn’t mean can save it all. You spend most of your salary and save a small portion of it,for those who are in the know will agree with me because you can’t get paid k20 0000 and save it all if you are too strict you can only save up to k5000 per month only and if you don’t have children but you have children you can overspend to the extent of even borrowing so for you Mr to suggest that Peter was saving it all then I should say you must be living in another world and your thinking is very stupid to understand issues.

  7. Autmatic says:


  8. Khuere khongonyowa says:


  9. angoni says:

    Mwapatsidwa zingati? Ena onse mukunena value. Saulos mwangoti several houses. Of course tikudziwa anabadwa ndikukulira pa makobili koma bwanj simunayike value monga mwachitira ena onse

  10. assipher says:

    Wow its jst Matter ov tym,,

  11. MICHAEL says:

    Ameneyi pitala wayambapo kuba paja anthu awa amatinamiza chochi ife amalawi chenjerani!!!

  12. Kadakwiza says:

    I’ve got only a certificate, sorry for me.

  13. JahFire! says:

    fireeeee! amalawi mukuvomeleza zimenezi????

  14. Jojoba pinkipatha says:

    Arrest this Mbyofo mbyofyo graffiti writer please.When did he make such a fortune within a very short period of time?Even Obama never had such a fortune before joining the presidency in America.Pitala anali womvetsa chisoni when he was coming from America until his crazy brother manipulated a position for him in Malawi politics.Anali tikubeledwa in daylight.These are politicians.These are thieves ripping us in day light.This mbyofo mbyofyo Pitala needs to explain to Malawians how he came up with such a collosal figure.Amayinso galimoto zokhala ngati ngumbinso anazitenga kuti.Zinthu sakakukwilirani nazo kumanda.Awful greedy people in a shameful impoverished country.

  15. Yosefe Gambatula. says:

    How can Peter amass such within a short period of time?He was damn poor when he was coming from some sleepy Mississippi in the US.Ndalama zimenezi amapakula ndi mchimwene wake anagwa ndi cardiac arrest.This guy is thief just like his fallen brother.He needs to be arrested before he messes Malawi big time.

  16. kingchi says:

    then You say Joyce banda ndiwa cash gate ?? @ cash gate simukuwaona pompa apa ?

  17. دج says:

    koma anthu amenewa! akapulumuka awa?

  18. grinzo50 says:

    Something is not adding up with these declared assets.

  19. Balamanthu says:

    My declaration: 1 bag of beans at khombedza, one goat, one 1/4 acre munda along bwanje river, 2 dogs, 23 children,4 wives, 5 girlfriends, 1/2 pair ma sleepers, one shirt, kabudula mmodzi, one singlet, uta umodza,khasu limodzi and half blanket.Value=MK673.Ndithandizeni kuti ndifike pali a professor APM.Ndiambere ndani?

  20. Balamanthu says:

    How can the worst rated professor at George Town University amass USD8m?Mufufuzeni ameneyu.

    1. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

      GTU? That is not where APM taught law, buddy. Do your homework.

  21. Hitra says:

    Mmh amwene, nanga abakiri nanga?

  22. zilipati? says:

    No comment

  23. Bob says:

    US$8million from lecturing. Yes this needs verifying with the banks as to when the deposits were done and by who.

  24. Jihad John says:

    Pitala anaba basi ndi mkulu wake uja. Ukadyetu ndi kumanda komwe ndalamazo ngati mkulu wako uja.

  25. Charger cha mutu waung'ono says:

    Paja mumati Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera alibe dollar, MWAONA??????????

  26. Bauleni says:

    Makobiri a m’mbale abale Rev. Zina zochokera kwa JB, paja mamakumana m’banda kucha abusa..

    1. special advisor says:

      Remember Chakwera’s wife is quiet and humble. But she is a professional accountant and works hard, had a solid career. Ngati walemera ndi za m’mbale azibusa enawa akukanika bwanji? Don’t be tantalized into believing that one has to steal in order to live a comfortable life. Hard work pays.

  27. Charles says:

    Amayi galimoto zonsezo pa mpando ongogwirizira eiiiish Malawi fuckedup

  28. Nkhombokombo says:

    I don’t believe in these figures, they under valued or under stated. These guys are cheats! Only God knows the truth. Profesors are usually the most miserable fellas. Is there a way of verifying these declaration? Please lets do it before we are cheated!

  29. Comment ineso zanga ndi K50,000.00 plus njinga zakapalasa ziwiri

  30. Kachasu says:

    Palibe chilungamo apa mafigala onse awa ngabodza ndalama zonse zimene anena ndidzochepa kwambiri,Achilima k7m basi?

  31. jangayanga says:

    kupatula abusa(man of God),nonsenu ndinu akuba Stupid.

  32. Mwakipiki says:

    I don’t agree with Chilima’s declaration. The man has been at the helm of airtel for close to five years. A junior engineer at airtel gets not less than K1 million salary per month. And now you tell me the man is worth K7 million kwacha only in assets. My foot!!!

  33. big boy says:

    Peter shud return the cash gate money

  34. Nyambiton says:

    #1-bakili,2-atupele,3-JB,4-APM,then the lest follows,sizabodzazo!Comment

  35. Kangw'ingw'i says:

    Lazaro, chopeleka cha mbale mpaka ma million onsewo. Ndalama za Mulungu mpaka kulemera nazo choncho. Yet ndalamayo imapelekedwa ndi ankhristu osauka kwambiri. Iwe mpaka nyumba ku USA. Mwina umachita churchgate pa ndalama zomangira matchalichi. Kapena salary yako inali mu US dollars ngati peter. Lazaro m’busa wotembeleredwa. Zoyankhula zako zikukuchitira umboni.

  36. AJO says:

    Thanks 4 Declearing Your Assets.

  37. ujeni says:

    Peter Mutharika billionair? teaching yomweyi? He has opened a can of worms. Not possible a foreign lecture in US amassing $8m, never

    1. Malindima says:

      Possible! You know nothing more than lecturing that a Prof can do….writing books, journals, research, being a member on advisory council and Peter befits all these in his over 40 yrs career. He is also a partner with his lawyer children!

  38. mphwanye says:

    4 bilion in malawi kwacha is nothing when converted to US$. Fourty years in diaspora you should nor be suprised with this. If Kamuzu whose business in Ghana was pvt clinic for abortion, and became a bilionaire just when he ascended to the presidency, you should not be surprised by a University proffesor. Just google salaries of senior lectures in reputable varsities in US.

  39. Hilda ndalama akunjoyera kunjako
    ndi zimenezi basi?????????? Ameneyi ananama. Timuuza Yeremia Chihana afufuze bwino.
    Chingauluke chidzatera.

  40. ujeni says:

    If indeed Peter Mutharika has billions(which is impossible, how?) why is Malawi government borrowing Millions of Kwacha home and abroad when the President himself is sitting on billions. Lets wait and see, some international news will classify him as one of the richest in Africa then he will be forced to clarify

  41. Concerned Malawian says:

    someone today buys a sofa worth million kwacha while another one is struggling for MK20 to buy vegetables to feed whole family(granny,father,4kids,2orphans,2relatives and herself),happening in malawi

  42. Marimar says:

    Iwe mbuli ya jihad john ndi mzako Ujeni, mukuona ngati u lecturer wake wa UNIMA. Let me teach u. A lecturer at chanco receiving K200,000/month . For 30years = K200,000 x12 x 30 =
    K72million. While a lecturer in USA receiving $50,000/month. For 30years = 50,000 x K450 x 12 x 30
    = K8.1Billion. Jihad/ujeni, njiru ndi yomwe ili mwainu. Musatengele umphawi wanu.

    K200,000 x 12

  43. mauanga says:

    Zaboza basi thz guyz r very rich

  44. zandile says:

    It is clear that Peter Mutharika stole the money during Bingu days. How do lectucters earn in US? 4 billion cash is a lot of money.

  45. cash gate says:

    Apitala Chuma Chonsecho Munachitenga Kuti? Uphunzitsi Omwe Munkachita Ku America Ungakupatseni Ndalama Zonsezo? Ndikumafunanso Kuonjezeranso China, Nsambi, Mungoba Misonkho Yathu Basi, Anthu Owelengeka Okha Ndi Amene Ali Ndi Chuma Pamene Tikumva Kuti Dziko Lathu Ndilosauka Kuposa Lililonse Pa Dziko Lapansi, Zomvetsa Chisoni

  46. Geofrey Ngwira says:

    inde dziko kumasauka inu kumalemera

  47. Mwaminula says:

    @jihad John ..Abusa ndalama azitenga kuti…..wakuba ameneyo

    1. papa Masambo says:

      Kkkkkkk……..abusa ngati akusolola chakhumi,nanga akadzalowa m’boma zidzakhala bwanji?

  48. Anthunu Kani ndinu osawuka chonchi

  49. here we go again says:

    mu zaka 30 mwapanga 4 billion ndiye tisadzave popuma uperesident mwapanga 50 billion in five udztiva kuwawa

  50. Hot Iron says:

    Koma mwati Bwana Chilima just MK7,000,000? or Billion?

  51. Pepricase says:

    Ine ndiri dimba la luni, punsi amene ali ndi bere, panti ong’ambika pa centre, ngongole ya k200. Mavuto okhaokha ife akafa nikhale

  52. These declaration of assets can hardly prevent corruptive officials. Mind you politics still remain number 1 corruptive organ on Earth.

  53. kukhala amatelo? says:

    ine ndili ndi mkazi ndi mwana basii

  54. MCP GVT says:

    Malawi’s assets: 1. All vehicles loting in govt instutions carparks-non runners, pending auction sale at the tune of K20, 000 each.
    2. 5 bland new busses loting at police headquarters instead of putting them into use to recover our money.

  55. Mr C.d.s. says:

    Zikhala bwanji mbava? Anthuwa amagwira ntchito zapamwamba. Zao zimenezo tiyeni nafe tizigwira ntchito molimbika. Ngati Zili mbava zitengere ku khoti. Usawi chichi?

  56. Frodo says:

    Once again, Malawians with their naivety, stupidity, illiteracy and desperation will fall for this crap

  57. Auph says:

    Never say ndalama ndezikuvata bwanji? rather say ine ndendalama zikundivuta bwanji?looking @ wealth some malawians have!

  58. mulopwana says:

    so who will be be following up how the wealth is growing,the same politically appointed ?

  59. Jamjee says:

    Eeeeee!koma anthu ali ndi chuma kumuposa golden gongolo,apa apanga declare pemphani mascholarships, ine anandipatsa kale moti ndukastuda ku america

  60. Balaka says:

    Kulemeletsa olemela kale shaaah sindidzavotanso

  61. Mphongo Zidana says:

    Have the assets been verified. Theze crooks can declare assets they do not have with the hope that by the end of their tenure, they will have amassed that much.

  62. cell says:

    Abusa amatenga kuti ndalama zonsezi? za mkachisi? koma masiku ano, better onsewa amagwila ntchito koma abusawa bwanji?

  63. zingalume says:

    chafa kwamphawine

  64. Atsogoleri olemela anthu awo very poor

  65. Atsogoleri olemla anthu awo very poor

  66. My Comment ndisunga kaye

  67. Bololo Wachitumbuka says:

    Ine i hav 6000 in my acc with bicycle without a tire, two pairs of patapata, my salary wealth 12000/month, itel fone wich am using to login nyasa wealth 3500. Thanks ku mpando.
    (ndiye winawe uziti presdent koma uyu! Kumakhala kusazindikira anthuwa chimene amafuna nd self esteem.)

  68. Ineyo says:

    I don’t believe you guys. Joyisi can’t have this little.

  69. Juma says:

    Good start. Beginning of transparency

  70. Cristian Sokoh says:

    Ine, i’ve 2 pair of shoes & 1 phone

  71. precious says:


  72. ujeni says:

    Not many millionaire sports stars or musicians in US have that sort of money. $8m? no way!!!! Thief!!!

  73. Comment Nanga ana anu kapena abale anu sima assets?tisazamvetu kuti mpandowu ndikumusiila mphwanga apatu mwalephela kunena kuti muli ndi aphwanu agalu inu mitu yanu chuma chonsecho mukadyela kutiko mitu yanu

  74. ujeni says:

    Peter Mutharika has become a billionaire at the back of Bingu’s plander, thus why Malawi will forever be perpetually poor. Malawians are stupid citizens that’s why these machonas, three of them now came and milked the sleepy people dry time to show them the door to jail.

  75. Zambiri ndizomwe zisali mma bank
    Mmanyumbamu muli ma safe Mdzipupa

    1. Amfumu says:

      Who is far richer here. JB or APM?

  76. New Mandela says:

    And yet the educated youth are just complaining of unemployment.Teachers are nt geting paid,few health workers etc

  77. New Mandela says:

    Muthalika shd share hs money to the poor.he holds 2 mch money.

  78. ujeni says:

    For Chilima, how can 5 farms. several plots, houses and insurance amount to K7m?

  79. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Wait! Wait! Atupele Muluzi is missing on the list. Is he aware of the exercise?

    Komanso palibe amene ali ndi ngongole iliyonse koma Dr. Chakwera anatenga ngongole Ku MSB

    This is false!

  80. mulibwanji? says:

    A Chakwera choncho mumayembekezera kuti mungawine chisankho?? Ndale za muno no cash no winning man. Kapitirizeni ubusa man…..Pepani.


  82. wanda says:

    Malawi wasauka pati pamenepa? The issue here is not that there is no wealth in Malawi, but highly unequal distribution of the same. Ma million onsewo kwa munthu m’modzi, atangawidwa fairly enafe tikanapezeka tili ndi njinga yakapalasa. Catholic social teaching needs to be applied in order to end such economic disparities.

  83. wanda says:

    Malawi wasauka pati pamenepa? The issue here is not that there is no wealth in Malawi, but highly unequal distribution of the same. Ma million onsewo kwa munthu m’modzi, atangawidwa fairly enafe tikanapezeka tili ndi njinga yakapalasa. Catholic social teaching needs to applied in order to end such economic disparities.

  84. Peter mutharika usatinamize iwe. That’s not the money you have. Its the money you intend to have by the end of the year

  85. kelnem says:

    nanga ma assets a ana awo alikut?

  86. bbsupporter says:

    Ngakhale akanangokhala osanena palibe chomwe chitithandidze ife osauka. Amalawi umbi=uli bwanji?

  87. papa says:

    Koma ine ndi Peter tikufanana chumachi tangosiyana pa benz pokhapo. Yanga ndi v boot koma the rest ndi chimodzimomdzi. Koma sindinaphunzitsepo ku America koma pa Kaphuka

  88. mangochi Kabwafu says:

    Mutharika ndalama zakuba izo. 2005 cash gate. Ma million ku States anatenga kuti? Kuba basi. How many lecturers are millionaires. Ngati m’bale wake makobili anamangira white house yo (surrounded by povos hurts), si kuba kokha kokha. Zopusa basi.

  89. NDIMADABWA says:


  90. mbanga says:

    How much house in nyambadwe

  91. Davie says:

    Indeed people r worthy enough

  92. Why did this guy (APM) join politics ?

  93. Jihad John says:

    Let’s be honest here. I don’t think a university lecture could have up to US$8 million. This is the money that Peter jointly store with Bingu Muthalika. What kind of research did he do to earn all this money? Even Kofi Anan could not have earned this large sum of money. We need to have a breakdown of all the deposits that will include dates. You will definitely know or see the sources. I may agree with what Chilima has. Even Paul Mphwiyo beats him and no wonder Mphwiyo used to challenge Saulos at drinking joints before he was shot and wounded. Even Namata has more money and property from stolen taxes. Bravo Saulos. You are humble and should serve Malawians after Chakwera.

  94. bratusha says:

    Given the weak registration system in Malawi this is far from the truth. These guys have more. Bolabe at least there is a basis in case of probing questionable amassing of personal wealth.

  95. mgawadere says:

    A Pitala chuma chonsenchi inuyo ndamvesa iwe ndiamene ukugulisa ma alibino basi

  96. nankhoni says:

    thanx kwa amene anayambitsa kut they should declare their assets bola tadziwa nawo.

  97. Nde mwat u president wu amalowera kut azitanipo?nanga chuma chonsecho zoona

    1. Rugs says:

      amafuna a thandize dziko not kubera amalawi

  98. joe hart ndi dhilu says:

    ine i have two dogs, 5 chickens, some knives, forks and spoons, a set of cups, 7 pots, 4 tomatos and 8 onions, a pail of ufa, 1 packet of fresh usipa , 572 kwacha in my NBS account and a negative balance of 890 kwacha with national bank.

    1. johnM says:

      You are richer than me, I have no dogs, no chickens, one spoon, for pots and buggered up hot plate

  99. mbani says:

    Mbava mwaziwona nokha a Malawi

  100. mobility says:

    Muneneso ma asset a pathupi panu .

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