Chakwera condemns widening gap of have and have-nots in Malawi: Share Xmas message

Malawians on Friday have joined Christians worldwide in celebrating Christmas; a day Christians commemorate and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ whom they believe is the Son of God who will lead them into new life in heaven after death.

Chakwera: Gap between the rich and the poor increasing in Malawi

Chakwera: Gap between the rich and the poor increasing in Malawi

Radios and televisions were awash with messages of the birth of Jesus who mostly preached peace and harmony according to the Bible, the Christian holy book that chronicles in detail the life of Jesus who was born in Bethlehem.

Leader of Opposition in parliament Lazarus Chakwera said he was worried with reports of widening gap between the poor and the rich in Malawi, saying this is what Jesus could have condemned.

“The economic benefits of our country continue to be enjoyed by only a privileged few, while the majority whose number continues to increase are left out of these economic and development benefits. While few have more than what they need, many Malawians have almost nothing, not even knowing where their next meal is going to come from,” pointed out Chakwera.

He asked the rich in Malawi to help the poor in these economic turbulent times, saying the poor need food, shelter and clothes among other.

“Christmas is about love. Love is about making ourselves and what we have available for others,” said Chakwera in his message.

He said the January floods left some Malawians virtually with no food therefore it was imperative that the haves help the have not’s.

“This year many people are facing acute food shortage partly due to low yields of the country’s main staple, maize, but largely because of the floods we had during the last rainy season.

“Maize production decreased by well over 1,000,000 metric tons, resulting in a national food deficit of about 30 percent. This means over 200,000 Malawians have no food. If we want to be part of God’s story this Christmas, we must surrender our attempts to write our own stories,” he said.

“I therefore implore you fellow Malawians, to be part of God’s agenda, to be part of God’s bigger story by each making yourselves available to those who need you and your services. What we have freely received from God, we must freely give to those in need,” said Chakwera, a former president of Assemblies of God.

He said on December 23 he went to his constituency in Lilongwe where he shared 200 bags of flour to the elderly and people with disability, saying the demand was far much greater than what he anticipated as more people went back home empty handed.

Meanwhile, Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya – who is also Malawi Congress Pary (MCP) vice president – urged people to drive carefully on the roads of the country as recently there has been a lot of carnage happening. He too wished Malawians a Happy Christmas.

He said he usually takes time off to celebrate with people in his home village in Karonga.



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34 thoughts on “Chakwera condemns widening gap of have and have-nots in Malawi: Share Xmas message”

  1. Mapwiya says:

    Being a 2019 Malawi president;what you are saying its true therefore pipo in this God fearing country(mlw) are hearing they’ll know what to do when voting 2019. MCP MOTO!!!!! Chakwera Moto!!!!! 2019 BOMA!!!!!.

  2. Clementine says:

    So? Iwe wapangapo chiyani? Za ziii

  3. Natty says:

    O-Chakwera is one of the privileged few and DADA Msowoya drive carefully so that life could be spared. The Kasungu scenario in mind ……..

  4. Patriots says:

    Sound counsel from the Hon Chakwera timely for our nation where the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer.

  5. Benson Njiwa says:

    A wise message from a wise leader

  6. Yes, indeed time of refldction znx blessing to all people.
    Thanj you leaders fod remembefing ths poor or disadvantagsd…amen bd part of thd Lords story..indeed !!

  7. Mbwiye says:


  8. Temwani Musopole says:

    Mr. Preacher man, I implore you go back to the House of God and share the Word.
    You’re being wasted in politics. All the gold and silver of the world and heaven belong to God. No man of God is to be poor!
    So, what else do you seek in the dirty game? Lord forbid!

  9. SONG says:

    Thanks Bwana, sizoyitana ana a munamiwawa, Nyambadwe, Sunny side, BCA, Naperi, Chitawira, Kanjedza ndi Nkolokosa ku state house

  10. mbodzole says:

    statistics is from where mr. it seems its what you think. be an intellectual

  11. Namacherenga says:

    It is people like you who abandon God’s work and join politics to enrich yourselves that are responsible for this huge inequality. Look at the government resources that are lavishly showered on you and imagine how many poor people could have benefitted.
    Leave God’s work to others, you abandoned Him. I don’t care who says otherwise.

  12. CHAGWA says:


  13. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Chakwera will never rule Malawi! Ali ku chipani cha magazi!

  14. anadimba says:

    iwenso ndiye ndani?mbusa wonyenga. unasiya ubusa kufuna magalimoto odula aBoma . Ulemelerero wapadziko lapansi . Nthawi zonse umasokosa kufuna chibanzi. Ulemerero wadziko lapansi. Tatengatu salary imodziyo eeeeeeeee ya leader of opposition idzipita kwa aamphawi amdera lako? Siwakana apo?ulemerero wadziko lapansi.nonse ndi chimodzimodzi .

  15. Chingwe cha mbuzi says:

    What do you sat about the hammering MCP has suffered in the Parliamentary by elections? Were the by elections rigged? Kodi kongelesi idzasiya liti kulira?

  16. akuntinji anamuona says:

    Which side are you pastor, are you very rich or very poor?

  17. mukharapwio says:

    Chakwera,to reduce the gap you the elite should pay tax on any transaction that all of us pay eg salary,imports and scrap all those privileges you are accorded when you attain these positions eg duty free purchase of cars,right to purchase official cars/houses after tenure of office,government paid medical schemes for you and relatives,government paying school fees for top officials’ dependants,government bankrolling purchace of personal cars for are LOP you can help to end these conditions by twisting Peter’s arm just like JZU did to Bingu

  18. jeke says:

    Yes indeed. Prado ija ya ku paliamenti osaisiya bwanji. Fuel allowance and travel allowance uzipereka to the poor. Paja iwe ndi Msowoya bought the up market Prado instead of a bicycle. You are really a fake Mbusa

  19. Tohbu says:

    You are right Mr. Oposition. What did you give to the poor? Lead by example and not just talk

  20. dzambo says:

    Surprisingly you are one of the beneficiaries of this bad system and you are doing next to nothing to avert the situation. Look at your salary, the car you drive and the house you live in. Don’t they reflect your side in the social divide? If I were you I wouldn’t preach this message because its self-condemnatory.

  21. Mccarthy says:

    Dziko linaonongeka

  22. Ma says:

    What has mcp shared with the poor if I may ask? How about you mr. Chakwera? Talk is cheapest but action expensive. We all know the problems of Malawians mo need to be reminded as you are doing with this speech But solutions! You and Richard are among the haves who bought costly cars while hospitals have no medicines. …today you appear as angels. .and Richard involved in tractor gate too…..! Shame on You mcp and your followers I don’t belong to any party thanks Hod.

  23. Ndamera-Malaka says:

    Good message. However,lets build capacity of the poor to benefit from the economy rather keeping them in their status quo. They may not be given gifts for ever from well wishers like you. Time comes when well wishers arent there. Economic Policies and other development related policies should not enslave the poor but help develop them. The rich arent to blame.Not all poor people are poor coz of natural factors. Some had deliberately mismissed used their God given opportunities.
    Its good to help the poor. Its goldly to give but as politians with high influence work on favourable policies to the poor.Merry Christmass.

    God bless you our dear leader.

  24. learnedmi says:


  25. Denguzman says:

    Gud message koma mukapita ku Parliament panopa mukawapemphe ma MP azanu kuti mutsitsa salary ndi ma allawances anu amene mumalandira to show that u re deeply concerned.

  26. LawAbidingCitizen says:

    What a load of tosh coming from Lazarus, a guy who just blew up mega millions of (poor) tax payers’ money to buy himself a posh 4×4

    Pastor, try learning to practice what you preach

  27. mukharapwio says:

    Chakwera,to reduce the gap you the elite shd pay tax on anything that others are taxed on e.g salary,imports and scrap some of the conditions attached with your posts e.g tuition fees for dependants under 18,medical schemes for the whole family,very expensive official cars which you buy at a song at expiration of your terms,vehicle schemes where you receive a loan to buy vehicles and repays only half and poor taxpayers foot the other half.As LOP you can twist the arms of Peter for him to get a realistic view of events just as JZU did with Bingu.Unfortunately we are relying on CSO’s and Donors to do the bidding while you mull over the colour of Bisnorwaty.Shame

  28. gule says:

    This is useless. You have not offered hope to Malawians with your perfomance in the just ended by-elections. This mlomwe will continue kutilisha ngati ng’ombe. Bola kufa tsopano

  29. Norman Chilewani says:

    Sheeeee that’s true but even those who have little they need to share. You don’t have to share or give because you have prenty but you feel that somebody is hungry

  30. mp says:

    kkkkk! u must be joking abusa. Do u know the situation is even worse among pastors in the Assemblies of God Church that u have led for the past 5 years or more? Do u know big pastors like u and those in NEC are swimming in money while others in nathenje or in nthalire can not even afford a meal, let alone a home to stay in. Abusa, what do u think about this inequality among azibusa in ur very church of which u were the president? What dd u do to address that? Hey abusa be real. I wish u cud do something so that pastors in the church shudnt hav the current level of difference in benefits and welfare. I pity u abusa for not being real with urself! Wht assemblies of God church is doing is contributing to ineaqulity and widening of gap btn the rich like u and the poor lik the pastor in ntaja, kaliyeka or goliati.

  31. The Analyst says:

    Sadly the rich have become richer not necessarily because they are hard working, smart or creative; rather, because most of them have access to national resources which they shamelessly and mercilessly steal.

    Also, the poor are getting poorer not necessarily because they are lazy, unwise or uncreative but because their govt has failed to uplift them via sound economic policies hence environment which rewards their little effort and humble and small beginnings and daily endeavours.


    While it is important to observe the widening gap . . .

    “Life’s most urgent question is: ‘what are you doing for others’.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

  32. Nyaulembe says:

    Do we have rich people in Malawi? If so what is their percentage in the population of Malawi? Has Chakwera who is among the rich per see done anything to narrow the gap?
    Isn’t this message rhetoric if it doesn’t come with a solution?
    If say I am a hard worker and an innovator and I make money, what have I to do with those who are poor? Do we have mechanism for donating my wealth like Bill Gates or the other guys?

  33. advisory committee says:

    Good message and festure from chakwera ve blessed

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