Chakwera  confirms Jumbe’s expulsion: MCP suspends Kabwila, Njovuyalema

Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) president Dr Lazarus Chakwera on Thursday confirmed a report by Nyasa Times the sanction imposed by   the party national executive committee (NEC) that Salima Central Member of Parliament Felix Jumbe be expelled  and suspended member of Parliament for Salima North West, Dr Jessie Kabwira as well as MP for Lilongwe Mapuyu, Joseph Njobvuyalema.

Chakwera address the news conference to confirm Jumbe's expulsion from MCP

Chakwera address the news conference to confirm Jumbe’s expulsion from MCP

“Hon. Felix Jumbe, MP. The National Executive Committee received communication from  Salima Central Constituency Committee disowning their Member of Parliament. The Committee complained of gross indiscipline by Hon. Jumbe. The Committee then called Hon. Jumbe for a hearing three times where during the hearings he promised change. Seeing no change, the constituency committee resolved that the said member of Parliament cease to be a member of the party,” Chakwera said.

“When the NEC saw the complaints contained in the letter and the procedures taken by the Committee, they were satisfied by the action taken by the Constituency Committee and thus resolved to adopt their action,” he added.

Accoridng to Chakwera, MCP Constitution in Article  6 (1)  NEC has  the powers to refuse membership to any person who does not share the vision of the party  and that arArticle 8 (C) stipulates that NEC may refuse to admit anyone to membership.

Commenting on the suspension of  Kabwila and Njobvuyalema,  Chakwera said the two have been suspended for being linked with the foiled party office bombing.

“As you are all aware, some people were apprehended here at the MCP headquarters with an intent to takeover and/or destroy the party Headquarters. When these people were quizzed, they confessed that there were sent by some five party members: some of whom are holding NEC positions, others, ordinary members. Two of the five were Hon. Jessie Kabwira and Hon. Njobvuyalema,” said MCP President.

Chakwera said NEC will continue on the path to rebrand as one way of preparing for the 2019 General  Elections so that Malawians are given  their desired destiny.

“We have taken cognizant of the suffering of Malawians in all spheres of life: agriculture, health, education, economy, security, social, etc. It is with that view in mind that as a Party we remain focussed on keeping ourselves relevant to all Malawians by re-branding and changing any negative labels that have been associated with the Malawi Congress Party,” said Chakwera.

Chakwera said MCP is doing all it can to make sure that the Party, as a unified force, faces the 2019 elections prepared on the road to redeeming this nation.

Some of the suspended members include Lyton Dzombe, Ms Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma, Mr Dennis Nanthumba, Mr. Gwazantini, and Mr. Isaac Jere.

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be humane

Stop referring kuti alandira ndalama. If you read what chakwera said as reasons you will find that these problems were there even before chakwera rose to the party leadership. Jumbe contested with Chakwera and the rest had issues with chakwera before. String leadership accepts problems in house. Ife ndi aganyu chabe tiwone mmene zithere mutiuza koma dziwani kuti 2019 ikuyandikira


This is how strong leader should be. He has demonstrated that even his minister once found corrupt will be fired and prosecuted by His Excellency Lazaras Chakwera to come 2019 not tikuzionazi mbava kuba misonkho kumasungabe mukabineti forget 2019 MCP Victory. Aja wowunikira zamtsogolo alembammadzi ngati amaganiza ndalama apatsadwizo zitisintha maganizo ng’ooooooooooooo!

Independent Diplomat

kkkkkkkkkkkk Politics is not for amateurs. Rev. Chakwera, just go back to the pulpit.


Iwe, Independent Diplomat, what’s the connection with the pulpit here?

Cash Gate

Achita bwino bwana chakwera kuwachotsa anthu amenewa, tizingomvera iwowo basi, anthu osokoneza amenewa, asabwerenso ayi, sitikuwafuna ngakhale pang’ono.

It’s good that O Chakwera has finally shown his iron fist. He is my man, a leader has to be strong enough to withstand adverse conditions, domineering and focused, and that is what he has done. These a bongololo political careers are finished as this weekend MCP aspiring MP’s will be paraded and repositioned in the three constituencies. When O Jumbe, O Kabwira and O NJovuyalema oppose President Peter and late President Bingu fearlessly and won, they thought the same strategy could work on Big Man Wa Nkulu Chakwera, but to the surprise of all, he has proved that he… Read more »

Chakwera allowed these problems to develop and grow some strong legs because of his own indecisiveness and poor leadership. He completely failed to manage things and in the end he frustrated NEC and party members and pushed them to do all these things. Well, now that he has “solved” the “problems” we want to see results. Palibenso chonamizira pano. Let’s see what you can do now that these people are gone.

HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja?
HE the Life President Mfuti Kasinja?

MCP is rule by the dead spirit of Kamuzu, Taonani pa nsalupo Kamuzu. So a Chakwera palibe uyo mungamuchotse mpaka tikamve izo zimene a Kamuzu anganene. Baba Tembo we would like you to retire from retirement to take over the inheritance Kamuzu left. Otherwise Chakwera, go back to your church if they will ever accept you. Nkhaza zimenezi ndi zimene mudaphunzira ku tchalitchi kwanuko. Kutchalitchi timayembekezera munthu okhululuka ngati Baba Tembo ndi a Ngwazi.


So, you want to keep people in the party who do not want their elected party leader? who is better than Chakwera in MCP? Its only Chakwera who can compete with APM not the Jumbes. Phuma a Jumbe ndi a Kabwira; power hungry…treason case must resume now.


Stupid points from a stupid man with a stupid name “Mfuti Kasinja”. You have no idea of what it means to be a leader you better close your stinking mouth you fool.


za zii a Mfuti Kasinja. Kukhululuka zili zonse? The whole party should go down chifukwa cha abulutu awiri atatu? The party needs to present a united front. Let’s face it, che Jumbe ndi anzao are giving MCP a bad name with their pointless infighting.


A logic. Mwapsya mtima zomwezi. Ie really how’s kutia MCP nkhazq simunasiyebe ndipo muvutkatu simunati chakwera mbava yachabechabe

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