Chakwera criticises ‘Mbofyo Mbofyo’ Malata and Cement Subsidy

Leader of opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera has criticised the Decent and Affordable Housing Subsidy Programme, widely known as Malata and Cement Subsidy, saying instead of building productive capacity to generate adequate revenues in future in the absence of budgetary support, the DPP government is busy building “consumption capacity” like the Malata and Cement Subsidy.

Chakwera:  Hits at susbisides

Chakwera: Hits at susbisides

He was commenting on the state of the economy in his response to President Peter Mutharika’s statement during the opening of the 46th session of Parliament on Friday.

Chakwera said: “Who in their right mind increases consumption when productivity is shrinking? Besides, when are we going to open our eyes to see that knee-jerk subsidy programmes are the most vulnerable to abuse?”

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president said much as Malawians deserved better housing, his party believed the subsidy was not the best way.

“We in the MCP believe that the best way to improve living standards and conditions is to increase the capacity of Malawians through private sector jobs and businesses that generate enough income for them to build their own houses,” he said.

Chakwera noted that President Peter Mutharika said that 80 beneficiaries in the Malata and Cement Subsidy have been identified per constituency in all the 193 constituencies but asked “what were the criteria for selecting the beneficiaries? What parameters did they use? Who selected those beneficiaries?”

He added: “Hindsight teaches us that these kinds of programs are ill-advised, ill-devised, and ill-executed.”

Critics says the programme mirrors the Mudzi Transformation Trust initiative  by former president Joyce Banda meant to support social and economic projects for the transformation of lives of Malawians.

But government has said the new program has different objectives

Building costs in Malawi are said to be the highest in the southern African region and it is estimated that it costs 55 percent higher to construct any building in the country compared to other countries within the region, according to a recent study by the University of Malawi.

The study, conducted in 2012, shows that the high costs of construction in Malawi are to blame for the astronomical costs of construction in the country.

President Mutharika said government is committed to address the housing needs of low income and vulnerable households.

“Further research carried out by the Malawi Government with support from the United Nations Human Settlement Programme shows that Malawi needs to be constructing 21,000 housing units per annum the urban areas for a ten year period in order to bridge the gap between demand and supply of houses in the country,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika said adequate and decent housing is a catalyst for development and one of the requirements for sustainable livelihoods.

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fathi shehaab

kodi lsz wakutanini anthu inu…. he is doing his role very well indeed..he has well thought of ideas and he is not partizan thinker..check him out next 35yrs.. he id so relevant to mlw politics..dont try indimidate him….soopa mdima ayi ngakhale mphezi!


kachalichi komwe a Chakwera anali president kali ndi anthu ochepa ndichifukwa chake amalephera kulankhula zomveka. MCP ndichipani chachikulu tikupempha akulu akulu
monga achimango kuti munthuyu owononga chipani.zimene akukamba panozi zoti ife amcp tidzapanga zakuti zakuti izi zimapangidwa pa misonkhano yokopa anthu , osati ku nyumba yamalamulo. izi ndi zochititsa manyazi chipani chathu chokhazikikachi.What is happening now with Chakwera and jessie ,sizinachitikepo nthawi ya Kamuzu ,Chakwamba,ndi ATEMBO

Levelheaded, that is utter nonsense. Typical dpp haters of mcp. The largest party or one with the largest majority in opposition always takes the lead in opposition and also seems to lead the whole opposition. He is the leader of mcp, the largest party in opposition and is actually considered as the opposition. Laz does not represent other opposition parties. He just happens to be the leader of mcp, the largest opposition party. Your suggestion is undemocratic and no where in the world do they follow such stupid suggestions. You want say the leader of the smallest party in opposition… Read more »
Hara Chrispine

Kod Apa Zikugwirizana Bwanji Ndi Kugwa Mmanja Mwa Mulungu? I Hop My President Is Right And There Is No Any Mistake There. Try To Tell De Truth. Chakwera Will Rule This Country Come 2019


Chakwera should remember that chinthu choopsa ndiko kuchoka mdzanja lamulungu.And he should be reminded that he will not rule this country.

mache Joy

chala mwamba odi uko boma lili mmanja mwa petulo palibe wina wake kuchuluka nzeru


kkkkkkkk achakwera kushuka sikuyakhula zopanda mzeru zakozo.alwayz kumangotukwana bwanji if you have something to offer just say it to Malawi an.osati kumatinamiza kuti ukazalowa boma uzapanga zakuti ndizakuti shame on you.if you have something for us bwanji osatithandiza pakari pano pomwe tiri mavuto. songoleri opanda mzeru ife nanga tikafa 2019 isanafike uzalulira nd ani. ???? shame on yoouuu


Asaaaa, Timalata tomalembana mwachinyengito? Za mkhutu.

Mapazi asiyana

Was he speaking as Leader of Opposition or MCP MP? Too much we jn MCP.

Decent Citizen

Chakwera is right and its only the Dpp illiterate dunderheads who cannot see any wrongs with their Malaya-cement subsidy.Malawi needs modern public building policy instead of waisting building some substandard houses in villages meant. for campaign.We need a well organised housing policy for the benefit of all Malawians not some some few individuals.Mu city kungodzaza tizinyumba tazidina apart from a few good looking houses built by owners who are busy wrestling with cashgate issues.This mbofyo mbofyo nyaphapi Pitala is leading us nowhere.

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