Chakwera criticises ‘Mbofyo Mbofyo’ Malata and Cement Subsidy

Leader of opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera has criticised the Decent and Affordable Housing Subsidy Programme, widely known as Malata and Cement Subsidy, saying instead of building productive capacity to generate adequate revenues in future in the absence of budgetary support, the DPP government is busy building “consumption capacity” like the Malata and Cement Subsidy.

Chakwera:  Hits at susbisides

Chakwera: Hits at susbisides

He was commenting on the state of the economy in his response to President Peter Mutharika’s statement during the opening of the 46th session of Parliament on Friday.

Chakwera said: “Who in their right mind increases consumption when productivity is shrinking? Besides, when are we going to open our eyes to see that knee-jerk subsidy programmes are the most vulnerable to abuse?”

The Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president said much as Malawians deserved better housing, his party believed the subsidy was not the best way.

“We in the MCP believe that the best way to improve living standards and conditions is to increase the capacity of Malawians through private sector jobs and businesses that generate enough income for them to build their own houses,” he said.

Chakwera noted that President Peter Mutharika said that 80 beneficiaries in the Malata and Cement Subsidy have been identified per constituency in all the 193 constituencies but asked “what were the criteria for selecting the beneficiaries? What parameters did they use? Who selected those beneficiaries?”

He added: “Hindsight teaches us that these kinds of programs are ill-advised, ill-devised, and ill-executed.”

Critics says the programme mirrors the Mudzi Transformation Trust initiative  by former president Joyce Banda meant to support social and economic projects for the transformation of lives of Malawians.

But government has said the new program has different objectives

Building costs in Malawi are said to be the highest in the southern African region and it is estimated that it costs 55 percent higher to construct any building in the country compared to other countries within the region, according to a recent study by the University of Malawi.

The study, conducted in 2012, shows that the high costs of construction in Malawi are to blame for the astronomical costs of construction in the country.

President Mutharika said government is committed to address the housing needs of low income and vulnerable households.

“Further research carried out by the Malawi Government with support from the United Nations Human Settlement Programme shows that Malawi needs to be constructing 21,000 housing units per annum the urban areas for a ten year period in order to bridge the gap between demand and supply of houses in the country,” said Mutharika.

Mutharika said adequate and decent housing is a catalyst for development and one of the requirements for sustainable livelihoods.

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61 thoughts on “Chakwera criticises ‘Mbofyo Mbofyo’ Malata and Cement Subsidy”

  1. kodi lsz wakutanini anthu inu…. he is doing his role very well indeed..he has well thought of ideas and he is not partizan thinker..check him out next 35yrs.. he id so relevant to mlw politics..dont try indimidate him….soopa mdima ayi ngakhale mphezi!

  2. VICTOR says:

    kachalichi komwe a Chakwera anali president kali ndi anthu ochepa ndichifukwa chake amalephera kulankhula zomveka. MCP ndichipani chachikulu tikupempha akulu akulu
    monga achimango kuti munthuyu owononga chipani.zimene akukamba panozi zoti ife amcp tidzapanga zakuti zakuti izi zimapangidwa pa misonkhano yokopa anthu , osati ku nyumba yamalamulo. izi ndi zochititsa manyazi chipani chathu chokhazikikachi.What is happening now with Chakwera and jessie ,sizinachitikepo nthawi ya Kamuzu ,Chakwamba,ndi ATEMBO

  3. Kenkkk says:

    Levelheaded, that is utter nonsense. Typical dpp haters of mcp. The largest party or one with the largest majority in opposition always takes the lead in opposition and also seems to lead the whole opposition. He is the leader of mcp, the largest party in opposition and is actually considered as the opposition. Laz does not represent other opposition parties. He just happens to be the leader of mcp, the largest opposition party.

    Your suggestion is undemocratic and no where in the world do they follow such stupid suggestions. You want say the leader of the smallest party in opposition to be the leader of the whole opposition parties including the largest one? What a crazy idea?

    Laz is really rattling you guys, up to such stupid suggestions?

  4. Hara Chrispine says:

    Kod Apa Zikugwirizana Bwanji Ndi Kugwa Mmanja Mwa Mulungu? I Hop My President Is Right And There Is No Any Mistake There. Try To Tell De Truth. Chakwera Will Rule This Country Come 2019

  5. Isaac says:

    Chakwera should remember that chinthu choopsa ndiko kuchoka mdzanja lamulungu.And he should be reminded that he will not rule this country.

  6. mache Joy says:

    chala mwamba odi uko boma lili mmanja mwa petulo palibe wina wake kuchuluka nzeru

  7. opharamutheko says:

    kkkkkkkk achakwera kushuka sikuyakhula zopanda mzeru zakozo.alwayz kumangotukwana bwanji if you have something to offer just say it to Malawi an.osati kumatinamiza kuti ukazalowa boma uzapanga zakuti ndizakuti shame on you.if you have something for us bwanji osatithandiza pakari pano pomwe tiri mavuto. songoleri opanda mzeru ife nanga tikafa 2019 isanafike uzalulira nd ani. ???? shame on yoouuu

  8. Asaaaa, Timalata tomalembana mwachinyengito? Za mkhutu.

  9. Mapazi asiyana says:

    Was he speaking as Leader of Opposition or MCP MP? Too much we jn MCP.

  10. Decent Citizen says:

    Chakwera is right and its only the Dpp illiterate dunderheads who cannot see any wrongs with their Malaya-cement subsidy.Malawi needs modern public building policy instead of waisting building some substandard houses in villages meant. for campaign.We need a well organised housing policy for the benefit of all Malawians not some some few individuals.Mu city kungodzaza tizinyumba tazidina apart from a few good looking houses built by owners who are busy wrestling with cashgate issues.This mbofyo mbofyo nyaphapi Pitala is leading us nowhere.

  11. Titus scot says:

    Poverty stricken mentality! Kuganizs kotereku nchifukwa chake central region kuli nyumba zochepa za malata despite kulima fodya all these years. Just go to ZA, CZ, MJ and TO mukaone nyumba za malata m’midzi. Anthu anachangamuka kale zedi! Kuno chitukuko chotere akukana ndi a pulezidenti a mcp, zoopsya zedi!

  12. dungulinya says:

    Miss John Tembo. This opposition lacks experience and objectivity. Too personal. Malawi needs a fresh breed of politicians come 2019

  13. Wisdom Of Karonga says:

    That’s what happens when you have old school economists running the financial affairs of a country and old school politicians running the affairs of government- Malawi in a sorry state.

  14. king says:

    Shame a busa!

  15. Clement says:

    Iwe chakwera,ukufuna DPP izikutchukitsa ikayamayankha zopusa zakozo? Walephera ndipo udzatsimikiza 2019 chitsiru cha munthu. Ngati J Tembo anavomereza za DPP iwe ndindani??

  16. levelheaded says:

    I think its high time that an opposition leader is not automatically picked from an opposition party with a lot of members in the parliament rather this position is supposed to be contested by the rest of the opposion parties in parliament. I think others would make good opposition leaders like Tembo rather than this fool Chakwera.

    Koma ndufuna nditamudziwa uyu amati”analyst” . man mumandipeza bwanji, ma comment anu onse amawoneka kuti mmutumo zimayenda. Keep it up bro.

    1. The Analyst says:

      Thanks man Levelheaded

  17. Sembamembe says:

    While Chakwera is right that this guy called President should have been thorough in dealing with a myriad of issues affecting Malawians in the SONA the truth is Muthalika is not the type that can change things. He is too afraid of failure to the extent that he would rather sustain the status quo than looking for progressive mechanisms for dealing with our ailing economy. The biggest challenge to Malawi is the way we perceive progress. If many high ranking Malawians come from Tongas we as Tongas begin to think Malawi is progressing well. The result of this has been placing people with dull capacities in important national jobs just to show that our tribes have more people in strategic jobs. This mentality gave rise to quota system of university selection in 1987. The consequences of quota a system that shameless promote mediocrity are now conspicuous for all of us to see and the damage arising from it. Today mediocres who can hardly manage and move society forward preside over important offices. The products of quota system are now big policy makers who only know how to chase subsistence allowances and signing leave duty station forms for drivers. If Malawi has to progress we need to kill quota system which by the way is also in work places. Mediocrity cannot transform society. Sending people with 30 points to university to make sure that Rumphi also has graduates will never help Malawi to develop. This only retards development because average thinkers can never think innovatively.

  18. Tonde says:

    Muluzi anayambitsa zonsezi, makuponi , wina at nkhuku ndi ng’ombe awa ati malata kkkkk anthu adale kuba

  19. Sapitwa says:

    What is Chakwera looking for ?
    He disapproves the Malata & cement subsidy for the poorest of the poor to benefit. He says if he was on the helm, he could leave the poor soaking in the leaks whilst standing in the night rains. This is contrary to Kamuzu’s philosophy of wishing his people to have just three good things: a house whichvdoes not leak when it rains,food and clothing. Is this man really following the values of Kamuzu for MCP?He doesn’t think that the economic capacity building can run concurrently with the building program. He should leave this program to proceed according to these folks’ party manifesto.if he is not interested on this program, why is he then questioning the criteria of identifying 80 people per constituency? It’s non of his business.
    He so irrational always thinking of scams and afraid that this program if successful will lead to DPP winning the hearts of many.

  20. SONG says:

    Amene mukutsutsa fundo zothyakuka za Chakwera ndinu zitsiru za a lhomwe chifukwa Kamuzu said Moyo wamunthu ayenera kukhala ndi nyumba yabwino, Chakudya chokwana bwino ndi Zovala zabwino. These are the basic needs of a human kind. I don’t know if you guys know this. Go and tell Pitala to follow what Kamuzu said if he wants to become a hero.

  21. VYOTO says:


  22. jona pwele says:

    Mr chakwera at his best;always negative dyera basi bolaniso john tembo yemweuja

  23. MaKopa says:


  24. peter mshali ku salima says:

    chakwara lazaro mwa dzina lako wil not rule malawi bola chimango mbava iwe

  25. Uyu ndi Kape says:

    Only fools will disagree with DR Chakwera who is providing real solution of bringing Malawi to sanity not the clueless fellows who thought you can buy votes by providing free malata. To how many people can you do that. Empower the people to fish on their owh. But by thinking that Malawians are foolish and want free things not with people of the centre and north who are proud of something if they have worked for it as they are hard-workers

  26. Gwape says:

    A pulezidenti a dpp ndi anthu tamaonani patali eeeeeish, zaulele nde zokanikazo tapangani zoti anthu azizipezera okha kangachepe adzimangire nyumba mwaokha, Chakwerayu sakunama wina aliyense anyadira kumene even inenso ndinganyadire ntalandira nawo,KOMA chakudya ndilibe, nkadwala mankhwala sinkawapeza ku chipatala chakudya chimene kamodzi patsiku ngati galu

  27. mbuzi iwe says:

    Mwazibayatu apa a Chakwera. That statement will be used against you in your own constituency

  28. phodo says:

    Chakwera you are out of touch. How can you oppose anything? You are selling your votes to APM. Now APM does respond to you because if a fool is fighting a clever man, you all appear fools. We are fed up with your ppresence. Go! Go! go! go back to the church where you belong. Why can’t wake and be couragious for 2019, instead you are just crying for nothing. Slow down Mr shadow president.Are tire in the shadow?

  29. Wapa NkhataBay says:

    A Chakwera palibe chimene mukunena. Zomwe zija za nkhaza za MCP mpaka pano! Munthawi yanu munthu akamanga nyumba yabwino ku mudzi, mumvekere NDALAMA WAZITENGA KUTI? Munkabwezera chitukuko kumbuyo. Panonso mukuchita zomwezo zoti osauka asamange nyumba zamalata.
    Mungawakembe ntchito anthu onse mu Malawi muno ngakhale kuti economy ili bwino?

  30. commenter says:

    He keeps talking but he aint doing nothing!!

  31. Chipi says:

    A mwana Mulopwana kwa a Malawi ambiri emwe akuoneka kuti ngwa chamba kapena ogwilitsa ntchito mankhwala ozunguza bongo ndi Wa Mathanyula chidule timangoti APM. Mukhoza kuona pamwamba pa maonekedwe ake komanso zochitika zake sindikudziwa kaya ndi ulesi,kukalamba kapena matenda? Malawi ali pa mavuto.

  32. Che Lazalo Mukanamusiyila JZU yemwe uja zakukanikani izi zili ndi eni ake!

  33. Ndani Asakumziwa Prophet Chakwera,chiwanda Choba Za mbale Ngati Chimenecho? Mmalo Molalikila Anthu Chili Bize Ndi Ndale,mzukulu wa lusifala iwe uzalamulira ku thako kwakoko gaalu!!

  34. mike bele says:

    Analyst, know that organization, and order, and STANDARDS were thrown out of the window after the genuine Ngwazi[RIP].

    1. The Analyst says:

      You are very right Mike. Nane ndikudabwatu!

  35. nachisale says:

    Chakwera is wrong. Does he want people to continue living in grass-thatched houses? Housing is a basic requirement for life and Malawi like other African countries have failed over the years to improve housing. That is why this project is necessary and Chakwera should be the first person to support it and only criticise government on design and implementation. How pathetic for a leader of opposition to even dare say such a thing! Pure lack of understanding of economics and pragmatism.

  36. Kenkkk says:

    Analyst, no. Good work nyasatimes. This is now detailed topic by topic response which is different from the first blanket response to blanket apm speech. Just as parliament is now debating topic by topic or issue by issue from the blanket apm speech.

    This is now topic by topic elaboration which the people need to know.

    1. The Analyst says:

      It is like this Ken
      A man buys a big bag containing various gifts for his girlfriend. On first day, he deeps his hand into the bag and presents shoes to the lady and hides the bag from the lady. On day 2, he does the same and gives a dress to the lady. On day 3: the man just gives the whole bag to the lady so that she can see n take all that remained in the bag. Are you sure the man can come back on the 4th day and tell the lady “komatu mu bag mo mulinso trouser”? Can it not strike in the man that the lady has already seen everything in the bag? Then what be the use of giving her the whole bag?

      1. Kenkkk says:

        Analyst, The lady didn’t find the trousers but the man was certain that he had put the trousers in the bag.

        1. The Analyst says:


  37. Wadidinkhumphedza says:

    Critics critics without suggestions sound enough to development. The same old politics of mudslinging. What politicians need are positions. Ndikhalepo ine not development conscious while people voted for them to be represented in their poverty status. I feel veeeeeery sorry for Malawi. ‘A nation without hope’.

  38. manjolow says:

    Here the preacher man has lost the plot – subsidy that encourages consumption of long term assets indeed encourages production of the same. Every house built in these constituencies means more builders, brick layers, casual labor etc created not in China or South Africa but right here in Malawi
    When people have a good home, they have more pride, identify with the neighborhood and feel better about themselves. These things are not academic, they are real.
    Wake up MCP

  39. Sapitwa says:

    Mr Chakwera, you have lost track or these are continued cries of loosing elections. You are criticizing the housing programme in that it is consuming much of the meager
    Financial resources at the time of this economic hardship. What confirms to me that you are an angry confused person is your query on the criteria chosen to build these houses; when you are not interested in the programme at all?
    These DPP guys are fulfilling their manifesto and come rain or sunshine, they have to fulfill it.
    Your party followed this strategy you mention but the poor especially the poorest of the poor failed to have descent houses in fact they became poorer and poorer. What makes you believe that the same party by ignoring to build houses for the poor relying on the same strategy that your party tried and failed would now succeed this time around?
    Your former party president Kamuzu wished his people three things: sleeping in a house that does not leak, food and clothing. Your saying: “Iam not interested in the housing, let the people soak in the leaks provided they are not hunger”. What a Leader of opposition aspiring to become President! Do not get shocked when APM wins in 2019, nyo!

  40. mavuto says:

    I think Chakwera amamenyadi ka ganja pang’ono sindikumuwona bwino

  41. Chamba says:

    U r tokin sense

  42. Shards says:

    What do we expect of good to emanate from the mouth of this indiscipline man if not critics?do you expect the toung that happens in some occasions sucking the butts of the whores give a satisfactional speech?

  43. Mbwiye says:


  44. jaunky says:

    Dr Chakwera is talking a true sense,amene umasuta ndi iweyo ndipo fodya amene umasutayo ndi wa chamba.Ma subsidy enawa ndi obwenzeletsa chitukuko mbuyo,ngati mukuona kuti ma votes azabwera ndi ma subsidy afakewo mukunama

  45. The Analyst says:

    Wanga-Gwede this article tu should have come before posting that full speech by Chakwera. Otherwise, zonse tinawerenga kale. And by posting that full speech, mumamalizano zonse za Chakwera yu.

    What you are supposed to be posting now are responses to Chawera’s response to APM’s speech.

    What happened to organisation and order?

  46. DZUWA LINYENGA says:


  47. kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    The idea of deliberately limiting the production capacity of poor Malawians is similar to what the rich countries do in order to maintain their superiority where by the benefiary will always look to the provider there by becoming slaves in their own country. The issue of donations should be reconsidered.

  48. mapapaya says:

    Ku constituency kwako anthu akuombera mmanja malata ndi cement subusidy ndiye ukane uwone ngati angakuvotere.

  49. GADABWALI says:

    This man is now loosing direction. All this is becoz of Jesie Kabwira. Now I know why her husband, Mr Kapasula, divorced her.

  50. Genta says:

    My Primary school taught me that an empty tin makes a lot of noise.

  51. Malawian!!! says:

    What do you want then? Go to church where you belong.

    1. Tamiwe says:

      I guess the president claims his a lawyer, he belongs to the court

  52. Bessam Kapuma says:

    Go deeper Man of God amidst beasts!!!

  53. sign kuntambira says:

    Mr chakwera your indeed a problem. What good thing can you say about your president. What is it that you can offer us

  54. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Let them sleep in decent houses but on empty stomach, so that in the morning they are all taken to graveyard for burial.

  55. mwana mulopwana says:

    It seems Dr Chakwera smokes, This man should get wisdom from JZU and not from his own bunch of MCP MPs , this guy is loosing his shape at a Panasonic speed,

    He does not understand a lot of things

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