Chakwera donates to Chilobwe flood victims, appeals for national day of mourning

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) and leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera on Saturday visited over 200 flood victims in Chilobwe Township and donated 30  50kg bags of maize to them as they cope up with various challenges resulting from the devastating floods that hit the area on Tuesday.

Chakwera in Chilobwe

Chakwera in Chilobwe

Heavy rains caused havoc across the country, and besides killing at least 50 particularly in the southern region, they also washed away countless household items. About 2000 people were left homeless.

The affected families, currently being camped at Chimwankhunda Primary School, require kitchen utensils, clean water, blankets, clothes and medical supplies, among others.

The MCP leader also visited several families who lost their loved ones after being washed away by the floods.

Chakwera then appealed and called on Malawi leader and the faith community to call for a national day of mourning as one way of comforting the affected families, especially those lost their relations.

“I came not only to appreciate the situation, but also give them some relief items. I also came to pray with them so that God should comfort them.

“I have also appealed to the President to call for a national day of mourning ; let’s be there a national of mourning so that those who lost their loved ones can be accorded opportunity to mourn their relations diligently,” said Chakwera after offering benediction to the affected families.

He then advised that the maize should be given to all flood victims regardless of their political affiliations.

Chakwera further hailed government, non-governmental organizations, UN agencies and World Vision for providing support to the flood victims.

The floods were fuelled by rolling waters that had originated from the highly deforested Soche Hill following three days of persistent storm rains that hit most parts of the country, mainly in the southern region.

They washed away about 15 houses built over a three-kilometer perimeter in the township.

President Peter Mutharika declared Malawi a State of disaster following the floods that have claimed over 50 lives nationwide.

About 15 districts including Karonga, Zomba, Machinga, Rumphi, Mangochi, Nsanje, Chikwawa, Salima and Mulanje have been affected due to the floods that have also damaged some road infrastructures as bridges.

Government need about K5 billion for the relief phase of the floods.

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64 thoughts on “Chakwera donates to Chilobwe flood victims, appeals for national day of mourning”

  1. Hotlady says:

    Sad that pple have lost their lives in chilobwe and big up to you mr leader of opposition for visiting the victims however pple should think twice on the houses they built along the mountain where the had been told to move out longtime ago.all the guys who built their houses along soche mountain shld just move out quietly coz they gonna face another disaster.kupewa kuposa kuchiza lets not be masters of our own fate.for how long our brothers and sisters in nsanje were advised to move in the flood prone areas?

  2. yadula says:

    Munthu koma uyu wothandiza pamavuto tili pambuyo panu Bwana.

  3. machete says:

    Uuuuh achakwela Mpaka mourning day!!!! Zomwezi kufuna Ku pemenyelapo political mileage
    Hold on floods are still going on,people are dying everyday and reports are confirming that Malawi will continue experiencing this weather
    Koma abusa Kutha ma plan

  4. Mawu anena kuti dzanja la manna likamapereka dzanja lamazere lisaziwe atelo yehova.

  5. Lekani says:

    Tamangopelekani,why the noise ndi ka bag ka ufa pamene wina wadonator lorry yathunthu but kuli yi! Let the left hand do not see what the right hand has done,says the Lord.

  6. Achi says:

    Thats my president keep it up

  7. A Naphtali Wamwai simunamalize!It could have sounded good mukanapitirizanso kuti ‘paudindo uliwonse munthu alinawo kaya ‘ubusa’ azionesa chikondi,not only when you become a political follower then its a good time to show one’s activeness .No .We dont want such kind of leaders here in Malawi.

  8. Abale koma Chakwela akuoneka ngati angasunge anthu,inu munthu oti sanabe nawo nthawi ya atcheya,sanabe nawo 92b,komanso sanabe 20billion koma kumathandiza choncho? Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiih m’tsogoleli koma ameneyu.

  9. William kaunda says:

    Abdalla, we mourn when our beloved ones die, so when more people are going to die in their coming days,we will not stop mourning.

  10. Byokoto says:

    National Day of Mourning? What a sick idea?

    This country has far too many national holidays and we don’t need any more.

    Irrespective of the calamity that has befallen us, the nation has to move on.

  11. What are these pple doing on top of these hills. Is this not a place for trees?

  12. Thank u so much bwana MCP President, u truly care and love Malawians- B.Mitambo.

  13. chembe says:

    Abusa mmesa mumati chomwe dzanja la manja likuchita lamamzere lisadziwe?Nanga kulengezaku bwa?Oh! Mnaiwala paja za mulungu munazisiya koma dziko lapansi eti??

  14. Fathi Alshdhaab says:

    voming on dite bwans predident spm&mcp zikomo..koms kabvalidee tisinthe..speeches i nean toungs cannot be changed bravo so long what is said mafe sense &kupepesa basi.utdigoleri ndi umenewo..eell done!

  15. Victor Julius says:

    The date is 15th and not 25th as shown.

  16. Victor Julius says:

    What about the other affected townships or areas? I remember of JBFI to have donated some relief items to the same on 25th January, 2015.

  17. nyapala says:

    May I take this huimble opportunity to appeal to those who r responding to the flood victims to consider giving maize flour instead of maize. I was involved in the distribution of relief items in the lower shire, there were no running maize mills, no clean water and no firewood! The people wanted maize flour, ndiwo and firewood for cooking! Infact an MP volunteered to be taking the relief maize and mill it at Thabwa(just after descending the escarpment a few meters from the Police Roadblock). Let us not politicize the distribution of Relief items, after all there is no dress code for visiting a disaster area unless if it is contaminated with poisonous gases or Ebola that u need special clothing! Jessie Kabwila speak unifying words and not words of hatred!

  18. cheteuno says:

    akapolo inu mwachitapo chiyani ,mukungotokota apa, anzanu akuthandiza. agalu inu khalani chete.

  19. Benson Njiwa says:

    Amene mukuti Chakwera adavala suit ndiye mumati avale chani? Kodi kani pali kavalidwe ka mtundu wina ku ma floods victims? Let us be civilized,even APM dressed in a suit when he attended flood victims in eastern region

  20. Enanu mulibe nzeru kuvala suti sichinthu cholakwika ayi kapena kutsalila kapena ntima wansanje

  21. yohane says:

    Hahaha akulu mavuto saatha komanso sachita kukonzekera kuti age ena ayi.

  22. wanted says:

    Don’t politicize

  23. lili kutti says:

    a PP apereka, a MCP apereka. Kodi a UDF, DPP muli kuti, tiziti inuyo mulibe kalikose?

  24. Dandire wa Dandire says:

    You will have these floods forever and forever.There is wanton cutting of trees in Malawi.They are billions bags of Charcoal churned by people in Malawi.Nobody cares how bare Malawi is becoming.All timbers comes from Malawi going to East Africa and other countries like our neighbours do not have trees.Malawi do not have strict policy to protect its trees.The government should have strict policy on cutting of trees otherwise we are just creating another desert in Malawi.Why cant we encourage the use of Coal instead of Charcoal?We have alot of Coal in Malawi.

  25. Merry Maker says:

    Two things,
    Let the floods start rescinding and then we can have the day of mourning because at the moment we dont know how many exactly have died.
    Secondly, no one is mentioning that bwana Chakwera avala suit ndi Thayo yet that was all people could comment about APM. Let us be realistic when criricising

  26. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    So inappropriate for Mr. Chakwera to wear a designer suit in a disaster situation; among those directly affected by the disaster. Not very sensitive, Mr. Reverend.
    Where are your advisors on protocol? Or do you still think you in USA, espousing your American accent?

  27. abdalla says:

    Chakwera organize a day of morning when the situation stabilizes so what if more people are going to die in the coming days so every day will be mourning day?

    1. SALOME says:

      abdala ukufuna anthu azifabe are you a wizard boy?

  28. Nephtali Wamwai says:

    Bravo to u bwana! bwenzi lidzioneka nthawi ngati imeneyi.

  29. Zebron Banda or whatever they call you you are so stupid because instead of comenting about Chakweras gesture you are talking about Joyce Banda.Ndiwe chitsiru chindere chakufikapo.

  30. Thomas says:

    Zeblon H Banda. Joyce Banda She donated goods of more than 1M kwacha 2days ago. through her JBIF

  31. May the Lord raise you at his appointed time. Malawian wanted you but “Namalira” betrayed us

  32. Chitseko says:

    Bravo #chakwera

    1. Dedza Guy says:

      You have led by example. You are walking the talk. We must not plat politics all the Time. Please continue the good work.

  33. Zebron h banda says:

    All the cashgate monies recovered by govt be used for disaster relief to all affected areas the way,where is joyce banda.why is not fundind the disaster as she did during the electoral campaigns?politicians-pure gorgons!

    1. Ndiwe chitsiru Zebron Banda wamva JB zumukhudzira poti matumba 30 omwewo.Pa JB ungotengerapo tsoka nfunsa azako a Satanic abweretsa ma floods kuti kodi JB amapempheta kapena ayi Galu iwe.Ukangoyankha zamwano uwona matembererero fisi wa munthu iwe

  34. Rift Valley says:

    It is not so much the quantities but, rather, the thought behind the donation. Ayi tele mwachita za kupsa bwana. Zikomo kwambiri.

  35. A COMMONER says:

    No political scores here, Malawi is in mourning, 1 death is just too many. Thank you 4 cuming 2 Chilobwe. Go 2 the next place and do the same.

    1. kanchenga. says:

      Ohio Chakwera has gone to chilobwe you and me should go to the next place to do what he had done in chilobwe It’s not a one man show.

  36. John Mponda says:

    That’s coming bwana Chakwera kumeneko,awonetseni khalidwe labwino agovernment bwana…

  37. lalirani says:

    kamtsikanaka kangaminule pamenepa, abusa a masiku ano akuwadziwa bwino bwino koma.

  38. chebokosi says:

    well done

  39. SALOME says:

    thank you very much my Rev, my president

  40. BINTO BANDA says:


  41. Mlomwe original says:

    Thats a gkod gesture MR Chakwera

  42. Montello Davis says:

    Mr MCP president, I request that if you don’t have any better solution to the disaster you keep quite and let capable people do the job. I mean what value will a day of mourning add to the problem at hand? Are you serious that’s the best solution you have for the problem? Why can’t you add your voice to the call for international and local assistance? Why can’t MCP mobilize resources within its rank and file to demonstrate their concern for the problem? You can do better reverend!!!

  43. mtima wa nyani says:


    1. SALOME says:

      choka nyani wa ebola iwe umafuna avale thewera ngati mwana

  44. mboniyabwalo says:

    Ndayamika a President a chipani chathu kuti mudabwerako kuno kudzakhala nafe mu nyengo yowawayi

  45. Peter Moyo says:

    That’s my President showing ntchito zake.

  46. chakwanuleka says:

    God bless you Dr. Chakwera. You were born a leader and your actions speak volumes.Thank you for being available to comfort the affected families

  47. ganimunthu says:

    This man is wise. Great Chakwera

    1. ganimunthu says:


  48. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Well done Rev

  49. mchewsa wa ku liongwe says:


  50. aphiri says:

    Atleast on personal capacity u ve tried after all u are not in government. Some people will try to compare u with rich guys but u hv done according to ur capacity

  51. opportunist says:

    Thank u Dr Chakwera for offering a helping hand.

  52. upe mhango says:

    God shud entervine eish!! paka Malawi.

  53. nyasa bouy says:

    A Chakwela muli nyatwa kma a presdent anatenga tmatumba 20 tokha eti

  54. Jescano says:

    Tithokoza mtima woterowo.

  55. kapindula says:

    Wa a president anthu 2019

  56. May their soul rest in peace, receive heavenly comfort in Jesus name.

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