Chakwera in US for political tour, says Malawi economy hasn’t been good

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, Lazarus Chakwera, who is also leader of opposition in parliament. Is on a political tour of duty in United States.

Chakwera arrives at the Senate chamber accompanied bu Bishop Crudup- (Photo: Joe Ellis/The Clarion-Ledger)

Chakwera arrives at the Senate chamber accompanied bu Bishop Crudup- (Photo: Joe Ellis/The Clarion-Ledger)

Chakwera has been visiting Mississippi where a local paper The Clarion Ledger reported his visit and described him as  the “ expected next president of the southe astern African country.”

The report in The Clarion Ledger said Chakwera is in Mississippi visiting friends, including Bishop Ronnie Crudup, pastor of New Horizon Church International in Jackson.

The Malawi opposition leader was introduced in the state Senate on Thursday.

“When I’m in Mississippi, I’m home,” Chakwera said as quoted.

“We are an agricultural-based economy, almost like Mississippi,” Chakwera said. “We would love to have trade that whatever Malawi produces we could have a market here (Mississippi and the United States as a whole) and the same. We aren’t looking for the United States to save us, but rather be partners in the global village.”

Malawi is landlocked, which makes it harder to import and export items, Chakwera said.

Chakwera  said Malawi ecconomy  “hasn’t been good”  adding that “close to 3 million people are seriously without enough food. “

The MCP president pointed out that one of the biggest problems in terms of government issues relates to “the cancer of corruption. “

He said: “And sometime because of corruption, services have broken down. We are working to see how we can resuscitate the economy so that the private sector, which is the engine of the economy,  will really do something to make Malawi a productive economy instead of a consumption economy.”

“We need a people who will believe in themselves and who will say no to a culture of entitlements and say we can do something,” Chakwera said.

The Malawi Congress Party, which fought for independence from British rule, is trying to take charge to make a better future for Malawi’s people, he said.

Bishop Crudup said Chakwera is a dynamic leader. He said Chakwera is doing a political tour of the U.S. and decided to come to Mississippi because of the support he has gotten from the people of this state in the past.

According to the report, Chakwera will be in Mississippi until Sunday before leaving for Washington for the National Prayer Breakfast, which is Tuesday.

Chakwera obtained his undergraduate degree from the University of Malawi, a masters’ degree in theology from the University of South Africa, and a doctorate in theology ministry from Trinity International University in Deerfield, Illinois.

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41 thoughts on “Chakwera in US for political tour, says Malawi economy hasn’t been good”

  1. Emmanuel says:

    I was just in Jackson 2 days ago.
    What a coincidence. Small world!

  2. Hede says:

    Umbuli ndi amtenda. political tour ili pati apa? Mbusa wapita kukakomana ndi azibusa anzake ndiye ndi political tour. No wonder Pika Manondo was campaigning for him without his knowledge. A weaker candidate indeed. Chipani chake mavuto a internal ndiye osanena. I think mai Chakwera akafatsa amawauza adadiwo kuti Dad koma mudaganiza bwino kusiya mpando wonona wa upulezidenti wa assemblies nkulowa izi mukunyozedwanazozi?

  3. Zikomo says:

    I belive Chakwera is regreting for having joined politics. Mulungu anampatsa mphatso yomutumikira. Thats why he is failing to lead MCP

  4. Hede says:

    Unfortunately, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Is this a political tour or church visit? The man is meeting his fellow pastors and you call this political? The man has left a litany of problems in his party at home and you hope him to be a president on earth? Some of those myopic followers of this party of death and darkness were warned by some of us before 2014 elections that this man is not a presidential material. Even Pika manondo and Joyce Banda knew this and did campaign for him as well as for Baba Tembo without their knowledge, coz they were and are deemed to be weaker candidates. If I were him, I would be regretting to have left the honour of being respected as a president of a church upon having relegated myself to a mere John Walker! KKKKKKKKKKKkk

  5. Hud K says:

    Chakwera the only hope for Malawians

  6. Ha zina ukaona! says:

    Guys munthuyu ndi mbusa ndiye akukomana ndi azibusa anzake. Politics ili pati apa? I think this galatian joined politics in a hurry. Look at what is happening in his party. He is being crowned leader of Malawi abroad while ovotafe tikudziwa kuti we are blue and with ma blue forever. Zinazi ukaona kamba anga mwaladi! KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

  7. Hadge Miradge says:

    Politics is the game of chance. He is also trying his luck.No one has ever said if Iam voted in power I will fail my people and my country.

  8. man D oloh says:

    only hope in this land of misery, Dr. Chakwera still remain best candidate for my vote not these other failures…

  9. ndjs says:

    This government was just been hijacked by crooks of DPP. Ligomeka exposed how Peter Muntharika stole votes by disturbing MEC’ s system. Peter has been told openly blank by some Bishops, apostles and other men of God that Godis not happy with what he did to get the seat. Even Peter himself is conscious of his sins .

  10. Chakwera is a waste of time

  11. Mccarthy says:

    Inu ndinu opusa kwambiri simukudziwa chomwe mukunena, munazolowera kuti amalawi azivutika ndimbazi you’re an idiot!

  12. Denguzman. says:

    Wansanje akomoke koma a Chakwera ofunika atakhala mtsogoleri wadziko. Munthu uyu sateketseka osati zinazi.

  13. Mccarthy says:

    DZUKA MALAWI, Chakwera is Only leader we have left in Malawi, if you hate Chakwera it Means you don’t love Malawi, if you can see” Devil is trying to destroy MCP & Chakwera, But God cannot allow that happen” Viva MCP & Chakwera Amen.

  14. banda says:

    50 PLUS 1 VOTE


  15. Mccarthy says:

    DZUKA MALAWI, this is the Only leader we have left in this Country” and we need the president who fear God’ like Dr.Chakwera: if you hate Chakwera; it means you don’t love Malawi, that’s why devil is trying his best to destroy MCP, But God cannot allow that, all the Angels from God” are protecting Dr.Chakwera & MCP, and its too late for a devil to destroy MCP; Viva Chakwera & MCP Amen.

  16. Yankho says:

    I am not happy that you are leaving the country now when the Party needs you most. Look at the problems that are emerging in the party now. We look more disorganized than We expected. Please deal with these problems and prepare the party for the forthcoming elections. Take my words If you continue behaving like that you will find the next convention more tough and I doubt whether you can win if you continue behaving like this. I am a loyal supporter of Malawi Congress party what I am not happy with what is happening. Lets solve our problems first and start global trotting.

  17. Nomore turning back. says:

    chakwera u r turnishing the image of this country out there and okumverawo ndi zitsiru. What hv u done to this nation to show that u care for malawi?. Ulendo wa chalichi muzitinamiza kuti political tour . No more turning back Mcp will never come back to power olo mutachita masenga otani.. olo itakhala coup ife kummwera zitingalole zachambazo never!

  18. me says:

    I love people who bring results rather than bring rhetoric. So far, not one politician has impressed me..I rest my case

  19. zaipa says:

    This is the greatest man the country need to allow him turn around the misfortunes brought by these crude and clueless so called leaders. I Wonder why his time could start now.

  20. thom says:

    If Chakwera had won the elections in 2014 kwacha would still be at 450 to dollar, koma nsopano yafika 800 to a dollar, we are crying what a mistake we didi. Tatopa mitengo zazinthu akukwera daily. Akulephera kuedetsa economy

  21. alicķ says:

    am proud of rev. chakwera ctil keep on fighting against corruption disease so that we can have a better malawi e

  22. Franklinmagawa says:

    You deserve to be the President you speak only the truth

  23. Kabaya says:

    If Chakwera z doing genuinly a hand of applause oppossition also saving the country from current economic problems. What we want z solution not when? why? who? what? l urge the government & all able malawians to be patriotic & save the country despite differences.

  24. Winston Msowoya says:

    Chakwera’s political tour comes at no astonishment as this was Chakwera’s ambitions in the sense that there are very limited financial opportunities in religious establishments that could enable him use such previlages.The former high priest has been launching scathing rhetorics against the Mathanyula’s regime on economic and political issues instead of convincing the voters what his former dreaded MCP would do instead if elected into power again.The fact of the matter is that there was no progressive economic relevance that benefited the overwhelming majority of our people and as a result our young people left the country for green pastures in neighbouring states.The unending song of the crippled MCP,is that the party had built the economy of ” ZANI MUONE.”When we talk of economy that sustains the needs of the people,we do not talk of the Sanjikas or Ndatas.We talk of the decency of human life.For instance how would our Police men and women left to live in homes built in 19th century.Thank God our Police Force are gentle and dedicated to their profession.So Mr Chakwera some of us know that you joined politics not to uplift the lives of our people,but to live a deferent life parallel to the former.You need to tell us what is MCP going to do if elected into power? 31 years is enough.Unip of Zambia has given up so Kanu of Kenya,the people have drawn a line and said enough is enough.In Malawi we also say that we have seen you before and now people want to see other faces.I hope Iam clear on that.

  25. Israel Juma says:

    Chakwera is the hope for Malawi;bravo DR Chakwera viva MCP viva Malawi enawa zawakanika tiyese zina 2019

  26. frank says:

    My prezida liphuleni dziko mmoto poti pano akutilamulira ndimbava zenizeni, mr chakwera God bless you.

  27. yassine twaibu says:

    good man

  28. yassine twaibu says:

    doctor chakwera do us wht u promise to the followers do wht jesus was said.

  29. Kabonje says:

    Akukanika Kuyendesa Chipan Uyu Nde Dziko Lingamukulire Bwa

  30. JAK says:

    Is it a Political tour or Religious tour? WHY MEETING THE BISHOP?

  31. vwapuvwapu says:

    wAchitabwino bwino Chakwera Ali panbuyopo anthu kkkk

  32. Man of God says:

    President ndi yemweyu basi. Onyoza Chakwera sagona, ndimpweteka.

  33. General Kanola says:

    no body is perfect

  34. Tobby says:

    nganganga pambuyo pa chakwera de only malawi’s hop for better en prosperous malawi …..long live Chakwera

  35. Chipapwiche Kajhalwiche says:

    Nchipeta woyaluka uyu. Anadya nawo cashgate. Sha!!!

  36. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    oChakwera is not cut out to be a politician; and he should stick to religious matters, like the prayer meetings on this trip.
    Nevertheless, he’s pointing out some of the serious deficiencies in our economic system. Exact points the government has been highlighting.
    Bwana, is this also a fund raising trip for MCP?

  37. stephen says:

    our president.

  38. Chinyama Phiri says:

    munthu ophunzira uyu odziwa Mulungu osati mbava tikuzionazi chirichonse Ali nacho nchokuba kkkkkkkk dziko Kathy kumvetsa chisoni

  39. shadowmp says:

    Dr Chakwera u r the biggest beneficiary of entitlements and allowances, apart from ur salary u get fuel, house, telephone/cell fone, electricity, water, sitting allowances! Yet u say u want a people who will say no to the culture of entitlements? Very amazing!!!

  40. tman says:

    So it is Chaponda,not a reverend who rewards Nyau dancers.U lost the glory,matama akupwetekani abusa.

  41. Mccarthy says:

    I like your style Dr. Chakwera, everything is going to be fine; God will help you to defeat the devil Amen!

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