Chakwera insists on Malawi ‘ State of Emergency’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president and leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera  has insisted that President Peter Mutharika should have declared a State of Emergency instead of a State of Disaster depsite Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu explaining that the President  opted for a declaration of State of Disaster as a more prompt reaction requiring less procedure that also preserved human rights.

MCP president Lazarous Chakwera: Ntime for scoring cheap political points

MCP president Lazarous Chakwera: Ntime for scoring cheap political points

Chakwera argued  in parliament that a State of Emergency in floods-ravaged areas could have made a difference in the response to those affected

“More could have been done by Parliament or the relevant committee to declare a State of Emergency,” the opposition chief said in response to a ministerial statement which Minister of Transport and Public Infrastructure Francis Kasaila delivered in the House at the start of the four-week  mid-year budget meeting.

“This is the worst disaster that Malawi has experienced in recent memory. It is important that we stand together, it is not time for scoring cheap political points,” said Chakwera, apparently reacting to government rejection of his calls.

According to Tembenu,  a state of emergency results in curtailment of people’s rights, restrictions on liberty and other rights as well as imposition of curfews.

“Under Section 45 sub-section Three of the Constitution, the President may with approval of the Defence and Security Committee of the National Assembly call for a state of emergency only in times of war, threat of civil war or widespread national disaster,” Tembenu said.

The Minister said the current situation was ably tackled by a State of National Disaster as stipulated in section 32 sub-section One of the Disaster Preparedness and Relief Act of 1992.

He added that a State of Emergency has a shorter life span of 21 days.


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26 thoughts on “Chakwera insists on Malawi ‘ State of Emergency’”

  1. ada chims says:

    Bwana presdent kulibe kumalawi

  2. Olirah says:

    What comes does not beat a drum but what is important is to choose the best option from what you have in your plate.

  3. Mphwache says:

    If this is not a “Widespread National Disaster” then I don’t what is? When almost every house in the land is leaking, damaged or submerged in water, when almost half of all maize crop is damaged in the fields beyond rescue, when major roads in the nation are at some point damaged to the level of impassability, when all earth roads turn into mud tracks and a lot of people displaced in the diluge are living in classrooms and churches, and its not yet a Widespread National Disaster?

  4. komwe kwa Chazunda says:

    Kodi mu Americano ameneyo akufuna azitiputsitsa ife. Why is he majoring in minors??? Osachititse manyazi ife ofumumu aku Ntchisi

  5. clement says:

    I have noted that some pple they in Malawi using fake degrees like Chakwera,Kabwila etc.Imagine what happened there at Kamuzu Cenral Hospital,a fake Doctor failing to write report even to know the proper medication to give the patient.Serious,there is need to follow up such degrees.

  6. Award Winner says:

    He thinks he’s smart, but really, he’s one dumb man

  7. Gringotts says:

    Ameneyu ndi Lazalo Chatsika amene adasankha kutumikila Mdiyelekezi

  8. Chakwera says:

    Apatu anthu akafika posaika ma comment umangoziwiratu kuti usiru wako atopa nao. Kodi ma degree ndi a theology paja. Thinking ukuchita kuoneseratu

  9. Novirhikana Kovahiwa says:

    Mbutuma iyi sikuziwa chomwe ikufuna akuwina ngati ndi tchalitchi koti anthu alibe ufulu opasidwa mpata kusankha chomwe akufuna

  10. Kadakwiza says:

    Thank you Hon. Tembenu for schooling this M’busa cum politician. Hon. Chakwera you don’t belong in parliament but in church. So go back to the pulpit.

  11. munyapa says:

    achakwera nchifukwa munabeledwa mavot. nkhani ili pano ndiothandiza abale athu ku lower states basi period.

  12. Kes munthali says:

    Kikikikiki! Comedy hour yeniyeni. Tembenu a lawyer( a brilliant one infact) explained and educated your ass the difference between state of disaster and state of emergency, but you a mere pastor with zero understanding in Law are still adamant that your right kikikiki! I can just imaging you with you fake American accent standing in parliament this morning making a fool of yourself. What a clown…

  13. Zaziiiii koma atsibweni hahahahahahahahaha

  14. iyawm says:

    Useless failed leader of opposition. Does he even understand what he says this man? Why did we allow a woman to join in the game of men….Chakwera go back to evangelism perhaps you were useful there

  15. Big brain says:

    CHAKWERA wagwa nayo

  16. mmihavani says:

    Chakwera you better go back to the puppit . You seem to be clueless on many issues except gospel.

  17. mtumbuk says:

    Advisors of chakwera can you advice him properly. akuchitisa manyazi mcp

  18. Ine Nchewa says:

    I believe State of Emergency is not ideal to the current senario and Our MCP leader should avoid these kind of recommendation as it will just remind the dark days of MCP when people did not have civil liberties i.e the removal of bill of rights in our constitution…Can we say MCP has changed with the new blood or it is the same as scared

  19. Mr Knowing All, Chakwela

  20. Chipoya LJ. says:

    My simple question to Chakwera is that, who is trying to score cheap political scores here between APM and you Chakwera? I believe its you Chakwera who chose to dump Gospel for this earthly thing called Politics forgetting the Biblical teaching which say “Muyambe mwathanga ufumu wake (Mulungu) and zinazo zizibwera pambuyo”

    How I wish Chakwera to remain silent on some issues like this one. I don’t blame Mr Chakwera but rather his party and advisors.

    However, I buy your views Mr ex man of GOD of unity especially in this tubulous disaster period. I do appreciate and thank those who have and are still assisting our affected brethren after APM’s appeal of National Disaster not the cheap propaganda of State of Emergency call pepertrated by MCP president.

    All in all, GOD Bless Malawi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Dr Chakwera, you are over doing things. We heard your opinion on our the floods, now just shut up.

    Remember, if someone can not understand your SILENCE, he will not understand you, even if shout into his ears.

    Basically, you’re dwelling too long on interpretation of the law which mostly is subjective as you can see.

    Now, it’s time discuss budgets and bills.Make sure, you contribute constructively and don’t personalize your contributions.

    Just simple reminder, ‘God knows the intent of the heart.’

  22. Mbakaya says:

    I do not understand up to now.Since its done its better to come with better option bwana Chakwera by applying what ever plan you had using the current system

  23. Mzwanya! says:

    Chofunikira ndikuthandiza malume osati za state of emergencyyo. So far so good by APM.

  24. powder says:

    khalani phee! bambo zonyoza zanu sizikuyankhidwa just to respect you but you keep on poking other pipo munali mbusa wanji kodi?

  25. Maliseche says:

    Ungopanga iweyo state of emergency-ndizotheka ndithu!

  26. Chikopa says:

    Achakwara mukupala mulikunja kwa boma nanga mukanalowa pa 20 panja inu mukanatidyesa udzu

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