Chakwera, Kabwila dismiss MCP unrest

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Dr Lazarus Chakwera  has dismissed claims of unrest within the party, they MCP was moving in one direction.

Chakwera: No rift

Chakwera: No rift

Sunday Times report indicated that there are cracks in the rank and file of MCP as evidenced by comments made by spokeswoman Jessie  Kabwila supporting the controversial MPs salary hike and then the denouncement of the same by Chakwera, who is also leader of opposition.

But speaking in an interview with Nyasa Times on Monday, the MCP leader said: “There are no divisions within the MCP as people are saying, if anybody wants to understand the party position on the recent salary hikes, they should go back to my paper which I presented during the press briefing and I don’t have any additional comment apart from what I already said.”

He  stressed that MCP remain focused on their role to provide checks and balanced  and how they can make Malawi develop again.

On her part Kabwira accused some individuals  of orchestrating the divisions.

“Some people want to take advantage on each and everything. What I can say is that there is no divisions or cracks as people are alleging,” Said Kabwira.

Chakwera took swipe to the salary hike describing Peter Mutharika as unethical president.

hE said MCP was never consulted on the hike and if the party was even consulted, they could have gunned down the proposal at its budding stage.

Chakwera said he was even ready to work without even getting anything as far as he was serving people honestly.

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67 thoughts on “Chakwera, Kabwila dismiss MCP unrest”

  1. Babala says:

    Kabwira Woyeeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. Khuere khongonyowa says:

    Ndiye bola amayi J B ajatu azimayi ongolankhula wambawa amawasiatu, shame KABWIRA atochenjeresesa amayiwa.



  4. Wosowa kwawo alibe mpumulo says:

    The only leader we have in the just ended elections was chakwera. The rest are rulers. If you ask me why?
    The answer is that APM is a professor in law as well as Atupere. Sindidziwa amayi ndi enawo

  5. nzika # 1 says:

    bola ku Egypt komweko

  6. Leave MCP alone, anthu opanda mfundo inu.

  7. isiyeni MCP munaibela ma vote nkana Mulungu wakwiya ndalama yavuta umbava ponseponse mvula ndi iyi sikubwela Mulungu zonse amaona,repent that God shd forgive u koma osazabelanso

  8. Obi 1 kanobe says:

    I dont support DPP but am from south. I feel sad that the lead oppodition is MCP, they are racist, tribalistic , and self serving. We are in trouble in Malawi.

  9. Clementos says:

    Any kingdom divide against itself cannot stand.Thus what Jesus himself said: MCP has no future as long as Chakwera is on the driving seat.He is a morden day Jonah who has given a cold shoulder to his calling.Leave politics alone REV Dr Chakwera.

    How can your own spokesperson speak contraly to your stand on salary hikes? If you cannot manage your own party how can you manage Malawians ? Pick up your the dusty bible and go back on your knees !

    1. Za Fodya basi mcp yatani zikukukanikani apa Paja mumakanika nkulankhula komwe

  10. kachikho says:

    The way the economy is there was no need even to raise the salaries of the civil servants . We have heard that during times of economic hardship civil servants in other countries were not paid their salaries for months because their governments did not have money. In Malawi that’s when salaries are increased by 80% or more for one sector and very little or nothing at all for other sectors and thereafter they are not able to pay the least paid primary school teacher. The other funny thing is that those who get more were given more increment while those who get less but work harder get very little. There are situations in Malawi where drivers working for statutory organizations get more that someone with a collage degree . What a country!!

  11. Mmalawi weniweni says:

    Leave MCP alone mbava inu Mulungu akuonatu mabodza anuwo ndipo dzakulangani

  12. Chithumwa says:

    Kabwila is a loose canon…it boggles the mind that anyone can think of appointing her as spokesperson of a major political party.

  13. phiriwaphiri says:

    akukanthani mulungu simunati

  14. GOLOGOLO says:


  15. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Rev. Chakwera ought to invoke Occam’s Razor here, and replace Ms. Kabwira-Kapasula, baasi. The lady likes the limelight so much she will soon contradict the leader and the party’s policies, again. MCP cannot win with this lack of cohesion. K-K should be replaced with an experienced politician; there are have lots of them.
    The lady is not willing to learn party discipline. She’s still has the mentality of a teacher in college, where “freedom of expression” is championed. Party discipline should be rule rather than the exception in politics. And It is abundantly clear that K-K is not willing to play by the rules! What more evidence is MCP leadership waiting for?

  16. President anali JB basi osati nyasi zinazi

  17. hidgeman masina says:

    MCP ndi chipani chogwirizana kugawanikana ndizoletsedwa mu MCP

  18. Keen Observer says:

    Kunama Chakwera if it were that case you couldn’t have left preaching the Gospel. False Prophets

  19. chakwera kabwira says:

    If Chakwera is serious let him donate his salary to street kids. Otherwise akunama that he can even work without pay. Please mr reverend, dont withdraw the money from the bank. Prove you preach the truth. You stupid lier.

  20. Concerned Citizen says:

    She is free to speak her mind, it does not mean that always she speaks for the party. At that time she spoke as an MP, that’s why she said MPs not MCP. MCP nor its leaders don’t attend cabinet meetings therefore they are not party to the inhuman increments.

  21. j k. jere says:

    Kugawikana kulibe ku mcp!osamangowona za amene akulephera kuyendetsa bomawa bwanji?

  22. High percent MCP says:

    In all these undertakings all I want to know is

    Who is receiving the new salary hikes and if so, when did this start. Everything else is nonsense – kuchita kusowa wofunsa ndithu. I don’t care whether Chakwera and Kabwira are arguing or whether Pita has opened an independent shopping mall or whether Getu has taken Beam to the north – all those means Nothing if we can’t get a response on the salary hikes. Pls journalists, what r u waiting for? Mana from heaven?

  23. MCP yatha ngati Makatani

  24. chefourpence says:

    chakwera is a liar! Hypocrite and a shameless thief! Did he ever work for free as AG president? How can he say he is ready to work for free?

  25. Kenkkk says:

    Mmihavani, yes the budget factored in the salary increases but didn’t produce the specifics such as by how much they will be increased. The specifics are usually discussed later separately with the full consultation of all relevant parties as per statutory requirements. They are not discussed on the budget day!!!

  26. opportunist says:

    That’s my leader

  27. PP Propaganda says:

    J. Kabwera: “MCP supports federalism idea.”
    J. Tembo: “Kamuzu told us that in unity there is strength. Federalism is divisive.”
    L. Chakwera: “As MCP, we have not yet taken the position. We are still watching the debate.”

    J. Kabwera: “Salary increments are justifiable. As MPs, we need more money to retain our seats.”
    L. Chakwera: “Salary increments are unethical. But I can’t say whether I will accept it or not.”

    Does this really sound like everything is in order in MCP house huh?

  28. Phwexy says:

    Ine pheeeeeehhh mu blue koma ndine sapota wa Bullets & Arsenal…… Tizimva zimeneziiiii

  29. Achalume says:

    Chipani cha MCP will remain Muhammad Alli in political arena!Koma MEC!

  30. Cydrick Mgunda says:

    Bola Wobaba amkayendetsa bwino ndipo palibe tsiku ngakhale limodzi zonena zawo zidaombana. Shame on Chakwera + Kabwira.

  31. matako says:

    Its called democracy people !! chill out. Jesse has the right to voice her opinion. I do not recall her saying she was speaking on behalf of the MCP. So why are people all in arms looking for her blood? It shows how mature the party is by allowing its MPs speak their mind on issues. This is not party platform let Jesse voice her opinion. We should not become a party of hand clappers

    1. Wanache says:

      I find your argument here senseless! Are you aware Jessie is the official spokesperson of MCP? It is said that MCP’s spokesperson said this or that. She represents the party and speaks for the party. Nonsense!!

  32. Dick says:

    Mr. Chakwera, learn to tell the truth!! This is not the first time when you have differed with your party’s spokesperson!! Which should people take, your own views or the party views as uttered by Kabwira!! That is why Chakwera fails to put checks and balances of Mutharikas regime!! You and your party have lost direction. DPP has lost direction and Malawi does not know when to take the next step

  33. Cimenti says:

    There is hypocrisy here. Jessies is no ordinary MCP member, She is very senior as party spokes person. And how did she express a view contrary to her President? And Chakwera himself almost contradicted himself in his defence. At one point he indicated that APM is a hypocrate by initiating the idea of the increments and later going public to say he and his deputy would not get the increments (implying that Chakwera had accepted to have his salary increased). At another point he (Chakwera said if he had known about it (the proposal to increase their salaries) in advance, he would have shot it down. Chakwera is just another hypocrate

  34. Sinthani says:

    The key advice to Dr. Kabwila is NOT to rush to the media before making quick consultations with other members of the politburo on the MCP stand in any critical matter at hand. Otherwise, she is displaying some challenges which need to be contained early – which might be attributed to the party by their opponents just to gain political mileage. She is doing a good job and don’t be reactive but objective…. Next time she should not rush to the Press before receiving blessings from the party hierarchy. DPP is blunder -endowed team and MCP should use any chance to hammer the nail…..Don’t allow failures to take advantage of you guys. Keep up good work defending the interests of Malawians.

  35. Rodger says:

    Our avice to Dr Kabwira is to open her mouth only when the party has given her its position on issues. If she speaks on personal level, let her indicate that what she is saying is her own opinion.

  36. Nyapapi says:

    Chakwera unakwera yokupha!

  37. Koma inu chipani chogawanika mumachidziwa? Kodi kusiyana maganizo ndi mkangano? Ifetu kwathuku kulibe olamulira ai, koma kuli atsogoleri. Izi zikutanthauza kuti maganizo osiyana amatuluka ndithu, koma ndi utsogoleri omwe ulipowo timakhala pansi kukambirana ndi kumapita chitsogolo. Ngati kwinako mumaletsana kulankhula awo ndi mavuto awo. MCP is not a family business like the other parties you know. Clear?

  38. Simie says:

    Viva Chakwera viva….the 2019 election campaign starts now, you’re next to the state house!!!!

  39. Soloza Chibere says:

    munthu ndi wbodza MCP muli mikangano koma mu DPP muli anthu akuba

  40. John says:

    Phew. Kaya. Onse andale amangofanana makhalidwe. Zonena nzina, zopanga zawo ndiyenso n’nkhani ina.

  41. cleophas phiri says:

    standstill your taking your portion starting from January from the hands of the so-called govt of APM

  42. Mmihavani says:

    I said it before that Chakwera doesn’t understand anything about running government or let alone finances. He claims not to have been consulted but he forgets that all this was factored in the budget that he was approving. As the leader of opposition he went ahead to approve something he doesn’t know. He should have scrutinised each budget line. Every time this fallen man of God opens his mouth he exposes his ignorance.

  43. Professional Vendor says:

    Ha!ha!ha!ha!ha! we ahd the same type of leadership in Assemblies of God during his leadership and you know how the church was like, lazy fair approach. Thats is the strength of Lazalo, he will not come and say you are wrong in his NEC, no!no!no! everybody is an angel there.

  44. munthu wankulu says:


  45. Nkhani ndiyakuti boma lalephera. Mafunso tizifunsana ndiakuti kodi a Mbendera akamaona ntchito zamanja awo zikupunganiza dziko chomwechi amamva mtendere mumtima mwawo?

  46. DPP just mind the business if replacing tge ageing Peter Muthalika and how you gonna manage rhe strikes.

  47. Alufeyo says:

    Chakwera is a liar. The proposal for the hike came from Msowoya not APM. Why dont you blame Msowoya for submitting proposals that were not discussed with members. In zhort it was the parliamentary service commission that made the proposals.

  48. aurora says:

    mmmmmm mcp kkkk

  49. Khalani chete adani aboma inu.Mukulimbana andi munthu wolakwika PITA’ simumutha.

  50. Fwetseke says:

    So we can say that money is indeed a problem

  51. Naphurwe Mmainje says:

    Just agree that all Mcp Mp’s should decline the pay hike offer.Malawians will give you credit. Otherwise mlomo wanu udzakutsatani. Musaganize kuti aMalawi sakukuonani. Dont just say it, demonstrate the servant leadership in deed.

  52. Chakwera amadya za mkachisi….kabwira nde eishh! Akanakhala okongola bwenzi tili mmavuto koma pot nd nkhwangwa yachabechabe asamtibowe ife

  53. Kakaboy says:

    There are no divisions in MCP. There is no way MCP can follow your plans. Just concentrate on building up your parties.

  54. Ambuje ku lilongwe says:

    Mcp yake yozalowa m’boma iti? Ya abusayi? Mwanamatu inu. Muzalira muzawona. Kaya ine ndangoduisamo

  55. l don’t see any indication of divisions in the party. Nkhani yake ndiye iti,anthu oipa ongofuna kukolezela ziwawa basi. Zinthu zikamayenda bwino inu kumtima biiii,koma zikasokonekela ndiye kukamwa yasa. Ana a njoka inu. A MCP pitilizani kukhala bwino asiyeni oipawo akagwere uko. Ine ndilibe chipani koma pamene zinthu zili bwino ndimayamika poyela. Asakusokonezeni oipawo.

  56. Zamanyazi says:

    You are slowly becoming a politician,Chakwera!! There are no divisions,only that you are holding different views on a number of issues; salary hikes being the prominent one. Its just unfortunate that its very clear there is no consultation in the party otherwise there wouldn’t have been conflicting official statements from the same party. Matendawa bisani,maliro tidzamva!!!

    1. Mchawa says:

      Koma ndiye wanena bwino, matendawa bisani koma maliro tidzamva. Dr Jessie Kabwila beware.. don’t you consult with your President??

  57. Fathi Alshab says:

    we believe you mr presidenr..but jessid am not sure cinsidering her attitudes too evasivs &explosive sometimes.. just her cool off abit she understand things and maybd she was speaking for herself this time around…

  58. Mulopwana says:

    This will give a big edge to DPP.

  59. MCP BOMA says:

    Much as we are hearing that there are no cracks within the party, this should serve as a warning to Dr Kabwira. Believe me something will come out of this.

  60. chatonda says:

    There are no problems in MCP as they are in DPP. DPP is completely gone to the dogs. Dziko lilimmanja mwa a garu poem is now at work. Listen to the poem on Joy Radio this Saturday so that you can make a meaning out of it . It is true that the country is in the hands of dogs.

    1. lemon says:

      Chatonda kapena chatota

  61. jabe says:

    MCP is strong and will be strong for ever! MCP 2019 Boma

    1. Atupere Muluzi mwana wa Mbava says:

      @ Jabe

      …………and MCP will forever be in opposition.

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