Chakwera, Kaliwo don’t see eye to eye: MCP’s SG accuses party president of snubbing him

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Secretary General, Gustav Kaliwo has revealed the degree of his relationship with the party’s president, Lazarus Chakwera, disclosing they have not faced each other for eight months.

Kaliwo: Kaliwo says it is worrisome that the party is involved in unending wrangles

Kaliwo and Chakwera have had a restrained relationship since last year. And in September 2016, the trained lawyer issued out a strong worded nine-paged letter raising concerns over the party leadership.

Addressing the media on Saturday in Blantyre, Kaliwo while announcing the party’s emergency convention disclosed that Chakwera has been snubbing his calls to have a face to face meeting to resolve their differences and some of the internal squabbles that have plunged the party into chaotic state.

“The last time I met the president (Chakwera) is in August 2016. Ever since we only bumped into each other at funerals, of which I don’t consider to be formal meetings,” disclosed Kaliwo.

Kaliwo said all his efforts to meet the leader of opposition in Parliament have failed to materialize as Chakwera kept on snubbing him without any justification or explanation.

“I have made formal requests to meet him through his personal email, which we usually use to communicate. I was expecting a response. I have patiently been waiting but he has not responded to me,” said Kaliwo

He then accused Chakwera of using the party’s administrative secretary Potipher Chidaya to communicate, ignoring his calls to meet and find solutions to the party’s problems at a time people are starting losing hope in the party.

Kaliwo said he could not use phone calls to converse with Chakwera on party problems, arguing “I need a recorded conversation that’s why I formally requested the meeting through the email. I avoided phone calls. He didn’t not respond but used somebody to communicate.

“My juniors cannot respond to issues between me and the president. I was told I should wait until his (Chakwera’s) dairy permits, and then we will meet. I have decided to take charge as secretary general and resolve issues the party supporters and members have been raising.”

Chakwera could not immediately comment , saying he was attending a meeting.

When asked about Chakwera’s abuse of party funds claims, Kaliwo said he did not have information on the issue but urged the party to address the issues.

“I have been at pains to explain what is going on in Malawi Congress Party. People are losing hope. Malawi Congress Party has been known for unity and discipline and now it is degenerating into this state.  I am concerned as people keep on asking questions of what is going on. I was hoping we resolve our issues internally than washing our dirty laundry in public,” he added.

On Saturday Kaliwo announced the party will hold a convention from July 7th to July 9th, 2016 at yet to be disclosed venue to resolve the internal squabbles that have plunged the party into chaotic state.

“I have had meetings with almost 23 committees from various districts across the country who requested me to call for a convention. Time is running out, as Malawi Congress Party we need to put our house in order if we are to have any chance in 2019. Therefore, I am today announcing a convention,” said Kaliwo.

According to Article 40 of the MCP constitution, an emergency convention can only be called if the party’s national executive committee resolves by two thirds of its membership, or at the request of half of the number of the district committees.

Kaliwo challenged that he has a backing of more than half of the party’s district committees to call for the convention and his move has a blessing of some of the executive committee members.

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22 thoughts on “Chakwera, Kaliwo don’t see eye to eye: MCP’s SG accuses party president of snubbing him”

  1. Bingula says:

    Hahaha, MCP, failures of your time, Mark my words u will never rule this nation again unless you borrow a listening ear, listen to Gustav, he has a point, let the party go to the convention and usher some new blood, let Chakwera contest and seek new mandate from the people, if he wins fine and good, the party is divided but needs new strategy to be reorganised, so that’s the only way to solve problems, agree with the SG

  2. Makonya says:

    When did MBC give air time to its adversaries? Kaliwo is a sell out who is being paid to caiuse confusion in MCP whenever you hear some one had free air time on MBC please be concerned. All we have heard from this sell out president wonnabe is that MCP wants a convention. Convention for what? Who on earth would vote for a disgruntled individual like Kaliwo? He has no agenda for this country other than he wants to sell our party to greedy corrupt Mutharika and his cronies. We do not need a convention in MCP what you can do however, is go and start your own party. You think you can dictate and continue doing the same thing and expect different results. Kaliwo is a paid confusionist by none other than Mutharika who is giving him access to MBC to make his noise.

  3. Hatton says:

    Mr Kaliwo, do not be intimidated. hummer Chakwera hard. You worked with Dr Banda, JZU and others. You defended these people during the mwanza case. At that time Chakwera was busy learning American english. No one, I repeat, no one should intimidate you. You know MCP better than Tenant Chakwera. Mr Kaliwo, you have my full support. MORE FIRE!!!!!!!!!

  4. peter says:

    koma, if you are failing to run a party, can you run a government. please get your act, together. this is free advice.

  5. Accountbvuto says:

    Kaliwo yabvuta Account ku Bank ili mu RED. Wamutolako wa DDP pa Malawi pabvuta kwambiri .
    Kodi nanga munthu akanatani anayambatu Kuyenda pansi munthuyu. Wamupatsa ndalama for the meeting held at Grace Bandawe and the delegates only ate MPUNGA NDI CHICKEN BASI.

  6. Machendewale says:

    Kaliwo you are just wasting your time to shit many mcp followers for we clearly know that you have been appointed by CERTAIN PARTY to destroy MCP. Unfortunately you are now leading those people MABULUTU and they see you NGATI MUNTHU WOPHUNZIRA ZEDI. U loya ndi school yodandaulitsanso. People have gone to school zeni zeni like the Prof. CHISI a very intelligent man.

  7. Zokwiyisazedi says:

    Yes I want to agree with the writer Kulishimbascho comments. Mr Kaliwo please do not mislead Malawians who love MCP and if you have problems with Chakwera that is not the way you conduct business. In reference to yourself do you think that people who have loved MCP for years can vote for you as the state president country wide or only in your home district. What you are doing Mr Kaliwo is purely bad and by the way are you still practicing or you left it due to lack of clients. The best you could have done perhaps was to apply for Judgeship at the high court may be you could be admitted just as your retirement course than bringing CHISOKONEZO MU MCP. You still want us to remain into slavery until MUYAYA?

  8. Kulishimbascho says:

    Mr Kaliwo you are a lawyer by profession and what you are doing is not pleasing to many MCP followers who indeed went to school like you. Parties have problems within their house and have you ever seen them taking the matter to the air?
    Someone is using you and the most worrisome part of it those behind do not see that you are busy destroying MCP and Malawians know it very clearly probably you think many within your camp are solely behind you. For your information even if the convention you are seeking chooses you as the Party President there is no way MCP can win elections in 2019 and your aim behind is to sell the Party hence you are being given opportunity to Air it on MBC its pitiful what you are doing Mr Kaliwo MWAWONGA CHIPANI CHA MCP INU ANTHU OBWERA.

  9. hora says:

    Be very careful with MBC and there bosses, the question you should ask yourself Gustaf is how come am allowed to be aired on this bogus radio station this time round? MBC never ever allow the opposition airtime even if they were to pay for it.Ask yourself and think of an answer you will be shocked if you think with sober mind.Dont spoil the party build bridges and not fences

  10. Rift Valley says:

    I am for a convention but the way Kaliwo is going about the issue clearly demonstrates he has no regard whatsoever for the four cornerstones the MCP is founded on. How can you organise a convention without your president’s or NEC’s ( regardless of how you as a person look down upon him) blessing These are traits of a confusionist and such people are not welcome in the party.
    As said above, the convention is necessary to ensure the elected executive has a clear mandate to steer the party in readiness for 2019. Elsewhere Kaliwo says whoever wants to challenge him in court will be wasting their time. Honestly bwana Kaliwo? These are traits of a dictator. And you want to lead MCP? We know that whenever a dispute arises between two parties, it is impossible for the two to amicably agree and it is for this reason that you need arbitration. The court is the arbitrator in this case. Otherwise chaos is the result. We do not want this in MCP.

  11. Chabwino Palibe says:

    Why is Kaliwo waisting his time. Noone in the South will ever vote for MCP…..the party of death and darkness. This is the party that killed Gadama, matenje, sangala and chiwanga….the party that sold party cards to unborn babies and stopped siCK people from accessing hospitals and markets for failing to show membership cards….Kongelesi go to hell

  12. amen says:

    A Kaliwo tinakudziwani kale mawanga anu kuti mukungotumidwa ndi DPP yanuyo. Pepani nkhanga zaona!

  13. Kaliwo has a point,Chakwera is bias towards the Chewas,tiye nayeni ameneyi.Why every time there is an issue inthis gule wankulu or nyau party u youth leaguers try to connect them to our mighty DPP

  14. Werani says:

    It is this thinking in MCP that you ignore every contrary voice that will put the party at a disadvantage come 2019. Some people need not to be ignored all together especially because Dr Chakwera has shown that he favours people especially from the Centre where he addresses his rallys ignoring other regions as well as make unilateral apppointments in the party.

  15. chikoti says:

    Mwetu, can’t you see that the attracting the reach strategy is the same thing that is causing divisions in the party? Those who are supporting the party financially are doing so to get same financial returns at the end….better have poor people who can contribute the little and wisdom to the party that a few who will only benefit from the party..odzikindikira chuma at the expense of the majority..Let the convention sort all this out..if some leaders think they can do better in party why are they refusing the convention..kukakamira mipando chifukwa cha dyera zotsatira zake chipanichi chipitilira kufooka..all democrats advocate for transparent and inclusive leadership…ley the party sort out all this at tha convention…zofuna kapena kupatsana ma udindo through back door nzosaloledwa

  16. Kadyani says:

    Okaliwo, nkesa ndinu oloya? Tsono ma District chairman munalinawo ku press conference nkesa court lidati siovomerezeka? Inuyo mumanyozera chigamulo cha court?

  17. koma kumeneko says:

    Failed politician

  18. Why Chakwera is so arrogant and self centrered like that, Nobody is bigger than the party, If he continues behaving in such way, He can go back to the church.

  19. chatonda Mvula says:


  20. wapsa tonola says:

    zosamveka bwana kaliwo

  21. The problem with people who support MCP is you don’t comment on the issue but you concentrate on bad mouthing dpp. with this behaviour malawi sangatukuke.SG akunena zamavuto ali mchipani wina akuti wagulidwa,ukufuna kutiuza amalawife kuti mu mcp mlibe mavuto?Ndichipani chiti chilibe mavuto? A SG akuwona mavuto ndibwino kukonza mavuto nthawi yachisankho ikadali patali.Next time comment on the subject mayter.

  22. mwetu says:

    Gustav, you are saying you have been calling the president to be on discussion for the resolution of the issues in the party. What are the resolutions you are saying? Are you sent by the nkholokolos that are bought by dPP. What you should know KalIwo is you and other pipo including dpp you are destroyed and you need to destroy our mighty party MCP. Chakwera is making hard to bring back the Giants to support the party but you and others are having hatred with chakwera. Munali in a MCP pound maudindo ndiye simunawapeze mukugulidwa ndi dpp kuti muononge chi pani. Inuyo mukulibikila anthu womwe akhala kusasapota chipani fincialy omweo Ndimmene mukufuna inoyo pomwe mzanu chakwera a kuchita a tract zikhwaya zikweze chipani inuyu simukufuna. Convention mukalenhezera ku Brantyre kusiya ku headquarters ukuopa chAni. Tizachotsa iweyo pa convention yomwe waitanitsa.

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