Chakwera keeps Mutharika in check: Maintains Malawi economy stabilising at State House where taxpayers pay for President’s living expenses

Leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera, who is also Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, has maintained that the economy of the country remains fragile and is only stabilising at State House where the taxpayers pay for the President Peter Mutharika’s living expenses, saying many Malawians are facing “grinding poverty” and hunger.

Chakwera addressing a rally in Kasungu on Sunday - Photo by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

Chakwera addressing a rally in Kasungu on Sunday – Photo by Alfred Chauwa, Nyasa Times

Chakwera, speaking during a political rally which he addressed at Chenjewazi Primary School Ground in the area of Traditional Authority Simlemba in Kasungu District on Sunday, said President Mutharika should not be in denial over hunger related deaths and poor living conditions of Malawians.

He said even though the President Mutharika claims that the Malawi economy is stabilizing, the reality is that “the only place where that claim is true is in the State House he occupies, where all his bills and living expenses are paid for by Malawian tax-payers. But for our people, who pay their own bills and living expenses, there is nothing stable about this economy”. –

Chakwera also accused the Mutharika-led government of frowning at opposition when they are giving checks and balances.

“People are dying of hunger and it’s not a secret, everyone is aware of that. Malawians are burying loved ones almost each and every day,” s said Chakwera.

Chakwera said President Mutharika declared the State of the Disaster on hunger because the situation is dire and people are dying.

He also took task the government to explain the whereabouts of money allocated to Green Built Initiative, since there is nothing happening on the initiative.

On the health sector, Chakwera described the situation as pathetic.

“It is unfortunate that Malawians are struggling to access health services in the country. There are long queues in public hospitals and yet Parliament is passing budget to buy drugs for our hospitals,” said the opposition leader.

He described the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration as failed government because of lack of improvement in provision of social services, electricity, water supply, health, education and that things were no better for the unemployed youth or tobacco farmers.

Chakwera said Malawians are the best judges come 2019 following social economic and political woes that they are undergoing.

“It is not a secret, Malawians are suffering. But the good news is that 2019 is just around the corner and I know Malawians with speak through the ballot,” said Chakwera who looked confident throughout.

Earlier the Day, Chakwera who is a Reverend himself, attended prayers and Sunday Paper at Chenjewazi CCAP Church where he assisted the fundraising activity with almost K200, 000. (USD300).

During the rally and paper Sunday almost ten Members of Parliament and good number of National executive members attended the rally.


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Going back to the mistakes of the old mcp under Banda will not help us as a nation to move forward. We want to avoid those mistakes, most of them were in In fact political or human rights mistakes rather than economic. We should be concentrating on the current economic and corruption mistakes which these dpp thugs are strenuously focussed on to self enrich themselves at the expense of our people. Trying to go back to Banda that means you want these corrupt thieving dpp thugs to continue doing so and ruin the country economically. The problem with dpp is… Read more »
Winston Msowoya
It seems the High Priest does not comprehend the real issues surrounding Malawi’s political spectrum.During Banda’s era,Malawian tax-payers paid gargantuan amount of funds to upkeep him and family members of his concubine Cecilia Kazamila in his multifarious State Houses paid for by the wretched people of Malawi and some of these homes are still standing amid the forests of Kasungu unoccupied.What a misuse of public resources while most of the Kasungu citizens are still living in medeaval shacks in an independent nation.As a matter of fact,since the arrival of this fake man from abroad,he had never bought or built his… Read more »
Mhone Raban

A Chakwera tamayankhulankoni za mzeru nthawi zina osangokhalira mwano, mkhwizi komanso Regionalism. You sound more like Gwanda Chakwamba and Kamlepo Kaluwa. Tell you you what, these guys were mostly ignored by Malawians for their lies and sentimentalization of national issues and you risk ending that way.

When it comes to issues of national concern the opposition says the government has failled.during kamuzu banda people suffered and its not a can one have acard when he is in the womb of his mother?come my village during malawi congress party only two people had iron sheets houses.avillage of 300 people.can you imagine.would you call that father was a teacher and a farmer but never got 1000 kwacha in his intire farming job.that time cotton was 92tambala per kg.during malawi congress party we had one bus only.if you mis that one then ulendo umakhala wamawa… Read more »

Chakwera has proved to be inexperienced, naive and slander-loving pastor than a true politician. It’s good that he is exposing his chicken-brain now before he dupes us into statehouse


Atolankhani muzijambula bwino zithunzi from a good angle kuti anthu azionetsetsa kuti the crowd is just like that one of people gathered at a funeral of a homeless person


chakwerayo wapangapo chani chokuti ifeyo tingayamikirepo koposa kuyankhula zinthu zimene ife tikuziziwa kale?
mavuto akuchipatala ndi akalekale si alero mmene ine ndinkabadwa ndinapeza dziko la malawi anthu akudandaula mavuto omwewa ndiye sindikudabwa
ingodikirani 2019 mr Chakwera tizakuonani mukadzagwira chiongolero
lero mukuti dpp mukazalowa muzizati anaononga ndi adpp so
tiyeni tikambe zinthu zomanga Malawi osati kulozana zala

koma Kumeneko

This is the leader malawians wants , minus riging malawians voted for him and malawians are in trouble because of those who played the role of rigging elections and let God punish them, let them have no peace. Its not a secret that donors dont want to work /assist any DPP govt. Mukupweteketsa anthu kumalawiko chifukwa chobela chisankho. God have mecy on malawians please please people will die this year because of hunger related deases.


I personally have an issue with Chakwera. Why does he not build but pull down? Why is his language always inflamatory yet he claims to be a pastor? Which god does he serve, surely not the heavenly Father who is kind and long suffering not intent on harming others


It will be necessary then to keep your personal issue away from this forum.


This forum is full of personal opinions. Bring yours please!


Thank you bwana munakalankhula ndi anthu akwathu zoona zokha zokha.

Honeycomb Chidyaudzu

Every well meaning Malawian can tell that things were far much better during MCP’s time than with this clueless DPP government. Malawians please if we want this country not to turn into a failed state we must vote the DPP OUT. They have failed TREMENDOUSLY.

Mthawanji Mwale

Those who are saying Chakwera did nothing for them,that’s nothing but truth and it is the same with Mutharika before he be came a President.Tell me what APM did for Malawians before he be came a President even one ,he did nothing except cash gating with his brother.
What Chakwera is saying is what is happening on the ground ,and that’s his duty as an Opposition Leader,we are paying taxes but no body knows where that money goes, all we hear is government has no money yet they are busy fattening their bank accounts at the expense of Malawians.DZUKA MALAWI.

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