Chakwera now addressed as ‘Professor’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarus  Chakwera, who is also a leader of opposition in the 193 strong Parliament,  is now being addressed as a Professor.

Professor Lazarous Chakwera

Professor Lazarous Chakwera

On Sunday, at Kalambo School Ground, where Chakwera conducted a joint politicall rally all people who spoke saluted the leader of opposition as a Professor.

MCP Organising Secretary Dyson Kamphambe Nkhoma started it all by saying that “You Professor Chakwera is the only hope for this country, Professor Chakwera the only candidate for MCP in 2019”.

The party’s regional Chair for the Centre Patrick Chilondola also did the same throughout his speech addressing Chakwera as a Professor.

While Kamlepo Kalua and Enock Chihana of People’s Party and Alliance for Democracy too, recognised Chakwera as Professor.

MCP Deputy Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka in an interview with Nyasa Times, confirmed that Chakwera is indeed a Professor.

Mkaka said there is no politics played in the title.

“There is no politics here, Chakwera has been Professor since 2005, he has been lecturing in various Universities, so he was conferred Professor in that line,” said Mkaka.

Mkaka denied that the party is using the title as one way of repositioning Chakwera for the 2019 elections, so that he is able to compete with Professor Peter Mutharika the incumbent head of state.

A Biography search indicate that Pan Africa Theological Seminary awarded Chakwera Professor  in 2005.

Chakwera obtained his first  Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy) Degree from the University of Malawi in 1977 before  getting Honours Degree (BTh) from the University of the North, Sovenga, South Africa.

The profile indicate that in 1991 he got his masters (MTh), from the University of South Africa before getting his PHd from  the Trinity International University, in Deerfield, Illinois, USA.

Mkaka said: “Chakwera is a humble man he has been refusing to be called Professor because of his humbleness. But as a party  we can’t just let it go he is a professor he is supposed to be addressed as such.”

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70 thoughts on “Chakwera now addressed as ‘Professor’”

  1. Chaubweya says:

    Lazalo sangazawine 2019, Mulungu adakwiya kwambiri posiya nkhosa zake in suspense. Olo atakhala pulofesa nothing will change.

  2. That’s the the biggest mistake with our dear country people think that leadership is all about education NO, of course you just need atertiary education even a first degree so that you can understand things but it doesn’t mean that the more educated you’re the better leader you can be NO. Leadership is all about wisdom which most of our educated leaders lack, they’re knowledgeable yes but don’t have wisdom. So professorship will never take you out from the quigimire that my dear malawi has found herself in. Ask the Lotd for the leader not qualifications. Proof is that most of the good MPs are not even holding a degree.

  3. kaya mufune agalu inu kaya musafune chakwera akulamulanibe.kodi mumawona ngati dziko la malawi ndi la alomwe basi.BULL SHIT MOTHER FUCKERS!!

  4. kabuthu says:

    zopusa basi ngati chakwera ngothandiza osathandiza boma kuti anthu azakonde patsogolo.ngolephera palibe azapange

  5. akuka says:

    Even me am aproffessor

  6. llozoh says:

    Life is hard in Malawi .You can be busy supporting them but you yeid nothing by the of the day.Think of yourself.

  7. This is rubbish of highest order

  8. Dr Thapatula says:

    Chakwera and Bushir, Bushiri is better of for the presidency. Bushiri is generou. He helps out people not Chakwera. He has never donated even a grain of maize to the locals. Blue shit Chakwera. He is stranded for presidency but you will never make it at all.

  9. conqueror says:

    Ine ndikuti MCP inakanika ndi JZU nanga Achakwera angatani

  10. Mngoni says:

    Childish MCP and you pastor Chakwera kumasekelera zimenezizi choncho mkuzakuvoterani? tapitani mukakambe ndi president olamulayo kuti tidziwe kuti ndiinu okhwima nzeru osati za zii mukusekelera apazi.

  11. Nyengani says:

    zachamba basi mukuona ngati title yo ndimene azakhale nayo pampando ng’ooo , you. lose we win DPP WOYEEEEE 2019 BOMA AGAIN

  12. sosten says:

    Ambuye mpasen moyo wautali chakwela kuti mpaka azasogolele zikoli tatopa ndi zilomwez zikuwononga ziko la ntendele

  13. Apopo says:

    Kkkkkkkk kodi zimakhala bwanji kufika pa u profesor kususa kuti mboma lisamange nseu paka u profesor nanga ndi chani?

  14. 2016 welcome says:

    To posit that Chakwera will or will not make a good president is just hypothetical. But what is empirical is that we have Peter Mutharika who has performed dismally and majority of Malawians of good will are wondering as to whether his(Peter) international exposure and academic record have any value. Peter Mutharika mediocrity has made some sections of society doubt the importance of higher education. But the truth is education is important only that people like Peter are untrainably dull.

  15. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Chakwera is the only hope for Malawians. Let us all unite, all opposition parties unite and vote for this man in 2019. otherwise we shall all perish under DPP regime. Oh god have mercey on Malawians. Some blind Malawians elected the Mafia to destroy us and we are being destroyed bit by bit

  16. LANTANA says:

    Most professors don’t do well when they are into power better doctors,,,,,just leave it as it is,,, being a professor means nothing its just a title all matters is the brain capability to out the needs of the people when u r leading.

  17. chakwera son says:

    MCP,kubera ndi dzina lomwe?kumene mukupangako ndiye timati maboza.bwanj osangokhala kumadya nyemba zanu? A Chakwera mwaphunzitsa univesrty yake iti?mukufuna kutinamizapo apa,komaxo amakutchulaniwo kuti ndinu prop…akukunamazan. Mulekereni mwini dzina prop Muthalika basi.

  18. mulopwana says:

    mmanamiza anthu ku central komweko, mcp singalamule major malawi (south) isanalore ndipo sizidzatheka. Azakafukufuku tadziwaizani andalewa zoona asamadzivute mumtima.

  19. magawagawa says:

    a professer Chakwela ulemu wanu, panopa muzikozeka kukalowa ku state house. Koma anthu ngati Kabwila, Ulemu Msungama, Chankhwantha samalanaoni angakutaitseni bomwetamweta udzu. anthu opupuluma koopsya. Kabwila asamakonde kutamula MCP atamalankula zonyula zake zinja. angationongele chipani. a H.E professer Chakwela anthuwa atamanyula dala za sensive ngati zinja osamapitako ku police kukawaona, angamakulakwitseni , zizikhala ngati mukuwatuma pamene ayi samala naoni, mutakhala inu dziko mungotola, zandale zimafunika kudekha, asakuphophonyetseni akamvumvuwe amenewa. in 2019 when you will be in Government bring back ADMARC, M.H.C WORKS and P.V.H.O. these sectors are backbone of develoment of this country.

  20. mbwiyache says:

    Ma professor a Theology (Historians) kkkkkk what can they add to our welfrare as Malawians talking about history all the time. We don’t need a lot of them now in Malawi. We ultimately, need enterprenuers, manufacturers, etc to turn our economy for the better.
    Ife tingadye uprofessor. Ndale amadya??
    MCP diehards, you think he win in 2019. Forget about MCP occupying State, after APM, AAM alowe m’bwalo from 2019-2024 and through 2029. M’manja mwanu muli magazi a anthu osalakwa mpaka pano adakafuulabe kumene adatsikirako ndipo mudzapedza tsiku liri n’kudza

  21. mbwiyache says:

    Whether you call him “mr, dr or professor” that doesn’t hold any water to Malawians at all. Anthutu samadya title ya munthu. I f you failing to serve the public and what you know is just making useless “NOISE”. Meet the Head of State first then discuss Malawi’s big challenges altogether. Malawi is on flames of fire. Economy, hunger, poverty, high inflation etc. Osamangophwitsa mukakhuta ndalama za misonkho yathu a Lazarus. We know you are surviving on our money, you are burning our fuel. Everything as leader of opposition the taxpayer pays you and you are becoming very fat now. Organise constructive opposition that can move this country forward. Professor ndiye kuti chani? Zaugalu shupiti ma diehard a MCP. Kagwereni uko

  22. Macdonald chisel says:

    U foolish dpp attack dogs i hate u ur mothers and all ur dealings with our beloved son prof chakwera

  23. Achembele says:

    U Have Now Started Jerouse With Chakwela Fo Being Reconised As Professer , You Thought To Be Professer Is Dear, Look Now Chakwela Is Now Professa ,uhave Lost Mcp 2019 Boma

  24. Mirella K says:

    Za ziii

  25. Dominic says:

    Shaaaa kani ndinu proff

  26. Chisale Wa Manjawira says:

    Mukasowa Zokamba Its Better To Keep Quite.
    We Have Herbalist Practitioners Calling Themselves “doctors” And You Find Something Wrong With The Prospective President Of The Republic Of Malawi, Right Hon Proff Lazurus Chakwera Duly Called Proff.
    Who Ordained Those Herbalists As Doctors???
    Even The Title “president” Is Being Used At Positions Merely That Of Chairman Or Founder.
    His Excellency Prof Lazurus Chakwera, 2019 Boma !!!

  27. LessChildrenPlease says:

    I think Chakwera and his mediocre team ha no plan for Malawi. MCP is truly clueless. Why on earth should the MCP spend its energies looking for titles for their president? Leave that stupidity to those who have never visited the corridors of the university like GM and BM.

    MCP is still clueless and please organize an election to get a leader who can think beyond district chairpersons of the party.

  28. Lottie says:

    What kind of research has Dr Chakwera been doing? How many papers has he published in refereed journals? How many books has he published?

  29. Godrich chirwa says:

    maphunziro ndi awo, ndilake tsamba ife sizikutikhudza inde anaphunzira mwa ubulutu,chifukwa ophunzira amapanga zinthu mwanzeru, chimamuvuta chakwera ndi chiyani pakulephera kuonana ndi kukambilana ndi president nkhani zotukula dziko? iye masters kapena phd analandila ndiyotsutsa chilichonse, chilichonse akupanga president ndi boma lake ndi zoipa basi? kunyasa nkhope zanu ndi ntima omwe chimodzimodzi, every face tells astory, you sons and daughters of toilet

  30. Richards Renfard says:

    Educated savages do you understand this word, Malawians needs leader with vision, wisdom. academic is the additives of that.

  31. sokonombwe says:

    Men of God. Please say Chakwera was a hamble man when he was among the congregation. That is why he was not answering to Professor. Now he is in dark and he feels that he should now answering to professor. Zamanyi basi.

  32. Kalyoto says:

    Heeeeeeeeeheeeeeee koma eeeeeee shaaaaaaaaa! chiri chonse kukopera zoona? anzanu ena anatenga kale u Associate Professor mpakana lero sanakhalebe full Professorship inu wanu wa pasonkhano kikikikikiki zilipo!

  33. Professor number Three says:

    kkkkkk, Chakwera!! Professor!!!kkkkk Mwandionjeza. Abusa mwatani kodi? Ambuye anakwiya. Kodi MCP ikhoza kudzalamulanso dziko la Malawi? Search me. The truth of the matter is, there is a need we find coherence between titles and the possibility of moving heights. Return to the base (church) and God will forgive you. how old are you going to be after 2024? Pliz dont talk about 2019kkkkkkkk Anthu anamusankha Peter ali kunja kwa boma kkkkk ndiye pano? i first voted in 2014 and i voted for DPP for one reason; MCP must never win and PP mmmmmm it was taking my country to zero destination.

  34. Ineyo says:

    Koma this is a pursuit of mediocrity of the worst kind. So sad.

  35. Kenkkk says:

    No big deal. What people should understand is that in USA or indeed France, professorship is granted to everyone in the teaching profession. It has nothing to do with academic excellence. But others are granted because of academic excellence.

    In case of apm, it is difficult to tell whether his professorship was granted because of academic excellence or simply because he was a teacher or lecturer in USA. I think the latter is close to the truth. Remember what professor Chirwa said about apm. So no big deal about chakwera as well.

    Also you can just see from the proliferation of professorships at our Malawian universities. They have absolutely nothing to do with academic excellence, most of them but just as a career progression.

    Most of the best leaders in the world don’t have all this nonsense titles such as doctor or professor etc, indeed don’t even have masters or PhDs. It is only we stupid Malawians who have been brainwashed by these selfish leaders craving for titles. Look at our leaders, all useless at leading and resolving our economic problems, let alone being thieves, dictators and arrogant.

  36. Political Tycoon says:

    Poor timing again as Malawians have lost hope with Profs. We beta try a Mister this time around. People with titles have completely failed this country bcoz in most cases their ears seem to be deaf from capturing advises.

  37. Pido says:

    Njoka saweta. Satana uyu. Not only when one calls themselves man of God is he one, no! Their deeds shall testify of them. Jabulosi uyu Chakwera. Mfiti Nthakati yotha ntchito ndikukuuzani. Chimunthu choti chili so power hungry such that he can even kill. Satana ameneyu

  38. Chambe says:

    Ngati anakhala Professor mu 2005, mumalekeranji kumamutchula kuti Professor? U Professor unaduma uwu.
    Munthu uyu amazimva monga momwe akufunira kukhala President kudzera pa window. Akuopa kuti angadzaludzenso mu 2019.
    This is now very intersting to note that one Professor was beaten squarely by another Professor in 2014 general elections irrespective of whether the results were disputed or not. There is a difference between the two: one is clever and could forsee the winning formula and the other one failed to identify that winning formula.

  39. Phyuta says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkk !!!!! Chakwera is a very big joker. He is naïve !!! He will never rule ii Indeed he is a Dood Head !!! No wonder we do not want him in the part.

  40. Macklouis says:

    I like reading these comments bcos its where I study how dull some pple are. Pple who cannot differenciate btwn good and bad.

  41. Professor Ben Phiri says:

    Some of us knew Chakwera was a professor long time ago, the thing is some people are humble and Chakwera happens to be one of them. Remember how one Moya Bingu bought one from India just to be at par with his sibling APM. Titles don’t make good leaders and cannot change people’s character. I don’t think this will change him. I value hard earned credentials though not these politically motivated honorary doctorates. By the way how many people know that Lucuis “soldier ” Banda is also a doctor? He was honored with one but doesnt use it. Wise up Malawians. By the way Nyau and MCP are not synonymous. Is Tchopa or gondolosi synonymous with DPP? Is Jando synonymous with UDF? Most of you Lomwes are inept and intellectually challenged. Comment wisely please or else you just show your ignorance.

  42. Malawi otopa says:

    We don’t need a professor anymore what we need is just a good leader,siyani kumutchula munthu dzina la uprofessor chifukwa zimenezi sitikuona phindu lake.

  43. ADyumali says:

    Asaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, ndikayesa kongelesi ndiyosiyana ndi zinazi? Palibe chabwino basi. Mwayamba kale izi musanalowe mu boma, nde mukalowa tikhala nawo moyo?


  44. The Analyst says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha . . . the world shall never cease to amaze me . . .

    Reading through the story I was keen to see the university which has conferred this honourary accolade on Chakwera, only to learn that it’s some overzealous party members? Ha! Laughable! So what are you trying to achieve? To make Chakwera at par with APM? On what basis?

    Of course “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” – Mahatma Gandhi; but are you in right frame of mind to make APM your benchmark?; hence imitate the professor that he is? Malawi is doomed! Tuth be told, I would rather be a first or MSc degree holder than imitate the tail-less professor that APM is.

    Most importantly, “You dont need a title or a position for you to lead.” Leadership is a skill which can be shown with or without academic accolades, so long as you are wise and intelligent and have the skill to righly mix the two, within yourself.
    While its an open secret that the intelligence of the ones giving out this honour is below average, the integrity of the person accepting such a dishonourable honour is equally questionable.

    MCP and Chakwera can do better!

    Otherwise, such a display of chaos of mind does not inspire hope to Malawians, particulary those who know what it takes for someone to become a professor or be accorded such an honour.

  45. Kanyimbi says:

    Za ziii basi professor professor wa chiyani?

  46. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Whatever! He will never be president of this country! MCP too much magazi!

  47. Dr Tonde says:

    what a lack of creativity!! The same lack of creativity has seen MCP partner with the thieving party PP, such a soiled brand!!! No wonder no one knows what Chakwera stands for!! MCP needs to change leadership. Chakwera is too dull!!! he can articulate his message and comes across as someone who has nothing to offer!!!!

  48. therere says:

    he will still be the same, stop decorating people, we had Mkango in the end people abused these calls and started killing each other, let him be Dr Chakwera perod.

  49. mbwiye wapata says:

    Who cares whether he is a Dr or Proffessor?we just need a leader..thats all….Why are Malawians obsessed with academic credentials?…What you should know is that in most cases the academic background has got no bearing on the success of a leader,it does help but that is not the determining factor….to succeed academically you need intelligence,Good/transformational leadership needs wisdom…and thats where we are lacking.
    Peter is a very acknowledged and accomplished academic probably better than all other previous presidents of this country but he seems to be the worst when it comes to performance..isnt that telling you something??..
    You should also note that once in power…politicians make vote maximising decisions which at times are in conflict with normal economic principles….the Malata and fertilizer subsidy initiatives for example are purely vote maximisers..they know its not sustainable but this is about next elections strategies!!!

  50. George Vyrakujura says:

    I always say MCP will never rule Malawi again. There are lots of dull people who are not creative at all in this party. To them what does professorship mean? Has American been ruled by a professor, has the UK been ruled by a professor, has China been ruled by a professor, but these are very successful countries. If anything they leave such a tile in college and wear the title of president, but here in Malawi you like mixing up things a sign that we are still far behind in our thinking. You should come up with innovative ideas that will convince Malawians that you are the party that can form the next Government come 2019- but let me tell you it will happen- mbuli za nyau zachuluka ku MCP including mbusa wanuyu. Alipo anzao amakana timaudindo tauchitsiru chonchi. Do you know how many time Wole Soyinka has been conferred honorary degrees, do you howm nay time Robert Mugabe has been conferred honorary degree, but you will never hear Zimbabweans address their president as Dr Mugabe. Honorably degree is honouraly degree- period, sichinthu choti mpaha muzichitira mpokoso ngati mmene mukuchira ndi amayi anuwa iyayi, kungosonyeza kuti a Malawi ndi anthu osaphunzira. Can you find job using an honorary degree? – ma Unversitywanso pena pake.

  51. Alungwana says:

    It doesnt matter wether the cat is black or white as long as it catches the rats.

  52. owen banda says:

    We need leaders who first as wisdom from God and commit to work with other leaders by developing the country other wise all the men will become proffessors in Malawi

  53. kanjole says:

    We dont say humbleness. The correct Engish is Humility…… He has been refusing to be called professor because of his “HUMILITY”

  54. kk says:

    Am sure many of Malawians about 80% they did not know Chakwera, they known him after he joined politics.
    Let me just open your eyes here, guys just last last week we were also lamenting at Mrs President after being crowned, this to me shows that most Malawians we don’t feel good when some one is above us, Lets change our minds please, if you want to know more about him, just ask him, he will tell you. Mr Mkaka said he is a very humble man, it is very true that’s how he is pure that’s how well educated people behaves, Samakhala odzikuza,
    Ndati ndilipano kuwelengatu ma comment anu ndipo sindichokaaaaaaaaa! ndipo am his spokes person panopo hahahahahahaah!!!! ine kunva kukoma, Mumaona ngati Professor ndiwanu yekhayo kikkkkk.
    Lets put them together PLC and PAPM and ask kamwana kuti kaloze amene akuoneka……………………………………………… atha kuloza ndaaa?

  55. Yusuf Jana says:

    If we are to develop as a nation we need a MR for the president. These leaders waste time with tittles which have no meaning. Peter is prof but he bis failing to run a small country like Malawi. We need practical leaders and not dreamers. People who will fix our country based on the situations on the ground and not text book leaders. Any prof 2019 no vote coz its a waste of time.

  56. mbani says:

    sostain gwengwe through his research was the first to address him as such in mchinji bravo

  57. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    I am an MCP supporter but I do not agree to this glorifying of Chakwera. One need not to be a Professor to be a good leader. We have another professor who is failing to lead the country. Please stop glorifying our leaders as they start seeing themselves as demigods.

  58. Mike Mithi says:

    Iwe nyima ukutchula nyau nyau ndi nkhani iyi zikugwilizana pati? Uchenjele katundu wakoyo amela pamphumi

  59. Joseph Banda says:

    Mkaka and your fellas do not open up your mouth and start cheating Malawians. No problem this man to be called Prof. But coming here YAVI YaVi cheated is a bit childish. Chakwera never refused to be called a Doctor even when he was a reverend and these titles do not matter. He was happy to be called so. He would not have refused to be called so if a reputable university gave him that. He is in politics where such title befit very well. KWA AMALAWI ODZUKA, THIS HAS BEEN GIVEN BY MCP, and that is why he was shy to use it.

    IT IS REALLY A SHAME. The humble people are the likes of OBAMA with PHDs but they still called Mr. Obama. Gordon Brown, with a PHD in Finance, but was called Mr. Gordon Brown. Be REAL MKAKA.

  60. Mathias kamoto says:

    That has nothing to do with our economic health which is deteriorating on daily basis.Malawi wake up!

  61. BOKO says:

    Thats good news for MCP

  62. kk says:

    Ma comment anu akutsogozedwa ndi kaduka, nkhwidzi, nsanje,kuola kwa mtima kikkkkkkk
    Chakwera ambiri tikumudziwa kuyambira kale pa za maphunziro ake, thats why mwauzidwa lero kuti ankakana kumatchulidwa zimenezi koma lero mudziwe kuti kulankhula za nzeru kuja munthuyu simunthu wambaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! tsono mukwiye zeeeeeeeedi mwanva?
    Munthu wankulu tsopano wafuna dziko lidziwe kuti ndindani hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!
    Ife kunva kukoma kuno. Hoza friday ine ulendo wopita ku Francis Town ndasintha ndipita monday ndiwerenge kaye ma comment yanu pano eish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. Bule Kalongonda says:

    Chakwera is worth to be called “PROFESSOR” no matter what other political leaders can say.

  64. Wankulu ndani says:

    Hahahah mwati pro?

  65. Nyapaphi says:

    We don’t need another professor in this country. Professors should stick to academics and not politics

  66. Ngozo says:

    Za Ziii!!!!!

  67. MBUMBA says:


  68. chilombo says:

    Kutchulidwa proffessor,Doctor,or Mister sinkhani ayi.Nkhani ndizintchito zamunthu.Olo u proffessor siumalamura dziko ayi.Amalawi tachengela pano sitivotanso chifikwa cha Title.Mwina poti enawa ndi a proffessor ndiye mukuona ngati mukakhala ndi title yofanana you will stand a better chance?Nawo zikuwakanika koma dzina lawonso ndilomwelo lomwe mwazipatsalo.Mumalikana pano mwalivomera chifukwa?

  69. Nyima says:

    To teach at a university alone does not grantee someone to be called professor,there are procedures followed to do that.On a serious note ,you have been refusing to be called so ,why accepting now ? sindinamvepo such a thing.Wake up anthu anyau inu.Dont just copy everything ,be creative dont waste your time,with these simple things ,you can be a president without being a pro .Unfortunately you will not be the one.

    1. Tembo says:

      Chakwera is dull.He is less creative and more imitative.

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