Chakwera raps DPP ‘fool’s errand’, demand Njaunju justice

Opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera has called the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led administration as “inconsistent government” and that the nation is not only financially bankrupt, but also bankrupt of sound policies and plans to move Malawi into a prosperous nation.

Chakwera delivers his response cheered by MCP MPs in the background

Chakwera delivers his response cheered by MCP MPs in the background

Chakwera and his MCP front -benchers in parliament

Chakwera and his MCP front -benchers in parliament

Responding to President Peter Mutharika’s State of the Nation Address, Chakwera who is also president of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), told parliament on Monday that the Head of State avoided “so many national issues that it is almost impossible to find anything of substance to respond to.”

He said the DPP-led government may think that avoiding saying how bad things are in the country will make Malawians think that their lives are getting better, “but this is a fool’s errand, and this House will not allow you to bury your heads in the sand like this. Let’s talk about how things are falling apart.”


Chakwera slammed what he called government inconsistencies, saying there are so many that it is dizzying to account for them all, citing contradicting statements on several issues to do with government policy.

“Mr Speaker Sir, the inconsistencies of this government are so many that it is dizzying to account for them all. We spend millions to train doctors, but they say that we are too broke to employ them.

“The same government says it is selling Malawi Savings Bank one day, then says it is not selling it in order to consult Malawians, then sells the bank while Malawians are giving their input through Parliament.

“The same government says it is not buying a jet, then hires a jet, then says it will buy a jet in the future, then says it will never buy a jet. The same government says it has no plans to raise salaries for public officers, then raises salaries a month later, then its leaders say they are suspending the salary increases they gave themselves until the economy improves. 7

“The same government says the Access to Information bill will not be tabled in this sitting of parliament, and then says that the bill will be tabled in this sitting of parliament,” said Chakwera.

The leader of opposition added: 2This is a government that communicates today that it is not recruiting junior doctors and tomorrow the same government contradicts itself by saying it will recruit junior doctors.

“ First the government communicates that there will be no Maize seed package in the 2015/16 FISP program, then wakes up the next morning it is going to include maize seed in FISP. The same government that campaigned on the promise that civil servants will have their salaries improved is now slinging insults at the civil servants for believing the empty promises, saying things that I cannot repeat in this House, when they make legitimate demands”.


In his 44 minutes speech in response to Mutharika’s 25 minutes address, Chakwera also tacked the issue security lapses in the country accusing Mutharika of downplaying the real security breakdown and disputed statistics by the President that indicate that the crime rate is going down, saying those statistics are “total lies and far from reality on the ground.”

He said: “Mr Speaker Sir, what Malawians know is that thugs armed with pangas are terrorising them in their homes. Since 2014 the security situation in the country has deteriorated to levels we have never seen before. The number of reports of rape, defilement, abduction and killing of albinos, and killing of police in the line of duty has been on the rise. Even houses of diplomats are being broken into by robbers”

Denied justice

Chakwera also questioned the DPP led administration why it is taking too long to investigate and act on the murder of Anti Corruption Bureau senior official late Issa Njaunju.

He questioned why the government has taken a “casual approach” to the issue just like the death of Polytechnic student activist Robert Chasowa,

“Mr Speaker, Sir, if Government is incapable of protecting its citizens, can they at least give us an answer to this simple question: Why are you doing nothing to investigate the murder of a senior Anti- Corruption Bureau officer, Issa Njauju? From the day of the murder until now, the Government has taken a casual approach to the investigation just as it has done with Chasowa murder.

“Why should it be the opposition, the British High Commissioner, and other members of the diplomatic corps who push for a thorough investigation when the President has the entire police service at his command?”

He added: “When the Council for Foreign Relations in New York asked the President about what is being done about Issa Njauju‟s death, the entire President said was that the murder was a professional job and was very complicated to solve! What? If you are admitting that our problems are too complicated for you to solve, then why are you clinging to the office you hold? “

Chakwera said the ACB like other constitutional governance institutions need not only to operate independent from the executive, but also in a safe and secure environment.

“When officers are kidnapped, brutally murdered and burnt…that is not just a precious soul lost, but justice denied,” he said.

Chakwera blamed government saying the measures taken are still weak and no strategy exists to
deal with organized crime.

“Is it that criminals are more organized than the government or the government is organized more by criminals?” questioned Chakwera.

As he concluded his speech and the House went to tea break, the opposition side stood up and sang: “Chakwera ndi boma lero Chakwera is fit to govern Malawi].”

Following the responses from the opposition, Parliament is expected to start general debate on the motion on the President’s address from Tuesday.

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80 thoughts on “Chakwera raps DPP ‘fool’s errand’, demand Njaunju justice”

  1. Fortunately i sm old enough and have seen what So called rulung parties fi,wirse frim1994and thats why wrare where ee sre.not mco ir chakweea infact Chakwera is more relevant to mla politicsa zan ur moya pro wama dollor150m.kadyeni ndi getu ku bahamas bwa!!

  2. Vincent says:

    Achakwera dikirani nthawi yanu ikubwera.zimaoneka zophweka akamaendetsa wina.anzanu akulamulirawo ankatero lero ndi izi.Munakanika kuyendetsa mpingo nanga bwanji dziko.I voted for DPP koma vote yanga ndinabetsa koma inuyo musamanthe mau ngati muli dolo athandizeni anzanuwo kuti dziko litukuke osati kutaya nthawi ndikulozana dzala.

  3. kagawi says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! MCP Parliamentarians, zoona aphungu enieni mukutha kumubvalika dzina Chakwera wanuyo kuti boma when chonsecho olo mwiniwakeyo akudziwa that he is just a leader of opposition! Mukulifuna Boma akulu eti??? Mukabwedze kaye ndalama munadya zija za mpingo kenaka mukalape ndi kutsanzika kuti mukukalowa zachikunja kusiya God’s call!!
    You people mudzakomoka come 2019 inu!! I wish mavoti analiko mawa mukanawona

  4. john banda says:

    tiyeni nazo

  5. Okay says:

    I like Chakwera’s rantings. typical of a party that is perpetual in opposition. Following the footprints of JZU. Chakwera has learnt so fast that it’s in the opposition where he belongs. 2019 you will see him crying again. I agree with someone who says if he failed to manage a church (but managed to embezzle church funds), how can he manage a country? Fortunately, he has some followers, educated or not, who think he is ticking but in 2019, we will show them the same game we did to them in 2014. Kungoti fans yake ndiyaliuma zedi. Which is a plus as it is detrimental to their political survival. Simungaseweretu ndi DPP pankhani yandale. Inu tabachitani phokososlo. Little by little, people are seeing that you are becoming irrelevant, the CSO way!

  6. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    A beautiful rebuttal to Mayhanyula’s empty SONA address.

  7. timol says:

    munthu ngakhale u DC omwe saudziwa ndiye atinamize pano atinamize boma boma mukaliyambila pati achakwela ngati muna lephela anthu fote ku asenbulesi ndiye dziko?

  8. Nhuma says:

    It is not about setting up institutions like ACB that matters. Its about letting such institutions do their job. Its about protecting the people who in such institutions. We expected a national address by the president when a top of official from such an important institutions dies in suspicious manner. Remaining silent with arms akimbo is what makes people suspicious and wonder whether Government is helping them.

  9. Dambudzo mwasanya says:

    Chakwera is right to school this thug?How can they just Njaunju die like that?Afraid of being exposed of their crooked ways of ripping malawians of billions of tax payers money and lecturing malawians of bracing for tougher times while they are swimming in stolen billions.What a total bullshit.

  10. MaKopa says:

    Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Shakwera bring down the lomwe monkey.

  11. marvey marvei says:

    Very good critique of Malawi problems, but where are your substantive alternative solutions, Abusa? TALK IS CHEAP! WHERE ARE YOUR PRACTICAL BANKABLE SUGGESTIONS?

  12. shii says:

    njaunji’s killing was an inside job.

  13. kamowa John says:

    I salute your objective response to APM’s speech. The state of the nation address indeed left quite alot to be desired. You really represented us. Teach them to speak the truth as seasoned retired pastor.

  14. lonje ken says:

    i second Chakwera completely . Correct what is going wrong!! Big up

  15. dausi wa dausi says:

    Waseme # 55

    You mean Njaunju has relatives whose eyes are opened like you who are able to interact on such social media. Its true that it is painful to have your relative being killed like a dog. No no that was painful. But the record I was writing here is that if the relatives reain quiet like fools then who will take this issue to court. Work up and take the issue to court with all tangible evidence. Its true Issa can not come back but at least those who killed him and reasons for that will be known. You have the write to go court and sue against nyasatimes so that it must stop publishing the issue. Dont stand against we mare comentators. Remember there was alwast the issue APM and K92 billion and Allan Mtata. Do you see it here. No because the long arm of law caught Nyasatimes and Allan Mtata here. Do the same and no body will make an comment about Issa, let alone the issue appearing here. I am not arrogant, but I am telling you the truth there will no justice on Issa and Robert Chasowa because of the nature of their death. All of them were killed during night and it is very difficult to find those who were involved. Mark my words. do you remember the death of Thyambani Road Accident 1982. That case was followed by Muluzi but nothing yielded. If you need my assistance then I will help you with my number. I will help you. Osati kumangotukwana, mbuzi ya mano kunsi ndiye ndani. Gulugunya wachabechabe ungaopseze ineyo.

  16. Harold J kadzipatike says:

    What Chakwera spoke in response to Peter’s speech in parliament this Monday was right and true, I respect the questions he was asking and the explanation of the inconsistency of the government. He put in the way that one should be opened and see what is actually happening in our government. When i was leading this article i was just roughing and asking myself the questions without answers. I indeed 100% concur with Chakwera’s RESPONSE.

  17. Bande Brian,MBA,BAac says:

    Chakwera is using old politics.why is he following APM every where.He will not win in 2019 ,i tell U.This is not the way how we do politics.Nthawi zina azitha kuyamikira zabwino zimene ana akuchita.Azaliranso 2019.IFE A DDP TINAVOTA KALE.

  18. chatonda says:



  19. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Pita ndi galu u president wakuba
    sangakambe zinthu zanzelu mulungu sanadalise usogoleriwako.olo mutapanga defend uchigawengawu ndinthu mwaziwa muthu aphwanga ndiwoooopya we verywell that Jauju was killed by pita muthanyula with the help of mukhitos ,dausis itell you all these pipo will runaway from malawi.

  20. mmmh inu a chakwera mukakhuta musamatinyasepo apa,,,,,inu ubwino wanu ndiuti ngati mumaba ndalama zamu mpingo…..mxxxxxxxieeeeeew!!! Ndakwiya nanu

  21. martinkaos3 says:


  22. waseme says:

    Jalais (29) mbuzi ya mano kunsi ukudziwachiani iwe? Ife abale a Njaunju zimatiwawa ndi ma comment opusa ngati amenewe. Ngati ulibe zolemba kulibwino kungo khala basi wamva galu iwe

  23. commenter says:

    Chakwera may look like a hero here on nyasa times but us Malawians are the real culprits, what exactly are we really doing about it??? NOTHING!! We will comment with fake aliases instead of marching in the streets to really prove that we are concerned!! The comments here on nyasa times add no value whatsoever!!

  24. losco says:

    Kwachaaaa!!!Lero?? Kkkkkkk. Okhaokha amakedzanatu.

  25. choonadi says:

    Do legislators in the USA sing in the legislative house kuti Leader wa Republican ndi boma right in the house? Really? Our understanding of democracy and self-expression is stupidity,

  26. AMEEEEEEN mr president

  27. Jelbin mk says:

    Some people i dont knw if they are using brains to think or maybe the problem is the aueen’s language accquaitance. They keep senselessly arguing that Chakwera should provide solutions not criticisms, really? arent criticisms solutions on their own? for instance if Chakwera says why doesnt goverment investigate Njaunju’s murder is it not in other words saying government should investigate and prosecute criminals involved in the case? if yes then there is no need for some DPP zealots to ask for solutions from a leader of opposition while government is not even willing to take them on board. For example the sale of MSB was alternatively discussed and agreed in parliament not to sell the bank and what did the executive do? they arrogantly sold the bank without even recovering our 6 billion from crooks such as Mulli and the Kutsaila’s and some months after that Mulli was introducing his own mobile opetating company using our very same money. This country stinks especially with the Muntharikas on the driving wheel they are not leadership materials.

    1. Shimwitwa says:

      I agree with you. The problem in Malawi is that they are a lot of hand clappers and defending senseless things just because it the party they support. Its value-less to commit on things they are not sure of just because I want to make someone happy. Malawi cannot development with the mentality of many of us. The president is surrounded with YES bwanasa and all they live is to defend and they cant even advice the president on valuable issues that we see our country to grow. Ntata was right in his public lecturers. Wake up my fellow Malawian. These politics of INSULTS and HURT will not take us anywhere. Lets bury our differences and work as one, you don’t gain anything by insults our president, Members of parliament, Ministers and deputy ministers and the leaders in opposition. Remember they are also human and they are bound to make mistakes at all times and they deserve our respects, they are our parents.

      Look at our neighbouring countries, they are doing very fine even our currency is strong but we are very far in terms of developments.

  28. Kondwani says:

    Mbava zokhazokha akaziweruza

  29. Peter says:

    Dr. Laz the real leader!

  30. Peter says:

    Chequer the real leader ndithu

  31. namarokoro says:

    This Lazaro is a joke. Is he serious on the issue of trained doctors?

  32. Jose says:

    Anzeru okha omwe angaone kuya kwa zomwe walankhula mtsogoleri wotsutsayu.

  33. Mlauzi says:

    Keep the fire burning LC and MCP. Once again, please strengthen your structures in the Southern and Northern regions. Increase your visibility and hold more meetings. 2019 election will be yours to lose.

  34. mbwiye says:

    A chakwera ndale zoterezi zinatha tadikirani 2019 muzizalankhula bodza lanulo.amalawi anachenjeratu bodza akalidziwa mungamuchose president lero inu?

  35. Almon Mataka Kamanga says:


    1. Shimwitwa says:

      Hand clappers

  36. Mwethu says:

    Hearing Chakwera talk you really marvel at the mastery he has for US english, and yet he only stayed there just a few years. Then comes our own green holder card, a veteran of the US who has lived years and years in the US, it’s a sorry state of affairs that he can’t even pronounce simple english words and the accent itself sounds like someone who has just been plucked from the streets of Goliati!!!
    I don’t know what to make of this man really!!!

  37. BRIGHTON says:

    Men of God of the old gave solutions to the problems their countries faced which I don’t see in the so called man of God Chakwera. You don’t offer solutions to the problems the country is going through. You are the worst Malawians can trust to take the leadership of the country.

    You don’t even give bibilical examples to these situations we are facing and how they were solved so that you can really show that you are a man of God.

    Let Tembo advise you. He was offering solutions to problems than just mentioning them and then ask the President to step down.

    Shame Chakwera!!

  38. Lhomwe 2 says:

    Ngati uli uli a jalasi kaya waku mpingo kwanu izo ndizanu Chakwera being a leader of opposition, he had all rights to answer and balance any mistake the gvt can do, and if you want opposition leader to give answers to the query he raised then the govt of today must pave way to who got answers to all those problems,

  39. ngerengere says:

    You better leave this issue for the police becoz the way it happened is not a straight forward issue

  40. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Chakwera tsopano, doubling the president’s time from 22 minutes to 44 minutes and you think waitha? Useless character!

    MCP will never rule Malawi again, mmanja mwache muli magazi ambiri!

  41. Chakwera yemweyo kuti wawawawaw!!!!!!

  42. LOMWE says:

    Ndikuwona kuchedwa Chakwera atatenga bomali manja mwa Nyapapi

  43. Pat says:

    Mr Chakwera the galatian, if indeed you stayed in the USA before, you should have understood that solving a crime, especially murder ones is not as straight forward as making the noise you are making. Sophisticated as the US is, some crimes can last them decades to solve. I all criminals had simple and slow minds like yours, crime would long be a thing of the past. Wake up from your slumber stray pastor and face reality

  44. Muhiphethere says:

    People are watching chakwera’s mouth too. If chakwera does not sober up in his choice of words, it will be DPP in 2019 once again and again and again and again and again and again and again . I mean if nyau party leader chakwera continues with the ‘agalu inu’ type of speeches. Watch dis!

  45. bamusi says:

    Boma ili ndi la try and error

  46. Nabanda says:

    You are talking Chakwera

  47. Jalasi says:

    Chakwera is a fool of his own class and he is thoughtless on the following issue

    Robert Chasowa.
    You were an opposition leader during JB. Why didnt you work out with her to solve the parables around Robert death? Why did you not accuse JB over the same? You were quite that time, now because APM is your president, then you are noisy.Stupid Chakwera.

    Death of Issa Njauju
    Lilongwe is a big city with lots of residents. Which of them saw Issa being killed? Who has witness that Issa was killed on political grounds not by thief’s groungd? Chakwera no body saw somebody killing Issa. It requires like to give the government some information that will lead to arrest of Issa’s killers.Government and its machinery has its own limitation in investigations. Not all cases are investigable. Even CIA has a number of cases on its table for ten or more years under investigation whose results are not yet out.What more with Malawi investigative team? You are a fool.

    Cases of violence, family base, albino base etc
    This is done at family level. Those involved are caught and sentenced after being found guility. They are being sentenced by the very same government you are accusing. That is how the government operate. Do you want the government to stand by every citizen so that those violences should be discouraged.No no it can not happen. If you kill an albino the government will come in and take you to court of law where the long arm of law is waiting for any offender.The why blaiming the government? There no sense in you Chakwera.

    Ulibe nzeru iwe eti. Matako ako.

  48. Mzungumbuli says:

    Chakwela level- headed, Chakwela Intellectual power-house .Chakwela ACTUAL-PRESIDENT in waiting, Chakwela the hub of unity in Malawi, Chakwela the man with coilled brains, Chakwela mbwibwi ya pa Malawi, Chakwela the Intellectual icon. He has outplayed Peter in Parliament. May Peter answer the most important question poised by Chakwela” Is it that criminals are more organized than govrnment of Malawi”

  49. James says:

    Chakwera apa asonyeza udolo. He has crashed Mutharika and DPP to the core. The 24 minutes speech was just a waste of time because Mutharika did not focus on the issues. Chahwera’s responses has overshadowed Mutharika’s speech.

  50. levelheaded says:

    No matter how many people can aplaude your scanting speech Mr leader of opposition. Ask yourself if Malawi can find solace or any answers in your speech to the problems we are facing today. Malawians do not need people who can twist every speech that the president makes rather we need an opposition leader who can tell the government that you are wrong at this but do it in this way.

  51. vocal evangelist says:

    oppostio meams the government of devil. In heaven there one government thats God led administration. The prayer that you yourself led and taught many people for so long is still ……. Monga kumwamba chomwecho pasipano ……… Inu muli mbali imene kumwamba kwangali mmmm nzobvuta kukukhulupilila. All what you say nothing chingasithike coz you lack intergrity. Yesterday i saw in a high cost vehicle today you say ndibweza eish mablander muli kuja nanga mukalowa inu muzatibesa. Chete ngati ulibe chokamba.

  52. Abiti says:

    Good speech with real issues that are currently affecting Malawians well articulated.
    Malawians hah hoped the President to tell us Solutions to this myriad of problems.
    But we have seen clearly is that this team doesn’t have vision, direction, plan and therefore this flip flop in the policies. No wonder Viola said that on the TV

  53. tana says:

    Chakwera ndalama uzitengakuti zoyendetsera dziko, siku Church komabera anthu wava. Zilizonse umaoneka ngati wazeru akupusitsa azakowa. Without donn support we are nothing and tell you even if you can speak wisdom but know that this country is the poorest in the world..

  54. malawi says:

    eeeee! pafika chakwerapa mpenaso. lets watch him

  55. ojere says:

    provide solutions to the situation you are also getting paid by our salaries and keeping you in opposition does not mean you should not give solutions we even went further to by you luxirous car what for just insult the president simuzauna upresident just keep you strategies until they expire. Mundale we are supposed to test your solutions as well

    1. Lhomwe 2 says:

      Kodi ngati mukufuna leader of opposition to give solution nde tiziti tinso ndi president ngati!.. What about bunch of advisors you r president have what z their duties, and your tell me the whole president go to parliament just to start fire and he expect leader of opposition to quench it, then your President z dorm and not fit.

  56. The Analyst says:

    But how do you expect the govt to tackle all these problems when you yourself say the govt is financially broke? Kapena mukutinamizatu? Coz common sense has it that if money one has not, challenges are abound. Are you not contradicting yourself here? Ohh paja common sense is not for every mind to decipher!

    And in the same speech, you lured donors not to assists the DPP-led govt with cash coz it cant be trusted? Really? Then how do you expect the govt to operate or implement its plans or tackle the challenges you have raised? Don’t you know that the money is meant for Malawi? What happened to patriotism here? Cant you see that you continue to contradict yourself here? Are you sure you would want to become president with this plethora of chaotic hence serious lack of understanding of otherwise obvious sense n strange careless talk inspired by strict narrowness of mind? Come on dude!

    Let us not make common mistakes when we ourselves are not deemed common!

    Instead of scaring away the donors even further, you could have done better by pushing for laws and devising ways to monitor how public funds are being used and then convince donors you have strengthened your (opposition) ability to monitor and check the same! This is what we expect from you as someone who cant find sleep for want of presidency.

    Wise up!

  57. Malawian says:

    Mawu ovekabwino!!!! Chofunika ndikuchitapo kanthu kut zilongosoke

  58. Mnngulu says:

    Ndiye utsogoleli uwu a Malawi! Osati izi za DPP.

  59. Kenkkk says:

    Excellent Laz, that is more presidential than that one. For me dpp has always been a party of thugs and Laz just confirms my stance. Thugs are running this country and for that reason they can’t investigate themselves to remove criminal acts they perpetrate, that would be suicidal.

  60. mlanjira says:

    I like this! Why is it taking long to arrest criminals who killed Njauju?

  61. Mtondoli Jonazi says:

    A Mlomwe Mnzanga, wake up and smell the coffee. It is not a prerogative of the donors to give money to the country – period. Just like people pay taxes at home, some of the money that trickles down to Malawi is part of taxes of hard-working people of the donor countries. And just like you hate it when the government wastes your tax Kwachas (I assume you are a tax payer Mr Mlomwe), they do not like it either.

    Now, I did not hear the President’s speech nor do I care to know what he said. Government must simply accept the fact that the ‘shit has hit the fan’. There are two things that one can do in this situation: look aside and ignore it pretending you cannot smell it or wade knee deep in it and clean it up once and for all.

    If the President was sugar-coating things in-order to garner donor confidence, even if he was telling the truth so as to convince donors to resume donations, then I will totally agree again with the MCP that the government is clue-less.

    We must, at this time, start looking at ways how we can self-sustain. It is high time we stopped begging and I am not the first person saying this. We have been getting aid for over 40 years and what do we have to show for it? Nothing, nada. The donors are tired of lining the pockets of a few individuals. Because of the same myopic tendencies of the previous governments, that is why we are still in this situation.

    If I were APM, I would first start building the from inside before I start looking outside. Malawi is not trying to help itself in any way and believe you me, we will still be where we have been in 10 years time because we expect others to do things for us.

    Let’s wake up (and smell the coffee) – could be Mzuzu Coffee or Sapitwa Coffee – does not matter really! We must just wake up!

  62. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    U president si ntchito yophweka. Kuli maiko ena chanzeru akadachita Peter ndikutula pansi udindo. Exposed! But because this is Malawi the mother of mediocrity akungoona ngati a kuyendetsa bwino dziko. Chimandidabwitsa ine pali anthu ena ophunzira bwinobwino koma kumabakira Peter kaya mwina chifukwa cha mtundu. No wonder most educated people are politically illiterate.

  63. Ochewa says:

    Malawi ali m’masiku owawa

  64. Miku says:

    wakwiya ndi mfiti!!!!!

  65. Achipate chichinanu says:

    Ulemu wanu bwana!! Kufunsa mafuso omwe ine ndakhala ndikulimbana nawo mmutumu…!!big up chakwera

  66. Someone says:

    Zopusa……anthu inu abusa onyoza chonchi angalamule dziko?

  67. Chakhalira says:

    Yoooyoooh! Chakwera Moto, Chakwera Moto!!!!!!!!!!! More fire Chakwera tatopa ndi maboza. Awuze!!! A pakile adzipta kumene anali. Zedi munthu wopanda mayankho tatopa nayo!!!!

    Chakwera Boma!!!!!!! MCP Boma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Mbani says:

    Shunning donors is criminal to the villoagers and Malawians why cant we take out chinatsitsa dzaye kuti

  69. Mccarthy says:

    I respect Dr. Chakwera, is talking the truth to the thieves, if you hate Chakwera it means you don’t like Malawi.

  70. Mr Pheee says:

    Kikkkkkk thats the true son of mother Malawi, Is it that criminals are more organized than the Government or the Government is organized more by criminals?D.P.P you have the answer,please tell us hahahahahahahahahahaha i cant wait to hear from you.This D.P.P is full of jokes,in Malawi you cant play politics as other countries they do because Malawi is very behind in many things,Man J Zuma said our national roads are very poor you stood up and ask an apology but what he said was true,the country can not develop if people are hiding into the bush running away from death with their truth in heart,Don t play with peoples mind like what you guys doing,ndale zimenezo zinatha ndi Bakili pano ife a Malawi tinaseguka maso,zakukanikani chokanipo.Dont forget to ans the last question please!

  71. Zoonazake says:

    Mtsogo mtsogo, mwalankhula dziko lamva. Osabweza moto. Mumanisangalatsa kuti simuikidwa sikono mkamwa. Za magalimoto mulankhulenso anthu amve zenizeni. Osawasekelera agalu amenewa. Njaunju sanali chigawenga y iwo angokhalira zinthu zawo kumangoyang’ana? We as the nation we are not happy with this stupid govermant Malawi from all zones.

  72. mlomwe mnzanga says:

    chakwera ndi mbuzi 45mins yonseyo palibe chomwe wayankhula cha nzeru bravo APM only 25mins koma kudinda mfundo zoti ma donors ndikumvesa nt chakwera…who z chakwera in politics?

  73. munthu wina says:

    I LIKE THIS !!!: “Is it that criminals are more organised than government or the government is organised more by CRIMINALS”

  74. mau akuseri says:

    Politics aside Chakwera did realy tackle areas of interest which the president failed to comment on,no wonder MBCTV just summarised Chakwera and Uladi Mussa’s speech whom I believe also went deeper on issues that are indeed affecting the nation.

  75. Boma! says:

    Zoonadi Njaunju kuphedwa ngati nkhuku.

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