Chakwera should reflect on Kaliwo’s letter, say MCP’s South and East leaders

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Secretary General Gustave Kaliwo has received backing from the party’s leaders  in the Southern and Eastern regions for his no holds barred letter to MCP president Lazarous Chakwera.

Gustav Kaliwo:   Gets backing from South, East leaders

Gustav Kaliwo: Gets backing from South, East leaders

Kaliwo in a nine-paged letter, dated September 13, 2016 addressed to Chakwera, challenged the MCP president for his leadership style which has been a bone of contention in recent times.

Addressing a news conference in Blantyre on Saturday, MCP leaders from the Southern and Eastern region , heaped praises for Kaliwo for his  ‘political thesis’ to Chakwera.

They said Kaliwo demonstrated “maturity” to pacify the civil war in the party.

Kaliwo is “mature, experienced and most stable” politician, claimed John Chiluzi, Mwanza district chairperson.

He said MCP under Chakwera has “completely lost direction” hence the need to have an early convention “to put the house back in order.”

Chiluzi reminded that MCP Constitution empowers dictrict chairperson to call for a convention.

Machinga district chairperson Wiskin Nonyela appealed to Chakwera to reflect on the issues raised by Kaliwo in his letter and  act sincerely on them.

In his letter,  Kaliwo says it is worrisome that the party is involved in unending wrangles instead of being involved in rebuilding and rebranding.

He has also supported calls for a convention.

“Mr. President the current situation may appear desperate and indeed to some beyond rescue. I am, however, confident that if you do the right thing, we can come out of the present situation stronger,” he wrote.

But MCP deputy secretary general  Eisenhower Mkaka said the disgruntled district chairperson  “have lost the plot” and that they re exbiting “kicks of the dying horse.”


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22 thoughts on “Chakwera should reflect on Kaliwo’s letter, say MCP’s South and East leaders”

  1. Mlakho says:

    This letter should be addressed to Kaliwo himself because he is CEO of MCP and its his responsibility to resolve such issues not Chakwera. Those District Chairs agreeing with Kaliwo are just afraid of District election and they are afraid that they will lose. Otherwise the letter is rendered useless.

  2. Khombe Kay says:

    The letter seem to lack the heat expected coming from a person of that caliber. First, I expected the letter from this office to take no sides in the wrangles at stake in the party but provide a sound and unbiased advice to all those concerned. I doubt if this letter has substantial grounds. Secondly, MCP should ensure that any member adheres to its principles regardless whether one is an MP or not. MCP cannot violate its principles, remember the 4 cornerstones, just to accommodate the three on the basis that they are MPs. That’s wrong! It is a threat to the survival of the party and action need to be taken to avoid further disintegration. It is a common management practice. Thirdly, the learned man is saying that MCP NEC suspended the two without hearing from them. The NEC suspended them to allow for investigations and if no any wrong doing they will be re-instated. As a former policeman, as he said, he needed to understand better too that people are arrested (handcuffed) and remanded even before proven guilty. Is this a peculiar scenario? Fourth, did the convention gave Chakwera closed powers to only elect all NEC members once? If the convention gave Chakwera open powers to elect NEC members, then he can do the changes at any point during his reign without seeking any ratification from the only initially appointed members. The “initial NEC” chosen by Chakwera ratified itself and why should the “current NEC” not do the same? Why should this NEC need to get approval from the convention when you ratified yourselves in the “initial NEC”? I don’t see the basis one can call for a convention since Chakwera was given the powers to do so. Blame the convention. He was there and would have foreseen this coming! MCP office bearers should abide by the rules and regulations of the party…. of democratically holding offices. MCP cannot continue to allow members hold offices illegally by holding the party at ransom because one wants to cling to power! Let all current office bearers go and fight at the elections to retain your positions if anyone is worth the salt! Let us move on and create a vibrant MCP!

  3. Chambe says:

    Iam happy to see MCP entangled in its own brutal wrangle.Magazi a Gadama,Matenje ndi anzawo kuwira mu office. This will carry on till the final nail on the coffin in 2019. Ife ndiye tinayimba nyimbo kale mu 1993 yakuti: ” Ndatopa ndi Kongelesi; Ndatopa ndi Kongelesi” Lero Chakwera ndi uyo; mwatopa naye kale 2 years zokha.Bola Ife Kamuzu tinatopa naye after 12 years thus by 1976.

    1. Inenso Wa MCP says:

      But MCP is still there whilst UDF is gone after being in govt from 1994 to 2004. The strength of MCP in in its people

  4. Oooooh my Party, where did this Chakwera guy came from??

    1. Pure says:

      You have never been MCP Imraan. Your UDF is in tatters and you want to pretend to love MCP. We don’t want you, Our Chakwera is enough

  5. Chalo says:

    I very much doubt the sincerelity of Kaliwo in his letter. He seem just to be a frustrated man especially knowing that the coming in of Mia will render him irrelevant in the South. You cant build the party by cringing to the status quo. MCP needs new thinking and that will only come by coopting new members from other regions especially in the South where the party has performed very poorly. It is a fact that the outcome of the last convention favoured candidates from the centre hence a deliberate approach was needed to balance up the spread of positions. Whether you MCP agree with me or not, you need crowd pullers like Mia within your ranks if 2019 is to be a success.

    1. Kanchenga says:

      Yes Chalo I agree with you and I am MCP. You see Chalo in a self assessment Kaliwo compared himself with Mia and felt inadequate. In a stylish crookedness Kaliwo made it look like he is trying to help the party. The whole MCP saga borders on regionalism. Suddenly influential southern politicians sees Peters failure as a threat to the South’s grip on power. If the trend of failure continues which seem likely, then something needs to be done to stop Chakwera by all means. I don’t think Peter is to blame for this saga. He is too stupid to manage something like this. There barons in the South led by Bakili Muluzi. First they forced young Muluzi to join Peter but the combined effort wasn’t working. Plan B was to find frustrated guys in MCP. Or those who could be influenced by money. They checked their accounts both business and personal. Case closed. The business community of Indian origin are smarter. They can not afford to have no representation in MCP in case of its success. It would be a dangerous business situation. So behind the door they fish out their trump card. MIA That sends Kaliwo shaking with fear. These southern barons are not foolish. Too many issues Peter can’t handle. The Thyolo Mulanje land issue is one. The careless mice remark mean nothing to many of us. We can afford a bag of maize even at 50000.00 . But the poor and landless of Thyolo and Mulanje…… Now if Mia goes MCP and half the Zitchetche eating voters decided to look the other way. Well I was just thinking with my hand and phone.

  6. Indeed these are kicks of the dying horse, let others including the youth try, you are 80+ but still clinging to those posts. What we are saying is all what Kaliwo is suggesting is not wrong, but why did him as a secretary General of MCP failed to meet Chakwera face to face? He talked of Chakweras personal security blocking him WHY? DOES he mean all these last two years he had been on that post samakumana ndi Chakwera? Why is Kaliwo behaving childishly and especially now when DPP wants to destroy MCP? In conscience things must get connected and this is a clear indication Kaliwo has a dangerous hidden motive. Ukamafunira mzako zoipa zimakubwelera iwe yemwe very soon Kaliwo will be on the spotlight

  7. kwikosi says:

    Kaliwo has already received a couple of millions from the DPP on a mission of destroying MCP so the DPP can continue in power come 2019 by having a weak and unpopular MCP president instead of our Laz. The South are so nepotistic that they cannot stand having someone else from a non-south to be state president. Kaliwo why did you give your letter first to DPP cadets before presenting it to our Laz? why MBC? what was your motive, it is not to show your financier (corrupt DPP) that you have fulfilled your plea of contributing towards destroying our party. just go to your southerner-mates we no longer trust you…

    1. Penya says:

      if it is true the SG is working for another party, of course it will be the other party that will get his communication first. whatever the case may be, the Congress must seriously reflect on its demonstrated penchant of entrusting unconstitutional powers to appoint members of NEC it could not elect at its last convention for lack of time or for want of early sleep in the person of its new president. This is childish or laziness or a demonstration of lack of transformation. Get back to the convention and complete the business of electing the NEC members. You now tout loyalty to the constitution. Surely that must start with loyalty to your party constitution. Otherwise, you will be dealt a death blow on small but serious technical matters such as setting aside a constitution and (mis)directing your party president with connivance of the incomplete NEC. Governance is serious business. Major congresses or meetings like your convention can have to sit overnight to complete essential business. If your leaders cannot handle such a marathon meeting on serious issues, the they are unfit to govern at national level. you have time now to get back to the convention and complete the business you started in the last convention.

  8. Cash Gate says:

    momwe adakhalira pa mpando kuli angwazi, tatopa nanu komanso chipani simunachithandize kuti chichite bwino ku south, dziwani kuti ndinu olephera, tikufuna anthu ochikonda chipani osati ongokhala ayi, inu kapumeni anzanu achiteko.

  9. steve says:

    mind you, we are watching your household battles and we are trying to decide if you are worthy our votes.

  10. Waphuma says:

    Am not MCP or otherwise. But what buffles me is that Kaliwo as a secretary general was the closest man to chakwera. Why did he not raise the issues at their executive meetings and resorted to take an informal way of doing things. Secondly, if you say Kaliwo has been MCP to the core, isnt it the same man who was the ACB director during DPP? Is it not the man who was boot leaking the DPP czar? To say the truth Kaliwo is just a fortune seeker, with no principles at all. He thought MCP would win the 2014 elections and I see him being rewarded soon with the confusion he is bringing into the party. You cant talk of intraparty democracy if you havent engaged the political big wigs. As SG of the party you are an important person too who would raise issues outright. Mwabowa a MCP ndidzikhani zanuzi.

  11. Central says:

    Secretary General Kaliwo, why not just personally meet your President to discuss your views? Why did you decide to use a letter? Your actions are giving out a lot of abstracts!! You seem to be having “mpeni ku dzanja la manja ndipo mwabisa kumbuyo” ready to stab Chakwera!!

    Chakwera, take care, he is portraying as a sheep but he is a wolf……..!! This guy, to me, seems to have sinister intentions…………….!!

    1. Penya says:

      that is how the game in politics is. you use rational reasoning to make your points and to score your political points. the NEC was not fully elected at the last convention as people were most interested on who, between a longtime financial supporter of the Congress and the new entry preacher-man, would replace Baba. The deeper competition was between regional power blocks from the South and East combined versus one for the Centre. Mbuya’s sidelining of Baba for running mate had deepened mistrust. The majority parliamentarian members of the Congress do not trust national leadership from the South and the East blocks because of the past untenable relationship between these former party president and former vice party president. The post of the Vice Party President was scantly competed for at the last convention. The energy of the delegates was fully drained after the Party Presidency and the Vice presidency was secured by the “safe” candidates. Then they stunned the world by abandoning business to complete filling the NEC at the convention, which is the loop hole threatening the integrity of the party leadership at the moment. Unless the convention is recalled to complete the business, this is the wound which competitors will keep punching until both eye close and the fight will be won on TKO (Technical Knock Out). The Party President must take bold steps to (i) nullify the NEC membership of appointed members (retain only those that were elected at the last convention and declare the positions they filled as open for party members to contest for (ii) nullify all resolution where these fake members voted (iii) recall a convention to fill the rest of the positions in the NEC. This is what the SG should be saying to the world and more so to his Party President if he is genuine about his concerns. Fighting the politics in the open could be perceives as childish and cowardly and playing to throes of regional domination of national leadership. Maybe the Federal party should resurrect and campaign for an intra-federation of Malawi based on tribal blocks. After all tribalism and regionalism is so entrenched and active that no political party or national leader will ever crowd it out into a benign status. Inter-marriages not withstanding, regionalism is rife amongst this nation.

  12. Bristone Mabichi says:

    Kaliwo and his backers want to take back to the 80s with their undemocratic views. Mukhala chomwecho, there is no reverse gear to such nonsense. Join or quit. We are seeing it all, when the govt gives you podium just to destroy yourself. The govt is using you and you are so blind to see that. The govt wants to continue looting this nation. Our budget is in trillions but only a third plus is benefiting this nation. Go Chakwera, go!

  13. OkOkOk says:

    Ife ndi a Chawera basi enawa akabwere uko. Mudali kuti abongololo ngapa mituluka lero

  14. Kokani says:

    So these district chairmen who were replaced don’t want to respect democracy and its very unfortunately. Convention is called by the president and not the district Chairmen. If they know they can call for the convention why not calling it now. This savageness by these disgruntled people.

    1. Mugonapamhanya says:

      Who replaced them and by which forum? Read the MCP constitution, you will learn that the District Chairmen have the powers to call for a convention. Chakwera is singlehandedly fired them in order to replace bootlickers for personal survival.

    2. Mugonapamhanya says:

      Who replaced them and by which forum? Read the MCP constitution, you will learn that it’s the District Chairmen who have the powers to call for a convention. Chakwera is singlehandedly firing them in order to replace them with bootlickers for personal survival.

    3. Penya says:

      A battle for the control of the Congress Party has been declared, but only, not formally.
      Nevertheless, is the Congress President going to alienate internal dissent through unconstitutional means?
      The best weapon is to constitute a NEC in a process that is constitutional. The soft way is just to complete the NEC election started at the last convention.

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