Chakwera says DPP ‘busy with wrongful enrichment’: Urges Kasungu central to vote for MCP’s Tembo in byelections

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarus Chakwera has appealed to people of Kasungu Central to vote for the party’s candidate Jonathan Kayafa Tembo in the forthcoming by-elections if the social -economic challenges Bunda Ward face are to be solved.

Chakwera : MCP is party of all

Chakwera : MCP is party of all

Chakwera made the speech Sunday during a political rally the party organized at Kasungu Secondary School grounds in the district.

He said the ruling party leaders have no love for the people at heart because they are busy enriching themselves than addressing problems of their people hence an MCP councilor can do.

Chakwera was reacting to appeals which the senior chief Kantchembere made when welcoming the party leader that MCP leadership must work hand in hand with government to eradicate acute food shortage and water crisis that have hit the area.

Kantchembere also asked MCP to provide major maintenances for Kasungu Secondary and LEA primary School blocks which he said are in ruins following lack of security fence and strong winds which ripped off the learning facility roof sometime in September this year.

But Chakwera said the problems the people face are self inflicted because they paid deaf ears when he advised them to vote for his party in the last General Elections.

People instead opted for ruling party’s councilor Bernard Theu .

Theu passed on in July this year.

The development has forced Malawi Electoral Commission to administer by-elections to fill the vacancy and provide people of the area a second chance to elect councilor of their choice to represent them at local council level on the development of their areas.

Meanwhile, the ruling party’s secretary General Ecklen Kudontoni has parried away accusations from MCP leaders remarks saying there is no truth.

He said the Democratic Progressive Party cares and vowed his party will defend the seat.

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7 thoughts on “Chakwera says DPP ‘busy with wrongful enrichment’: Urges Kasungu central to vote for MCP’s Tembo in byelections”

  1. Pa Yembe says:

    Friendly Chewas have never hated other tribes like tumbukas etc.In fact tumbukas in mzimba are very close to chewas in kasungu for obvious reasons.Kasungu nowadays is home to all other tribes like yaos,lomwes ngonis tumbukas etc because of ulimi.

  2. Pa Yembe says:

    Kasungu development happened during kamuzu time.All other parties have never done anything for kasungu guys and so it is only prudent to say ku VOTES are for MCP.This is not tribal by the way.

  3. Abeat Minthu says:

    Tribalism is The reason why Malawi gets leaders Who only cares of their region and tribe. The difference with Kamuzu Banda and Bing and hos brother is that they came to Malawi to use their tribe. Kamuzu was yes from Kasungu but never favoured Achewas. NO one can say to day Achewas were majority in government as it is with Muntharikas. Muluzi never did. Infact Muluzi United the nation. Achewas still living in legace of Banda being a Chewa. Tumbukas hade more position in MCP time. Why? Education. Muntharikas job is give to Alomwes despite bad Education. When is Malawians going to know Malawi is a nation? Chewas hated Tumbukas nog other tribe hate Lomwes. If this continue Malawi will go into Tribal war like Rwanda. Watch for leaders who are using tribe for their sake. We are all bor in Malawi and it one nation.

  4. be humane says:

    If Kasungu is for MCP chifukwa ndikwa a chewa then why are people angry when alomwe votes for mlomwe while achewa votes for mchewa, a yao votes for yao, angoni votes for mngoni, asena votes for nsena atumbuka votes for the confusion chifukwa sadziwa chomwe amafuna

    1. Abeat Minthu says:

      In Malawi We dont have only Tribal but regions. Small pool nation why do We have to listen to importen old leader about our tribes. A good leader talk about UNIT in the country. Lets UNIT to build Malawi. Malawi need unit. Before Bingu started this thing of Alomwes Malawians were talking of unit. All the problem going in Malawi is because of Bakili Muluzi. If he.had not picked Bingu to day Malawi could have other problems not the one which is there.

  5. Pa Yembe says:

    Kasungu is for MCP!

  6. be humane says:

    hahahahahaha a Chakwera kumeneko kuwayankha anthu as a leader? Chipongwe. so He does not sympathise with the people but laughs at them for making wrong choice. What a leader is in Chakwera abale inu

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