Chakwera says DPP has failed to govern Malawi: ‘ Mutharika sleepwalking in power’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president, who is also leader of opposition in parliament, Dr Lazarus Chakwera has said Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) government  should swallow its pride and admit it has failed to run the country.

Chakwera speaking in Nkhotakota: Mutharika has dismally failed

Chakwera speaking in Nkhotakota: Mutharika has dismally failed

Chakwera was addressing a political rally at Nkhunga Primary School Ground in the area of Traditional Authority Kanyenda in Nkhotakota District where over 20 Members of Parliament were in attendance.

“We are saying that these people (Peter Mutharika led DPP government) have failed to run this country. We have a lot of pointers, if we see government failing to feed its people it means the government has failed,” said Chakwera.

As Malawi continues on its precipitous economic decline, Chakwera said President Mutharika and his DPP party should collectively swallow their pride and admit that they have failed the nation.

He said Mutharika is out of touch with reality, adding the fact that those around him seem to be inept and failing to advise him properly, makes the country’s situation untenable.

The MCP president said Mutharika should accept responsibility for the problems bedeviling the country.

Chakwera also accused government of corrupt practices citing the forensic cashgate report implicating seven ministers -who are being shielded with their names under wraps – as an example of grand corruption and institutionalisation of graft among the ruling elite.

“We will not relent, we will fight to make sure that we provide checks and balances so that we end corruption [by this DPP government],” said Chakwera.

He urged the citizenry to continue to demand accountability from the leadership peacefully.

Chakwera also accused DPP adminisytration for an equal distribution of resources.

He believed his party will form the country’s next government and said MCP would take the country out of its current problems.

Meanwhile, in a telephone interview  with Nyasa Times, DPP Secretary general Eckren Kudontoni said Chakwera has no moral grounds of accusing government saying he is also part of government as leader of opposition i parliament.

“This is very strange how can Chakwera accuse DPP of failing to run state affairs and yet he is part of government, he uses state vehicle and state allowances and salaries,” said Kudontoni.

Kudontoni has since challenged Chakwera to bring alternative and constructive views.


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23 thoughts on “Chakwera says DPP has failed to govern Malawi: ‘ Mutharika sleepwalking in power’”

  1. Iwe Kudontoni, your president is being told to fire 7 rotten ministers who were involved in the Mk577bn. What has he done? He remains silent as someone who’s deaf. What alternative solution do you want mbuzi yachabechabe iwe? Just shut up. President wako ndi dpp alephera kuyendetsa dziko lino. 2019 MCP back to power. We want this country out of institutionalised poverty.

  2. Winston Msowoya says:

    Chimwala,Comeon get enlightened.Hastings Banda was a Church Elder,but was the most brutal tyrant Africa had ever produced killing and imprisoned thousands of innocent Malawians.Eventhough Iam not a fan of Peter,Iam not inclined to fall prey of another so-called Church leader who abandoned the pulpit to enrich himself and members of his family.When Mandela was incarcerated for almost 30 years by the minority apartheid regime,Bishop Desmond Tutu led the masses of South Africa in the bitterest freedom struggle,while in Malawi,the faked PHD Chakwera supported the egregious regime of Hastings Banda.However,Chakwera is not God fearing and therefore he is not an alternative leader to Mathanyula.Malawians,do not be cheated by luxury-loving priests,no committed Rev.or Bishop could have abandoned God for money and as of today,Malawians are absolutely lacking authentic and patriotic leadership like the late Chipembere and his down to earth compatriots.If the corrupt DPP is returned to power in the 2019 elections,that could be the end of the nation we love so much.Let’s elect leaders based on merits and not on ethnicity,We have tons of highly qualified medical doctors,economists,engineers,nurses,accountants,university lecturers in different fields, agriculturists ,chemical engineers,scientists, so on and so forth in Australia,Europe and North America more than 80 percent hail from the dead North. Suppose all of these remained at home and treated with respect and compassion regardless of their regional affiliations,Malawi could be far ahead economically and politically rather than keeping in our midsts dead woods such as the JBs,Acheyas,Bingus,Mathanyulas,Atupeles,the list is long.We must learn from our failures of 52 years of independence.WAKEUP FROM OUR SLUMBER!!!!

  3. Chimwala says:

    Malawi needs a God fearing leader someone who can kneel down and cry to God for the country . If you read the bible you will see that when Israel was ruled by a God fearing person Israel prospered but when its ruled by Jezebel or Ahab there was great suffering like all whats happening in malawi. Chakwera can be a better alternative to Peter. Those of you who are Dpp know that mutharika only won by 36% and if there was a rerun that time as Joyce Banda wanted. Peter would have lost misarably. Hunger, Albino killing, burgerly, corruption, etc is all bcoz we have a pegan as a leader even in a family if you have an evil father everything falls apart.

    1. Alfred Minjo says:

      Izinso ndiye ziti izi??? Palibe mbalume iri yonse atate Chimwala mwanenapo apa…..zankutu!!

  4. dododo says:

    Nde chani mwene? O Chawera, tamalankhulani zabwino zomwe mubweretse mutawina pa 2019 osamangolankhula za wamba ayi…kodi ubusawo amkakuuzani zopeperazo? A chitsiru inu zedi.

    1. dee Walker says:

      chitsiru ndi iwe oombera mmanja chosavina

  5. concerned reader says:

    Senseless man CHAKWERA,thats why you left Gods work for worldly riches..shame on you…you left the devine ministry and thats why you believe kuti njala waibweletsa ndi peter and his logic..even if you were the state president njala ikanakhalapobe..what could you have done to escape it??more over you abandoned Gods work ndie njala ikanakhala times two…idiot!

    1. dee Walker says:

      it means you are pleased with suffering Malawi is experiencing. Listen satanist, Chakwera still ministers the word of God and he is going to lead Malawi come 2019

  6. CHIKUTUMBWE says:



  7. Achimidzimidzi says:

    MCP are now experts on critizing DPP government.
    Although I all know that DPP lied to us but I don’t think that every speech or word that Dr. Lazarus Chakwera speaks,should be about Arthur Peter Muthalika and DPP government.Thus too much.

    After all Dr. Chakwera you have a party to run and not government , please just concentrate on relevant party issues. If you want to comment on any national issues, choose right platforms or channels.

    I read somewhere and am sure you know this, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks,” Talk more about development and unity. Not always comparing yourself against APM. Two of you are not Malawi

    1. dee Walker says:

      because DPP are experts on blunders

  8. What? says:

    Somebody who is failing to supply commodities for his house thinks his neighbor is worse than him. This is none other than one Judas Iscariot the Laza. What is the logic for MCP to be holding rallies only in its homeyard? Tapitani kumwera mukaone anthu obwera pa misonkhano yanu azikakhla ngati aja a pa maliro a munthu wopanda kwawo! KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK. DPP yokhayo Laza ndiye suitha, wachepa nayo, ndipo game iliyonse imatha kusewerea, mpira woponda kaya wa smart.

    1. dee Walker says:

      paja Malawi is bankrupt? 577 billion ili kuti apange supply commodities ujeni?

  9. Stupid MPs says:

    Chakwera is just hungry for power….every time DPP DPP where are you going to get the money to run the GOVT.Ndalama iweyo ukuthera misonkhano akapanga anzako uziti akuonaonga ndalama Stupid nkhosa yotayika iwe umandinyasa wamva m’busa wotani?

    1. Khethesa says:

      Fwetseke. He is not isung Govt money but money that we the MCP lovers tell him to do

  10. lawson says:

    They say if you point a finger at somebody the other four points at you. Chakwera’s own MCP is disorganised instead of putting it in order then he is busy on Peter. Then what if he was the leader of this country? I doubt his capabilities

    1. dee Walker says:

      four points or point? cadet munthu osazindikira. mukamafanizira Chakwera ndi ujeni muziganizira 577 billion

  11. Tozer Tsono says:

    Is the DPP government’s tactic to delay justice until 2019 elections? For as long as the President and his cabinet enjoy immunity, Malawians will not be immune from hunger and economic affliction. Malawians ought to bring the country to a stand still in the next 4 weeks, unless the names are released.

  12. Solobala says:

    Even you give the DPP altenative and constructive views they do not listen.

    1. Nkhosa ya Mulungu says:

      Koma nawo Ambwiye che Chakwerawawa zimatowayenderatu eti? kkkkkkkkkk. Mpakana kuthawa nkhosa za Mulungu nkumakaweta mbuzi za Kamuzu Bandaje?? Mulungu wafatsa eti? Ndiye asamanazinamize kuti angalamulire Malawi. Panopa anthu akhoza kuvotera mcp madela onse cifukwa yaonetsa kusintha koma kamba cha che Chakwera ndiye bolani ndivotere UDF kaamba ka Atupele.

      1. Dilawo says:

        MBuzi ya munthu iwe ukuti Nkhosa ya Mulungu. The best product Malawi has at the moment is Chakwera if the nation is to have any hope – not achawa ndi alomwe awononga dzikowa. Everyday things are moving from bad to worse

        1. OPANDA MZERU says:


        2. Alfred Minjo says:

          Mbuzi ya mano jundi iwe Dilawo wamva?

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