Chakwera says DPP’s development of regionalism must end: ‘One Malawi, one nation’

President of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Dr Lazarous Chakwera has blamed the Peter Mutharika-led government for unfair distribution of development to Malawians.

Chakwera:  Malawi should share the cake of national development equitbaly

Chakwera: Malawi should share the cake of national development equitbaly

Chakwera said this in Mzimba during a tour he conducted from Manyamula to Mzimba Boma, before addressing to a politcal rally  at Chimkusa ground in the district.

The MCP president who is also leader of opposition in parliament said unfair distribution of development that dwells on regions must end and ensure all Malawians benefit despite political their affiliations, saying this motive is denying the local citizens a right to development.

” Sometimes when we look at percentages when budgets are presented, people cry because  there is a misplacement of development that comes from the perception of regionalism interms of priorities.

“Development must be fairy distributed to all Malawians. They must not belong to a party for them to benefit from development, it is a curse amongst ourselves,” said the MCP leader.

Chakwera said Malawi is at a crisis in terms of hunger, the underfunding in government departments and  said leaders must not look at one side.

He further said constituency development fund need to be revised from the current MK9million to MK25million ensure quality implementation of  development infrastructures and make sure that a lot of Malawians should benefit.

The MCP president said a lot of learners are still learning under trees because they do not have enough classroom blocks , saying CDF is not enough to build school blocks.

Albinos killings

On albinos, Chakwera condemned the killing of persons with albinism which he said Malawians need to becareful because such activities can bring a curse to the nation.

He said Parliament has currently passed an amendment bill act which calls for stiffer penalties to the perpetrators of such a malpractice.

Chakwera further blamed government for not doing enough to curb the malpractice citing Ntcheu case which he said has stalled and that there is no progress because a ruling DPP official is involved.


Chakwera asked people of Mzimba to take care of the little food they have because there is hunger in the country.

He further said his party will make sure that the relief maize and others from donors should benefit all Malawian citizens irrespective of region or tribe.

Speaking earlier Member of Parliament for Mzimba Solola asked his constituents to put their confidence in Chakwera as he will make sure that fertilizer prices are lowered to ensure that Malawians afford.

Councillor for Manyamula ward, Khephus Chisi concurred with the MP and assured people of Mzimba that Malawi kwacha will be strong the moment MCP will take over government in 2019.

Chisi said Malawi agriculture is currently dragging because prices of fertilizer are so exorbitant.

After the tour, the MCP President took a time to watch  a football match finals of MK1.5 million Jacob Hara Trophy at Chimkusa ground where Midway stars went away with MK100,000 after beating Manyamula  2 goals to nil.


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What iknow is that its only chskwera who can do like makufuli of Tz is doing not this fool foreigner tsakho basi mainly this kota psins me too much, kuli bwino mwana aphunzile azscite kusowa tchito rather than kuti aponderezedwe nfi sukulu yomwe cifukwa coti ndi wakumpoto THIS IS NOT GUD MR PRESIDENT TSANKHO LACONCO SILABWINO , REMEMBER U PROMISEDCTO SBOLISH THID KOTA SYSTEM DURING UR CAMPAIGN & MZUZU APA STADIUM HAVE U FORGOTTEN NOW? !??? Mwana wa kariati 34 points p mzuni , MWANS WA UJENI OSAUKA NDI 12 POINTS KUKABUSA NG’OMBE NZOONA BWANA PRES ZIMENEZI???
mlomwe tcholo

yaaa! chakwera z indeed amalawian who know well the malawians not dpp and true he can make fertiliser low price u know mcp arleady done it through admark but mbuzi zalerozi


Hon Chakwera is making sense in the midst of senseless leaders with no vision for Malawi. I second this mans agenda for change where endless failures continue to occur. Truly we Malawians are this man made mess to due leadership crisis & another 5 years is going with zero progress. Beside Chakweras lucrative solutions my fellow Malawians its time for reflections who’s fooling who? We should look for comprehensive leadership with a heart of servant, the one who loves MALAWI.

The Analyst
O…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..O UNDESERVED ACCOLADES By accusing the DPP-led govt of practicing “development of regionalism”, Chakwera doesn’t realise he is acknowledging that Malawi is enjoying development under the DPP; . . . only that the development is skewed to some regions. But is this true? Naaa! The primary concern every Malawian should have is, whether this country is developing or not. And if you are honest with yourself or wife or girlfriend, this country is moving miles and miles to nowhere. …………………………………………………………………………. On the albino-issue, Chakwera should have better kept quiet than try to take credit, from nothing. . . . How… Read more »

All comments are coming from headless people , read intelligency of Chakweras speech he is not talking about kasiya road , but distribution of developments in this country as a nation. If you planned to construct this road to silence him then you are dealing with a wrong person, chakwera has malawi at heart not only his constituency. Tamapangani debate issues not a person.


Ochakwera olibe nzeru zedi. Uli kulilira K3 million basi ku paliyamenti. Sukudziwanso kuti zitukuko zambiri zili ku central region.

Can somebody school me whether Chakwera is a real minister of the word? I stand to be corrected. Munthu wosaona zabwino, ntaa. I believe that it is possible to be in politics without being satanic as this self styled man of God does. I would refer Lazarus to Men of God who were in real politics like Daniel in Babylon, Joseph in Egypt, David and Saul in Jerusalem …. the list can go on. Actually Chakwera needs to know tha Jesus Himself is the Leader of Heavenly government and in there, there are no castigations and ill feelings. Tachitani mwakuti… Read more »
Maxwell Chazika

From your points, the day Chakwera will start praising Mutharika, he will become a true man of God. That is the problem of analyzing issues from blue corner.

No! you miss the point all together. Mutharika should not and should never be praised. nobody, and I say NOBODY on earth deserves any praise from any fellow human. If Chakwera praises Mutharika, for sure he will never be considered man of God by me, a believer. However, Men of God do not castigate and call names, which one from the holy book can you cite? Chakwera can hardly be named in the lines of the saints that served God when they were in politics. Chakwera is rather too egocentric and power hungry. Let him offer checks and balances in… Read more »
Andrew Nyirenda

The MP was cheating people that fertilizer prices will come down? Which fertilizer? These are blatant lies.


This guy is insane and not fit to be leader of Malawi. He speaks as if he is drunk. Kasiya Kabudula road in Lilongwe which is under construction is in his constituency yet he thinks Kasiya is in the Southern region. What does this guy smoke, no wonder his rallies are patronized by fewest ever in the history of multipary in the country.


Iwe ndiye chitsiru cha zitsiru. You think Kasiya-Kabudula is not a right for thoise people who have made so much contribution to this country? That’s something those people deserved way back. And we have 1 road in the centre 4 in the north and 10 in the south where the lazy bones who contribute nothing to the national economy come from


During Bingu’s regime there were several roads that were being constructed in the centre. Talk of Khoma-Kamphata road, Mponela-Nchisi road, Mponela-Mvera road, upgrading of the MI road in the central region, Ca;pital city roads and you name it. Did the other two regions comnplian that time. Nanunso a ku central mukufuna muyambe zomwe amachita a kumpoto?

Dr Mbilixi

Misewu iyi ilikuti; chtakale-phalombe, chiringa-chiradzulu, chiradzulu-PIM, Zomba Jali-Chitakale, Thabwa-Fatima (East Bank), Thekerani, Blantyre-Zomba road, Mangochi-Monkeybay, Liwonde-Mangochi. Iwe chilungamo nyyerrro zaakoa. Where are these roads? Tell me of such major road projects in central region? Don’t just talk because kuyankhula mkwaulere. Shut up your stinking mouth


chakwera you are funny
so the reserve bank in mzuzu i sin south? what about the stadium , the roads in LL..iwe watopa eti just resign kabera akulandire


Galu iwe remember the stadium was not meant for Lilongwe according to the regionalistic DPP chipani chakupha anthu 21 on 20 July 2011. It is Joyce Banda that brought that stadium there tsono galu iwe usatinyase. Chakwera for Malawi!

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