Chakwera says Mutharika govt cannot be trust: ‘Malawians will not be fooled forever’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president and leader of opposition in parliament, Lazarus Chakwera has said the dubious sale of Malawi Savings Bank (MSB) and the PricewaterHouse Coopers report which indicated that K577 billion cannot be accounted for in the national treasury, has proved that the Peter Mutharika’s DPP government “cannot be trusted.”

Chakwera: Malawians deserve better

Chakwera: Malawians deserve better not with hypocrite Mutharika

Chakwera said the way government handled the audit into payments amounting to K577 billion (US$1.3 billion) that are shown in bank statements, but cannot be traced in Capital Hill’s cashbook, proved the DPP is a midnight-government of crookedly.

He said the PwC examination of public finances from January 1 2009 to December 31 2014 – initially assumed to be the ‘K92 billion (US$204.4 million) – which found crime liaisons that officials have used since 2005, called Integrated Finance Management Information System (IFIMS) was not a forensic audit report.

The data analysis that has culminated into a 52-page report titled ‘Final Analysis Report: Reconstruction of the Malawi Government Cashbook for Purposes of Further Investigation’ has shown K577 billion (US$1.3 billion) were abused.

“It was a data analysis of the K92 billion ($204.4 million) audit query which then showed that there is K577 billion ($1.3 million) necessitating forensic audit. When that audit report comes out, Parliament will debate and take necessary action.

“So, the presentation of an audit data analysis as an audit report is a misrepresentation. If anything, that data analysis report only confirms that this government cannot be trusted,” said Chakwera in an interview with the local press.

The National Audit Office (NAO) said the forensic audit could take as long as 10 months.

PwC continued from where British auditor Baker Tilly, who uncovered traces of cashgate, left.

‘Cashgate’ denotes the systematic skimming of millions of dollars of money from the government payment system.

Following the Cashgate revelations, donors withdrew aid and Malawi has been operating on a zero-aid budget, a situation that has caused misery to Malawians economically.

Mutharika’s tokenism

Chakwera also accused President Mutharika for playing another crookedly role in the sale of the MSB to FDH Bank of Thom Mpinganjira.

“One of the reasons that saddened me was how the MSB saga unfolded. It had been my hope that the President would not only listen to the peoples’ representatives on the issue, but would also incorporate their views in his decision. But it was evident that my hopes were ill-placed. What happened is a reflection of our nation’s vicious cycle of unaccountable leaders who only pay lip-service to servant leadership,” said Chakwera.

The MCP president pointed out that it was clear from the report of the Budget and Finance Committee that Parliament was not against the sale of MSB, but questioned the manner, motive and methodology of the said sale.

“Several recommendations were made in order that issues of transparency and accountability would be really addressed,” he said.

The opposition leader said while the peoples’ representatives understood the reasons given for the transaction, they were surprised at the “President’s tokenism,” first in feigning suspension of the sale while at the same time technocrats were finalising the same immediately Parliament passed the budget.

“This seriously puts into question issues of governance in this nation because it is public knowledge that the bank was deliberately run down by [DPP] party functionaries so that in the end it would be sold for a song.

“So while it may seem legit that government should not be running such businesses as a bank, why is the same government talking about establishing a development bank? This government needs to know that there is no place to hide, it has an expiry date, and Malawians cannot always be taken for a ride,” he said.

Chakwera has also urged Mutharika administration to translate reforms rhetoric into action, saying if not fully followed Malawians will be disappointed with the fact that” instead of experiencing the transformation we are looking for, we will continue to be deformed as a nation.”

The MCP president is on record to have described President Mutharika as a hypocrite, saying his government is run by “distractions and deceptions, not leadership.”

Chakwera accused Mutharika of taking a “blind eye” of are so many critical issues facing Malawians.

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47 thoughts on “Chakwera says Mutharika govt cannot be trust: ‘Malawians will not be fooled forever’”

  1. kudu says:

    a Chakwera mumandimvetsa chifundo chifukwa munasankha kuchoka ku dere lokoma ndikupita ku dera loipa, lachitayiko. a busa! mudaganiza bwanji? Mu ndale muli bodza, kuba, kupha, uhule/zigololo, ndi kuononga, zonsezi ntchito za satana, ntchito za kumidima. Mu ndale muli maulamuliro akuluakulu a pansi pa Nyanja. Kukhala ine a busa Chakwera, ndikadalolera kubwerera kwa atate kuti akandiveke mwinjiro, ndi mphete mchala changa, nsapatonso mmapazi anga, nandilandire ine ku phwando la atate angawo amene ndiye Mulungu Yehova wokhala kumwamba.

  2. Malawian says:

    Malawians are stupid to the extent of clapping hands to a thief. Jack-up fools. Bwampinitu wakalamba sikuti adzabweza nawo ngongolezi. MBUZI MANYASA. MEEE!!

  3. kement says:

    Dr chakwera asks,……….why is government thinking of putting up a Development bank and at the same time sell MSB…….?
    Dr of theology, you had an entry and exit point in church administration. Again you have n entry into politics and i am sure you should already have an exit point in politics. So too in business.Investors world over operate businesses on this principle. the exit can be a sorry one like MSB/Air Malawi or beneficial like commercial Bank of Malawi now Standard bank.Even airtel the former owners realised when to get out and get back their money + a premium above it. Even bill Gates had a time and ways of getting his investment in full by floating Microsofift. So our government can start or lead into areas dreaded by the private sector and exit at a time it deems suffient to leave the private do the rest. Some people need investment education in order for them to appreciate the nitty-gritties of business disposals.
    please avoid empty noises because they will bare your brilliant lack of knowledge.

    Therefore, babies in politics and indeed government business should talk less lest we call them empty tins making the loudest noise.

  4. Who initiated the sale of MSB? Does Malawi Parliament started in 2015? Where were you the MCP legislators in JB’s era? Were you bribed? Why not act then and queried JB on the same as she is the master minder of MSB sale? Mr. Chakwera and your friends can you proof to us that you have economic backing on the no MSB sale saga rather than talk! Talk! Talk! Why not doing the same also on our Jet sale? Enough is enough this bank has been abused for quite some time with greedy and jealousy politicians to kill our local entrepreneurs just because they are Malawians and they have black colour. JB, PP, MCP are using this bank as a tool to intimidate Mulli citing Bondo la Njobvu’s love for the local entrepreneurs as tribalistic and only loved to help those in closer ties with his party, which is not true. On toxic loan the dull UNIMA professors are boosting of giving expertise on was due to selfishness, jealousy, nepotism and tribalism from PP and the MCP legislators who wished Mulli Company bad because he is not an Indian but a black Malawian of lhomwe origin who comes from the south. The toxic loan was due to JB and PP who blocked Mulli from doing business elsewhere, they even suspended exportation of maize targeting Mulli not to do business in full view of MCP and our CSOs. Why now shouting the hullaballoo? Trying to buy our support? You all failed us. You would have been in the forefront protecting our local companies not roughing them off. Let MSB go into the hands of the private sector to increase banking competition and to protect our local privately owned companies. Mr. Chakwera, the product of UNIMA, mad as his law and political lecturers the dullest in Africa no wonder busy commenting on trivia. If Bondo la Njobvu really stole money amounting to k577bn then Malawi has a lot of money because the guy was just wonderful he did many developments which were only choked by our unpatriotic CSOs in only 8 years, so doing development and at the same time stealing then we really have plenty of money if it’s really true that Great Bingu cashgated our taxes.

  5. Gulugufe says:

    Chakwera khala chete! Unalephera kutenga boma 2014 zinthu zitaphweka! Ngati DPP inakubera ma voti ili ku opposition ndiponso mbiri yake itawonongeka kwambiri ndiye 2019 DPP ili m’boma udzayambira poti?

    Sudzalamulira Malawi ngati John Tembo.

  6. Prof Chidya says:

    Politics can be done by anyone. Sometimes pple should know that sex, education or church going doesnt make one, a good political leader. Take or leave it. God loves our country than you do. Among all the 2014 presidential candidates, God has chosen us Peter. Why? How? It doesnt matter.Let God’s wil be done.

  7. True man says:

    Neither you Mr Chakwera & Peter is trusted remember your leter you sent in AG churches you told us God had told you to govern this nation koma lero muli ku opposition. We cant trust man we trust God only thanks 4 the remainda.

  8. hisbolla says:


  9. Kalithera says:

    O Chakwera,kuyendesa m’boma kumafunika amzakazi,ayiniake ozisata, osangoti ndinapita ku Theological College ,mukafuna zimenezo ingopitani mukalalikire, mwachepanazo. Osamati Parliament inagwirizana zoti, koma muziti anthu anzeru,ozisata akuti motimoti, ku Parliament kwazanza mbuli zambiri, ena ongoziwa kuyimba basi, ena ndi odziwa zitsuzo, mufuna ife timvere zimenezo , Man ganizani bwino , apo bii, munyozeka Man. Posiliza moni kwa Joyce, mundifunsire kuti kodi wasiya kupita ku Nigeria ku mapemphero, nanga abusa a Kadawati ali bwanji, ndatha ine wanu , Kalithera

  10. nangondo says:

    As a Malawian who loves her country, I don’t agree with the way the country is being run. the most unfortunate thing is, Malawians have stooped so low to the extent that they smile when they are being abused and even thank the abuser. we are supposed to move on and develop not being promised promised development that never see the break of day. its wise people and God fearing ppl that need to rule this country for it to develop not wishful ppl who only know how to embezzle tax payers’ money in the name of development to enrich themselves. Will Malawi’s sign of development be mausoleums to remind us of what corrupt regimes we’ve had? When will women be partners in development and not foul mouthed ones like what we see. who are being used castigate others during rallies. Where is Malawi’s decency gone to? Do ppl ever think of God when they are dehumanizing others for political fame. Remember one day you will answer before the King of kings. Please don’t abuse God’s flock or you will be reduced to nothing one day. Let the wise hear and the foolish turn a deaf ear. A Galatiya opusa inu chenjerani..Mutsiliza ndi zoipa.

  11. Kapolo Sakwiya says:

    Lazalo lapa kkkkkkk koma George Saonda ndi deal heavy. Chakwera akhala Chatsika pa 20 May 2019 kkkkk leaving politics back on the podium. Kodi inu zitsiru za Kongeres mukuona ngati NGATI DPP inaberadi mu 2014 ali ku Opposition, ndiye panopa ali mBoma, AZABERA motani mu 2019? kkkkkkk kubadwa,kukula mpaka kukalamba muli kotsutsa kkkkkkkk abwamnoni enieni a Kongeres. Chipani chokhala pakatipokhacho chamtunduwanji???? Mbuzi, abakha, akhakhakha , ana anjokainu, mufera opposing woooo, DPP mpaka mpaka, munya muona. Kuyendesa boma singatitu kulalikira mu Assembles, zimafunika ma igwe a sukulutu izi… asaaaa. APM beyond 2019.

  12. Dr Mbewe says:

    The bottom line is that dpp is a party of thieves. They still government money to enrich themselves. Mbuzi za wanthu

  13. gota chita says:

    Koma ku malawi ziliko

  14. wapaphata says:

    mbuzi zanu

  15. Zagwa says:

    Bwana Chakwera, what you are saying is all true BUT of what benefit is it to us considering that we already know this? What we expect from you is to ACT!!! Engage the development partners and CSOs!! Some of us believe that they actually use your passiveness to advance their arrogant and selfish agendas. Cases in point: 1. You DID NOT want to join the others when they were complaining against massive rigging before the elections were announced. 2. You have just assisted them dispose off the MSB without following the right procedure and untruthfully. Malawi politics as it were is still cut-throat. We have not yet developed. That’s why your predecessor is looking smarter coz he was streetwise. Sink or swim my good Pastor!

  16. Phodogoma says:

    Baba Chakwera please don’t behave like a baby sitter. Why are sensitive to the extent that you are even picking up the language that you don’t understand. Things which have to do with money for the government are not the same as tilth in the church.i mean why behaving like a baby or a woman. Be a man man. Deal with real problems that will take to Sanjika Palace not what you are doing.

  17. Chibwana says:

    Na momwe zinthu zilili mziko muno, aliyense owombela m’manja boma loyendetsedwa ndi Petulo pamodzi ndi DPP ayenela kuti athanangile kuchipatala akawonedwe vuto la mu wubongo.

    Kuthakukhala chiyambi cha kuzelezeka ndithu.

    Zinthu sizilibwino mudzikomuno ndithu!

  18. Gologolo says:

    Chinyau ndi chinyau basi, ngakhale chingakhalitse bwanji m’tchalitchi tsiku lina chimabwerera ku dabwe. Mukafunse a Chakwera adzakuuzani zimenezi.

  19. Nganga says:

    Leader of Opposition wokongola uyu! Atakhala President anzake ndi a china Uhuru Kenyatta ndi Obama osati Mugabe

  20. Phodogoma says:

    Another letter to Chakwera

    I want to tell you that running country is a serious business amangwetu. A country is not run in isolation to other international articles. I am now watching Aljazera news concerning economic crisis in Greece. Greece has been advised to privatize about five state owned properties in order to pay back its loans.

    For sure Muthalika was advised by those people to sell some state owned properties in order to improve its economy. If you happen to be elected in 2019 you will see some of these transactions and for sure you will not tamper with them.Running a country its not just like running church affairs where you were trained for and used to b4 joining politics.

    Therefore dont be talkative on issues that you dont understand at all. You may appear a fool. You may appear irrelevant to knowledgeable people like Phodogoma over government issues.During JB she passed two dangerous transactions that of auto fuel pricing and devaluation of kwacha. It was a bitter pillows. Even DPP did not accept them at all. They were implemented and current DPP is still using them. Then just shut up your mouth on government issues especially if you do not have background knowledge.

    Your main duty as leader of opposition is just to pass budget and you can comment over it .

  21. ndadabwa says:

    isaac phiri ndiwe mbuzi yomvetsa chisoni. that’s why you are talking about magalimoto instead of talking za nzeru. iwe kupanda nzeru kwako ndi kwachibadwa

  22. Isaiah Phiri says:

    If MCP does not own a single Cabinet Vehicle then what can they possibly offer,,? do desrespect but there is no room for a you achina chakwera….whenever an auditing is being carried out, there are error ofcoz and the govt is obviously not publicizing the results being entered because the prompt for accuracy. We indeed malawians will never be fooled forever we know whats happening in your back doors. you better oppose the development procedures not options or opinions..

  23. Omex70 says:

    Those who are saying government can decide what to do with government property are out of touch with reality on the matter. May be their DPP color has consumed them to the point that they can’t use their brains properly.

  24. mwana mulopwana says:

    Much as I can support Mr Chakwera in some issues , I don’t agree mainly on the issue of MSB sale, The Budget and Finance committee of parliament is comprised of people who are not experts in issues of banking, they may have little knowledge, they just addressed on issues how the bank can come back to life but they were forgetting about the payment of MK30billion which the bank could have paid the depositor, so the best option was to sell the bank and save it from collapse.

    From now Dr Chakwera , please don’t talk much but try to push and force govt , even if you go back to be the President, you are going to face same music, a lot of things needs to change through parliament,

  25. Zanga Phee! says:

    this is pathetic, but how can we guarantee MCP hence they will also need to pump up the party to gain mirage in stuff and all senior members to put themselves on a better positions.Of course it’s normal at administrative level but we are looking at 51 of independent a lot has been spent in the process and the only bad thing we can point out about the old MCP is only inhuman but food security,security and all that were perfect.So ideally MCP i think is the only organisation that can curb this problem and start from the bottom then win donor confident at all cost.See my name.

  26. Phodogoma says:

    Letter to Obusa OChakwera

    Indeed the Muthalika government can not be trusted. But the government of Chakwera in waiting can now be trusted. Hahahaha.Maloto a chumba.

    Remember there is a saying which says that when a dog is chasing you quietly and suddenly the dogs stops and starts barking at while standing just know, that the dog is tired and has given up.

    Who are you Chakwera for the whole government machinery to take advice from? Government is a legal person which owns property and can decide what to do with its property. Please take note of that Political matter are not spiritual matter at all. Iwetu udzatopa mpaka udzadziwa kuti za kaisala ndi zakaisala ndipo za ndale ndi ndale. You cant be the master of two tasks. I can you are fitting in the spiritual career not this dead game.

  27. Petulopaulendoachoke says:

    My President Lazarus Chakwera has spoken, tifuniranjinso umboni wina?

  28. kk says:

    Can somebody educate pliz the way these two Leaders Chakwera and Peter are blandishing each other, kumangonenana uyu osatha, ine okutha kodi 2019 ndi chaka cha mmawa eti. I wish Chakwera will constrate in building his party’s grassroot and sale himself to the southerners and northerners in order for him to win 2019 general elections. And as for Mr. President of the Republic of Malawi I wish you can now constrate in running government affairs kuti ntchito za manja anu zikuchitileni umboni as Bingu used to say. Do miracles with your magic hands then people will vote for you even without campaigning in 2019.

  29. Zanga Phee! says:


  30. Balamanthu says:

    I agree with chakwera.What he needs to do now is convene all opposition parties and start drafting a paper on what went wrong in the last elections and suggest reforms that need to happen in the coming two years to prevent repeat of the same.If MEC is not reformed, we will cry the same way we cried in 2013.

  31. The real Ujeni says:

    Bingu Mutharika analowera pa window to be a President, awaso chimodzimodzi, who suffers? the stupid voters. Tachangamukani a Malawi anzanga inu.

  32. Eye Witness says:

    The President of Malawi is clueless. The Majority of southerners have lost trust in DPP. This is its last Term.

  33. Kafodya Imdzomdzo says:

    Hmm, APM and DPP have their eyes in/on 2019 elections. they should be concentrating on transforming malawi now, not looking at 2019…… if they run the government well, 2019 shouldnt be a problem for them… but it will be a nighmere for them if they keep messing us and malawi as they are doing…. sindikuthyola mkhwani ndikungodutsa ine…

  34. Patriot says:

    Malawi needs a man who fears God.
    Osati za ma new order zilipozi.
    Only then Malawi will prosper.
    Mukaona ma comment against Chakwera umadziwiratu kuti ndi satana akulamulira mitima yao.

  35. Akatswiri says:

    War of words

  36. chibwatiko mbekamachuni says:

    Chabwera opposition is just opposing to anything? Can you tell me if MSB will not be operating as a bank? What is it that we have lost as citizens? Umbombo basi

  37. says:

    Kusowa kwa mankwala zipatala nd I kysalipilidwa kwa civil servant nd I chitukuko Chinese chachitika.

  38. mfumusinyasa says:

    What are you complaining here. It was an open secret that the bank will be sold after budget was passed. You should have squeezed him when he needed you most. But loo and behold. You went ahead and passed a budget containing construction of two banquet halls in it. What type of legislators are you? Remember, you cant squeeze a boil after it has healed. Better keep quite

  39. pat says:

    Once a leader of opposition always a leader of opposition!

  40. Patrick Nkhoma says:

    Chakwera and your supporters will cry to the very end of politics in Malawi. You have nothing to contribute to this country, so dont make stupid statement as if you are a good leader. Lazaro, kuthawa ntchito ya Ambuye chifukwa cha ndale , kupusa kweni kweni uku

    1. Nkhoma b in the shoes of Malawians don’t just defend your Master even if he is driving this country in the wrong direction NO! Look at your Malawians brothers and sister life is becaming tougher and tougher every day.Some teachers graduated longtime they not taken in while teachers are short in school pali nzeru pamenepa?

  41. Chikopa says:

    Everytime chakwera open his mouth you ask yourself is this guy nows something if audit of 6months took 3month how many months it can take from 2009 to 2014? Muziawoza anthu zona paja ndinu abusa, mukuona ngati akuwelenga matumba achimanga anyumba mwanu?

  42. songiso says:

    Chakwera did you bid for the MSB sale?

  43. Biswel says:

    Boma lorowenda pa window ndichoncho chifukwa chake Mbendera analira mkadziwa kuti walanga anthu osalakwa

  44. Nabetha says:

    Zimvere mutolo. Munthu wamkulu wayankhula. Chonde munthu wamkulu kunonso kumwera tikukufunani bwana chifukwa zimene inuyo m’mayankhula mitima ya anthu imalandira ndithu. MCP is a well disciplined party because of the true four corner stones and I’m sure corruption will have no place in my future government. The reason why MCP is not ruling now is because small parties need to be given chance to rule and prove that they are indeed capable of developing this nation unfortunately this has not happened and will not happen. Mukazamaliza masanje anuwo muzapeleke boma kwa oyenela. As an MCP devoted member I don’t worry about why my party is not ruling because I know the right time will come.

  45. Yaa! Too much sence I’m Chakwela’s speech.

  46. ambewe says:

    Pano a kunena za 2019 ngati kuti sakulamulira Koma pitala ndi panja tisanamizanepo. Palibe chomwe chikuyenda tisanamizanepo amene akutsutsa andiuze chomwe chachitikako Cha nzeru

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