Chakwera says Mutharika’s verbal war with Kamlepo is ‘beneath the dignity of a president’

President Peter Mutharika’s verbal combat wth Kamlepo Kalua, the Rumphi East member of Parliament (People’s Party-PP) and PP third vice-president is utterly “beneath the dignity” of the office of President, leader of opposition Lazarous Chakwera has said.

Chakwera (L) with Mutharika ar Palriament: Says cashgate wearing a new robe under DPP

Chakwera (L) with Mutharika at Palriament: Says Mutharika should come out clean

Mutharika last week issued 24-hour ultimatum for the legislator to disclose names of serving Cabinet ministers implicated in the recent forensic audit report.

The audit report covering the period 2009 to December 2014 established that about K236 billion—initially K577 billion—in public funds could not be accounted for.

Kalua had been vocal in demanding the dismissal of the said seven Cabinet ministers named in the forensic audit report.

The MP, who is also Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) vice-chairperson,  argued that President Mutharika could not claim that he did not have the names when the Attorney General  had advised the Auditor General against releasing the names when the demand was first made after the forensic audit was released.

Commenting on the matter, Chakwera, who is also president of main opposition block Malawi Congress Party (MCP) said it disgraceful that President Mutharika should engage the legislator in political podium  verbal war over matters of corruption audit report.

“You don’t have a whole head of state exchanging  words with a Member of parliament, giving ultimatums and stuff like that. This is below his dignity, he  [Mutharika] should do what is needful and he should come out clean ,” said Chakwera.

“If they are all involved and  then they will all go together, its not right for a nation to be suffering  they way it is like now because of such things,” he added.

Chakwera stressed that President Mutharika “needs to come out and just publish whatever  the reports are saying. What is he afraid of?”

The  data analysis carried out by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) released in May 2015 estimated the unreconciliated funds at K577 billion. However, British firm RSM Risk Assurance LLP, in its forensic audit report, established that the unaccounted for funds stood at K236 billion.

Chakwera said  there should be no selective investigations on the suspects implicated.

“What needs to happen in this particular case  as well as in any other case is these files that are presented to the Anti Corruption Bureau, these people need to work independently  and they need to pursue these things and they need to let the nation know what is happening,” said Chakwera.

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Santana, that is house is not a mansion. It is petty jealous. Chakwera is earning a lot of money. He cant fail to build such as house. Also know that he has been building that house for some time. It is not cashgate money where someone builds a house within two months.

Chakwera should first answer what his party gurus are asking him, source of money for his mansion. He should not accuse others while he is on record of doing the same. Even Gwengwe one day disclosed that the man is a thief. So on thefty issues he should remain silent till his issue of the mansion finds him clean. Him Chakwera it is his party which has the chair of PAC, why don’t he tell his man to disclose the names now that Kamlepo has proved to know no name on the files. All that jazz and rhetoric Kamlepo can… Read more »

The MCP President is right.
Kamlepo is one of the most sensible MPs in Malawi. He is fighting for the truth to come out.
Why hate such a person?


When were the files submitted to ACB by the Auditor General? What has ACB done so far? I think these are the questions that Chakwera is raising? Kamlepo mentioned on Zodiak payment transactions even cheque numbers that occurred under late Bingu similar those under JB so we wonder why ACB is taking long to take action while Peter is getting mad at Kamlepo.

Thako Panja

Who listens to kamlepo? kamlepo is an idiot


I am one of the idiots! I listen to him too much! Think about the revelations of the tractors and the purchase of the very expensive cars by the government! The idiot Kamlepo exposed that, the government denied that and accepted later, so who is more idiot here than the other? Thako Panja, The Wiseone, wait and see who will be the idiot later. Love it or hate it, you are feeling the pressure.




President wanthu pena amatichitsa manyazi kuyankha zilizonse mpaka za TB Joshua simantha amamenewa look now with Kalua………… nditsikatu chipani chanuchi.

chimpeni james

Ask Chakwera to read out their names..kikiki. ..the ACCENT BORROWER mchewa FOOL


This country is full of half educated fools like you.They reason with their stomachs.


Tell us what did MLS said.


Micheal Navin has said it all mbava izi

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