Chakwera storms police station: Activist condemn Malawi crackdown on ‘WhatsApp coup plot’

Leader of opposition and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Lazarous Chakwera on Sunday evening stormed Kanengo Police station after learning that police has arrested the party member Ulemu Msungama for treason allegations.

Chakwera at police station to see Msungama - Photo tweeted by MP Juliana Lunguzi of MCP

Chakwera at police station to see Msungama – Photo tweeted by MP Juliana Lunguzi of MCP

Msungama, who’s challenging results of Lilongwe City North East election, allegedly insinuated that there should be a regime change through remarks in a leaked WhatsApp group chat

He however claims the WhatsApp messages were doctored to ensure arbitrary arrests for government critics and opposition MCP members.

Chakwera, who has also fingered in state intelligence that he has been plotting a “coup”, went to the Police and wanted to know why Msungama has been arrested.

“I want to know the reasons why Police have detained our member,” said Chakwera.

MCP Deputy Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka confirmed said the party is aware of a crackdown on its members ahead of parliament which sits from Monday.

Mkaka said the arrests are clearly being driven by a political agenda to “instil fear in people.”

Meanwhile, MCP publicity secretary Jessie Kabwila is reportedly seeking refuge after being tipped of the arrest.

Msungama: Arrested

Msungama: Arrested

MCP PRO Alekeni Menyani confirmed two police vehicles went to Kabwila’s mother in Area 36 in Lilongwe Saturday evening looking for her but wasn’t there.

Police are also hunting for MCP lawmaker Peter Chakwantha in relation to the ‘WhatsApp coup plot’.

Police spokesman Nicholous Gondwa had no immediate comment.

Arbitrary arrests

Meanwhile, human rights activist Billy Mayaya the “trumped up” charges of treason being directed towards opposition.

“This is in direct contravention of democratic principles and the rule of law.  The use of intimidatory tactics to thwart the flourishing of a free and democratic society where all citizens can air their views is a stain on this current government,” Mayaya told Nyasa Times.

“The fact of the matter is that both verbal and written submissions were made at the PAC conference that reflected a general disquiet with the current government and its handling of the worsening maize shortage as well as issues related to political and economic governance.

Mayaya: Arbitrary arrests unacceptable

Mayaya: Arbitrary arrests unacceptable

“These submissions included a proposal for a government of national unity to be constituted comprising of all political parties in Parliament to affect an inclusive process that would pave way to early elections. In our view this in no way reflects an act of treason but a democratic right and a recommendation that emerged from the PAC conference,” said Mayaya.

MCP spokesperson demanded last week that President Peter Mutharika should resign.

Mayaya urged government to stop arbitrary arrests on critics and opposition as no act of treason was committed.

“We call on government to fulfil its obligations by respecting, protecting and fulfilling the rights of Malawians by facilitating increased availability and access to maize for the thousands of poor and hungry Malawians who are languishing at ADMARC depots in search of food.”

Police say the MCP members were planning to “organise, strategise and implement the removal of the constitutional government of Malawi … the Egyptian way”.

They say the MCP members discussed how to conduct an insurrection similar to Egyptian revolt that brought down Hosni Mubarak after nearly three decades in power.

Police alleged that the WhatsApp participants took turns calling for a revolt against President Peter Mutharika.

Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, with an estimated 75% of the population living on less than $1 (60p) a day.

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87 thoughts on “Chakwera storms police station: Activist condemn Malawi crackdown on ‘WhatsApp coup plot’”

  1. People hv got the rights even talking abt to remove the President and his party, and is warsting time to look onto people’s watsapp thats totaly shows that our netwrks hv a big problem with to all management and must be checked. The govment to use the cel netwrks shows that is their main instrument to that they use to steal elections. All parties must take this insue to parliament and investgate the all netwrks in Malawi so that we can be free. Peter must know that every stole property will be found by the owner no matter hw long, he must go!!!!

  2. Why can the Govenment Go and arest everyone on Facebook’ ? There are people who talks against the president there…i tell you, they even speak bad names to Apm…chifukwa choti akulankhula zakukhosi ndi MCP then u think of alesting them? Let me ask the Govenment to stop confusing us…Malawi believes in A God that listens…Tomorow we will be Free from This, i tell you our God z alive He listens to the voice of Malawians……i ges this is our starting point…i think this is the smoke the Government wanted, there is fire afterwards….

    My Advise, plz sitichotsa zisoso za mu diso lanzathu pomwe maso athu alinso ndi zinyalala, chotsani zanuzo kaye…

    My question z that, Are you a failed state?

  3. Kondwani says:

    Zizindikiro za masiku omaliza

  4. clement nasoro says:

    Our lord Christ Jesus once said abt blind man leading another blind man. Remember that one. That’s what’s happening in Malawi. Pliz my Pple WAKE up. Take this pple out. Burn them alive! Our pple r dying of hunger while them r full. OUT!!!!;

  5. Ali says:

    Kodi nkhani ya mid night six ija ili pati?

  6. william says:

    DPP needs to fix the economy now, kwacha is like zimbabwe dollar, we need to change the governor Chuka it seems he is a PP sympathiser, saku panga chili chonso kwacha yapita mu madzi

  7. His Excellence the Life President Wolemekedzeka Mkango Lion Chivomerezi Chisokonezo Artillery Missile Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Malawi is full of stupid people that is why every leader take us for granted, Amen

  8. mwasuwa says:

    Nsungama was here!!! kkkkkk

  9. mahomwa Nyika Republic says:

    time time Egypt WAY KKKKKK

  10. paul says:

    Chuka is the creator of all this economic mess in Malawi, DPP should fire him, kwacha yagwa 167 to 900, nthawi chuka ali governor, Chuka ndi yamat wa JB afuna kwacha agwa anthu aphya ntima ndi DPP, ndi election za 2019 awina PP. Chuka si wathu, za DPP wa oppossition

  11. Dr Mijiga says:

    I am surprised that some people in Malawi are too foolish to the extent of supporting the useless Peter. Ngati mukutengera kuti ndinu mlomwe kaya atidye nawo mudziwe kuti mukupweteketsa anthu ambiri. Mulungu akulangani nonse. Peter has no reason to remain leader of this country because he is a failure. He is failing to solve our problems. Ndiye anthu kuyankhula za mavuto alakwa? Police should tread carefully because the nation will hold you responsible for what it may come.

  12. Papa says:

    Amalawi opusa inu zomwe amapanga J B kumagawa chimanga inuyo ndikumamusekelera simumaziwa zizabweresa mavuto iwenso mayaya ukukhala ngati unagwelapo mu chimbuzi zimachitika kuwononga chimanga uli kuti ,

  13. Bwampini says:

    Guys stop giving these altimaltums, have you forgotten that these things brings Cardiac arrests? We don’t want to see another Daniel Phiri please. Mtundu uwutu paja sumalimba chondechonde.

  14. Cash Gate says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkk!!!, msungama was here,

  15. SALIMA BOYS says:


  16. MCP is our party. Chakwera is our leader and nothing else. Timakunyadirani munthu wamkulu ndipo mumakwana

  17. Amwali says:

    “I will repeat this that what the former People’s Party did by charging us with treason is stupid and abuse of power. We are making this commemoration of our suffering for those hard times as an assurance that in our government no one will be arrested on trumped up charges like treason.”
    His Excellency, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, addressing an event marking commeration of his arrest on treason charges

  18. johni says:

    No wonder we are still one of the poorest countries in the world despite being independent for a good 51 years. Our priorities are upside down. We worship politics

  19. Kalyoto says:

    So what! they should face justice, nobody is owning this country except God only. Why pretending as Malawi belongs to a group of people?

  20. Gwazantini Nkhulande says:

    You know what these people were rude and what do they think they are. we do not want another chaos here. Jesse Kabwila has been married several times changing husbands is not the same as changing government. indeed kachindoka kaja kafika penipeni

  21. NYONYO says:

    dont confuse an activist with coup….awa ndi andale a MCP on the watsup group palibe activist olo modzi onse a MCP nde muziti nyo nyo nyo…this time simutitha Bingu yemwe uja not AMP apa nde pafa galu muuzane agalu inu we dint use back door to get into power like MCP in 1964 and PP in 2012 ana agalu inu

  22. Chitapata Boys says:

    Awanjate onse!!!!!! including mbusa wa fakeyo

  23. B matsauso says:

    Nanunso mwaonjeza. Munthu akamathawa kumangidwa ndiye kuti walakwadi. Umboni ndikuthawako akuthawiranji ali osalakwa.

  24. Party of death and darkness says:

    Koma Chakwera apansotu ndiye mwambwita. U Pulezidenti timachitira campaign osati za backdoor ayi. Mukudziwa kuti 2019 simudzanunkha kanthu.

  25. NZOZO KUNUNKHA says:

    Misguided chakwera even if it were you you could have even gone far than this remember the MCP way? how ever the issue of maize is not a reason to me Mr Mayaya knows this very well. The point is the COS and MCP have been funded by the colonial masters (America) to pursue the new world order.

    These Americans have seen that we have managed to leave without their 40% support and as such they’ve seen that we will progress in the near future without their poisonous loans and such they want a puppet to lead the country.
    They’ve done that in Libya, Egypt, Iraq just to mention a few and instead of leading the lines political parties especially the PP and MCP are full of greed not to comfort but a disgrace. They failing to see that they are being used. Yes the Egyptian way but the Egyptian themselves are regretting. unfortunately most of the commoners are myopic.

  26. Mboba says:

    Dat Z Nt Democracy

  27. KAKA says:


  28. Womva Chisoni Akulangiza says:

    Rev.Chakwera, I hope that u are regretting leaving God’s work and attach yourself self to these dirty politics of Malawi. What a mess.Serving God grants peace than the so called politics. Mukumva bwanji? You are more than Prophet Jonah.Cant you feel that you are in the stomach of a fish.Pepani abusa.You stil have time to go and take care of the floak.Azikadziwa Prophet Bushiri kuti Leaving God’s work is demotion.Just s simple advice.Money is not everything.

  29. Mapwiya says:

    The more things change the more they remain the same…”ayiwala kuti anawoletsa maliro nyumba kufuna kulanda boma?” Vuto losankha machona uprezidenti…This is just the beginning more is yet to come.

  30. kadansana says:

    Ask bakili muluzi abt freedom of spch bcoz u were nt here ptala.

  31. Chambe says:

    To criticize the government in its failures is one thing and everybody’s right. To orchestrate planing for a coup through discussions that will lead to mass mobilization with goal to force government out of office is a treasonous action.Can the President who acquired debt from borrowing from PP, who is only the first to govern without budget aid, whose government financial problems are as a result of global economic meltdown,whose country has had flooding on the first year of him in office really resolve all the impacts and backlogs in just 30 days to 90 days max? No doubt this call is aimed at fulfilling personal loses from loosing the elections of 2014. The solution does not lye in these calls. Now if you go into the streets as MCP and PP to topple government, the DPP, UDF and others from the South will go in the streets to counter.
    That is why Police does not want that stage to come. These treasonous acts must be stopped once and for all. Our courts are transparent and you can defend your selves if your Whattsup chats were not treasonous. The government has the burden to prove you guilty. You are innocent until proven guilty. But you are hiding and talking too much which is a sign of cowardice and guilt.
    Kaya, ukanyera pa mseu ulimbe nazo. Don’t go looking for sympathy, it’s your war not those if Malawians.

  32. vinthu kusi says:

    warm heart of africa

  33. KAFITA says:


  34. Mr Zulu says:

    peter go to hell this is not democracy ukanakhala kt uli ku RSA indizomwe akupanga Malemya bwenzi utamwa tamec kale kale ufa ndi mtima2 iwe

  35. popapo says:

    Malawi Lost Years talks a lot that we are failing to deBandanise hence these problems. During campaign for the May elections all leaders a like were competing on how they can emulate Dr. Banda, in other words they are empty of their own plans on how they can develop Malawi. Our neighbour Tanzania, President Magufuli has started his on Journey after seiving the shortfall of former Presidents, he never talks of Nyerere who is highly respected in TZ, he is forging ahead and getting credit but Malawi always Kamuzu this, Kamuzu that what a shame. Give us your original gene of Leadership. Chakwera going to a police station is that news ? APM writing on a wall in police cell is that Leadership ? Basi zithu zongokopera simungatipase zanu zanu atsogoleri !!

  36. How Peter Muthalika can respect freedom of speech and association as he was in USA when Malawians voted for Multiparty democracy, No way MCP can be muzzled by Pitala and his DPP,We are not shaken with his empty threats, Bwana Chakwera, Chipani chilipo kuno mpaka ku Manda Wooooo! Umenewo ndiye utsogoleri, Bravo MCP! Bravo Rev Dr Chakwera.

  37. When Malawians voted for freedom of speech and association Peter Muthalika was in USA and he must stop making his empty threats to MCP officials, No way we can be muzzled by Pitala and his fucken DPP that has failed to find a solution of problems Malawians are facing, Bwana Chakwera, Kuno ku KZN, Chipani ndi moto moto, Dziwani Bwana kuti Anyamata anu kunja kwa Malawi 24Hrs service, Nga Nga Nga pambuyo panu ndi MCP mpaka ku Manda Woooooooo!

  38. Nyasi Mmaso says:

    Early elections simply because of maize shortage?shame on Malawi

  39. ichocho says:

    they said the cop is being fuelled by USA embassy officials, so we shud also see them arrested if really the case is not a doctored one.

  40. Mapwiya says:

    Peter Mutharika will die like his brother. He will die while in office.

    His brother died after shooting to death northerners. He died of MPHEKESERA, a retaliation ritual empowering the dead to identify the killer and revenge…very common among the Phoka.

    I have seen the whatsapp messages and there is nothing like treason.

    Surely TB Joshua’s prophesy shall come to pass

  41. Boma says:

    Sitiopa opha thupi lokha

  42. Sure says:

    The opposition in Malawi is too irresponsible. They should be arrested to beat sense into their heads.

  43. Tengupenya says:

    Fulfilling the prophecy? Glorifying idle Whatapp talk? Please do not waste precious police time and government resources trampling on the freedom of expression of harmless citizens and politicians engaged in sheer idolatry of the Egypt-style regime change. In Egypt, that system is unique and is backed by the powers behind Egyptian executive powers. It is a system, which is unique to Egypt. It does not exist in Malawi, which “copied and pasted” an executive presidency system without a senate. Moreover, a typical Malawian fears the government elected by the people; not the pseudo government in the minds of some individuals. An effective response is for the Police to warn the public about the limits of freedom of expression and the redline separating that from effective treason. The public prosecutors and the law enforcement could create a storm in a cup of tea by reckless arrests over idle social network talk. Prudence must prevail through careful surveillance of idle talk that raise yellow flags. Egyptocracy cannot work where the military are not involved directly in political governance.

  44. Nyasim'maso says:

    Parliament should not start until they release Nsungama and government should ensure the opposition that it will protect the freedom as stipulated in our constitution. Akanganya amenewa asationelere. Malawians are not fools

  45. Nkwapuleni says:

    Poor Malawian politicians, busy ndikufuna mipando yonona instead of saving people who are dying out there . All the people who are making noise are living a better life but trying to confuse people so that they be supported and fulfill their thirsty for power. God is watching!

  46. sam zimba says:

    The laws of any country are made to be followed it doesnt matter the status of the individual invoved as a party leader he did well to go and find out why the party has been arrested…because sometime you cannot know assptions and conclusion’s are not good when you dont know …a good example for MCP executive member Zimyemba who was invoiced in cashgate. so a political leader hon Chakwera is abound by the same laws of the land any mistakes and misjudgment in reactions and emotions is political suicide if Hon Chakwera son involves in criminal activities is he not for question ing for law in forcers the Police…a big question is why has Hon Kabwira gone to hiding????? If no crime is not committed…Hon Kabwira should know better a guilty is always afraid…Mcp my party people are watching

  47. Mzanga Dausi says:

    Osamaopa kumangidwa iyayi tatiyeni naye bwampini. Sakudziwa kuti wateremo wapalamula chitedze, chimuyabwa bwampini.

  48. Kadausi Ndikandaninso Mmalawi says:

    Aha now Mr Chakwera, you are talking. That is the way to go. Pressure this mathanyura boy not only to release msungama but that he must resign immediately.

    Tiyeni tonse pamodzi amalawi. Nthawi yakwana.

  49. Mweene says:

    DPP mukutokosola mavu ali gonee. Why are you provoking the people noww?? Mukanangokhala chete and let this simmering catastrophe in this country die down otherwise mukuganizilitsa anthu kuti awukile. Vuto lolemba mbuli ku intelligence ndilimenelo

  50. NDIZOWONA says:

    These are the last kicks of a dying horse

  51. Achiwajinji says:

    When will the police reform. Treason on Muluzi, Chilumpha, Brig Mituka and colleagues in the army, Midnight six all unsuccessfully prosecuted. Shame and be reminded of Chasowa and NJAUju the ACB Deputy Director

  52. GRM says:

    Do they know everything discussed on Whatsup groups? This is going too far back to old MCP days. But they are DPP!!! What a reverse?

  53. steve says:

    Peter and DPP ,these arrests of Opposition are not good for Malawi’s Democracy.This actions will BACKFIRE into CIVIL UNREST the whole Nation Mark my Words.Remember what happened in Algeria which triggered the Overthrow of President Ben Ali into Exile.What you are doing is putting/adding salt on an injury.People are tired of your Rule/Ulamuliro wako and you are punishing them still by unreasonable treason charges.Be Warned,Anthu kukhala cheteku sikuputsa ,akakutembenukura udzidzati Ndimaloza.MCP supporters will not sit down and watch these arrests happening.The whole Central Region will be on fire,believe me or not.Ngati kulamura dziko kwakukanikani basi ,bvomerezani ndipo tulani pansi udindo tioneko zina.

  54. Mandela says:

    Zozoyamba dala kufuna kutchuka mufera zaeni odyerera ali mphee kufera khunkha

  55. aaaaaaaah dpp imeneyi democracy???? Mmasuleni nsanga Hon. Ulemu Msungama, mwamuzunza mokwana, kumubela ma vote mpaka kulolela kuotcha office ya MEC zoona?? Chitani manyazi inu, Dr L Chakwera munawabela ma vote, lero mwayamba kuwapekela nkhani za plot, kodi anthu inu satanic??? Ufiti??? Mathanyula kukupengesani??? Kapena chani??? Mulungu akukanthani muona. Ulemu atuluke, zoona muziunika anthu ndi pa Whatsapp pomwe zoona???

  56. Wokonda Malawi says:

    Thats DPP I know yotenga anthu 125 ku UN anazimisa ndi Magalimoto a Speaker ndi leader of opposition ovemereza okha.
    now a PAC sanabwere ndi ma recommendetions awo of last week meeting. awa ayamba kumanga anthu to dirvert peoples attention on real issues. Malawi munyanya kupusa. God help us

  57. kanchenga says:

    JK please come out of hiding and hand yourself to Police. If a person has not found something so dear as to die for that person is as dead at a young age as he will be at 90+ years. He is just waiting for a casket and burrial. You have found public service a dear thing you should be prepared to die for it. Only sinners are afraid of death because they don’t know where they are going. Trust God he will protect you. Be aware though that selfish reasons do not bring Jesus on your side. Do not fear Peter who will destroy your body. Love God he will preserve you. Bingu said he will smoke us out. But God smoked him out of Kamuzu palace. They tried everything to save him but God’s will prevailed. As for Peter remember God loves you as much as he loves the defenceless. You are there to defend every Malawian whether they are DPP or not. It is an assignment from God . Are you sure you can afford to fail God. Remember the cold body of your brother. When we say people are dying of hunger their relatives feel the way you felt that time. Does that memory mean anything to you. When foolish people were celebrating his dying how did you feel. Aren’t you doing the same thing now by saying that nobody is dying of hunger. May be you have forgotten all that so I thought of reminding you. Now having remembered that cold body of the great prof. Do you still think death is a laughing matter. Think again are you sure as president you can not cancel a few programs to save money and buy enough maize from outside the country and distributors it to all admarc market flood the country with imported maize. How can you say you have no money when government employee still attend useless seminars drawing huge allowances just now MPs will be drawing sitting allowances cancel that use the money to buy maize yesterday you spend huge money’s attending elevation of that lomwe chief that is money you should have bought maize with. Please mr president be smart just this once in order to save life just as you tried to save your brother by sending a dead body to RSA please just this once.

  58. International Observer says:

    Abale nzungu sanama. Those involved were using mobile phones/laptops etc. One thing they forgot was that those gadgets when utilized ignorantly you put your self in problems like what is happening now. To days mobile phone is a semi- computer and the service providers should be in a position to determine the source of a posting and easily tell who the owner is based on phone numbers etc.
    A couple of years ago the UK government managed to trace a terrorist who had escaped from the UK, went to France and were able to know his whereabouts based on his usage of the mobile phone. Palibe nkhani apa. Anthuwa akakane ma phone ngati asali awo nkhani ikapita ku court. Greedy politicians will put into big problems individuals osadzitsata za m’dziko. Even those who started democracy can not condone such behaviours. Mpakana “Ine ndinaphunzira kupha anthu” no wonder dzifwamba is rampant in Malawi.

  59. Makweya says:

    A look at your photo, does Chakwera seem like having stormed the place?
    He looks pitiful!ha ha ha ha

  60. Mai Gulu says:

    koma ndi zoona akunenazi? Nkhani yofuna kugwetsa boma saalemberana ma msge. This is a very sensitive issue to be discussed over whatsupp. The police are lying, the have doctored the msges kuti awamange ndi mlandu wa treason. Inu a MCP sangakhale opusa nkumapanga discuss nkhani ya sensitive ngati imeneyi pa whatsupp. Anene zina, izi zokha takana.

  61. tan'gatan'ga says:

    Treason case of Peter and company first. They actively wanted to take government when bubgu died.!?

  62. Dya Mani says:

    Mr President, your intelligence chief os misleading you!

    Get rid of him ASAP!!!

  63. Pamajiga says:

    Kodi Abusa Chakwera power hungry imeneyi bwanji….? Kodi kukhetsa mwazi munakuzoloweradi eti…? Ndi izi even zidzukulu mwaziphunzitsa khalidwe lokupha

    Koma ndi Abusa di inu? Okhulupilira YESU or zinazi. …?

    Chakwera we are watching u.

  64. BigMan says:

    Plotting to stage a coup and force regime change, regardless of the forum being used, is unfortunately under our current laws, TREASON.

    Rights must be balanced with Responsibilities.

  65. Becks says:

    Shame shame shame. solve problems please v

  66. Makala Ngingi says:

    In Malawi we confuse human rights to mean kupanga zomwe tukufuna . there has to be order and the kaw has to be followed. MCP should cincentrate on the next elections and not overthrowing ligitemately elected government. this is why I feel for all te failings of the ruling DPP, there is too much greed in opposition so that they cant wait and use the route to Stats house thru rhe ballot. Opposition and Rulling parties nonse mabi okhaokha!!!!

  67. George Kamanga says:


  68. wapamtima says:

    Peter alamulile kumwela I hope what he is doing and his rats anthu akumwela are happy with. Akupoto were half right koma chikufunika kwambili tiyeni tingawane dzikoli. do you know the first years of his late brother dziko lidayenda bwino. chifukwa dziko amalamulila ndi Otate John T, Otate John T adali ndi ma MP ambili than Bingu that time had five. Opposition adali ndi more power than government. Let us see him I mean Bingu in his second term adali ndi ma MP ambiri end resurt governing the government kuda mnyela monga kwavutila apa. A Pitara pitani kumwela mukaphe anthu akumwela ndi njala zanuzo

  69. Mulangeni says:

    Bola musamupatse polonium mwanao

  70. Nathan says:

    If it is true that they were discussing about a revolt, then they were right. Petala must gooooo! Pitala, shupiti zako!

  71. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    What nonsense is that about WhatsUp messages being doctored? When Mzuni students courageously confirm that these “kids” were urging a so-called revolution, or a coup, or an unconstitutional way of getting into government.
    oChakwera does not have political smarts, in the strategic sense. Otherwise, he would be vehemently condemning the coup plotters. That is, if he believes in democracy.
    You commit the crime, you pay the price! No body is above the law.
    Malawians do NOT want civil war! And some of the instigators are already in hiding! Cowards! Kabwila-Kapasula.

  72. Kenkkk says:

    Diversionary tactics by these dpp thugs for failing to run the country will not save you. This will backfire big time. Now that laz has joined in to support his mcp members, you dpp thugs are in deep trouble. You will make the opposition more popular even in your own dpp stronghold areas in the south. People of malawi don’t like nkhanza. It brings back bad memories.

    Trumped charges have no place nowadays. We are not prepared to go back to bingu and kamuzu eras.

    Treason, what treason?

  73. Mccarthy says:

    A peter muthalika muyambitsa nazo nkhondotu izi, Mukuwona ngati anthu akukondwa kuti azifa ndinjara,
    Mr. APM please you need to release the member of MCP before it get’s worse, where is a freedom of speech? And people they gave you a chance to be as a president, now you start arrest them without reason! Don’t you see that people are suffering and dying with hunger?. Mr. President; you not suppose to arrest anyone, because you failed this country” and now its a time God will punish you, Even you malawi police; you’re very stupid! How can arrest your own brother? the one who fighting for freedom” including you police, you also suffering with this called APM, (DZUKA MALAWI). And you need know one thing Mr. President” this war, you’re not going to win, because you fighting with God. What you need is to resign.

  74. Major 1 says:

    Yayamba DPP kukwidzinga anthu, chipani chachabe ichi.

  75. Talibo says:

    Kodi Uyunso Mayaya Wayamba Kuyankhulira PAC?

    Za Whatsapp Zikugwirizana Bwanji Ndi Za PAC? Malamulo Agwire Ntchito Apa, Malawi Police Nyatani ANACHIPATI Onse Please.

    Malamulo Saona Nkhope Nkhwizingani Agologolo Onse.

  76. thumbwe man says:

    You see this government of afiti, mbava za dpp has failed the Malawi pipo. How can they justify maize availabilty but same tym are failing to pack full Admarc depots. Now paja zikakukanika or banja zimmatele. Masiku ali mmanja for DPP. Wasting government money to instal a from nowhere chief to Senior Chief mmalo mogula chimanga. Sinanga sing’anga wankuluno wa banja la a Mutharika ndi this new chief ans soon timva Paramount. We are watching u dpp.

  77. Mlangeni says:

    Timangeni kma MCP siizatha

  78. Mlangeni says:

    Bwana Chakwera takuthokozani pozamuona mwanau! Mwanau mngwathu ndipo tili pambuo pake ife tonse a mcp

  79. thumbwe man says:

    Shit DPP

  80. Ambo says:

    Justice can’t be trumped it is a matter of time. God’s intervention is the most working remedy!

  81. Phwethulani says:

    Tingogawanapo dzikoli, ife apakati tizidzilamulira tokha, otherwise sitilora zomwe zikuchitikazi. Kukhala cheteku sikupusa, mukutitola kwambiri

  82. MBWIYACHE says:


  83. bomalofoila says:

    Koma inu are you serious kuti anthu ofuna kulanda dziko in the Egyptian way angamakambilane pa whatsapp? Mukananena kuti they met some kumene amakmbilana as a meeting yopanga plan how to remove APM, tikanamva. These top MCP officials are mature enough to know that such a sensitive issue can not be discussed through the social media. mwapangadi doctor ma sms wo nkumapanga claim apa za treason zanuzo. koma sibwino choncho. God is watching. A Malawi siopanda nzeru kuti sangadziwe zimene mukupanga apa ai. tikudziwa kuti u want to divert attention yathu from mavuto omwe tikuwaonawa to za treason zanuzo koma ng’ooooooo mwauponda. Mavuto akula muno, sitingakangalike ndi za treasonzo

  84. Patroits says:


    So Malawi is now being run by a WhatsApp Government.

    Police are arresting people for having WhatsApp conversations about their aspirations for better governance. To be sure, it is irresponsible for any citizen to be making casual statements about organizing protests with the expressed wish of causing the president’s health to fail. But is this worthy of a treason charge punishable by death? Is our government so fickle and flimsy that it believes it can be toppled by a WhatsApp thread? Would any rational person plot the overthrow of a government that is already overthrowing itself by what appears to be its own efforts to destroy what little residual embers of good will it has been hanging on to by a very thin thread? Do you make speeches about the need to unite as a country to address its ills and then turn around to arrest members of the country’s largest opposition party.

    This is a sad day for Malawi in a series of many sad days, because at this rate, our civil liberties have become toys for the authorities to trifle with. Our freedom is not given to us by Government, but by God himself. Government’s only business with our freedom is to protect it, but if it is the Government itself that is waging war against our freedom, what are citizens to do but nurse a desire for a different government?

    And to think that they are spending tax-payers money to make these arrests when 3 million people in the country are on the brink of starvation! This is unacceptable. We cannot accept this because we will always love our country more than we fear those who govern it. #MutipatseUlemu

  85. levelheaded says:

    Arrest these dogs that have lost hope of winning in a contested election.
    One pig is on the run. Take them to court, the evidence is just straight forward.
    I will celebrate the day these dogs are put in the cooler especially that ugly pig on the run.

  86. Mulopwana says:

    when are we going to make decisions based on common sense??

    now we are making decisions based on social sense.

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