Chakwera to summon Kaliwo over scathing letter

Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) president Lazarus Chakwera says he will summon party secretary general Gustave Kaliwo to explain the contents of his letter which he made to the public on Thursday.

Chakwera: To summon Kaliwo

Chakwera: To summon Kaliwo

Chakwera said he wants Kaliwo to present his problems in person to the party national executive committee.

“We might not tackle some of the issues he raised because they are in court but we want to find out if that is the way we should run the party,” said Chakwera.

Kaliwo, in his nine-page scathing letter, among others asks for a convention to legitimise some positions, reinstate fired and suspended party officials and accuses Chakwera of roping in  Sidik Mia who is allegedly making parallel party structures in the south.

The MCP president said he received the hard copy of Kaliwo’s letter on Thursday morning.

Chakwera is accused of flouting party constitution by firing all those who were elected at a convention two years ago and replacing them with his faithful.

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10 thoughts on “Chakwera to summon Kaliwo over scathing letter”

  1. Dick.di says:

    U can ‘nt make it.DPP oyee!!!

  2. Harawa says:

    Dear Penya, Morgab, and Imran,

    You are not MCP supporters, you don’t know what you do. My advise to Prof. Chakwera is to call him as you have already promised to do. if and only if he fails to concede his arrogance to the congress men during your NEC meeting. Please, immediately sack him. He is kamvuwemvuwe don’t smile to such people, Mr. President

    1. Bolero says:

      Read the letter properly Kalio was chased away at the MCP Headquarters by Chakwera security people as he wanted to meet Chakwera for a breif discussion as it is normal for the Secretary General to do so before such a meeting. So what else did you expect him to do. he had to write him because if he forced himself in he would be beaten by his people. MCP yankhanza.

  3. Kokani says:

    I think you all who have commented are not MCP members by virtue of your statement. You can not say Chakwera zamkanika what do you mean. MCP will conduct convention before may 2019 elections and please those who want to challenge Chakwera should get prepared. We will not allow mvundula madzi here. Stay away if you guys are crazy you did not even vote 2014 elections

  4. be humane says:

    If Chakwera does not want issues to be discussed in public why responding to same issues to media when he knows that media is for the public?

  5. Penya says:

    Signs of the times. The last convention abrogated its responsibility by delegating its powers to elect the NEC to the newly appointed President. The President was given a direction to appoint members to remaining positions in the NEC. Who contravened the constitution here? It cannot be the President alone for accepting to implement and duly implementing something that was constitutionally outside his powers. The Congress failed to demonstrate change. Instead, it confirmed that it still wants to invest powers in one person even when its own constitution has placed those powers elsewhere. Abusa was easily trapped here. What is worse is what message this practice sends to the electorate. The Congress must know that it has demonstrated to the electorate that they might not have transformed with respect to loyalty to constitutions as they tout their cornerstones now. It is still demanding and exercising loyalty to the person of the Party President. If the Abusa President did not stop power abuse at Party level, and continues to abuse power at Party level with or without the approval or connivance of the NEC, then how far would he go with power abuse if he should be elected State President with a majority in Parliament? This is not a small matter of Party etiquette or time management. It is a big issue of failing to demonstrate touted transformation.

    In political gaming there are no saints, no winners and no losers among the pundits. Instead, it is always the citizens at large who are winners or losers. Malawi is being denied a credible opposition when the main parties outside the State Palace cannot hold their centre stage in a constitutional and transparent manner. Worse, this culture promotes impunity in those in the State Palace and those in the majority in the Parliament, for they know that this scenario presents them an opportunity of voters retaining the devils they know than the alternatives that fail to demonstrate credibility, accountability and transparency. The NEC of the Congress must shallow its pride and hate against the errand Party President whom it misled by its own direction. The Congress President must step back and take a hard look at his error and decide how he should correct it. The constitution is the guide for it gives powers. Whatever was done without power in the first place must be rescinded. Call an extraordinary convention to complete the convention which elected the President and part of the NEC. All nominated members of the NEC cannot have any voting power in the NEC. Any resolutions in which they voted are in the best scenario null and void. Go back to the convention and elect members to complete filling position in the NEC.

    If these free and open pieces of advice are ignored, then it is time new leadership emerged through constitutional means. The same constitution must guide what must be done to a Party president and a NEC that misguides and connives with the Party President to set aside the Party constitution. If the party constitution or the NCE stand against any of these progressive steps, then both the constitution and the NEC are not loyal to the spirit of a new Congress. In that case, the Congress must rise and construct a new progressive constitution.

  6. It pains my heart to see how dictator Chakwera is running affairs of our beloved party.
    Let’s mobilize ASAP and demonstrate all the way to MCP headquarters to show how fed up we’re by his dictatorial tendencies, if matching naked is what it takes so be it.Chakwera should go now

    1. Bullshit says:

      Inu chikani apa. Ana a UDF inu. You just want MCP to go UDF way.

  7. That’s the way to go, if he refuses to come mulavuleni asatitopetse. Tikufuna chipani chirimbe titenge boma2019

  8. Morgab says:

    Hon Msowoya please take over the presidency. Uyu Chakwera za mukanika. There is no greater opportunity than this for northerners to control MCP

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