Chakwera tells Mutharika to stop blaming God for hunger in Malawi

Leader of opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera has told President Peter Mutharika to stop blaming God for the hunger, saying his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration needs to put sound agricultural policies.

Chakwera:  Mutharika should not blame God

Chakwera: Mutharika should not blame God

Speaking in Lilongwe, Chakwera, who is also main opposition, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president said the whole agricultural system needs an overhaul and the DPP led government has failed to overhaul it.

“God is not to blame for the hunger, neither is nature. The DPP agricultural policies are to blame,” he said.

He said the government would have put sound irrigation policies long ago before the huger struck and asked where the Green Belt Initiative is which he said could have helped beat hunger.

“We cannot blame God, we cannot blame nature. Other countries have been hit by the disasters as well yet they able to feed themselves, we are just hopeless people,” said Chakwera.

But Information minister Patricia Kaliati said El Nino is to blame for the current unpredictable and severe weather phenomenon, arguing this is a trend world over.

“This is not man made. However we have put sound agricultural policies including the recent presidential decree to have water boards involved in large scale irrigation. This means in two years time, Malawi will be food secure,” she said.

Mutharika said on two occasions that him and his government are not to blame for the persistent food shortages in the country, saying its God and nature.


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50 thoughts on “Chakwera tells Mutharika to stop blaming God for hunger in Malawi”

  1. Apopo says:

    Kkkkkk akulu akulu anati wapa kaliyala saimba belo kodi olemekezeka a Chakwera mvula imabwera ndi munthu or Mulungu tapangani convernsion apa musanamizire nthawi

  2. mahomwa says:

    malawians we are dead working people still in dark age

  3. khoh wado kachepa says:

    nosense pouper brain iwe wa Pitala

  4. Oscar says:

    We R All Malawian Lets Make One Thing Dat It Can Help Malawia Wabwino Not To Blame Peter Let Him Lead Us Coz Tinamusankha Tokha He Didnt Force Us To Vote For Him Ai It Was Our On Choice Otsutsanu Nanuso Kumaona Zotsutsa Bwanji Kodi Peter Forever Five Yonse Amaliza

  5. zie says:

    Sometimes I pity we malawians, we r busy blaming the president, surely i don’t like the guy (APM) but he isn’t the major reason why our country is in this situation….. Chakwera u r so pathetic, even if it were u, thesw problems can’t just go on a single day…. Sit down together all of u politicians and help each other… Mxiiew….

  6. santana says:

    Empty tins make a lot of noise. When Bingu died some quarters of the society told us that this was the plan of God to rescue Malawians. Amayi took over and said everything to convince Malawians that God will now answer their prayers through her(chaka cha mayankho). APM campaigned while outside govt with all type of mud smearing at him from Amayi and those you know. Chilima and APM did a smart campaign beside being new people in politics. We wonder what happened to this mayi wathu with all the govt machinery used for campaign could be thrown to number 3. What did amayi do to Malawians for those 2 years that they denied her an own 5 year term. Why didn’t people chose Chakwera a new candidate in politics and a man of God for that matter but instead opted for the party which is said to have tortured Malawians through Bingu? The opposition was taught a lesson by God because they used His name to cheat Malawians that God did not want the DPP to rule this country. He punished you and the punishment will be there for a long time. Don’t dream of winning the elections in this millennium even if you think of combining your forces. The opposition should ask itself a question why God denied them a chance after pushing the DPP outside for 2 years? From outside came the power to rule. Is that not embarrassing to you the opposition?

  7. Pastor of truth says:

    I sometimes laugh when I hear a person who was on the side of God before fall to deny the prophecies of God for the sake of politics. Which sound agricultural policies and systems can be developed in the world to prevent God`s prophesies from coming true.

    Mathews 24: 6-8 reads You will be hearing of wars and rumours of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not the end. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. But all these things are merely the beginning of the birth pangs.

    I am always encouraged when I see prophesies coming true because I know, that I am near home which Jesus Christ son of God promised.

  8. ndondwa says:

    some of the comments hera are not helpful, malawians are full of praises to their leaders without scronizing the views expressed, just bcoz the views have come from an opposition member, zimenezo sizingatithandize ndichifukea pitala akulephera coz sangamvere zonena za otsutsa ngakhale zili zothandiza, khalani ndi loyalty losapindulayo kumangoombera m’manja zili zonse ndi zopusa zomwe just coz walankhula wachipani cholamula akweni ndiye kuti chani?

  9. alhomwe atilaula says:

    aDPP mumati ndinu mumabweretsa chimanga ndiye lero zavuta mukuti ndi mulungu?
    amalawi tulo anthu akangotiuza za chimanga mwati basi mstogoleri koma ameneyi, what a pathetic nation we are! we need to wake up malawians, tizisankha muthu oti athandize dziko osati chifukwa ndi wa kwathu kapena akutiuza za chimanga! this country needs more than chimanga! we are very far behind pa nkhani ya development. atsogoleri tikawasankha pailbe chomwe akuchita kuti dziko litukuke koma kutilalatira basi ndikumadya misonkho yathu!

  10. Ozitsatachisale says:

    Dr Chakwera is right,In May 2014 we never select God as our President,such that its insane to put blame or use God as a scapegoat for our on failures.And nature cannot be blamed either since Climate Change is a global issue,and for a full minister to argue based on El Nino, that only tells how shallow minded we are as a nation.Malawi is like a man dying of thirsty amid an oasis.Do we need Egyptians to come and teach us ulimi othirira? Politics aside MALAWI IS SHAMEFUL NATION and for one to read such a country without vision only reads to the man made so called National disaster. One of the spoken word recite “Poor People Praise Presidential Portraits” Dzuka Malawi Dzuka!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Easterner says:

    To my fellow Eastern regioners,

    For how long shall we sit phwiii without going to ask Goverment for assistance in the following areas?

    (1) At least a District Secondary School in Machinga District owing to the fact that this district has no district secondary school like others.
    (2) At least two community technical colleges in the eastern region owing to the fact that the rest of regions have theirs (north has 3, central has 4, south has 4 but eastern region has ZERO)
    (3) Atleast a District Hospital at Balaka owing to the fact that Balaka District has no District hospital? The one currently in use is a catholic hospital for leprosy services.
    (4) The Balaka-Chilipa-Mangochi road owing to the fact that this road is an alternative route to Mangochi in case of an emergency on the lakeshore road. And also the road passes through a rich fertile agricultural area where big tobacco and maize estates exist.

    Achawa anzanga, do you know that the eastern region is the only region with fewest secondary schools and also the only region where primary schools are far wider apart?

    Njira zolimbana ndiumphawitu ndizimenezi. Its all up to us. I am sure Government can listen if approached for help.

    1. Ngaliba-Mchawa says:

      I strongly second you, and as a matter of fact, we easterners have to think outside the box by voicing our concerns to parliament through our MPs, who are however somehow not concerned as they are money hungrily and mainly interested to fill in their stomachs.Mbuli za achawa basi

  12. Lipenga says:

    in south African and other countries even if it can not rain for 3yrs people will not die with hunger or be forced to buy 20kg of raw maize because they have leadership. what makes s country to be food secured is leadership even in the midst of drought, in Malawi sadly we don’t have. the number one reason people enter into political offices in Malawi is to loot and plunder resources. good leadership can end the misery of Malawians that’s what MCP is saying here. peter is simply a sleepwalking accidental president ruling Malawi with 36 percent of the votes .its only the lomwe belt that will cry when peter is dead or forced to resign .this Malawian president is simply a crap. this is the same stupid President who gave brown envelope’s to journalist s .we have a brain dead President in Malawi. we need Dr laz to rule Malawi

  13. Zomwe akuyankhula a Lazarous Chakwera ndiye kuti akungozipaka okha Mabi kapena kuti Manyi awo. Anatero akweni.

  14. Lipenga says:

    if the whole southern African countries and world over are affected by elnino drought why then you import maize from them.stupid educated dpp members like peter accidental President.

    have you ever head that people in Zambia, Zimbabwe ,south African ,Tanzania are sleeping at depots to buy 20kg of raw maize.
    the reason they don’t have these madness we have in Malawi its bcs they have leadership that sees ahead with vision. in Malawi we have a vision less toothless old thief .you mean you educated fools can’t see what Chakwer is saying I’m amazed. MCP the only hope to Malawi.

  15. dikisan says:

    Greenbelt ndiyongonena mukatkhuta kapena kutulo? Tidayamba kale kumva zimenezi. Pano Mwalima mahactare angati? Lake Malawi ndi Shire plus mitsinje ina yaphwa kale kodi? Mukolola liti? Water board ikulephera kutipatsa madzi. Osanamapo apa. Pano mukuti iyayambe kulima. Malo olima alinawo? DPP tangomalizani kugulitsa zomwe munayamba kale kugulitsa za OVOP basi. Inu mulibe kuthekera kothetsa njala pano. Achimwene anu anali katakwe. Osati inu. Palibe chomwe tikumva. Wina ndiye amati ndine Bulldozer, wa agriculture, fodya akugula bwanji? Musatisokose apa. Nzeru palibe. Madzi ndi awo ti kuwaonawo akupita ku Zambezi. Mukalimila misozi ya anthu kapena madzi? Inu mukumaika kumbuyo DPP muziona nkhani zosapota. Anthu akuyenda ndi zidebe kufuna madzi inu muli Water board izilima. Ikalima kwanu? Elnino wamwa madzi pa lake Malawi ndi Shire?

  16. Marium Barak says:

    It is one thing to be hit by drought, and it is yet another to have a nation declared as ” disaster” after drought. All Southern African countries were hit, but only Malawi has been declared as such. The irony is that Malawi is buying Maize from Zambia, a country also affected by the same drought. So Chakwera is light, If Bingu was alive, The green belt initiative could have helped us so much. Koma a Pitala angokhala ang’ono wawo koma nzeru za Bingu alibe. We need strong agricultural policies that makes countries like, Egypt, Israel make it in areas with little or no rainfall. Vimadzi vonse mu lake Malawi koma kumakhala ndi njala kenaka nkumati chauta watitaya.

  17. Luhana says:

    Malawians, lets be objective in the way we respond to APM or Chakwera`s views. Firstly, some have listed countries that had poor RAINS in SADC and will face hunger this year.what they have not said is the number of countries out of the list whose presidents have declared their nations as disaster countries. More or so countries like Ethiopia ,Namibia,Botswana have perennial erratic rainfall paterns because their climate is semi desert -winds blowing over these countries are predominantly dry. But these countries have managed to feed their people inspite of the challenges. Of those countries, it is Malawi that has the largest fresh water lake more suitable for irrigation. Look again we have fertile soils. When times are tough, the Lord GOD shall always provide the way out and malawi as a country the solution is thru irrigation. Crying eternally for help shall never emancipate this country from hunger and other challenges . WHAT does our agricultural policy say on draught resilience ?

  18. kabunyula says:

    Are you sure you can leave out nature in the equation of hunger in Malawi? Are you sure? Are you normal or not? You must be out of your MIND? Watch out man.

  19. BOKHO says:

    Don’t compare 30 yrs of Kamuzu and DPP. I think enanu munali ana. Kamuzu developed this country zitsiru inu amusakusakudziwa kanthu bii. Kamuzu constructed tarmark roads all over the country from Karonga to Nsanje, Mchinji to Nkhota. International Airports where your Mathanyula land , the capitol hill, City Centre and capital city of Lilongwe, Rice schemes, He built secondary schools, Primary schools in all districts, academy, Sanjika palace, Kamuzu Palace, Mtunthama Lodge, He brought Tobacco companies and other manufacturing companies, e.g David Whitehead, Encho, etc, he opened dams all over the country, he built stadiums you have been enjoying till now, Kamuzu built technical colleges you are failing to construct now as well as ADD’s in Malawi. Kamuzu developed this country, Kunali alangizi kale onse mnawasiyitsa ntchito. Kamuzu did the best what so ever you can talk. U cant compare with Kamuzu any more.

  20. Nsanje has Nsanje Secondary School and Bangula Secondary School. Chikwawa has Ngabu Secondary School and Chikwawa Secondary School. All districts in Central and North have an average of 3 secondary schools each.

    Now check the Eastern Region: Machinga has ZERO secondary School. Balaka has only one secondary school and no District hospital (The one in use is a Leprosy clinic and is for Catholic parish). My question is: When shall people of the Eastern Region wake up to claim development? Inu anthu aku Machinga, dont you see the merit of having atleast a full boarding district secondary school in your district? The lack of educational infrastructure in the Eastern region is making it lo lag behind in many aspects. Even primary schools are far too apart. Why are our leaders from the east silent about this status quo?

    Now check this: the north has three community technical colleges. The central has four community technical colleges. The south has four community technical colleges. The Eastern Region has ZERO community technical college. Mwaiwona imeneyo achawa anzanga?

    I cry for the Eastern region.

  21. Phyuta says:

    kkkkkkkkk !!!!!! This daft man will never rule. Ife pa convention tidzavotera Dr. Daza. Awa alibe nzeru. Famine has affected the whole Southern Africa.

  22. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    Mutharika is clueless . Yet he thinks he is very clever. A ver well meaning Malawian can see that what Chakwera is saying is true. No sensible man can blame God for his misfortunes but himself.During Dr Banda’s time agriculture was given special preference koma Angulu awa wawo ndi ufiti ndikuba.

  23. The briliant says:

    I have never sin a lead whose head is full of bull shit like the one blaming the government here. He lack sense in his nonsense. Using the word God anyhow is not acceptable before God. Mr first think like an intellectual if we go at global village and make an assessment you will see that there is climate change which has affect most of regions world wide. Mr dont fool us by telling us that someone is blaming God for the hard times we are passing through. at times make your articles evidence based, at least quote one of the DPP people having said GOD is the reason why we are suffering. At your age you stand upright start telling us what you think in a wrong way like this. i think you have to go to a school where you will be taught to think rationally. At first I thought you had the brains but aaaaaaaaaa!

  24. Malawi, South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Somalia, etc have hunger this year due to erratic rains. Do all these countries have bad agricultural policies Mr Chakwera?

    During good rain years, have you never seen Malawi exporting surplus maize to neghboring countries under the same DPP leadership you are castigating Mr Chakwera?

    Are you sincere to allege that the hunger is entirely due to bad policies Mr Chakwera?

    Tikukuwonanitu abwana. Its high time you wake up from your political slumber and gave constructive criticism that can win the majority of hearts and minds of matured and non political Malawians. Or else forget about wining in 2019. We are watching you closely.

  25. marvel chikondi says:

    A Chakwera ngati ndale zanu ziri zotero u president simudzaulawa ai. imu monga wa opposition mukanati muzipereka mfundo zolangiza boma momwe akuyenera kukonza apo ndi apo ndi a boma posatsatira langizo lanu anu akanakusankhani upresident pomwe pano koma tsopano mukuziyalutsa. ndi zoonadi kugwa m’manja mwa mulungu ndikoopsya. mulungu akukhululukireni.

  26. kk says:

    Now I know that this so called Reverend is an agent of the devil. Mark my work. Munthu wosayamika ngati uyu?

  27. steve says:

    Chakwera is just showing his failure to oppose on markable issues not mere campaign sake

  28. ine says:

    Joseph kony and kaap both of u are losers. Dont you know that Bingu’s govt bought very big water pumps? Where are they? Where are the tractors Bingu’s govt bought? Now you instruct water board to irrigate when it cannot even supply adequate H2O to people. Shame!

  29. Winston Msowoya says:

    In many parts of Africa,politicians tend to ignore the past political rogues,but in Malawi,the MCP President seems to die hard.Chakwera by embracing Banda’s political past,under estimates the masses’s power and political intelligence.His willingness to wear Banda’s logo on clothes,not only he cares less about thousands who lost their lives innocently but also those who languished in abominable concentration camps erected in South and Central Malawi.In Uganda today,it would cost someone his/ her life if someone puts on Idd Amin’s logo on her cloth or a man on his jacket.In Malawi so many people lost their lives under Mphonongo Banda’s violent rule so to see that Chakwera prides himself by wearing a logo depicting Banda, the masses of Malawi are driven to think of Chakwera’s leadership credibility and this would likely give munitions to his political rivals when the time comes.Chakwera must think twice and not try to ignore the realities for the consequences would be devastatingly real in the aforeseable future. In fact nobody whose loved one was taken from him/her without good reasons, would willing to support the dreaded MCP.So the high Priest must come into the open to portray mutual leadership because Malawians have endured gruesome political and economic adventurism for 52 years. It would be foolhardy for someone to believe that Malawians would remain a football to be kicked to any trend,so Chakwera must not take Malawians for granted time has come for real change and it’s the Malawians themselves who are going to effect this change whether Chakwera likes it or not.FORWARD WITH THE PEOPLE!!!!

  30. kaap stard says:

    in Malawi we don’t need MCP party to rule the nation again, its time gone already if anything let’s pray so that God should raise a knew party to contest and win elections in 2019, rather than pointing fingers @ president every time. angaiwale ndani nkhaza za MCP. musiyeni muthalika ndi nthawi yake alamulile bwinobwino

  31. Mwinahewe says:

    Only fools does not see sense in chakwera’s speach

  32. amadeus says:

    So the Water Boards will start growing crops to alleviate hunger?? Very strange initiative!!

  33. Ndanena says:

    Dr Chakwela is right. Peter Mutharika and his DPP Govt are to blame for not implementing policies to avert hunger. I remind Malawians that DPP has been in power since May 2004 except for 2years when Joyce Banda ruled. That is enough time to transform a country. However what we have seen is mediocre leadership from DPP and Peter Mutharika. Bingu wa Mutharika died in April 2012 when Malawi was on its knees. And Peter Mutharika’s two years is already a terrible disaster. Killings and intimidation of those critical to Peter Mutharika is back and the economy with inflation at 24% is on its knees. Peter Mutharika is a disaster for Malawi.

  34. Stanley Super Sekulu says:

    Ihope Iam Tired With Politics In Our Own Country.What This We Should Looking That Can Help Our Motherland To Devolop.

  35. Moses Makoko says:

    I entirely agree with Dr, chakwera’s sentiments! if we think we will be blaming God for everything that happens to us as a nation, then we need a bigger piece of paper!
    Those of u who have been to places such as lsrael will agree with me that we have no justification to be facing hunger as a nation rains or no rains! The only challenge is that we employed wrong managers to oversee our farm!

  36. Trendex says:


  37. Eugene says:

    Mr Chakwera seems to be smoking some very strong herbs which I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on. I would love to know how his crop did this year.

    Talk of ” we can not blame God ” what about Mozambique, Zambia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and even South Africa. Are those countries not good enough to produce their own food? This ain’t anyone’s fault so he’d better shut his trap.

  38. Joseph Kony says:

    Politics of Malawi is stupid.
    Leaders would always want to take advantage of a particular situation to advance their selfish agenda. If Chakwera is blaming DPP for not implementing large scale Irrigation farming then he is politically and morally rotten. DPP has been in govt since 2005 while his cruel MCP was in power for 30 years yet during that period there was no large scale irrigation system apart from isolated rice schemes. If MCP had that vision of large scale irrigation system targeting not only rice but maize as well we should have been some where by now.Koma zonse zinalu za Kamuzu Banda. On this one he goofed and that’s why we shall continue begging for food. Chakwera is desperate for power unfortunately he has to wait a little while longer because I don’t even see him becoming president if this country soon. He is not a better alternative. He talks nothing new or different from what we already have seen. He is just frustrated. Actually IG I were him, I would go back to be president of that small church in Malawi and stop posing as Malawi’s political hope because for sure he is not!

  39. Moya says:

    Really we blame God? when we have fresh water lake, rivers, dams whilst our friends in the desert they have inadequate water but we hear no hunger stories. Management of resources is the problem here. I suggest bring the management, IT and technical gurus together and let them brainstorm the solutions.

  40. tukombo says:

    Mathanyula anamudziwa liti Mulungu? he is as satanic as it gets

  41. International Observer says:

    The statements being made by Chakwera are misplaced and a total mockery to the people currently affected with the floods. Should we say what is happening has nothing to do with natural causes? What he has to know is that the audience he is addressing to day are not kids and they are the same people he will require votes from in 3 years time. At times one wonders if indeed the man in Chikwera was surely once upon a time standing at the pulpit preaching because most of the time his speeches are hollow and disjointed that it doesn’t make sense other than showing his desperation. Well, continue digging yourself deeper and it is only time that will tell and separate boys from men.

  42. Winston Msowoya says:

    Please hands off from God.Chakwera and Muthalika are both human beings and none of these two are God-loving people.If Chakwera was a true follower of God,he couldn’t have left the Pulpit for wealth and Peter abandoned his job as a Law Professor for a political job which is usually profitable dirty job and this is what we are seeing to-day.We have a vivid instance in Bishop Tutu’s religious leadership which started as soon as Madiba Mandela went to Ruben Island torturous prison for his political beliefs.For 27 years Mandela was incarcerated ,Tutu was the mouth-piece of the ANC and the whole of South Africa.Soon after independence,there were some top-notch ANC tried to convince Tutu to phisically join politics,to the astonishment,Tutu told them that he loved also to serve God.To be honest Iam not sure that Peter really blamed God for hunger in Malawi,may be Chakwera wanted to score a point on the issue.Please leave God alone,he is not as greed as you two fools.

  43. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    oChakwera or DC (Dictator Chakwera): So, finally you are declaring right here that you are a climate change denier? Zoona chonco (is that right)? And so we finallly see that you are following in the footsteps of your religious “cousins” in the US: many of the deniers there are Evangelists. How else to interpret your assertions on the real cause of hunger or famine in our country? There is no other interpretation except to conclude that you do NOT believe in the science about climate change, El Nino and often drastic, unpredictable weather changes such as those that have led to devastating famine in parts of Africa. And droughts and floods elsewhere too, including North America and Europe.
    Surely, if you are not grounded in the sciences, MCP must have advisers who would tell you not to say such nonsense.
    And some on the internet want to call you “Professor”?
    I do respect you, Sir, personally, but your insinuations about the famine suggest your “professorship” is of the “village” type, and nothing to be proud of.
    And perhaps you should have broadened your university education to take some science or nature courses, like ecology. Theology is well known at kachenjede (university) as the program for slackers. That would have introduced you to some scientific principles and rigor: and that is never out of style.

  44. ZAGWA says:



  45. Byron says:

    I might not be an avid supporter of president Peter Mutharika, but wholly linking him to perennial hunger in the country due to lack of sound irrigation policies is an overstatement. I have noticed that Dr Lazarus Chakwera based his argument of Malawi’s hunger on failure of DPP leadership to have already initiated irrigation projects in the country through the Greenbelt Revolution.

    Much as I agree with Dr Chakwera on criticizing president Mutharika for running short of wisdom on blaming nature which is controlled by God to be the cause of hunger through lack of adequate rains, I disagree with him for blaming the president on irrigation failures.Irrigation can be a complicated and complex endeavor especially when a country adopting it and formulating policies on it, is persistently short of cash to finance it, But the DPP government especially this one, should have prioritized it from day one while lobbying for funding from donors. This is so because Malawi is prone to hunger due to inadequate and heavy rains which are unpredictable.

    Now, the lack of extensive irrigation projects in Malawi are due to Dr Banda’s incomplete implementation of such projects which would have involved to a larger extent, the sourcing of water from Lake Malawi and major rivers to create irrigation areas in different parts of the country. Nonetheless, Dr Banda’s irrigation policies were only centered on rice farming and probably tea and not maize,wheat,sorghum,cotton, soy beans, or legumes. The other problem I have noticed with Malawian leaders and most leaders in Southern Africa is that they think food has to be made out of maize only-there is too much reliance on nsima or ugali or unga. A country such as Malawi, with enormous water bodies, could be producing various food crops and food stuffs. Malawi could be a haven for tortillas from maize, corn bread, wheat flour and bread, potato bread, cold cereal from maize, rice, and wheat, chocolate from cocoa in Masenjere in Chikwawa, the list goes on. It is laughable to note that important irrigation policies were not established during Banda’s time given the fact that he received plenty aid from abroad. It is also laughable but worrisome to see people starve while their country is blessed with natural resources. How can a country such as Zambia feed Malawi? Malawi is supposed to feed other countries because God blessed it with everything.

  46. Zenizeni says:

    I agree with the opposition that it is Peter Mutharika and his DPP govt who are to blame for the hunger.Already two years after May 2014 the economy has worsened.. Millions of ordinary Malawians are now poorer than they were in May 2014. And the future under Peter Mutharika is very bleak.

  47. Kagolo Chikaphonya says:

    Vuto si Chakwera chifukwa kulankhulako ndiye thandizolo koma mwamumva mneneri wanu ophodayo zimene akuyankha?

  48. zachisoni says:

    mr chakwera if u really the solution to the hunger, why dont u heelp as well to put to an end this hunger sir.

    1. Mbodzole says:

      How? Is Chakwera in control of government resources? what a stupid way of thinking? I have seen it in many Malawians thinking that someone putting forward any idea or questioning government then he/she should do it. Give him the government then and judge his ideas. If not, try the free advice.

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