Chakwera tells Mutharika to stop blaming God for hunger in Malawi

Leader of opposition in Parliament Lazarus Chakwera has told President Peter Mutharika to stop blaming God for the hunger, saying his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration needs to put sound agricultural policies.

Chakwera:  Mutharika should not blame God

Chakwera: Mutharika should not blame God

Speaking in Lilongwe, Chakwera, who is also main opposition, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president said the whole agricultural system needs an overhaul and the DPP led government has failed to overhaul it.

“God is not to blame for the hunger, neither is nature. The DPP agricultural policies are to blame,” he said.

He said the government would have put sound irrigation policies long ago before the huger struck and asked where the Green Belt Initiative is which he said could have helped beat hunger.

“We cannot blame God, we cannot blame nature. Other countries have been hit by the disasters as well yet they able to feed themselves, we are just hopeless people,” said Chakwera.

But Information minister Patricia Kaliati said El Nino is to blame for the current unpredictable and severe weather phenomenon, arguing this is a trend world over.

“This is not man made. However we have put sound agricultural policies including the recent presidential decree to have water boards involved in large scale irrigation. This means in two years time, Malawi will be food secure,” she said.

Mutharika said on two occasions that him and his government are not to blame for the persistent food shortages in the country, saying its God and nature.


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Kkkkkk akulu akulu anati wapa kaliyala saimba belo kodi olemekezeka a Chakwera mvula imabwera ndi munthu or Mulungu tapangani convernsion apa musanamizire nthawi


malawians we are dead working people still in dark age

khoh wado kachepa

nosense pouper brain iwe wa Pitala


We R All Malawian Lets Make One Thing Dat It Can Help Malawia Wabwino Not To Blame Peter Let Him Lead Us Coz Tinamusankha Tokha He Didnt Force Us To Vote For Him Ai It Was Our On Choice Otsutsanu Nanuso Kumaona Zotsutsa Bwanji Kodi Peter Forever Five Yonse Amaliza


Sometimes I pity we malawians, we r busy blaming the president, surely i don’t like the guy (APM) but he isn’t the major reason why our country is in this situation….. Chakwera u r so pathetic, even if it were u, thesw problems can’t just go on a single day…. Sit down together all of u politicians and help each other… Mxiiew….

Empty tins make a lot of noise. When Bingu died some quarters of the society told us that this was the plan of God to rescue Malawians. Amayi took over and said everything to convince Malawians that God will now answer their prayers through her(chaka cha mayankho). APM campaigned while outside govt with all type of mud smearing at him from Amayi and those you know. Chilima and APM did a smart campaign beside being new people in politics. We wonder what happened to this mayi wathu with all the govt machinery used for campaign could be thrown to number… Read more »
Pastor of truth
I sometimes laugh when I hear a person who was on the side of God before fall to deny the prophecies of God for the sake of politics. Which sound agricultural policies and systems can be developed in the world to prevent God`s prophesies from coming true. Mathews 24: 6-8 reads You will be hearing of wars and rumours of wars. See that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not the end. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. But… Read more »

some of the comments hera are not helpful, malawians are full of praises to their leaders without scronizing the views expressed, just bcoz the views have come from an opposition member, zimenezo sizingatithandize ndichifukea pitala akulephera coz sangamvere zonena za otsutsa ngakhale zili zothandiza, khalani ndi loyalty losapindulayo kumangoombera m’manja zili zonse ndi zopusa zomwe just coz walankhula wachipani cholamula akweni ndiye kuti chani?

alhomwe atilaula

aDPP mumati ndinu mumabweretsa chimanga ndiye lero zavuta mukuti ndi mulungu?
amalawi tulo anthu akangotiuza za chimanga mwati basi mstogoleri koma ameneyi, what a pathetic nation we are! we need to wake up malawians, tizisankha muthu oti athandize dziko osati chifukwa ndi wa kwathu kapena akutiuza za chimanga! this country needs more than chimanga! we are very far behind pa nkhani ya development. atsogoleri tikawasankha pailbe chomwe akuchita kuti dziko litukuke koma kutilalatira basi ndikumadya misonkho yathu!

Dr Chakwera is right,In May 2014 we never select God as our President,such that its insane to put blame or use God as a scapegoat for our on failures.And nature cannot be blamed either since Climate Change is a global issue,and for a full minister to argue based on El Nino, that only tells how shallow minded we are as a nation.Malawi is like a man dying of thirsty amid an oasis.Do we need Egyptians to come and teach us ulimi othirira? Politics aside MALAWI IS SHAMEFUL NATION and for one to read such a country without vision only reads… Read more »

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