Chakwera unfazed by DPP foul-mouthing: ‘Malawi Congress Party will not be party to savage politics’

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president Rev Dr Lazarous Chakwera, who is also leader of the opposition in Parliament, has said that he is unfazed by the public foul-mouthing he is getting from ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP0 hierarchy, saying he will remain focused on rebuilding the party for the 2019 general elections.

Chakwera (right) in an interview with Times TV host Brian Banda

Chakwera (right) in an interview with Times TV host Brian Banda

Chakwera, better known as a preacher than a politician, in an interview on Times TV with host Brian Banda, said MCP will not be distracted by DPP’s salvage politics.

The leader of opposition, who is well known for preaching with eloquence a message of hope and dignity through Christ, when he was president of Assemblies of God, has been accused by DPP gurus of abandoning God’s work to pursue his selfish interest in politics.

Chakwera said he hasn’t abandoned or left ministry. He explained that he just retired from a position in one type of ministry to take up a role in another as a broadening of God’s responsibility bestowed upon him.

The MCP leader pointed out that many Christians have shunned joining politics and believed the notion that is advanced in our societies that politics is dirty forgetting “it is people who are dirty that make politics dirty” through various malpractices.

He said time has come to change this belief.

Chakwera said he will not join DPP is verbal attacks, saying sis vision is to cleanse the country of corruption and improve the living standards of ordinary Malawians.

Guided by the message of the scriptures that say when the righteous rule, people rejoice, Chakwera said he will rejuvenate MCP to be ready to govern Malawi for the good of all people regardless of tribe, region or any affiliation.

“Whatever anyone says about me does not define nor deter my objective of joining politics. My goal is to serve Malawians and make Malawi a better place for all,” said Chakwera.

“If they have problems with me that will not make me have problems with them personally. I am for policies and issues to make Malawi a better place. Insults do not make better politics. That is not what is good for Malawians, is it?”

Composed and relaxed Chakwera said politics should be about serving the people not salvage attacks.

“Politics is about running a country. It is about championing policies to help people within a jurisdiction. Politics, just like water, would only become dirty because of the people within its systems. Otherwise, politics in itself cannot and should not be dirty,” said the MCP president.

Times TV’s Banda asked Chakwera to comment on the alleged rigging of 2014 polls.

But Chakwera referred Banda to Malawi Human Rights Commission report and other observers’ reports which say the May 20, 2014 controversial elections were not credible.

“In the words of two witnesses a matter is established. I, as president of the Malawi Congress Party (MCP) have been begging people at every chance that Malawi must not stop because of a singular event. We should learn to move on despite the obvious mistakes made in the past. Chakwera is not the kind of person and will never be the first one to get the presidency by hook or crook,” he said.

He was also quizzed on MCP membership being dominated by politicians from the central region and asked when he last held a rally in the south.

Chakwera dismissed that the country’s oldest political establishment is fading into a regional force.

“I was in the (southern) region meeting the newly elected MCP Southern Regional Committee in the past week. It is not only a political rally that says we are building the party in the region. We are revamping and re-energising grassroots structures of the party from the areas, constituencies, districts, regions and nationally. This is what I and the entire Malawi Congress Party believes in strengthening the party,” said Chakwera, a highly articulate leader.

Chakwera said the party which recently welcomed back its former influential members, including 2014 elections People’s Party presidential running mate Sosten Gwengwe and deputy general secretary George Zulu is now poised to reclaim support in the Northern and Southern regions.

He said several leaders on its national executive committee (NEC), including party vice-president Richard Msowoya and general secretary Gustav Kaliwo, who come from the North and South respectively, is indication that the MCP had spread its wings nationwide.—Additional reporting by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times.

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75 thoughts on “Chakwera unfazed by DPP foul-mouthing: ‘Malawi Congress Party will not be party to savage politics’”

  1. André Lucas Henriques Moenda says:

    You can not save two masters at once. Dr.Chakwera should choose if weither want to save God or to attend politics

  2. elisha says:

    chakwera is man of who do dings in its tyme ,dats wy ilove him mcp woyee!!!!!!.olo itamangoluza icant stop supptng it

  3. kunena mosapyatila says:

    Malawians in 1993 we embraced multiparty democracy via a way of ballot called referendum. One of the characteristics in a democracy are human rights; Freedom of association is one of them. Dr Chakwera is one of the individuals in democratic Malawi exercising this right. I wonder why many people/politicians are worried with Dr Chakwera’s move to politics here in Malawi. There are many men of God around the world who are participating in active politics even in DPP. A very good example is of Mr Mike Huckabee aiming to be the President of USA via the Republican nomination in the coming 2016 election. He is a former Baptist pastor. He has attempted this move for several occasions. To others politics is a calling/responsibility given to them by the Almighty just like other professions are to different individuals.

    We should not be judges upon other people. Let the LORD our God be the judge.

  4. Che Ngana says:

    Kodi Paja Chakwera Ndindani?

  5. Bonz says:

    Ex pp vice president hussles with nephews over a house.

  6. fredpa says:

    its about time not people of the south,we know they vote for names.2019 will not be 2014 believe me not,Peter will pack and go to ndata.We want true leadership osati experimental theories of doom.We want leaders not pretenders.If the governing system is congested with hooks and crooks who believe in perpetual lies not proven facts.Leadership of salvage and unfound silence to hide inborn leadership disability.Leadership that counts banquets as more important than lives of innocent tax payers languishing for acommon panado and aspirin in public hospitals.Yes as long as the president is from the south,the southereners are at honeymoon,facts are not ameasuring yard to them but tribe.Now that we are suffering and they are double suffering due to the floods and the poorly applied economic principles to them its life as usual.

  7. nkasimunguya chinankasanganye says:

    If you wont Vote for Chakwera, God will still make him win. To free Malawi from your rotten way of adminstration, corruption and murder, God is gona give life to bones that will cast votes for him.

  8. Joseph Moyo says:

    Ido agree zot mcp singazawine come2019pp yafanso jb adachoka ku chiraszulu office ya mcp dilapidated amakumanila kut?ku namwera inagwapo nde mcp kuno kulibe komanso combination ya dpp chilima atupele ndiyovuta kuiphwasula.komanso a chakwera mukadasiliza ndi ndale mufune musafune mwachita abuse office ya Mulungu u reverend siwandale ndipo mumangot dpp idabela Mulungu amalakwisa?akadafuna kut mulamule palibe chikadalepheresa.bwanj anthu amakatenga mankhwala pampikisano komabe mmoz amapambana winayo.anthu azikunenanibe chifukwa upulezident suzampulumusa munthu pamene ulaliki uja umatengera anthu kwa Mulungu okonda za dziko lapansi ndizammenemo sangathe kusangalasa Mulungu.inupangani za mdziko.nkulakwa kut muzitiuza za Mulungu chifukwa tasiyana ma khoti mirandu yanu ndi ya ku khot ya okhulupilira azaweruzandi olungama.mwa iwala za yakobo ndi esau?pangani ndale bas zinazo asiileni aBushiri ndi anzawo

  9. This is the tone of a God fearing leader. This country need a God fearing person to lead. Chakwera is the right person. May u stay blessed my President

  10. Malawi Motto says:

    Bwana Brian Banda mwabvala bwino. Signs of quality at TV times. Not the dross we see on the other channels. Bwana you are now in the spotlight and you need to carefully watch your set. These guys will entice you with petty appointments just to kill the fire at Times TV. These petty appointments will only make you foam at the mouth and you’ll be gone – used and dumped as we have seen so many of your types. JAMA should prop up its members from these vultures.

  11. Kwalewera Zinyemba says:

    I would like to advise the DPP supporters not to use the numerical strength of the Southern region in undermining leaders who may effectively rule Malawi either from the North or the Centre. Let us realize that good leaders are recommended and chosen by God but endorsed by the people through the ballit box. Good leadership will be evidenced by stable currency; relative peace thus low crime rates:
    ;stable electricity supply with minimal blackouts;timely payment of salaries of cival servants, just to mention a few parameters. Those who blindly follow their party leaders should weigh the afore mentioned factors before declaring their win in 2019. How about corruption? If you live your country you will nit think that leaders can only come from where the populance are! Think twice.

  12. Real malawian says:

    All that malawians need is unity, peace and prosperity

  13. becks says:

    Onse onyoza chakwera ndi ofuna kusolola

  14. mwenechanya says:

    sory Mr MCP President that i will tell you the truth,because most people here are fond of telling lies to there leaders ,thats why prior to 2014 elections we noticed that some leaders like you were leading on polls conducted on faceboook and nyasatimes,yet out of 16 million malawians only 0.03 % have access to facebook or read nyasa times online newspaper.But due to lack of statistical knowledge leaders like u believe on such bogus surveys ,which at the end lead you to believe on things that can not happen.
    Mr president 2014 elections results although were sorrounded by a lot of irregularities and i know are still fresh in your mind,should give you a food for thought in how you will handle your political ambitions,if you continue believing that the results didnt reflect how you expected ,i must strongly say the dream of leading mcp back in government will take more that 2 decades to be achieved,and if i am not making a mistake it will not be you who will achieve that.your challenges
    1.You inherited the presidency of the party which almost dead in the south and north due to the political leadership style of your mentor.As a way forward you should try as much as possible to wake the party up in the rural south and north ,and when ever you are in Blantyre or mzuzu city ,do not be cheated by the crowd that attend your rallies ,go to malaka in nsanje or phodogoma in Mulanje ,or Nzambazi in mzimba,or bolero in rumphi and see how people are going to welcome you.People in these areas dont lie,if they say they will vote for you believe them.Just a reminder ,How people of zomba Thondwe ,welcomed you ,after holding a rally at mponda primary a true picture of how voters know you in the south.If you have gone to sunuzi ,it would have been worse,because people in these areas dont know have the duty to convince people of jali so that they should cheer you as people mchinji does when they have seen your convoy. Athough you dont accept APM as your president,but learn some few campaign tricks from this 76 year olds guy,during 2014 elections campaign,the guy managed to venture your stronghood with his vigorous campaign ,he managed to use a blue dpp toyota hilux to reach malomo in ntchisi,kamwendo in Mchiji ,msinja in Lilongwe,kasiya in dedza ,and nkhoma in Lilongwe ,just to mention a few areas, to woo voters,before he set a mouth thrilling campaign with his young chilima in Lilongwe city,where out of this they managed to scoop 400,0000 plus votes in your strong wood out of 78,000 that you scooped in there strong hood.You might ask yourself ,did you do the same in there stronghood and voters denied you?
    2.MCP is a party which ruled malawi with an iron fist,although it managed to bring development in malawi,and there are some atrocities that were committed by your party which malawians will not forget and they will keep on telling there youngones about these bad acts your party committed.As a reminder your party managed to set ablaze the whole village of moto in mangochi,and managed to take the whole villagers as political prisoners while your party was searching for only one person Masauko chipemphere,have you managed to visit these people and say sorry to them ,because i understand some of the people who faced this barbaric act are still alive.Mr Chakwera,your party ended prematurely the life of mr Gadama ,chiwanga ,matenje and sangala,and it happened that this barbaric act was performed in Mwanza,where by some people who witnessed this are still alive,have you ever thought of visiting affected families ,and say sorry to them ,i understand some of these men,left youngones who are now grownups ,do you expect these youngones and there families to accept your presidency? Mr chakwera ,have you ever thought of visiting Nthewu and meet inkosi gomani , T/A kwataine .and other chiefs and condole them for the atrocities that your party committed to one of there loved sons Muwalo .These and other some big issues that your party committed to the people of the south will continue to haunting you ,unless you visit them and convince them that you are a changed party ,but more rural voters in the south dont differenciate the old mcp and the new one,so you have the duty to convince these people that you are chakwera not kamuzu ,and mcp stopped forcing local people to have party cards,as people of dowa understands this.
    3.Malawi migration partern,Mr Chakwera ,have you ever thought about these issue and how it affect the voting partern.Let me highlight a little bit about this ,it might happen that you dont know the issue.Southerners migrate most to the central and north ,that the people from your strong hood does to the south,when these people come to central or north ,they maintain there party affiliations ,thats why APM and ukiti ukiti ,enjoy much support at the central and north ,than you do at the south or north.This is a challenge for your political ambitions ,although you might diny it ,but if you are a follower of big brother africa you will agree with me ,since the onset of this reality show a decade ago ,Nigeria housemates have dominated winning this show than any other africa country ,reason being ,nigerians are many and are almost every where in africa ,when it comes to voting in this show ,they are able to vote for there fellow nigerians although they are not performing in the show .Its the same with malawian politics ,being a game of numbers this scenario plays a big role ,and will continue playing doing it ,unless the central region populations booms as the south.
    4.Mr chakwera ,do you know that the way educated northerners who are in diaspora in the central and south support you ,is different from rural northerners support you,who are in majority.Do you think the picking of Mr Msowoya as a party vice brought any difference to your party,to me i see it as some thing that you should thick other it again.Reflection to 2014 election polls results ,if Mr Msowoya was the true son of the north ,he would have managed to make be at least no 2 to all the votes casted in the north ,but unfortunately you emerged third ,and only managed to get one seat from this region ,yet APM ,whom you dont accept as your president managed to scoop times 2 of all the votes that you got from the region where your vice comes from ,and also on top of that the same APM ,managed to get 2 seats from the district where your vice is coming from,do you your party managed to do that in nthewu where chilima is coming from,think over this mr chakwera.i have a lot to advise you ,but i dnt have any podium to meet you ,so pa nyasa ponpano tizinenena pango,no pang,ono.
    Lastly ,athough i see APM not performing to the expectation of most malawians who voted him into power ,during his one year in office ,but dont think ,it will be easy for you in 2019, four years is quite a long time,and although Dpp is a party of crooks as you have put it ,but that team has a lot of intelligent people than yours ,and these guys knows how to prepare elections than your side ,so this is another challenge for you.Although if Apm decide to give the 2019 ball to chilima ,still you will have a tough mountain to climb.

  15. wamasomphenya says:

    DPP sinawinepo ndipo Ambuye atati angoti balamanthu mukhoza kumva ndikuwona zoopsyaa zodabwitsaaa mudzawona pitala muthalika akulilaaa manja Ali mmutu akuthawa ku state house Ali Chakweraa pepa bwera upulezidenti ndiwako ndinakubera motsogozedwa ndi mbendera kaphale msaka chilima mukhitho Patricia kaliati ndikhululukileni ambuyee ndikubwezaa pulezidenti kwawoyenera pulezidenti kotooo ineeee tsiku lowawitsaaa lino Oo kandiyitanileni atolankhani kuti ndilape machismo anga ndi avu hi kuntundu wamalawi pepani amalawi simunkatifuna simunativoterepo koma ndiye akubaaaa timabera mavoti timakuberaniso ndalamaaa kaya tinakhala bwanji ife olo tikamasankha maminister timasankhana plugs okhaokha ma PS timasankha amene amatithandiza kubera masankho pepani amalawi simutifuna koma timakukakamilani chakwera dzatenge mpando wako womwe ambuye anakupatsaa. Inu a Malawi mudzawona ndikumva zoopsyaa koma it will be too late pitala maministet ane ma PS will be heading to hell

  16. Godfrey Chinkhadze says:

    This is the true mark of Chakwera! He does not believe in dirtening others to be bright.

  17. big boy says:

    Chakwera speaks well

  18. shaibu omar says:

    I would like to agree with what Kamzuza comment 51 said and possibly to ask my fellow friends to emulate the way he commented than just to be attacking like ntatata uja watsitsi lake uja.Constructive criticism is good as it shows one really went to school.Brian go a head timakunyadira and times chitanipo kanthu.

  19. SONG says:

    Bwana President make sure that the tally centre comes to Lilongwe and not Comesa Hall where this stupid guy fraudulently announced results and later wiping. We will guard him here once we have this tally centre in capital city.

  20. SONG says:

    Yes, We want Dr Laz to rule this country and will handover power after his tenure to terminator Chilima. Malawi will be back to where Kamuzu left warm heart of Maalawi. Anthu tidziphana chonchi, every day kumamva za devaluation za utsiru. Nonse Muzamangidwa kachiwiri and mukagona ku Kanengo Police udzudzu ukakutafuneni kachiwiri.

  21. Alungwana says:

    The DPP is a party of Educated salvages.



  23. Kamzuza says:

    The biggest challenge most media houses have in Malawi is to retain key staff. Every media house is known by its personnel. CNN is popular with the likes on Richard Quest and Amanpour. They are well paid.

    Times Television should invest more on its star performers like Brian Banda and Bayana Chunga. These young men have really made Times Television to be the first choice when it comes to Television in Malawi.

    It will be unfortunate for Times Television to lose such talent. Pay them well and they will never leave you. Times Exclusive and Point Blank are the programmes never to be missed on Times Network.

    The Chakwera programme was excellent and Brian really handled this interview with a lot of maturity and decorum. However i wish Brian could have gone further on the economic issue. I really wanted to hear Chakweras view on the economy and how he could have handled the dwindling power of the Kwacha.

    All in all great Interview and Chakwera’s temper was well controlled. Koma a Brian ma suit amakukhalani bwana. Keep it up. Tv Host adzitchena mong inu! Mumatichotsa manyazi ife achinyamata.

  24. zeni_zeni says:

    I believe that chakwera is saying the truth. We need to have such kind of politicians to govern Malawi osati enawa ayi. Ena amadziwa kunyoza anzawo basi!

  25. Dominic says:

    Winning elections is about numbers and NOTHING ELSE. So one can talk much on TV or somewhere else BUT if numbers are not making up then all is in vain. DO NOT be fooled by regional followers – Look at where there is high population and win their hearts. People in Centre and South of Malawi know MCP differently. The MCP that southerners know is different from one which the central region citizens know – that is a fact. So do not be cheated. YOU can talk whatever you can but take this into account and you will see this happening once again in 2019. The majority will always rule, that is if the current elections system is to prevail in Malawi.

  26. Chikutumbwe says:

    DPP ndiye kuti chani? Viwanthu vakuba iv. No wonder vikukanika kulamulira dziko.

  27. Mzungu wa Nzeru says:

    MCP has always had the best leaders but to win an election in this God fearing. Nation all the members fast and pray to clean its bloody past.

  28. Nyau King (T/G) says:

    Kodi tchopa m’mavina uja, kulibeko zamatsenga inu alomwe? I am asking this coz u always talk shit about nyau. Tiyeni tilemekezane tonse ndife a Malawi

  29. Chibanja tv says:

    Akweee! which ordinary Malawians you are representing? zopusa basi by 2019 MCP will move you out of office = failing twice to occupy office of the president uzandivomera aise this is Malawi.

  30. ANGITAU says:

    abwana vilekeni vilekwa va ddp ivo.kutukwana perapera pa misonkhano yao basi.NO OUTPUT.

  31. Here we go again says:

    Mmmmmmm!!! What else should i say, Malawi president in the making thumb up!! Chakwera u make me proud.

  32. machika says:

    Ask John Tembo he tried his best until he retired MCP it will be difficult to rule Malawi you will end 2019 you fail you will say again 2024 change ur style..

  33. Wizeman Paul says:

    A pastor giving money to nyau dancers, Don’t you know that they use magic? Shame!!

  34. nobel says:

    The writing is on the wall: Chakwera is poised for clean politics. I like the part he cited the Scriptures, when the righteous rule, ppl rejoice’. What else do we need from Chakwera apart from his promise on clean politics? Politics is not dirty bt it is ppl who are dirty. Whether MCP has support from either region does not stop Chakwera from being an ideal leader. Don’t judge him based on his party nor his predecessor.

  35. pat says:

    Chakwera be real. Are you technically disowning Kabwira your spokesperson who been rattling as well. Hypocricy doesn’t befit you if you claim to be a man of god(not sure which god though). You are into politics and you know ehat it means. Its not malawians who said politics is dirty, its those who started it.

  36. Sengo says:

    Akumvananu pain a DPP abusa, they will see the hand of the Lord elevating you, be still and know that he is God!

  37. chimwe says:

    muli bho a president athu a MCP 2019 boma

  38. Nachipanti says:

    Mr. President, My president now and come 2019 you shall be our president. Mumaitha and gone are the days of dirty politics. Otukwana adzitukwana chifukwa onse ali akhungu. Ali ndi mantha osati pang’ono. Asiyeni adziweta njoka zawozo uku akusesa njira yanu yaku State House. Ife tili nga nga nga pambuyo panu Dr Chakwera and uyo zimunyase akamwe acid.

  39. Nganga says:

    ‘If people throw mad at you don’t wipe out the mad, just let the mad dry, the wind will blow it off” Dr Laz. Ine kumva kukoma.

  40. Zuze says:

    The only reason that Dr Laz cannot win elections is that Malawians love mediocrity . They are doom. They will vote for someone because he steals from Government and share the loot with them.

  41. Uziwa-Uziwa says:

    Rev Chakwera let me you this, MCP will never rule this country any more. Mark my words

    1. Be still usatenge matenda, udzaona ndi maso ako Dr chakwera akulamula. Agogo ako atatopa ndi mabvuto.

  42. Dododo says:

    Angawine awa? Aaaah Kaya.

  43. Malawi says:

    Chakwera +Chilima = Better Malawi.

  44. Gobede wa Gobebe says:

    Great Interview Brian Banda, continue the good work. Its encouraging to note how fast you have integrated back into main stream Journalism after your to year stint with State House. You are very professional and we love your interviewing skills.

    Our family does not miss Times Exclusive every Saturday on Times Television. Keep up the good work and you are the pride of Malawi Journalism.

  45. Saludzai says:

    Mature Leader for Mature Politics. Mbavazi tatopa nazo. Satha kulankhula, satha kulamula amasiya boma mmanja mwa Ben Phiri, satha kukumbukira kuti panopa ndi mtogoleri wa dziko la Malawi, ekha kumutchula mtogoleri wa Zambia kuti State President of Malawi and akazi a Zambian Leader kuti First Lady of the Republic of Malawi!!!! What a Leader or comedian do we have here??? Amalawi sitithadi kusankha. Vuto lathu ndi chani? kapena ndi Satana ankanena a Bingu uja amatipomboneza pamasankhidwe?? I Wonder “are we a condemned population kapena basi tizingokhalira mavuto pa dzikoli anzanthu mmayiko otizungulira akuona kusintha?? mmmmm I cry for my beloved poor mother land/ poor in everything even intelligence.. shame on us Malawians for we always repeat the same mistakes, come 2019 we will vote for zitsiruso. I CRY CRY and CRY — WHY WHY WHY MALAWI????

  46. Mlauzi says:

    To me the only party which gives some semblance of hope to Malawians is MCP. The challenge however is the portrayal of a regional party, confined to the Central Region. MCP should spread their influence throughout the rest of the country. They should market themselves as the only party that has the proven experience to rejuvenate the ailing economy and reshape the public service, the only party that kept infrastructure in ship shape condition during its reign. They should convince the populace that MCP as a party has changed. They are no longer a party of death and darkness. In fact a certain party has now taken over that unsavoury role.

    Otherwise the next election will be MCP`s to lose

  47. Steve Kamkwalala says:

    I have said it elsewhere and Iam saying it again. There is no way MCP can will elections in this country. The way these people terrorised Malawians aa izo nzosatheka unless atasintha dzina. Kongilesi Kongilesi ayi ndithu ngakhale anthu atawatsira doom mkamwa sangavotele congress. There is not even a single Congress branch in most districts in the North and South nde angawine bwanji.

  48. IJABU says:

    amalawi look! this is the person we want mufunilanji umboni wina

  49. phiriwaphiri says:

    hi sir, as much as you can be like that but you must also check on kabwila talks, very bad for a party whose leader is a god fearing man

  50. baggio says:

    Come on chakwela,god tym is the best!!!

  51. zaya says:

    zamphuno mwa mbuzi basi

  52. Willie Chimseu says:

    Ngati ochewa oku Dedza I have this to say to president of MCP is that one reason why PP goofed in the last elections is that they banked all the hopes in Young Sosten Gwengwe. So if you feel things are going on very well by bringing this lad on board believe you me MCP will be an opposition party forever. APM got 400,000 votes in our own region while you got 78,000 in the south .this is the anomaly you need to work on or else DPP will continue to give you problems. Za Gwengwe ndi za phada,zachibwana, zotenga chimanga chokazinga botolo popita ku primary.kkkkkkk lero?

  53. Chimbunga says:

    Chakwera suits to be the country’s president.

  54. Mbiyazodooka says:

    Munthu koma uyu onthuni osati zamasalamusi zanuzi. tilufuna ndale zotukula dziko osati kumangulalata pamisonkhano yayi. Inu ozathu okumwera ni ku mpoto chonde mtsogoleri ni ameeyu osakonda munthu chifukwa amachokera kwanu. Ife ochewa titapenya zabwino izo odachika oBingu tidawaninkha mavoti migolomigolo chaka cha 2009 koma ozathunu yayi mwambi uja omati mzako akakuti konzu nawenso uzimuti konzu simuudziwa.

  55. macbilly ngwira says:

    Political life is very crazy particularly when such words come from an overzealous good for nothing MCP so called headman. I pray to Almighty God so that i see his ( Chakwera) downfall. DPP woyeeeee till “one” breaksup!

  56. Emmatuwa says:

    Chakwera Moto 2019 Bomaaaaaaaaaaa Bomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa musaope zolankhula za anthu ife Boma iri tatopanalo Dpp ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii MCP motooooooooooooo

  57. Chembwiye chingola says:

    Meaning of politics is kuba,kutsutsa,kudana,kupha,kusafuna wina kuti akhale pamwamba,mutawina malemba oyela muzaponya uko nkuyamba kuba kupha.muti mnamize ya?

  58. mzuzu city says:

    Someone calling yourself”mbuzi iwe” , are you serious by calling peter mutharika the head of state?? Kkkkkkkkiest! He is a teeth less moron you idiot. Call him murakho wa alomwe leader. We need chakwera not that trash you are calling the head of the fucking state!!

  59. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    bravo chakwera 2019 all the way

  60. Chimphanje Akim says:

    Chakwera is mature .keep it up 2019 is not far. Let DPP bring shame on its face.

  61. SONG says:

    This is the type leadership we need in this country. Carry on Sir, we are all behind you as a country come 2019.

  62. Sapitwa says:

    You are still energetic. Your predecessor was like that; with full vigor,rich in politics experience, with rich roots in the South besides the Center and North. He lost 3 times with his party loosing 4 times before your 1st loss. He cried for every loss citing uncredible elections in all those occasions.
    Unfortunately you can try as much as you can but you can’t change the genes of your party. You have lost the first time remaining the second and third loses before you quit as did your predecessor.Welcome to the world of Politics; it will never be clean bambo!

  63. sir bentby says:

    thumb up Dr chakwera,
    your speach just proves how Calm minded you are, dzuwa salozerana bwana, komaso ndiwo ya bwino imatulutsa kafungo ka bwino ikadali pa moto.

  64. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Thus says the president of Malawi Congress Party, Dr Lazarus Chakwera,”If they have a problem with me that will not make me have problems with them personally”

    “whatever anyone says about me does not define or deter my objective of joining politics”

    And he continues, “politics, just like water would become dirty becuase of the people within its system”

    Lest Brian Banda did not carry a bible to cross check when Chakwera said,
    ‘when the righteous are in authority/rule, people rejoice and when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.’ Proverb 29:2 KJV

  65. captain says:

    My chakwex iwe ndi more. Umandimvetsa kukoma. Mmalo mosamuka kumalawi ndimadzasintha maganizo nkukhala ndi chiyembekezo

  66. Edwin Maso Kayuni says:

    Ochakwera 2019 boooomaaaaa!

  67. mbuzi iwe says:

    Chakwera, you are the one who started the insults by calling the Head of State an Executive baby sitter.
    Are you denying the fact that you left the pulpit for politics? Is reminding people that you left church for politics an insult?

    Which is an insult of greater magnitude between what you said in Parliament with reference to the President and what Kaliati and others have said about you.
    All you wanted was to insult the President and people should not hit back. Everywhere in the world, the normal practice is to respond and they are responding to what you started.

    1. peter says:

      So DPP is still nursing wounds from last parliament meeting!! Shame on them!!

  68. Alinafe Banda says:

    Musawope kulumidwa ndi njuchi limbikilani mupeza chimene mukufuna koma limbikilani kupeza ma MP Ku mmwera ndi Ku mpoto. Liwomboleni dzikoli mmanja mwa anthu osankhulupira Mulunguwa

  69. pragmatic boy says:

    That’s my President.Failures are fond of diverting people’s attention from real issues to trivia ones.

  70. mtumbuka1 says:

    Can’t wait for a change. Someone needs to come through and clean this mess that we are sitting on. We need someone with a clean consciousness and hands to lead this country and not the load of crap we are having now. I know these dpp people still think they will rig the votes and go scot free again because Malawians are the stupidest people that ever lived on earth ( according to the dpp mafias) but this time around we as a nation must not allow such a thing to happen again. My advice to our future leader chakwera is that he must not have that policy of Joyce Banda of welcoming everyone in the government after winning because you will bring the whole dpp into the government and they will carry on with their dirty corruption and shit, we need new faces and new ideas. It’s easy to run this country Mr chakwera just do the opposite of what mutharika is doing. You see this guy they call their vice president,he is the one who helped mutharika to steal the votes but nobody talks about it and he portrays a good guy just because he practises under carpet dirty politics. Dpp is full of snakes and bitches we dearly need Malawi congress party ba

  71. Professor Mwanaveka-Cypress University says:

    LMC kuti wawawa. In you we lost a leader not this mapwevu pwevu clueless president. This old messenger of certain professors in US likes sleeping and he can snore. Ask Che Viola. We cant progress with this current govt. Full of madeya

  72. Patriot says:

    “Wamisala akakubera zovala kumsinje kumene umasamba iwe ndi kumuthamangira, wamisala ndani?”
    Very good Mr. President, That shows Maturity.
    Never answer to fools to avoid yourself to become a fool too.
    DPP will always be a party of Hooligans

  73. Nyasosera says:

    Tikutsatira ndithu ngati cholinga chili choti mu thandize wanthu. Aliyense amatero koma tikudziwa kuti samatanthauzo zimenezo. Ndale ndi ntchito ndithu imene wena amalembedwa ntchito ndi wanthu. Ndipo malipiro ake ndi abwino ndithu kuposa mwina ntchito zambiri padziko lapansi. Poti ndi ntchito ndichifukwa chake inu mukadwala simupita ku zaulere, kapena ana anu sapita nawo ku masukulu aulere. Iyo ndiye ntchito. Koma kukadakhala kuti sintchito tikadaona mene zikadathera

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