Chakwera won’t pay Chaponda, to defend defamation suit

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) secretary general Gustave Kaliwo, who is also an attorney for the party’s president Lazarous Chakwera , has said the opposition leader will defend himself against a defamations lawsuit by Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation George Chaponda.

Chakwera : To enter defence

Chakwera : To enter defence

Chaponda sued Chakwera over remarks he made in the heat of the May 20 Tripartite Elections campaign.

The High Court in Lilongwe found Chakwera’s claims libellous when it entered a default judgement.

But Kaliwo said default judgement was “irregural” as it was obtained after the defendant had filed a notice of intention to defend and served documents on time.

He said the defence entered defence four days after being sued but claims Chaponda’s lawyer, Chimwemwe Sikwese, failed to incorporate the same.

Kaliwo said Chakwera is set to defend himself from the case in a full trial where both parties will be expected to testify in court before assessing damages.

The High Court has sinceset aside judgement and given the defence seven days to put a notice of intention to defend.

Chakwera is reported to have told journalists on his return from the United States of America on March 4 2014 at Kamuzu International Airport  that Chaponda said Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) won the 2009 general election because it had national appeal not because of support from the Northern Region.

Chaponda is quoted to have responded: “Let me challenge you, we will win in May without people from the North voting for us.”

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81 thoughts on “Chakwera won’t pay Chaponda, to defend defamation suit”

  1. Bambo a Maggie ndi Connis says:

    Game of numbers thats how Malawian politics are based.Central and Northern Regions will never offer Malawi with a State President as long Southern Region still exist.In 1999,MCP under Gwanda Chakuamba teamed up Aford’s Chakufwa Tom Chihana but what happened?Bakili from the South won.Kaya issue ya rigging inalipo koma its history,Bakili won.10 yrs later,UDF Bakili Muluzi a Southerner teamed up with MCP John Tembo against DPP led by Bingu wa mtharika a Southerner like Bakili but what was the outcome?You know the answer.I am from Mpamba Nkhata Bay, Northern Region born and grew up there but my forefathers were from Kasungu,Central Region.So whether Chakweras MCP will team up with unpredictable North in 2019 or not,someone from South will rule Malawi again.To make matters worse,DPP and UDF are back together,no chance for MCP.MCP will win here only at Nyasatimes with those clever but unprofitable comments.Dont forget 1989 MCP kuthamangisa aziphunzitsi!Game of numbers!!!

  2. vwivwivwi says:

    chaponda is doing all this to save face,he said it and i heard it,dpp is too regionalistic and tribalistic.we all have seen what it is capable of doing.this lawsuit wont hold ndipo akachita manyazi when the clip will be played for him.kuda ndi mumtima momwe.

  3. Israel juma says:

    Bravo Dr L Chakwela for coming up with such decition if the evidence their please go ahead.
    adzayesa matha adzazolowela.

  4. nam'bwibwi says:

    Kulephela kuchita chitukuko mwati mulimbane ndi a Chakwela,komanso MCP? mukhaula ndipo pamene mukuyeselela kuilanda MCP zinthu zake ndi kuiipitsila mbiri ndipamene imalimbikitsika,ndi kubwela ndi mphanvu.

  5. timothy mandambwe says:

    Malawi is composed of Northern, Central and Southern Regions including the Eastern in the South; that’s MALAWI I know. Some MCP leaders are selfish and want to divide Malawi for their personal benefits. Bring back Hon. JZU Tembo, a honourable man if you cannot manage the party. The problem is you don’t consult him to grab some of his wisdom. You’re busy point fingers at some people instead of rectifying your own problems. Malawi is for ALL regardless of regions. DON’T DIVIDE US with ur bad ideas. Such incompetent leaders will NEVER win in MALAWI. Think wisely for better solution than finger pointing.

    1. Kenkkk says:

      You want jzu so that you DPP people can win easily. You fear laz because he is more likely to beat Peter at elections than jzu. Let jzu enjoy his retirement.

  6. M'doko says:

    Chimanga is becoming bluewish in colour m’mindamu

  7. ziliko nkulinga utatosako tiziona 2019

  8. Dolobuchi says:

    tuta wakonyofu tukwinong’ona ningero muti mutulonde

  9. pamsundu says:

    Tumbukas why did you not vote for mcp? and chakwera!Central Region voted for Dpp due to action and verifiable projectz ie parliament hotel roads many many more developments done even in central north and other regions while udf and pp are charitable organizations on consumption only

  10. Amuna Major Iwowo says:

    Chaponda is a devil, I feel pity with him. He has no human heart apart from full hate for the North. Better just drop this painfull case, DPP and its Chaponda reminds us of very bad moments with DPP

  11. kennedy jailos says:

    thats malawi i know

  12. ngala mountain says:

    Achewa ena ndi opusa kwambili amavotela dziwanthu dza kumwela ndi chipani cha DPP, Mukawa winitsa chisankho ayamba kukunyozani amvekele dziwanthu dza nyawu zodzola matope inu kumasekelela, chikadzabwelaso chisankho china chimodzimodzi. Pofunika kusintha maganizidwe tonse tipange sapoti Dr Chakwela, mudza sukusula liti a chewa anzanga?

  13. Ine Nchewa says:

    Bro Kenkkk who is more nepotists between MCP and DPP parties …MCP is too bad as far as nepotists and regionalisitc party debates are concerned everybody knows even young ones look at your main executive of your party hieracy all Chewas from Central region….when DPP have Secretary General from Central Region and powerful ministers from north and central regions ine ministers of finance and health….MCP please learn Malawians are watching and also know that malawians knows your dead past we still remember where not much has changed in the way the MCP party is being managed currently..God choose leaders to protect its people now its DPP lets respect Gods will..

  14. wawa says:

    fear the lord who is the towner of everything the southerners u can’t see God p unishing u.the north and cent
    support u. your leaders are selfis

  15. akulu says:

    A DPP mumandidabwitsa mumanyoza achewa chonsecho tinavotela Dpp yomweyo. Ok tingosiya kusapota DPP Nanga si ndichipani chanu

  16. Mbuyawo says:

    Comment live lomwes alone

  17. take care malawi says:

    Soon chakwera will be eliminated.

  18. Mvumbi says:

    Achaponda Tamaphuzirani Kukhuluka Nthawi Zina As Ben Phiri Did Wit Dat Pp Cardet.Nanuxo Achakwera Mudziyakhula Mafacts Wit Evidences.Pot Inalithawi Yakampen Tangozixiyani Guy

  19. dee kay says:

    to silence the opposition, let us sue Chakwera.

  20. Esawo chateka says:

    Commen #DPP ngati inawina zinatha isiyen MCP ilindichan think wise enough inu andale bwanjiko moti ziyana zoti vula yavuta busy nkhani zosakweza miyoyozo

  21. Esawo chateka says:

    Comment Achpola dpp ngati inawina zinatha isiyen MCP ilindichan think wise enough inu andale bwanjiko moti ziyana zoti vula yavuta busy nkhani zosakweza miyoyozo

  22. kuphwasulahc says:

    When you have a case at High Courts of Malawi and doesn’t come out quickly, take cover.Deal inprocess ,Judge and the lawyer drinking beer together all the time. Chaponda imeneyo ife tinayigula kudala!!!! Deal between Chaponda and the High Court Judge PLUS KA SIKWESEKO.

  23. BOKOHARAM says:

    amene mumasapota chakwera ndinu anthu okonda kukwera kwera mahule monga mbuye wanu chakwera akuchitira zoti angawine mwalemba m’madzi achule awerenga basi nyau ndizomwe zizavotetere chakwera monga iye wa nyau chipani ngati alephera Obaba O Tembo ndiye chakwera aaaah kaya mwina mzimu wa kamuzu uwutse mumtendere poti jb wakupopani ndi ndalama za cash gate ndiye mwati muzipope ine monga sapota wa code ndili phee kumvetsera zanuzo

  24. Mgwala says:

    Pa Malawi one day tizaphanapo. Lomwes alakwa chani?

  25. Peter Benga says:

    Why is it that every nusty thing is associated with dpp? Are they taking themselves superiors or the devil is in control of them? Otherwise we are tired of this.You have completely failed to running the government

    1. CHIKU says:


  26. Kenkkk says:

    You DPP thugs want to eliminate strong opposition from MCP thinking you can use your money and dirty tactics to bankrupt MCP and Chakwera leaving you as the only party and south dominated to perpetually monopolise politics in malawi. The people of malawi will not allow that, remember 64% didn’t want you.

    Chakwera was talking the truth which every Malawian knows. You will not succeed to bring laz and MCP down. Of course you can win without the north, is that really rocket science? Is this the matter to sue someone for stating the obvious which you and DPP actually practice open tribalism and nepotism?

    We know the suing motive is really to destroy MCP and Laz because in your minds you DPP peole perceive MCP as in dire financial state, hence should be eliminated quickly from The political scene to pave an easy win in 2019.

  27. Jo says:

    Chaponda Amafuna Aziopseza Anzawo, Ngopusa Ammewo, Unanadana Nawo Chaniii Akumpoto, Awuzeni Akhale Aku Tanzania Pali Vuto Ngati, Mwina Nawonso Nkuwona Chitukuko

  28. nanchujule says:

    A DPP Muphwisa ndipo George kaziphwisi chaponda akutengelani Ku khoti. Nthawi ya campaign inuyo munanena zambiri zoipitsa mbiri ya JB komanso Dr Chakwela koma sanakutengeleni Ku khoti,kumakhala bwanji agalu inu a Dpp?

  29. manyisabedwa says:

    Dpp woyeEeeeeeeeeeeee

  30. chicco says:

    chaponda now stinks like poop..chigama chaziphuphu ngati mibulu ya nsima..damn it.

  31. Comment solo ndiri one sinngapereke chilichonse

  32. Kalanga says:

    Political statements shd not contaminate courts kkkkkkkkkkkk

  33. chakwera we belong to you lets meet next term,we will change all this.

  34. I see senseless people making their comments at this page.Anyway,lets respect freedom of speech.

    Why cant you just say u will lead this country in 2024?
    A MCP munayamba kalekale,apa mukuti 2019,Though Im not a politician but I can manage to be your today’s politician by saying that you will end up by cheating yourself.
    The name mcp sounds to the southerners traditionally like ‘diva’ which is a latin word which means devil.
    Make a research!
    Check my name!

    Wishing all aspiring opposition leaders well!

  35. onjoya says:

    you loosers, day dreamers.1993 u failed, 1994 fail, 1999 fail, 2004 fail, 2009 failed miserably, 2014 fail. kkk wake up u chewas stop dreaming. the main fact is that u r still uncivilised thats why mumavala masaka nkupaka bibi kukamwa

  36. akulu says:

    Chaponda zinthu zapa campaign mpaka kukokomola choncho?

  37. Dr Titoh says:

    Achakwera times yanu ikubwera koma sikuti tikuti mudzakha Mr P Wadziko mayaz inuyo pa easy mutha choncho

  38. Cydrick Mgunda says:

    Pathako pako chakwela. Iwe suthanso kutsutsa bola Obaba amkatha kutsutsa mwanzeru. Wakupusitsa Kabwira hule lako lija. Chipanichi ndimkachikonda muli aTembo koma inu ai ndithu. Nonse okonda Chakwela mudzafa imfa yowawa!! Shame on you.

    1. yassine twaibu says:

      Comment zachaBechabe

  39. abwana ndi wadotolo mulungu akuchitileni zazikulu says:

    Commentachaponda mukamapanda ufusila zinazi mudzakhala opanda zeru moyo wanu nse mwava?

  40. mavuto says:

    Ufulu Umakhala Ndi Udindo Wake Ndiye Bwana Chakwela Musayese Nthawi Ya Chipani Chimodzi Yoti Mukalankhula Wina Aliyense Agwilizana Nazo Muziyamba Mwaganiza Kaye Musanayankhule Chaponda Nayenso Ali Ndi Udindo Oteteza Ufulu Wake

  41. Imran jawad says:

    Yea,yea,yea!tiye nazoni,thats the danger when Godly immunity is mdziko izi,koma kwa Yesu………..i mean kwa Yesu mmmmmmm

  42. Big brain says:

    CHAKWERA buluzi kuyankhula yankhula

  43. Jihadi John says:

    This is not about defamation. It’s clearly about the looks. Chaponda is jelousy because Chakwera is handsome and appealing while him is the ugliest politician since independence.

  44. Masoambeta says:

    Gustave Kaliwo and his team.

  45. 997 says:

    Ife Chaponda waganiza zoti uzitha nthawi ndi milandu ya ziiii ngati imeneyi…after all sumanama ife a DPP tinawina opanda ambwenumbwenu. You are giving Dr Laz a free publicity

  46. Jaaaaa says:

    Mulipirabe ochakwera osamabwebwetuka ngat chidude! Umbuli

  47. Manzy j says:

    Munya muona anthu olilira maudindo inu. Mudzakalowa mu boma ng’oopoooo. Mwalemba mmadzi. Ndinube otsutsa basi muisovenge

  48. Manzy j says:

    Munya muona nathu olilira maudindo inu. Mdzakalowa mu boma ng’oopoooo. Malemba mmadzi. Ndinube otsutsa basi muisovenge

  49. khumbaya says:

    Chaponda, no wonder u r being lead by Mr . Ibu. U n’ ur dpp thieves r headless people. Pankhani ya mavoti mumati u dont need northerner to win mavoti bt if the same northerner want federal government, u r the one mumati it is not a gud idea. Am sick tired of hearing u assholes

  50. Tateyo says:

    Kaya.Ife sitidya ndale.

  51. MWAYI says:

    Who is this Chaponda? U mean u cannot emulate the good gesture petulo has shown by forgiving even those who arrested him? With malawi politics, this is not an issue. Komatu Mulungu amaona. Anthu enawa atakhala president, all in opposition can be arrested.

  52. Kennedy nali says:

    In my perpespective love for our country is lacking between them. Chakwera should be given credit for his freedom of speesh without circumverting the point, chaponda need some humanism advice he is forward for cash not serving the nation though that is dpp’s job. Let’s just work together for better malawi. No one knows what God plans are its better to fast and pray, may God bless malawi.

  53. cash gate says:

    Akachinda Nkhuku Ndiye Palibe Chomwe Mwanena, Mukanangosiya Ngati Munalibe Coment. A Chaponda Akufuna Kuti Athane Ndi Bwana Chakwera, Alemba Mmadzi, Idzafika Nthawi Kubera Chisankho Sikudzatheka, Ngakhale Sindinamve Mawuwo Koma Ndizowona Munanenadi A Chaponda. Chitsazo Tangowonani Momwe Cabinet Yanu Ilili, Over 80% Ikuchokera Ku Mmwera, Komanso Over 80% Ndi Anthu A Mtundu Wa Chilomwe, Ndiye Anthu Atanena Kuti Boma La Dpp Ndi La Regionalism Komanso Ndi La Tribalism Inu Mutha Kutsutsa? Ngati Mungatsutse Ndiye Kuti Mitu Yanu Siyimagwira, Nthawi Zina Muzingokhala Chete Powopa Anthu Kukusambwadzani, Shame On You.

  54. sured says:

    MCP ndimayikonda ngakhale siyitha kubela zisankho……ilibe za uyu ndi wamkumpoto uyu ndiwapati…….we are ONE MALAWI…..People from the north and central tikuvutikila limodzi..tikutha kuwona.

    Koma Chaponda adanenadi Tinanva tonse

  55. Mccarthy says:

    Go a heard Chakwera, indeed u can shame these devils and God will protect u.

  56. Mccarthy says:

    Mofire Chakwera, go a heard u can shame devils.

  57. powder says:

    freedom of speech sikunyoza or kuika ena mau mkamwa. ufulu uli ndi malire komanso udindo! chakwera sadzakhala president mulungu adamukana kale. musamangoti president koma kuti president wa chipani. mbusa wanuyu mukamamupopa mumulakwitsa mdala iwenso ukamangomvera ziri zonse ask amai analira pyooo!!!! achinakamanya, gwengwe and the like cheated her to won elections. be a man of your own!

  58. Prof. Puppet Mutharika says:

    That is what we want to hear. After all who doesn’t know that Chaponda is a tribalist. Read Allan Nata’s article. He is a mulakho a grouping that does not believe in nothing but nepotism and kuderera!

    Time to challenge these people in now!

  59. KWACHA DZUKNI says:

    Kikikiki nayeni m,busayo. Amangoyankhula ngati simbusa ndichipani chake chokuphacho angazavotelentso chimenecho ndani. Ngati amayi anayesesa kuti anthu aku Mulanje,thyolo,chiladzuru, asachite register mokwanila 2019 kukhala kuchita register mwakathithi. Mulanje yekha akukwanitsa Lilongwe ndi dowa kikiki koma yaaaaaaaaa wa MCP uzingolkira

  60. Western Cambriger says:

    M’busayu kuzolowera, osamusiya chomcho, ayesa pagome kuti olo unamize anthu pothandauzira malembo oyera ndiye susumiridwa, fokofuu

  61. mbewa says:

    The two Cha (China chakwera china chaponda) kaya ife tizingokuonani. I am sure there is also another case of confering issues to the media while in court might influnce Judges decision. Who is going to take that out to court?

  62. Achaponda akulimbana ndi mwana wa mulungu aziona zotsatira zake


  64. BOMA LA KUBA says:


  65. Neil Drinkwater says:

    When the western world put into place tenets to be followed, there are some who are wrongly and illegally misinterpreting it, whether it is deliberate or ignorance it is yet to be proven. The fact that there is what is called “freedom of expression” etc, it does not mean that people should talk bad or falsify issues in order to score cheap political mileage. Why can’t we wait until the case is heard in court before uneducated guesses are put into play and indeed praising one professional against the other? Politics is basically articulating issues that will uphold the wellbeing of the electorates other than attacking personalities etc. about who will lead the country in 2019, well let us wait till the appropriate time rather than crossing the bridge before we get there because come 2019 the same “abera ma vote” popular song reminiscent of MCP will once again be resounded in all the corners of the world.kupupuluma nyau bwanji?

  66. Abwana says:

    Ralph iweso nde mbuli iti it kodi?

  67. Kenkkk says:

    You conniving and scheming dpp people. Your aim is to destroy MCP and Chakwera because you know MCP is a political threats and only meaningful opposition.

    All you want is to bankrupt MCP and Chakwera so that they can’t pose as a threat to your divisive political dreams of perpetual Southern domination of the country. We know dpp is also behind the scene influencing Lilongwe city council’s outrageous rates claims against MCP which have arisen mainly becAuse of the City’s own corrupt and inefficient management. Is it only MCP which has rates arreArs? Can they show Us how dpp has paid their rates and since when? Even if MCP is in arrears, those can be paid in phases if the correct arrears sums are agreed between the parties. But woo dpp pressurising the City to hound MCP just because they know MCP doesn’t have adequate financial muscle when compared to the filthy thieving dpp. Dpp, Chaponda and their cohorts boot lickers want Chakwera and MCP to kneel down and beg for their mercy and forgiveness. For what?

    Well be warned you dpp thugs, you won’t break us and MCP and Chakwera.

    How can chakwera’s be sued by Chaponda? Is it not true what Chakwera said. The whole country knows about dpp tribalistic leanings and nepotism. The evidence is everywhere. Is it a lie that dpp can win the presidency without the North?

    A Chaponda just come out with your true motive of suing Chakwera and MCP. Palibe nkhani apa. Just stop this nosense simply because you dpp thieves have stolen govt money stashed all over the place and want to destroy by suing anyone in your way with dubious reasons.

  68. CIA says:

    Where is the dude going to get money to pay Chaponda. MCP is already struggling to pay city rates and his declared assets were peanuts and he talks shit. this son of the devil.

  69. Chaponda, why are you behaving like that? Remember; this is not a one party system whereby people are not allowed to airout their views.

  70. ujeni says:

    Big up Chakwera, 2019 is yours to lose. I like what I hear from you now.

  71. Yankho says:

    Bwana I am extremely happy that you have decided to defend the case. These Lomwe’s are blue shit. They said that they can win the elections without the people from the north. True Bwana inenso ndinamva, ngati pafunike mboni ine ndiripo Bwana. Koma ma MP ena Bwana muchipani mwathu akufunika discipline. Ababa zopusa samalora. Muwachenjeza kuti zopusa ai. Akumwa mowa ndi mahule.

    Chaponda ngati amaganiza kuti watola chikwama ndiye wadyapo, Lawyer si ameneyo. Anasiya ntchito ya Upolisi ali Bwana ndi ku ka Defender Kamuzu ndi kuwina. Ndi Lawyer wa bwino pa Malawi pano. Mentored by Stanbrook SC. Look for that. Akuti Lawyer wao ndi Sikwese, naye manyazi alibe. Akulimbana ndi boma 2019. Asadandaula masiku akutha ndi kugona, zoti adzaberanso ndakaika.

    Bwana muzigona tulo tabwino. Kwacha, Kwachaa. Tambala ameneyi Bwana. Koma kumene mumagula ma Suit Bwana ndi shop ya bwino osati enawa kabula wa trauser ngati amangira mkuzi. Zosawakhala Bwana, Office imeneja ndiyanu Bwana.

  72. Chimbofwa says:

    Kodi Chaponda are u doing dis to silence the opposition?

  73. Cocoon says:

    Threatening freedom of speech, what are you doing, this is Politics, Malawi is democratic country and Chaponda is politician, he should let freedom of speech to continue in Malawi, he is trying to dictate what other politicians say,. very wrong!

  74. Ralph Kachindankhuku says:

    Look at their names these Malawian politicians. Chakwera meaning okwerakwera akazi a eni mu mpingo ndi mu ndale. Chaponda meaning mbava yaikulu yoponda chili chonse. Mxiii

    1. Mccarthy says:

      Man ndinu achitsilu, simukudziwa chimene mukunena apa, Koma Chakwera ndiye mumadana Naye, indeed that’s a vision leader.

    2. T' A says:


    3. Kenkkk says:

      And you Kachindankhuku, you fuck chicken?

  75. Dr Bwampini says:

    Go yeeee our President. Not these nepotists, regionalists and tribalists. Akuti uyoyo waku Mj yo amasungaso njoka. Ndiwokhwima heavy

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