Chakwera’s MCP ‘not intimidated’ by Malawi ‘WhatsApp coup’ crackdown

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president and leader of opposition in parliament, Lazarous Chakwera, has said his party membership will not be cowed following arbitrary arrests of its members on what the party say are trumped up charges of plotting to overthrow President Peter Mutharika.

Chakwera: MCP will not be intimidated

Chakwera: MCP will not be intimidated

Police on Sunday arrested MCP member Ulemu Msungama and charged him with sedition while on Monday they  arrested Salima North-West parliamentarian Jessie Kabwila while Parliament is in session and she was told of a treason charge.

On Tuesday Peter Chakwantha  (MCP—Lilongwe South West MP) handed himself to the police on same accusations of a conversation on WhatsApp that purportedly talks about how President Peter Mutharika could be toppled.

Chakwera said the MCP will not be intimidated with the crackdown on its members.

“We are ready to confront every situation. We are fearless  and therefore any form of intimidation is not working,”  said Chakwera.

The MCP president said his party remains “more determined” to fight for the good livelihood of Malawian people even if it means facing persecution.

Kabwila herself also told Nyasa Times after her release on bail that she “will never be intimidated by all these efforts” to silence her.

“I’m never afraid to serve my people and nothing will stop me from that,” she said.

“Any unjust action to suppress opposition will backfire,” she warned.

On Tuesday MCP members gathered at their party headquarters in the capital city centre Lilongwe.

“Sitisiya eeeh, sitisiya Congress, sure,” sang some women MCP supporters, as they whipped up emotions.

Others were singing  the part of national anthem : “Gonjetsani adani onse, Njala, nthenda, nsanje. Lunzitsani mitima yathu, Kuti tisaope! (Put down each and every enemy, Hunger, disease, envy. Join together all our hearts as one, That we be free from fear)”

MCP has since condemned President Peter Mutharika and his regime for having been unnecessarily heavy-handed and hypocritical in arresting its members.

MCP secretary general Gustave Kaliwo, who is also the party’s legal adviser, lamented the arrest, saying Mutharika has been telling the nation that he and five other political colleagues had been slapped with a politically-motivated trumped-up treason charge after his elder brother Bingu wa Mutharika, had died suddenly in the presidency.

He noted that, to date, the President dismisses that charge and wondered how a whole government may now use reported—and highly questionable— WhatsApp chats as evidence of a serious charge of either treason or sedition.

Dedza East parliamentarian Juliana Lunguzi (MCP) accused Presient Mutharika of “rank hypocricy.”

She said during the ordaining of the new Roman Catholic Bishop George Tambala in Zomba recently,   Mutharika asked the clergy to pray against the spirit of character-assassination and rumour-mongering among Malawians that could destroy unity and national development.

“Now what is this, his whole government is resorting to? Isn’t this hypocrisy of the highest order?” she wondered.

MCP Deputy Secretary General Eisenhower Mkaka said the arrests might be an attempt to destabilise the MCP and the the opposition.

“No one would deny they want a better Malawi,” Mkaka said.

He said it’s a big leap to say MCP members discussing about Malawi woes they’re planning to make a serious threat against anyone.

“The whole thing is ridiculous.”

Mkaka said the arrests are clearly being driven by a political agenda to “instil fear in people.”

MCP called the arrest and sedition charges as “outrageous .”

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27 thoughts on “Chakwera’s MCP ‘not intimidated’ by Malawi ‘WhatsApp coup’ crackdown”

  1. Olira ndi njala says:

    God will never let us down Our GOD is every thing He will feed us while You are busy in fight against MCP instead of fighting against hunger

  2. High Time says:

    So O Chakwera it’s true that you are the John Garang of MCP?

  3. These are the hard times! Instead of feeding the people koma kukamila mipando.

  4. Howard says:


    Nasty place.. Nasty people

  5. Nsena says:

    Prophesy basi. Analodzedwa anthu amenewo kuti adzitsatana choncho….paja khutu ndi lomwe limayamba kugontha.

  6. THAMBOKI says:

    AMWENE This is not ndata or Amereca kuti utivute tikupempherela, utchuka.mathanyula akowo Juno ai. bwampini iwe.

  7. FEED ME MORE says:

    Massage from SCOAM, peter will definately die, before 1 March

  8. Achimidizimidzi says:

    if some one dies in office don’t blame these people.

  9. mac William Shumba says:

    The government has rely shown that they have felled completely and now busy looking people’s privacy

  10. nkhupi says:

    Ambere this prophecy is just around the corner for you and believe me why are you happy with someone’s death inu simudzafa? samalani ndi mau opusa APM alamukira TWO terms mufune musafune

  11. chochi says:

    Anthu ambilife ndife achibwana(naive). Politics is a dirty game. If one plays politics using dirty games expect your opponent to respond using dirty tricks.

    All individuals involved in this saga are politicians. Surely they understood the risks they were taking by exercising their “freedom of expression” on electronic media.

    There are no absolute freedoms anywhere in the world. No one is above the law not MCP, not DPP not anyone.

  12. mwachaje says:


  13. datamouth says:

    Bwampini walephera kuyendetsa dziko, vomeleza. Kumanga anthu osalakwa sikungathetse mavuto amdziko lino.

  14. BOKHO says:

    DPP must take care soon or later seeing Mthalika charged with 70 cases. It will be the end of DPP. The party leaders you are arresting will be in cabinet soon and the IG note that you will be arrested and prosecuted for arresting seating MPs. This is sad that you know for sure MCP is the only hope for Malawians and delibarately you want shake it, I think you don’t know MCP wakulira kunja Mathanyula

  15. Buyelekhaya says:

    @ Chambe, DPP is not on top of their game. Why did they fail to find and arrest Kabwila at her mother’s home in Area 36 if they are really on top of their game? Kabwila was already tipped off by some people to go into hiding. by the time police arrived she had already made to safe place! Is that being on top of the game?. Whatever sinister plan your DPP hatches will be exposed before it’s even executed. There are people in the government system sympathetic to MCP and they’ll keep tipping off. We have unfortunate case here. The current head of state is still facing those treason charges. it’s only that they have been suspended because of the presidential immunity. MCP will always use a reference point!

    Again, arrests are being made. That’s one part of the story and the simplest! The toughest part is yet to come and it will when the case goes for trial. Has your party DPP secured enough and concrete evidence upon which watertight cases will be built and convictions secured?. If you handle these cases childshly, I bet you’ll be embarrassed in the court of law. That could the last nail in your coffin.

  16. Ambele says:

    Apa pafunika prophesy basi. ijayi

  17. Coss Cosy Rtd says:

    Lord Have Mercy On My Beautiful And Only Homeland. Am Ashamed

  18. Gonela Moto says:

    The sad story of a country ravaged by poverty and hunger ruled by people who have no capacity to think. Prof. Chisinga was perfectly correct in observing that Malawi’s tragedy lay in accidental presidents. How would anyone with a normal brain arrest these characters for treason or sedition on whatapp conversation. Would people wanting to overthrow government discuss such serious business on whatapp. Come on police this is laughable. We know the effects of a compromised education system has catched up with us but even the dullest person cannot use those whatapp messages for a treason. We told you quota system will bring dunderheads who will spoil public device sizimenezi kodi

  19. Concerned citizen says:

    Old foolish man!!!!!

  20. AMalawi tiyeni tisiye kusankha mtsogoli chifukwa chotindiwakwathu kapena kuti ndi mtunduwanga.Tiyeni posankha mtsogoleri tizisankha munthu woti adzatithandiza, osati poti ndiwochokera kwanthu..Tawonani mavutowa akunyetsa tose.

  21. Chambe says:

    That’s politics Rev Chakwera. Watsala ndi iwe akakufunditse bulangete la nsabwe kuti umveste. This is your own party medicine which you applied to others who rose against you for 31 years under your monster Kamuzu. You forgot that Dausi still knows your underground tactics.
    So what are you going to do now that you have been exposed together with your bunch of loosers? DPP is on top of their game I guess and I see them devising a counter strategy to render you helpless. Iam keen to see who has the upper hand in all this.

  22. Buyelekhaya says:

    Tikumbutsane. Atamangidwa a APM komanso anthu ena asanu powaganizira kuti ankafuna kutenga boma mwaupandu, okonda DPP ankapita konse komwe anthu awo amAsungidwa ndi apolisi. MCP ili ndi anthu oyichemelera. Ndipo amayikonda ndi mtima wonse. Ndipo alipo ambiri. Ndiye anthuwo adzipitanso komwe wawo wamangidwira kapena akusungidwa. Kwa apolisi ndiri nanu ndi chisoni. Malingana ndi mmene mumagwilira ntchito nzosabwitsa kuti boma likasintha apolisi ena amawona zokhoma.

  23. George Kamanga says:

    My stand and point is this APM and it’s party dogs are illegitimate leaders. Injustice Mbendera Macon and Injustice Kenyatta Nyirenda you are the cause of all this. You have ridiculed innocent souls in Malawi to hunger, poverty and great pain because of greedy. You two including your entire generations will feel the unending pain on every soul who dies because of these dogs in DPP. Any soul in hunger and poverty because of these dogs will be on you forever till you come open and apologise to suffering souls in Malawi. Daulos Chilima pain and agony is your portion forever.

  24. zaya ku nkhongo says:

    Peter Mathanyula is without doubt pushing himself to Ndata mpumulo wa bata. He must not forget that his brother when he became deaf and dom, the results was cardiac arrested.
    The wrath of the Malawian cetizenry is all on you.

  25. Baba Maduapera says:

    Mutharika’s twilight is nigh. These are definitely feeble kicks of a dying horse!!

  26. frank says:

    The root cause is Kwacha depreciation. Goodall also admitted it has overdepreciated and it will rebound, so Goodall what are you waiting for just bring the kwacha back to 600 to a dollar and all the oppossition will be keep there mouths shut. This is the only way Goodal dzuka muyambe kugwira ntchito

  27. Lottie says:

    Justice will prevail. We should be sure that if no crime has been committed, the accused will be exonerated by the Courts.

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