Chanco vice principal confirms students roughed him up

Chancellor College (Chanco) Vice- Principal Associate Professor Samson Sajidu has confirmed that he was roughed up by protesting students last Thursday in the college campus in the eastern city of Zomba.

Chanco students: demos will be back

Chanco students: demos will be back

The students were staging protests f ollowing a disagreement that erupted during an impromptu meeting between Students Union of Chancellor College (Succ) and the college’s administration.

Chanco students did not receive their stipend allowances until Thursday.

Sajidu said he attracted wrath of the students when he was persuading them to call of the protests, assuring them the allowances will be paid by next day/

“The students started demonstrating in the evening, which is not allowed even in foreign countries because anything can happen to them. In this case, they blocked roads for staff members and there were no administrators there,” he said.

Sajidu said he called the police for help by the cops did not pick his calls.

He said, eventually, a group of students approached and harassed him .

According to Sajidu, the issue is currently being handled by the college management.

Succ president, Frank Chidampamba, claimed Vice-Principal slapped a student and was victimised in the process.

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16 thoughts on “Chanco vice principal confirms students roughed him up”

  1. ade says:


  2. Wanyama says:

    Where were the college security officers for the vice principal to be calling the law enforcers? You do not trust trust in your staff? Kaya musova.

  3. chimwemwe says:

    Am glad that the Government has removed mal switch. Anthu akuphunzira zaulele pocket money yolandira Nkumavutavuta ndima demonstration! Don’t you know that it affects those who are paying for themselves? ? Zinthu zaulele zimabweretsa maphokoso.

  4. Nkhoma wa a Mlauzi says:

    Yes, this is logical……..the police couldn’t pick the phone from the principal, I think they were scared of interfering with academic freedom.

  5. Kamkhwezule Kakang'ono says:

    Fight for your rights otherwise the authorities take students welfare for granted

  6. mamenyedwe says:

    aiwala kunene kuti iwowo was the first to slap a student…kumenyedaw ndi mastudentwo kunali revenge ya ma students for the beating of their friend……biased reporting

  7. Charter says:

    Why should students be paid for their own learning? This must stop. Countries have either tuition or free university education, not student allowances! What is the rationale for this allowance? Even a book allowance does not make sense. Colleges should stock libraries well and students should take care of their own pen, pencils and printing paper.

  8. Ma student akenso osasamba apa mmalo moti mungolimbikira maphunziro anu kuti muthetse ma umphawi anu koma you’re getting involved ndi zinthu zopusa 70% a inu mu kuchokera ma family ovutika oti mutati mwathamangitsidwa ndi chiyambi cha mavuto. Useless.

  9. bikiton says:

    Kumachotsa tulo !!!!!

  10. mwaulula says:

    Thats why ine i went to of Zambia.osati znuzi

  11. Peter says:

    it was a research rehearsal bravo for taking heed of the president’s advice keep it up kkkkkk

  12. KAMBUKU says:

    Intellectual aridity

  13. dzambo says:

    koma ana inu!

  14. Phodogoma says:

    Its true these useless so call bunch of CHANCO lecturers indeed can slapp a student. But what of the team of lecturers is this. That is nonsense. Look Mr kKanyongolo are these lecturers to take advice from the elders. All what they do is using tit for tat method for solving their daily problems. A fight between students and their lecturers. Luck of maturity all of the fighters.A shame on you CHANCO lecturers who are becoming Nginjales or boxers.Lecturers and university students are supposed to have high level of intelligence and general reasoning. But look at it. I am told the fighters on the side of Samson, were Mr Kayuni, Mr Kanyongolo. Watipaso Mkandawire from UK and Dan Chirwa from RAS look at the level of understanding for these Malawian lecturers. These are some of the reasons why Muthalika feel that may be his advice can help. Surely Samson was commenting on trivia that has landed him into the hospital after his own students beat him severally like the Nigerian film.Are you sure that such lecturers do not need advise from their CHANCELLOR? I need comment for those who were commenting on Muthalika and CHANCO saga to comment here. Yes blame your VP if really you stand for justice.

    1. johnM says:

      Just write in Chichewa. The things you have written here does not make sense./

  15. memory chanza says:

    My Malawi today lectures crying foul of The President speech next day students have roughed up the Vice Principal of CHANCO which is which am confused studeNts seeing no future where lectures make money through consultancy when the college is in deep poverty lol

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