Chande given OK to play for Wanderers, Bullets forged contract thrown out  – FA Malawi

Football Association of Malawi (FAM) disciplinary committee has made their determination that that the contract which Jaffale Chande submitted to FAM is original and that the player is free play for his new club Mighty Be Forward Wanderers.

Chande: He now can play for Wanderers

Chande: He now can play for Wanderers

The Disciplinary Committee released the  verdict  between Nyasa Big Bullets and its former player Chande who had signed a pre contract with Wanderers.

Bullets accused  Chande that whilst still in a contract with them which run up to August 13, 2016, illegally signed a contract with Wanderers .

The committee which met to hear the case last Saturday in Blantyre has ruled in favour of Chande that his action were legitimate as according to his contract he was free agent.

“It is the Committee’s finding that the complainants have failed to prove their case on a balance of probabilities,” reads the determination.

FAM noted Bullets contract which was presented was forged.

According to the Arthur Nanthuru led committee, Chande was not at fault as the witness from former Bullets chairman and General Secretary, Kondi Msungama and Harold Fote respectively told the committee in their testimony that they gave Chande a one and half year contract not three years contract as claimed by Bullets in their complaint

The committee attach weight to the testimony if former Bullets General Secretary Harold Fote who described the contract copy that were brought by Bullets as evidence that Chande signed a three years contract with them as a forged

The verdict now means that Chande is free to join and  be registered with Wanderers as a free agent and is available for selection this weekend when the two teams meet in a Blantyre derby.

Meanwhile, the committee  has mocked the Super League of Malawi (Sulom) and Football Association of Malawi for not having a proper way of keeping and ensuring that every player’s contract is deposited with them and are well documented to avoid the Chande incident.

According to the committee it is supposed to be a must for every team through Sulom to deposit their copies of every player’s contract to FAM.

The committee has since schooled Sulom to consider digital mode of keeping files including every player’s contract as it’s the safest mode they can safely keep records of every player’s players contract and other vital information.

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48 thoughts on “Chande given OK to play for Wanderers, Bullets forged contract thrown out  – FA Malawi”

  1. Bololo says:

    Is forgery a crime? What is FAM doing about football officials involved in forgery. Should they face long arm of the law?
    If Chande was arrested shouldn’t these officials be arrested as well.
    This being Malawi a failed state where nothing works I bet nothing will happen.

  2. chemuyaya says:

    Bullets should get back their money from the so called graphics Artist who failed to produce Chande’s fake-like original contract.
    1. it looks new yet it was printed two years ago
    2. Fonts were not matching with those on original contract
    3. signatures were not pen written – photoshoped
    Forgery is an art i think.

  3. precious kasambara says:

    All Fam members are from wanderers club and Fonte and his friend msungama are all against Bullets God is watching

  4. Wayisa says:

    Iwe petulo you are stupid. What you are saying just shows that you are from the same family of misguided team.

  5. Andy says:

    Bigup to thecommittee for schooling Sulom and FAM. We run football in Malawi mwaumbuli

  6. Chilumba Uliwa says:

    what goona happen to the sole loosers ?

  7. pk says:

    akuluakulu a bullet amangidwe basi

  8. Petulo was Mitambo says:

    “the complainants have failed to prove their case on a balance of probabilities” a fantastic statement from a committee composed of supposedly Malawian Lawyers or maybe some of them. Which probabilities where these and how balanced were there. What is known is that the committee heavily leaned against the Fote and Msungama testimonies. What else? Don’t we know how these two left Bullets? Do you think it is difficult for the two to discredit Bullets by helping Chande issue a forged contract they would support later knowing that nobody would dispute their finally say. If I may ask, why is it that Chande went about town confidently telling everyone that he was going to embarrass Bullets officials. He knew that his forged contract had undeniably the support of the 2 gentlemen.

  9. nomad says:

    kuyanika ubulutu maule, hence noma is the wise ppo’s team. go bak to xul now!

  10. muziona says:

    A sakhwi Achabechabe a BB kusukulu njee Lima kuba

  11. Don’t hestate arrest them

  12. COLBY MAJON says:

    Iwe tewesa ndiwe galu pamodzi ndi kelvin moyo wako zitsilu zachabe chabe chim’tima chanyau

  13. beje says:

    number 7 u shud get to knw that the committee had to rely on what kondi msungama and harod fote had to say because they are the ones who offered chande a contract and duly signed it. i find nothing wrong its partial unless u tel me u are taking sides

  14. Lloyd Biho Malenga says:

    Chande chande chande akudziwe ntchito zako tsopano. Amafuna akuphere tsogolo koma alephera. Wafika ku malo oyenera omenya mpira umodziumodzi.

  15. Kenkkk says:

    Shame, you bullets officials. You have tarnished the image of our great bullets team. The officials involved in the forgery of documents should be immediately fired.

  16. ndondwe says:

    What did the committee expect to hear from Kondi & Harold Fote anthu onse oti anachoka ndimbiri yakuba ku BB komanso akufuna alande u chairmanship wa BB kuti akapitilize kuba. This committee is a shame you can’t base evidence given by people who are always at loggerheads with the leadership of the team.

  17. bamusi says:

    Hey! Maule Moto!! . Tiwasenda Chande ali konko. Nanji kamzungu ka kufuu, Belo asanduka kaliyala. Chaka chake ndi chino. Kodi noma ndi rainb ow Timu? Kkkk. Kuchomolewa mwaka uwu. Mutajiju!

  18. We Wish You all the best chande

  19. WANYERERE says:

    Advice to Nyasa manufacturing co . These thugs have damaged your corporate image , pull out sponsorship immediately and put it elsewhere akhaule zenizeni .

  20. alick says:

    Jafari pangani chotheka muthane ndi anthu omwe amakuipitsirani mbiri

  21. Man of God says:

    Forgery is a serious crime. The culprits should not go unpunished. Chande and NOMA must sue BB. the too deserve compasation for character assassination and loss of service respectively.

  22. alick says:

    Chande, take bullets to task now. Akuonongera mbiri yako.

  23. Police officers who arrested Chande must be brought to book if the Malawi Police Service is a unit to trust.

    Further BB officials involved in forgery must be charged and taken to court.

    Just must prevail.

    Hate and jealous controlled the BB camp.

    Just must be done now.

  24. Police officers who arrested Chande must be brought to book if the Malawi Police Service is a unit to trust.

    Further BB officials involved in forgery must be charged and taken to court.

    Just must prevail.

    Hate and jealous controlled the BB camp.

  25. goodwellbanda says:

    Amangeni a billywo

  26. Honestly speaking, Fam is letting malawian football down, this judgement isn’t partial at all cost.

  27. Smoking is dangerous to your Health says:

    Selling and smoking of cigarettes can make a team to forge documents and on a serious note Bullets should be taken to task over this matter. And the Police too should feel ashamed for dancing to tune of cigarette seller Stone Mwamadi

  28. Mwana waKasumbadeza says:

    Tsopano iwe tewesa mutu wowumawo umati chiyani dzana lija mwanayu anena za contract yakeyi? Utchisi bwako wamva?

  29. Now FAM, we want to know, what are you going to do with the people who forged the contract? We really want to know because forging is a serious case and if Chande was found guilty he was supposed to be arrested. So we want FAM to act on this matter coz we don’t want this stupidity to happen again.

  30. zinja says:

    Ukhaula Neba wagwa nayo!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Phiri says:

    Mumutani player pakuti mwamupititsa Ku Police ngati munthu wa kuba komanso Ku muzunguza munthu za ziiiii

  32. H. Fote says:

    Police now it is your time to arrest the one who forged the document. Chande go and sue them for character assassination and wanderers sue them for loss of services. FAM punish anthu a scarf ngati mbendera ya sing’anga wa kuti asazabwerezenso.

  33. Chemjambe says:

    Neba zakuvuta tu apa mpaka kupanga forge contract abale ? Guys let’s be civilized for once. all along i knew that Chingambwe bullets were lying. Mwagwa nayo tu apa ma salvage inu!!!

  34. Ganet Wa Balabala Vg, Mj. says:

    Bola Taziwa Choonad, Thanks Alot.

  35. BEJE says:

    i saw it coming

  36. GANET WA BALABALA, MJ. says:


  37. All the best Mr Chande. BB 4ver

  38. Now what will happen to those Ndudu bullets officials who forged the contract. In my opinion forgery is a criminal case and those who are in the wrong should be arrested and prosecuted. If no one is arrested in the bullets camp in this case a SULOM and a FAM tikukuonananitu.

  39. Mpunga Woviika..... says:

    Chande now can play 4 wanderers ………..what?????????

  40. Apa ndiye kuti ine tewesa ndikuyenela kumangidwa? Chonde ndi khululukileni ndine mwana wa masiye komaso ndinasuta kwambili fodya wa 2010 apo biiii ndizimangilira

  41. Kwesi says:


  42. Peter Wa Bingu says:

    “A balance of probabilities” I love this statement from the COMMITTEE (i assume composed of Malawian lawyers or at least some). It looks like the committee relied on a set of people (Kondi Msungama and Harold Fote) that had left Bullets on questionable circumstances. Would they do anything in favour of Bullets? I doubt.

  43. therere says:

    then arrest the person who forged the contract, it should be a lesson to all custodians of contrants

  44. wozitsata says:

    pepa neba phuno kusalota bola ukanalandila mk700,000 ija ukanawona chochita Chande tatenga ulele ndithu

  45. chipalamandule says:

    Wina alira.

  46. Joni Mbuje says:

    Iyi ndiye komiti….ya anthu ophunzira ndinso opanda chinyengo!

    Mwina yikhale MEC bwanji?

  47. Chipapwiche says:

    This implies that Bullets has to pay Chande damages and has to be punished for forging the contract. FAM should discipline Bullets for this conduct and the police has to be cautioned on the way it handled Chande’s issue. Bravo justice!

  48. Wonderers says:

    welcome Chande

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