Chande ordered to stop training: Wanderers furious with FA Malawi

Football Association of Malawi (Fam) has announced that it has finished round table meetings on the ongoing transfer impulse between Nyasa Big Bullets and Mighty Be Forward Wanderers over midfielder Jaffalie Chande who has since been ordered to stop training with any of these two clubs.

Chande:  Harrassed

Chande: Harrassed

The association held two separate meetings on 5th and 12th April 2016 to gather information on Chande’s transfer saga.

In a statement released by the associations signed by its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Suzgo Nyirenda, Fam has gathered enough information and documents that will be submitted to its Disciplinary Committee to determine the issue at hand.

“The Football Association of Malawi in conjunction with the Super League of Malawi (Sulom) have concluded the round table meetings regarding Jaffalie Chande’s disputed contract with Nyasa Big Bullets,” reads the statement in part.

It adds: “The two meetings (held on 5th and 12th April 2016) were aimed at finding solution to the stand off between the two parties. However Fam has managed to gather enough information and documents
that will be passed on to the disciplinary committee to determine the future on the matter”.

Without mentioning the exact date, the statement indicates that Fam disciplinary committee will meet in due course to determine the issue at hand.

At the meantime, Chande will wait for the determination before returning to the field of play.

The player has since disclosed that he has been ordered to stop training.

“I have been ordered not to train with any other team. It’s like killing my career,” said Chande.

Chande dumped Bullets to join Wanderers after his demand of being given a K3 million signing on fee at Bullets was turned down.

Thereafter, Bullets claimed the player is still contracted to them until August 2017 before coming forward with another contract indicating the contract expires in August 2017.

On the other hand, Chande presented a contract indicating February 2016 as the expire period.

Mighty Be Forward Wanderers have  since accused FAM of delaying the ruling and insists Chande is being treated unfairly.

Wanderers general secretary Mike Butao said the Nomads are surprised that the issue has been referred to the disciplinary committee instead of FAM just make the ruling itself.

“We believe this is a simple transfer issue which should not take up to a month to resolve. FAM have documents from both the player and his former club. Verification is a one-day process so we are shocked and dismayed by the whole thing. What exactly is the problem? We take Jafali as a player duly contracted to us so even though we are not party to the proceedings we believe we retain the right to be officially updated by FAM of all proceedings,” said Butao.

He said they are also surprised that Bullets supporters are allowed into meetings, more specifically their chief supporter Mr Mwamadi.

He questioned: “How can Mr Mwamadi be part of the procedural process at FAM on one hand and on the other hand sneak out to the police to have the same boy arrested?”

Butao added: “ The police have summoned Jafali  three times now and on Monday they said they were releasing him on bail and he should appear before court on the 14th without indicating which month or which court. What does this tell the nation? What is the crime, changing teams after expiry of contract? Does Mr mwamadi’s or Bullets’ influence extend that far that players can be arrested without the due legal process? Are FAM aware of this? Has chande already been found in contravention? Jafali Chande has been harrassed enough,” fumed Butao.

He also questioned Mwamadi for taking football matters to a court of law, saying “precedents are being set .”

Said Butao: “They are opening a pandora’s box. Never take  people for granted. The precedents that are being set here will have far bigger implications than the decisions Fam are afraid to take now.”–Additional reporting by Elijah Phimbi, Nyasa Times

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28 thoughts on “Chande ordered to stop training: Wanderers furious with FA Malawi”

  1. Amalawi u must know ignorant is too expensive

  2. kwinyani says:

    ndati nkhaniyi ivuta kuweruza chifukwa ndi ya ufiti osati mpira

  3. kwinyani says:

    nkhani ya Chande ivuta kuweluza chifukwa ndi ya ufiti osati mpira

  4. kwinyani says:

    ndinasiya kutsata mpira wa ku malawi ndipo ndilibe nawo ntchito chifukwa kuli kupha , kuba ndi ufiti

  5. angitao says:

    Bullets should thinks twice Malawi football is growing lets transfer should please a player he is building his future

  6. Chikutumbwe says:

    Unaluma zambiri, walephera kutafuna!! Uziona wakula watha. Where Tony Chitsulo now?????

  7. Dziko Malunga says:

    sibwino kumapangal zithu mwa force

  8. A leman says:

    Uku Ndikupha Mpila Zomvetsa Chison

  9. I personally agree with Butao . Butao knows the whole secret behind Chande’s saga. The saga was master minded by BFw sulom officials and Fam . having amotive to destroy another Good season for the red army.sulom and fam ride blue thus why before the saga was tense they Chande was afree agent.Now that nyamilandu has refered the case the discipliNnary committee Butao is scared as he wanted Nyamiland to brood on the case that it hatches BFW . The verdict we expect is Chande to win as master minded. but get this “God is God” even if u weaken BB force he will give what He planned for us. Good or bad we will adhere to His Will.

  10. ALFRED LEMANI says:


  11. nysa says:

    abullets makape a fam zitsilu

  12. I totally agree with what butao is saying on issue of Chande. He knows he is behind the whole Saga. . Him , nyamilandu and sulom official already planned to let Nyamilandu BRood on the Case so that the could hatch BFW chicks. now that nyamilandu wants to follow set rules hence the sentments. We know the verdict. Fam and sulom wear blue. That the red army had it twice now they want to destroy force so blues can taste the honey moon. God Is Going to judge. If God is God Justice will be shown right at the end of the Tunnel.

  13. Rob watsopano says:

    Ndikusungila News zonse zimene zalembedwa pakhani ya Chande.Zikundiseketsa kwambiri komaso kubvetsa chisoni,chifukwa news zikuzenga zokha mlanduyu. Ndipo chilungamo cha nkhaniyi chikudziwika,koma kuti ndale zalowa ku mpira. Apa mukupha tsongolo la Chande,ndipo anthu amene mukupanga izi; Chipande chikubwela ndiiithu…. Komaso penapake zikuoneka ngati kuti Chande ali ndi chisisi cha team yina… So lets wait and see

  14. glab says:

    Mbuli ndiwe wa chingambwe fc kumkakamila player mulibe naye contract FA yanena kuti Chande ndi team yakoyo onse sanapeleke ma contract a original. Kusonyeza kuti chande is not contracted to chingambwe dikila uwone Chandetu awina nkhaniyi ndipo udziwa chifukwa chomwe tamenyera 84% iweyo 69% ndichifukwa BEFOWARD inasankha ife pamwamba paiwe ogodomala neba pitiliza kulima bale ife athu ndi mavehicle.

  15. munyane says:

    Anthu a ku Blantyre ndi makape, both Bullets and Nomads.Jafali Chande you better just come to Lilongwe and join the Central Bankers, Silver Strikers,Team ya mabwana, Umodzi-umodzi ngati mpunga wa kwa Govala. Ku Lilongwe kuli anthu ozindikila osati zanu za chamba za ku Blantyre. Anthu a ku Blantyre amangodziwa matama koma ndalama alibe fotsekiiii shupiti zanu. Mwana amene mukumunzunzayo wakulira ku Lilongwe. Shupitiiiiiii !!!!!!!!

  16. Charles Dinala says:

    Zauchitsiru zomwe A FAM akuchita anyapapi nonse kumeneko

  17. Flamboyant says:

    This issue remind me of Pilirani Mzonda transfer ,when he was moving from Epac FC to Bullets FC. The player insisted to have no contract with the said Team Epac FC ,at the same time EPAC FC claimed to have a running contract with the Player, we were not sure who was right and who was wrong. Finally we got the full information that the contract was fake someone forged his signature, the issue was solved amicably since both parties agreed on the way forward. This is a simple issue FAM and Sulom go back to your books and see how you have handled cases of the same way back.i i respect the idea of a good number of Sports analysed in the country buy those ideas i am so they are of help.

  18. nyenyezi says:

    Inu a wanders muzivomereza kuti ndinu mbuli simufuna kusatira dongosolo pofuna kugula osewera madulira basi ndiye ndizimenezo, nawe chande kufuna kulemera mwansanga kokha kokhako kulemera is a process ndipo umayamba pang’ono pang’ono. The way I have seen some comments from wanders fans it seems nkhaniyi simukuitsatira, zoti wina anapwereka contract ya photocopy, wina ya orginal sinkhaninso pano, pakatipa pachitika zambiri mongokuchotsani umbuli pang’ono. Anthu awiri anamangidwa chifukwa choti anapezeka kuti anapatsa scan contract ya chande ndikuisintha. 2 Dan Mbebuwa anaba contract ya orginal ya Chande ku Bullets ndikukatengera ngongole, muzizitsata anyerere m’mayesa mumati ndinu anthu ozindikira. Lero kuzindikira kuja ndikumeneku Butao woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  19. willie says:

    musiyeni mwana kkkkk

  20. yona malunga says:

    mwana alibe mwambo uyu, takumbukani m’mene anathawira Ku silver strikers, ameneyi ndi tony chitsulo wina pano mitundu united fc ikumudikira

  21. Rajah says:

    Osewera aku Malawi akusowekera uphungu wapadera dera. Ma manager ndiwofunikira kut player wina aliyense akhale ndi manager yemwe azitha kumuongolera zinthu zikamalakwika.

    Chande ndi player wabwino kwambiri pa malawi pano koma zikuonetsa kuti ali pa changu chofuna kulemera mwa changu mapeto ake asauka momvetsa chisoni pokha pokha ngati ali ndi china chochita chomwe chingamamupatse ndalama chifukwa ngat mulunduwu angaluze ndie chabwino palibe.

    Nawo wanderers ikuoneka kut siyinaphunzire pa zomwe zinachitika ndi tonney chitsulo. Ikuoneka kuti njira za shortcut ndi zomwe iyo imagwiritsa ntchito ndiye nayonso ngat ingapande kusintha mapangidwe ake apansika izakhala ikubetsa ndalama mpaka kale kale.

  22. Athini says:

    Ukaziputa limba, akulu akulu anatero.

  23. hartmann says:

    no wonder we don’t progress in Malawian football alwez problems.inu zoona prayer asapange training nkhani yake imeneyi?…as far as assurance is concerned.original documents gives real assurance than photocopy….ineyo a sulom ndi FAM mulibe ma legal advisers who can help you on these simple matters.unless you are hiding something inside the box

  24. h says:

    Suzgo ndi wa bullets zomwe akuchitazi ndi kuwononga mpira ku malawi kuno. Zowona anthu mukungoyanga’ana osachitapo kanthu. Chande walakwa chani kuti yemweyo ku police afam amupusitse kapena mmalawi muno ndi bullets yokha yomwe mumayiwopa

  25. JAFALI CHANDE says:

    ine ndimaziwa ine sopano ndasimikizadi kuti Bullets ndi national team eeeeeee ndingodikila contract yanga ithe ndibweleleso ku BULLETS INE

  26. mike butawo says:

    mwana washosha olakwika kkkkkkkkkkkk ma palesitina ndiye amenewo kkkkkkkk

  27. ineyo says:

    Vuto liri ndi ma players athu ndi umbuli! As much as I appreciate that jafalie chande is one of the few good players on domestic scene; his behaviour and attitude leave a lot to be desired! the boy is rude in fact he has no manners no wonder he is always left out of the national team call ups!

    Umbuli is another thing I have seen ma chande; chamba umasuta chija is now reaping it’s fruits. this could be genesis to your career end! we will ask Mike bango to follow u up after 3 years from now to see what u will be doing then.

  28. At first I thought Mwamadi angomunamizira za Chasowa zija but the way he is behaving it is compelling me to conclude that he is part of it. Chi team cha anthu a chambadi ichi. Chamba FC.

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