Chande seeks court redress on Nyasa Bullets harassment

Football star Jaffalie Chande has rushed to court to seek injunction stopping supporters of Nyasa Big Bullets led by Stone Mwamadi and club’s technical director Billy Tewesa from harassing him over his intentions to join Mighty Be Forward Wanderers.

Tewesa; Summoned to court

Tewesa; Summoned to court

Mwamadi, Tewesa and Isaac Norman have been summoned to appear before judges chambers at the High Court in Blantyre on Tuesday at 2PM.

Chande sought a court injunction retraining the three, their servants and agents from harassing, intimidating or coming any act of violence against him.

He also wants a court order stopping Bullets supporters and officials trespassing onto the player’s home.

Be Forward Wanderers, who signed Chande on three-year contract, have protested against what they described as harassment being meted out to Chande.

According to press reports, former Nyasa Big Bullets executive committee used Chande’s original contract as collateral when they obtained a loan in 2014, mediation talks initiated by Football Association of Malawi (FAM) revealed.

Chande and Nyasa Big Bullets failed to produce the original ‘contracts’.

Bullets chairman Sam Chilunga told the mediation  meeting by FAM that former marketing manager Dan Mbebuwa confessed having given the contract to a loan shark as collateral.

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26 thoughts on “Chande seeks court redress on Nyasa Bullets harassment”

  1. davie magaleta says:

    Chande musiyeni adzipita… koma ogamula nkhaniyi mukuchedwa kwambiri coz anthu ambiri tikudikira kuti timve kuti zathera apa. let the truth prevail kuti ena azachite manyazi

  2. Chigwa says:

    munsiye Chande

  3. Chigwa Chimkhalo says:

    Musiyeni Chande musamuphere tsogolo inu a Sulom/ Fam mumachedwetsa chilungamo bwanji? Mukudikira Chani? Zaziii.

  4. Peter Shidah says:

    This Case Is Just Lack Off Good Approch

  5. Athini says:

    some are just commenting without understanding the whole saga is all about, these are the people who are misleading Chande, Chande be carefull your future is at stake here.

  6. Ackim ckim kim says:

    Achina Farao inu,muloleni munthu apite osati nkhazazo.Zimenezi mupangitsa kut musamasaine maplayer aluso bcoz azkhala ndi mantha kut ku BB kuli khomo lolowera lokha opanda lutulukila.

  7. Macsedeck says:

    Koma Chitimu Ichi Cha Bibi Ndie Chipitedi Kuakwacha Ndithu Sory Zamanyazi

  8. Andrew says:

    Sindinaone team,masapota komanso maofisho opusa ngati a Bullets padziko lapansi pano,simungatenge anthu achifwamba ndikuwayika mumpira,asasowetu mwanayu.

  9. namalomba king says:

    Tewesa kukamwa kumeneko…miti iyi ndiyoopsa m’bale wake ali ku 25 angosokoneza mpingo wa seveni,,,mfiti mapeto eishi….

  10. big fish says:

    Tewesa mwathawira kumpila mukufuna kuphanso anthu kumeneko. Mukuyesa nthawi ya UDF ino eti

  11. Izo izo says:

    Jaffalie ‘Greenbelt’ Chande, mnyamata watchuka uyu bwanji. Noma woyeeeeeee!!….

  12. JUDGE says:

    bulets team ya zigawenga

  13. Mandevu Waluzau says:

    Chande is a problem and at the end he will end up a loser. Go to wise people and receive good advice. Someone is misleading Chande.

  14. NOMA says:

    A bb chande is not your property . Learn to respect a players decision. Players come and go they leave the club behind . Vuto lanu mumafuna mpaka player afere ku bullets , zaumbuli basi.

  15. dalitso says:

    A BB umbuli mudzasiya liti kodi? Player osamusiya bwanji akasewere kumene iye akufuna. Mkazi ngati sakukufuna, sakukufuna basi kwatha. Mpakana anthu amaudindo awo kumakamuwopsyeza ku nyumba. Ngati mukuchita izi anthu amawudindo mukuganiza kuti ammusiwa ndiye kuti afika pati. Sichoncho munthu asakhale kapolo mdziko lake lomwe chifukwa cha luso lake. Ma players ndizimenezotumuzidziwa kuti mukamapita ku bb mukupita ku ndende ya Mpira kumene mudzatulukeko Iiwo eni akadzafuna. A police nanunso anthu amene akumakamuwophyeza Chande ku nyumba kwake mukuwadziwa mungoyang’ana. Mufuna munthu mpaka avulazidwe….

  16. Nyapapi says:

    bullets muyambepo school ya kwacha kuti mwina muyambe kuzindikirako please because zikuoneseratu kuti ndinu mbuli .

  17. the warrior says:

    Someone is misleading Chande, he will regrets at the near future, his days are running short.

  18. Mateyu says:

    A bb mulibe umunthu. Timu ya zigawenga. Player akalowa ku bullets ndiye kuti walowa ku ndende mpaka mbuli za bullets zidzafune kumutulutsa ku ndendeko. A police nawonso angowonerera munthu adzisowa mtendere mdziko lake lomwe chifukwa cha luso lake lomwe. Ndizimenezotu ma players muzidziwa kuti mukamapita ku bullets mukupota ku ndende ya Dzaleka.

  19. dalitso says:

    Jafali this is a battle you can not win infact your strategy is the worst in such transfers from a rival to arch rival club. Anthu asakupusitse because you career will be the biggest loser in this saga so my advice is you need to get out of the public space, stay off the media and no one including from your your so called new employers should be speaking on your behalf because they are complicating the saga for the worst.

    Taking on Bullets family is like taking head on a 40 tonner truck whilst you are just less than 70kg and that is suicidal so just go back to Bullets remorsefully and have an amicable solution to this thing after all you were their son surely they will listen to you and let you go willingly not this.

    If you play hardball so will Bullets do so imagine the consequencies, you lose nothing by humbling yourself and realising you made a mistake in fact you gain more so go and properly do your thing otherwise its the dawn of your end.

  20. Jalif says:

    Kkkkkkkkk achande anoma akukunamizazo akupweteketsa and umva kuwawa khondoi suimaliza tachuluka

  21. Walusungu says:

    Malawian football is so pathetic. Most club administrators are so naïve that they can look beyond their noses. If both Chande and Bullets failed to produce “original contract” and assuming the loan shark brings the “original contract” that contradicts either party, what will be the repercussions? I believe Chande is poised to lose more under either scenario. Remember the case of a condom? Use and dump!!!!

  22. pido says:

    Why not using physical assets than human assets in getting loans. What if Chande dies? Will the loan seize to exist. zopusa kobasi

  23. siyasiya says:

    kodi ndiyekuti ma player a bullets ndi akaidi a timuyi? does it mean that sangachoke ndi kukasewera mu time yina? I think bb ndi timu ya mbuzidi ndithu

  24. chawezi mphande says:

    Very sad for him.
    He is busy ku ma court anzake ali pa stadium lero. Remember we had Tony Chitsulo a very young diminutive striker lero
    ali kuti.
    Courting controversy mpira pa nyasaland siziyenga

  25. So he is being used by Wanderers to go to court this time around kkkkkkkkkkkkk.

  26. Ojambula says:

    Mbuli za Bullets, thugs! Can’t u be a civilized club? Zitsilu!

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