Chanza, BT city council sued for denying consenting transfer of ‘illegally sold prime plots’

Blantyre City Council (BCC) and its Chief Executive Director (CEO) Dr. Alfred Chanza have been dragged to court for declining to consent transfers of plots offensively sold to business tycoon Muhammed Ahmed, owner of Superior Halaal and Malawi Sun Limited.

Chanza: Sued

Chanza: Sued

The plots in question are part of the Council’s Engineering Yard that housed the Health Department’s Ginnery Corner Works Depot –Plot BE 176 and BE177 [Ginnery plots] and plots BC 1190 and BC 1189 in Mandala residential area in Blantyre.

BCC ex-CEO Emmanuel Ted Nandolo and Ahmed sued the current CEO in his personal capacity and the Council for withholding of the consent.

According to documents we have seen, the Ginnery Corner plots were improperly offered to Consumer Trading Limited whose main owners are Super Halaal and Malawi Sun Limited.

While Mandala plots—BC 1190 and BC 1189—were separately offered to Muhammed Ahmed, who was later known to be the owner of the Malawi Sun Limited. These plots were reserved for the construction of the Chief Executive Officer’s and Mayor’s houses.

Nyasa Times understands that plot BC 1190 was initially given to the Council’s former CEO Emmanuel Ted Nandolo, who later sold it to Ahmed at K65 million.

“The offer of plot to Mr Emmanuel Ted Nandolo was in line with the Council’s policies under the Home Ownership Scheme and Paragraph 18(b) of the Second Schedule of the Local Government Act. Mr Nandolo did not benefit from the Home Ownership Scheme of the Council and it was felt that the only way for him to benefit under the scheme was to offer him the plot that was reserved for the construction of the Chief Executive Officer’s house. However, management agreed to reserve the plot adjacent to Mr Nandolo’s plot for construction of the Mayor’s house.

“Management team members were surprised to hear that the plot reserved for the construction of the Mayor’s house too was offered to Mr Muhammed Ahmed of Malawi Sun without the involvement of the whole management team or the Legal Officer. The matter was further complicated when Mr Nandolo sold his plot to the same Muhammed Ahmed,” reads the document in part.

Chanza and his management became suspicious when Ahmed started pushing and pressing for the Council’s consent for transfer of BC 1190 from Nandolo to him (Ahmed). Ahmed wanted to use the K65 million plot to borrow K150 million from First Merchant Bank.

The Council then disapproved the disposal of Ginnery Corner plots on the premise that it was unreasonable to sell part of the Engineering Yard and leave the officers who were housed there without any proper place to do their work.

The Council also pointed out that it is against equity that one person should own the two big plots in a “prime area like Mandala when many are failing to own even one small plot in the City’s Traditional Housing Area”.

And its Special Finance Meeting held on April 19 2016 and attended by law makers Allan Ngumuya , Themba Mkandawire and the councilors, members made the following resolutions; that Consent for transfer of BC 1190 from Emmanuel Ted Nandolo to Muhammed Ahmed be not issued; Consent for Charge of Lease from Messrs Consumers Trading Limited to First Merchant Bank to secure a loan facility of K150 million be not issued and that the four plots in question i.ce BC1190, BC1189, BE776 and BE777 be withdrawn or re-entered.

But this apparently did not go down well with Muhammed Ahmed who is seeking legal redress.

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Dr chanza playing his dirty tricks with masangwi.
You are playing with fire they will destroy you.
Stike at blantyre city council coming.

Paluno Pangapalinga
Mr Chiko pa if you don’t have any thing to contribute to this column, you better shut up your mouth. Why are you dragging Islam in this issue. This is not a forum to how ignorant out are. Do you know the meaning of Islam? Islam means peace. If Chisakali mwe pub was sold to someone and a Madras was built at that place. That’s whow wise Muslims are. Turning a place which is used for beer drinking that promotes immorarity to a holy place where people learn of their religion and also warship Almighty Allah Is that not commendable?… Read more »

Typical of cashgate, the president and his DPP bought BCC’s houses at give away prices.

Kodi simumachita manyazi bwanji? Ndiye utsiru umenewo, just like aja akumanamizana kuti mafupa albino amalemeretsa.

No wonder, APM won’t let the ACB handle it. APM is joke, let’s try Chilima.


This is corruption at its best the Government must intervene to save Mr Chanza. How can a Zimbabwean Citizen get so much land here when Malawians are being denied. Mr Nandolo must be investigated, we are selling our prime land to foreigners whose main intention is to islamise Malawi. These people are getting their money from Terrorist groups like al queda and Isis. How on earth can CITY authorities with right senses sell their ginnery corner land this is pure greed ans corruption


How can that bustard from Zimbabwe own so much property in Malawi? These people are trying to Islamize Malawi, believe you me. Dr Chanza is not an old man as shown on the picture above. E-Club, Club Chisakalime, Cactus, Kameza Round Pub which was owned by Spax Jumbe all were turned into Madrass. ISIS has put strong foundation in Malawi. Guys, what are we going to do?

Jigidi Jaba
Mr. Chikopa, don’t spoil your comment with bigotry. How is Islam featuring in this issue? It’s clear from the article that Ahmed’s fight for unjust aquisition of the plots in question is a personal issue. Can’t you see that? If you have issues with Islam and muslims and you want your concerns broadcast to the masses just author your own articles for this paper to publish. But for your information, know that your hatred for Islam will not benefit you anything at all for nobody can stop the growth of followership of this relignion both in this country and accros… Read more »
Jigidi Jaba
Isn’t Ahmed’s accomplice in the scam, Nandolo, a Catholic Christian. Why not take time to talk about him and his fellow traitors who are involved in corruption scandals that are dragging the county’s economy backward and even contributing to hunger, drug shortage and death of people in hospitals caused by lack of essential drugs? So many Christians were involved in cashgate, those involved in the Ethiopian embassy cashgate are all christians, christians constitute the majority of prostitutes, thieves and robers, and alduterers in the country. They are also part of the group that is involved in the killing of albinos.… Read more »
Mr Chikopa if you have anything against islam then you have a big problem in your brain,the problem with you as far as i can understand you must have done only standard 2.Please read your notes well ISLAM means peace.Before i go further let me ask you few questions? 1- How many prisoners are there in Malawi who are not of Islam Religion comparing to other religions?You will find more Christians thieves, molestors,rapist,murderers etc…Does that make christians (THIEVES,Molestors,Rapist and murderers? 2-In America can you do your research how many christians are in jail comparing to moslems? 3-In the whole world… Read more »

we have already taken over, have you just woken up.It seems you were born from an Ass-Hole


Malawians and typically black people every where are selfish and myopic. I can tell you this Muhamamed asian did not even pay the whole 65 million, but he plans to get the 150 million loan, give nandolo a tip and use the rest to develop the plot so Malawian can patronize the place and pay off his loan in due course. A country full of morons even those that went to school. Another traiter is at lands selling the land to foreighers like its his grandmothers from the North


Failed state where public officers have to BENEFIT. No wonder we are a failed state

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