Chaos over ‘resurected man’ in Malawi: Nathenje on stand-still as Police clash with communities

Conflict erupted between the angry residents and police in Nathanje Trading Cente in Lilongweon Sunday  following reports that  a man who died and buried months ago had  resurrected  and was being kept by the police.

Stand-still at Nathenje Trading Centre

Stand-still at Nathenje Trading Centre

It was claimed that a man who died in mysterious circumstance was spotted beating a drum at a ceremony in one of the villages and that he was picked by police.

The news spread like fire in the dry bush amongst people from the village and they stormed Nathenje police station demanding the immediate release of the ‘local Jesus’

However, commution erupted after police  denied that they were keeping the resurrected person and the villagers were irked.

Nathenje police Officer in Charge John Namalenga said this happened around 16 hours  and the resident went on rampage and have destroyed a lot of properties in the area including the Post Office.

“It was around 4 pm when we saw a group of angry people demanding us to release a person who has come back to life after he  died and was  buried,” said Namalenga.

However, the Nathenje Police boss denied having any knowledge or keeping the man.

“We did not have such person at our premise or having knowledge but after responding this, the group started violence,” he disclosed.

He said the angry group also blocked the road with burning tires and rocks apart from damaging some properties.

Vehicles passing along the Malawi main motorway M1 Road connecting the capital Lilongwe to the commercial city of Blantyre was temporality closed.

Meanwhile, Namalenga said the police managed to pacify the situation but no arrests have so far been made.

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13 thoughts on “Chaos over ‘resurected man’ in Malawi: Nathenje on stand-still as Police clash with communities”

  1. Muchiwere mu Nyolonyo says:

    Achewa nonse kuphatikiza akuNathenje Mac Hendes anu….do you really believe a dead man resurrected and was beating the drums for your foolish zinyawu? And what has you foolish beliefs got to do with M1 users? I have foreign friends who were also caught up and inconvenienced us for the rest of the evening. Foolish chewas! Go back to the Congo bush where you came from. And take your foolish Lazalo with you.

  2. Lesley says:

    Just to add to the above news release. A number of drivers were caught up in this incident. My daughter and I were approaching Nathenje at approximately 17:30 hours; large rocks and stones had been placed all over the M1 resulting in all drivers having to slow down. We were then faced with obviously very angry people on both sides of the road throwing rocks, stones and bricks at every vehicle. We then sped up so fortunately only my car bonnet was slightly dented; some vehicles were not so lucky….car lights smashed, one vehicle’s back windscreen was completely smashed! The Police and Army were positioned by the bridge in Nathenje; when we advised the one officer of what was happening on the outskirts to vehicles; they did not appear to react to this news.

  3. Eugene says:

    Lekani chamba pliz anthuni

  4. Free up black people says:

    Malawi shall never develop. You mean in this day and era people still believe that a dead person can resurrect ? Unfortunately we have a large number of people in this country who are primitive and backward in their thinking. You cant develop with such kind of mentality. We are a cursed nation, help us God.

    1. Mtendere says:

      Mlongo wanga adafa mosadziwika bwino, 2013 Ku Nathenje komwe’ko,ndipo anthu n’kumakumana naye ku dimba, mu njira ya kumadzi ndi malo ena otero.A amalume anga adapepesadi kuti ndi amene adachita zimenezi. Poti ndine m’khrisitu wamphamvu, ndipo wothandiza powongolera moyo wa banja lathu,ndidauza abale anga onse kuti tizisiye m’manjamwa Chauta. Koma kunenea zoona Ku Nathenje sikoyamba kuchitika zimene. 1978,ndidali mwana, koma ndikukumbukira kuti zidachitakanso m’mudzi mwa a Sokelere, nkahni zonga zimenezi.

  5. Inu says:

    This is the price we are paying for having useless population in Malawi. What kind of nonsense is this? Destroying people’s property for this stupid story? And we wonder why we are one of the poorest country in the world? People who cannot take care of themselves but still want to have as many children as they can have. Do we then wonder why people are so willing to engage in violence at a slightest pretext? When people have nothing to lose, they can do anything.

    1. Barnaba Sila says:

      Ignorance at its best!

  6. Barnaba Sila says:

    Why is superstition rife in our country Malawi? I was shocked when the chairman of UNIMA council said recently that it is 0.5% of Malawians that have degrees. This means that the bulk of our problems are ignorance related. Unfortunately, the 0.5% also encompasses some uncivilized educated people who are busy oppressing others, cashgating, etc – God help us!

    1. Mulakho says:

      Aha, so am one of them, shaaaH. I mean 0.5%.

      1. mudzalila says:

        The ignorance in Malawi is really heartbreaking and jaw dropping.Even the ones in power, apart from stealing from the govt, they are as ignorant as shit! Poor, ignorant country that is Malawi!

    2. nanyati nanyati says:

      This problem was very easy to solve. The police should have just allowed a handfull of the group leaders to inspect the premises inside out. Upon finding nothing the representatives would have told their friends just to go home and be happy. Koma vuto loti ife ndi apolice, inu ndinu anthu wamba, chokani pamalo pano ndilimenero. Nurses in Malawi also behave in a similar manner………….proud, naughty, uncooperative and capricious to the last degree. Professionals should learn to be humble when dealing with fellow humanbeings.

      1. Nabetha says:

        That would have been a simple solution. Ring leaders should have been allowed to check all the rooms of the police station to find out for themselves if this man was there or not.

      2. Chambe says:

        Unena zoona! Failure of Police Psychology. The Police Officer In charge failed dismally and should be arrested for triggering the violence leading to this damage of property.

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