Chaponda bulldozed in Mulanje: Malawi powerful minister ‘chased out’ by irate villagers

Malawi’s powerful Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development, George Chaponda on Monday failed to attend an event on tapping water from Mulanje after angry villagers  blocked him from attending the event.

Villagers chase Chaponda

Villagers chase Chaponda

Chaponda was due to visit Likhubula in Mulanje to see a new water source where Blantyre Water Board is expected to pump water from.

BWB intends to pump water from Likhubula and supply to water stressed Blantyre City.

But villagers in Mulanje made it known to government that the initiative will not take off unless another project is introduced to plant trees in Likhubula.

The community members also want to benefit from the potable water that will be pumped from their area.

They made their actions clear by chasing Chaponda away and had been evacuated from the area by Police in company of his ministry’s Principal Secretary Erica Maganga and Member of Parliament for Mulanje Pasani Angie Kaliati.

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28 thoughts on “Chaponda bulldozed in Mulanje: Malawi powerful minister ‘chased out’ by irate villagers”

  1. Gogodasi says:

    It is difficult for these DPP to consult people at the grassroots level because their move is a typical campaign gimmick as opposed to real development.

  2. Alomwe mwachenjera liti? Pakadapanda Bakiri Muluzi kukupatsani u president mpeza muli ndani mdziko muno. Mumangovotera munthu chifukwa ndi Mlomwe oro a bibe pa msewu mumuvoterabe pakuti ndi Mlomwe. Za ziiiiiiiiiii.

  3. diso says:


  4. Observer says:

    Tiye nayeni kuyerekedwa kumuthere. Kenako mudzathamangitse mbuyakeyo Mathanyula

  5. GRM says:

    Why do government implement projects without communication strategy?

  6. Mjomba says:

    Kodi Hon Minister, bwanji osapanga tap madzi mu Shire river momwe madzi ambiri akumangoyenda mkumakataika ku zambezi, and also the distance from shire river to Blantyre is very shorter compared to Mulanje.

    1. Moses Kita says:

      Tapping water from Shire is very expensive on Pumps maintenance, Electricity and also on Chemicals to treat water. While water from Mulanje will be tapped using Gravity fed system and is fresh with less chemicals to treat.

  7. J. Cha says:

    KKKKKKK Koma anthu a ku MJ, Bravo indeed. It’s high time Government officials started respecting and consulting the locals. Keep it up, otherwise you will just experience the negative effects of the project while others are benefiting.

  8. Costly Gochisale says:

    Zavuta ku mpanda! The “ziphwisi minister” has finally met his fate

  9. Moses Kita says:

    The reactions by the community is not justifiable. The should have engaged the minister and present their grievances in a dignified manner and wait for government response.
    I have noticed one thing in most of the projects which are carried out in our country that there is lack of community participation in the preliminary stages. A social facilitator should have been inluded to look at the issues like those.
    Projects like this one will open a new chapter in our history as a country. Bravo Profesor APM

    1. Nkuluzado says:

      Fwetseke. The issues were presented already to govt but they decided to do it in their own way. What engagement are you talking about. These are leaders that think they have all powers and they know it all but niw the centre can not hold – things are falling apart, the DPP is crumbling – ayiona bangwe

    2. Civil Servant says:

      Many projects and programs in Malawi lack Social Impact Assesment and Strategic Impact Assessment. Focus is heavily put on Environmental Assessment

      1. Moses Kita says:

        Very true my Chief. We cannot accept anarchy as tool to air our grievances. We are not a banana republic. if those people have genuine concern let them act within the law. But i think it is people like Nkuluzado who want to score political mirage at the expense of development.

  10. Must a says:

    Simunati Ammbuye muona dzikoli mwiniwake ali ku mwamba

  11. Bwilibwisi says:

    Kodi manu ma reporter mumangoti Chaponda “powerful minister!” Anakuuzani ndani zombwambwanazo? Ife abale ache a Winiko tithana naye

  12. Winston Msowoya says:

    There are two choices in man’s life,submit or fight,in Mulanje that time has come,the people have opted to fight,BRAVO!!! This proves that people have had enough of unfair treatments from their representatives,this is the start,we have to expect more in the aforeseable future.

    1. mbuya says:

      Iwe njomba, i think you are not an engineer. do you know the cost of pumping water from Shire river compared to the diversion of water from Mj Mountain to Bt? kumafunsa kaye before speaking. zangoonetselatu umbuli wako pa nkhani za engineering.

  13. Malita says:

    The Bull-dozer got bulldozed? This is the beginning of the end.

  14. Spade says:

    Just like people of Malingunde have not benefited despite supplying water to the capital. Not even a tarred road to Malingunde. Big up people of Mulanje

    1. girllady says:

      so True Spade ochewa nafe tatsekuka maso no thala kumaligunde and yet we are feeding drinking all Lilongwe city okeyyy ife tidzawavalila nyau sure!!!

  15. KUKHALA says:


  16. Iweyo Wa Kwathu says:

    Munena zoona kapena mukuchenza chabe?????? Zimenezi kumuchitikira munthu wamkuluyu??

  17. GIBBOLANTOS says:

    I couldn’t believe it at first……koma ai ndithu zachitikadi.

  18. Moses Makoko says:

    Well done villagers!! Keep it up! Time for inactive citizenry is gone. Such actions will help these stupid leaders to start thinking!
    Well done again anthu a kwao kwa chaponda.

  19. Yakobo says:

    Things Fall Apart. The Centre can not be held. Mere Anarcy

    1. Kwao komwe KKKKKKKK! Kuzolowera kubera anthu mbuzi zimenezi

      1. kkilembe says:

        Well done villagers. The govt can not just tap water and not share the water with you. We are all ngaa ngaa pambuyo pa inu.

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