Chaponda caught sleeping in Parliament as Malawi leader delivers Sona: Talks tough on corruption fight

After being appointed by President Peter Mutharika to be Leader of the House, George Chaponda was caught on camera fast asleep during the State of the Nation Address by the Head of State at the State opening of budget session of parliament on Friday.

Chaponda sleeps on the job

Bull-dozing! Chaponda sleeps on the job and snored 

Chaponda, who is also minister of agriculture and irrigation,  is paid to stay awake and listen.

In his address titled ‘Towards recovering and sustainable socio-economic development’, President Mutharika gave assuarances that his government will  crackdown on corruption after British High Commissioner Michael Nevin observed that the vice has continued spreading since his posting to Malawiin June 2012.

Nevin observes that Malawians are among the victims of the vice as they continue complaining of not getting services without being asked for a bribe.

The British diplomat in his opinion also notes that many governance indicators show a downward trend and the country risks heading down a dangerous road if it fails to bring to justice assailants of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) senior officer Issa Njauju.

But Mutharika told parliament that his  government will ensure that resources and other support are provided to consolidate efforts to tackle corruption in Malawi.

He said government is  aware of challenges of resources that the fight against corruption faces.

Mutharika said his government remains “resolute” to prosecute cases involving theft of public funds popularly known as cashgate.

The Malawi leader also disclosed that government will develop the National Prosecution Policy “to provide guidelines for the conduct of public prosecutions by setting standards.”

In his speech, Mutharika said government will establish online case management system and computerized civil registry to improve data management  and tracking of case files.

He also said there will beef up the legal department in the ministry of justice.

“We will recruit more lawyers in order to efficiently and effectively deliver services in all spheres of justice delivery,” said Mutharika.

In his opinion, British  High Commissioner suggested 10 actions for  Malawi to consider as Mutharika sets the tone for fighting corruption.

Among them, the British diplomat suggests a genuine zero-tolerance approach that lowers the bar for firing officials and their advisers with greater emphasis on ethical behaviour expectations and performance.

He also suggests a transparent tendering of all government contracts, including of security equipment, with measures to prevent “insider trading.”

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51 thoughts on “Chaponda caught sleeping in Parliament as Malawi leader delivers Sona: Talks tough on corruption fight”

  1. The Partriot says:

    Agogo kugona pamene agogo anzawo akuyankhula! Ku Malawi kumeneko nkhalamba zadya 1!!!

  2. Bushilie katundulu says:

    Deal ndi chaponda wathu wa DPP wanuyo oluzayo

  3. It’s just unfortunate that he was sleeping while on duty. that’s m’maundunamu umbamva too much sichina ayi kugona too much.

  4. JOE says:

    Kuterokutu anaphwisa ali mtulu.

  5. Peter Mbewe says:

    I commented yesterday on Joy Radio on the topic members of Parliament are going to discuss( how to reduce hunger in the country) I Said it’s better they not go and waste our money discussing how to reduce hunger instead of completely done away with it .it will be stupid. The based presenter said my comment (ndiyomasula mtundu wa Malawi) Chaponda Minister of agriculture has vindicated me.

  6. Joka says:

    AChaponda anatopa kuzibwenzi. Paja khalidwe la mbuzi za DPP ndi limenero. Kumaba ndalama zaboma ndikumakathera ku mahule basi. Nanga chomchi Pitala akuyankhula za ulimi pamene nduna ya zaulimiyo ili mtulo. Is there any hope for Malawians in this case? I don’t think so. To hell with DPP in 2019.

  7. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    watopa mudala ameneyu. Akagone basi. he has eaten enough from poor Malawians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kenkkk says:

    Yet come 2019, he will be president if Peter decides not to run. The lomwes and other south tribes will still vote for him, one of their own that is the key , they see nothing wrong with his behaviour past or present.

    God help us.

  9. Dr Manga says:


  10. Namatetule says:

    This is the problem with Malawi. These people are too old, koma dyera sangasiyire achinyamata. An average minister in Malawi is a pensioner by age.

  11. vascotykudhu says:

    This indicates that Chaponda himself has lost trust in his own DPP,PRESIDENT and GVT-ulendoooooooo!!!!!-uwo!

  12. fuko says:

    Zakalekale izi. Thawi ya amai. Anapanga a tvm dpp iliku opposition.

  13. Susan Mwaluango says:

    This is ridiculous whats wrong with is picture, I have seen members of parliament sleeping in Britain, USA South Africa, China, the line continue. What I read from this is Malawians are wicked people. We have that same tendency of finishing each other of that era. Where people would tell the president that so so was sleeping while you were speaking, that minister was finished. Why are you picking on Dr Chaponda, alone, I checked with your parliament, I have been told so many members were sleeping, but you the writer of this article hates Dr Chaponda. Last week you posted that stupid article which did not make sense at all. There was nothing in that whole article of yours that had to do with Dr Chaponda. You stated he was transferred to Ministry of Agriculture just last month. Did you expect him to do miracles. Give the man time, we know you hate him, but do not go that far. He is a husband, father, brother and uncle to others, who love him not because of his position but that he is their relative. So stop being stupid.

  14. Tione Phiri says:


  15. Winston Msowoya says:

    Congrats Mr.Leader of the House, so you have no time to carry on your duties efficiently,at the end of the month you expect a fat cheque from tax payers.What a shame? Anyway,it is a dead government in the coffin waiting to be lowered 10 meters deep. Have a comfortable sleep till we meet again.You stupid moron.

  16. onunkha kanyimbi says:

    chaponda wakula aise kalime napwiri kumudzi.. zachisoni

  17. Kali says:

    Old Age.

  18. DPP presidential candidate 2019 my foot.

  19. kapeze says:

    aaaa what about the other people sleeping, Makalo Ngozo, Jobvuyalemena etc????

  20. Ba says:


  21. John Black says:

    Mr Anti-Fart Law is too old to cut the nsima!

  22. Naloli says:

    Chonchi ATI Bill angapange pass inu this is childshi journalism some of these things you dont have to expose them

  23. Man pexy says:

    Munthu wamkulu kumagona mu nyumba ya malamulo, usiku unali kuti

  24. Good Samaritan says:

    Closing eyes does not mean one is fast asleep, sometimes people become asleep with their eyes wide open.

  25. HOPE says:


  26. MZAKWACHA, says:


  27. kalugap says:

    A General in North Korea was executed for sleeping in the presence of the President.

  28. Kwamuntonyo says:

    This message is for all the malawians who connived with the PF in Zambia and registeredregistered as voters. Please am warning you of being killed or your genitals cut if you vote in Zambia on 16th August. Kindly inform your relatives



  30. Chihana's Friend says:

    Dozzy rat eater. A dumbo if ever there was one! This man should be chased down a rat hole that he comes from, a disgrace to Malawi.

  31. Anabanda says:

    Malawi imeneyo kkkkkkkkkk speechless

  32. Mngulungulu says:

    who told you that he was sleeping. The fact that he closed his eyes does not mean he was fast asleep. This is what we call ” useless journalism.”

  33. Speaker says:

    business in parliament has worn a new face now, with chaponda and tembenu both lawyers in front benches koma ziliko. MCP ilimba? kodi muli ndi ma lawyer inu? chief whips onse ku opposition no legal mind. koma ndiye leader of opposition watha ndithu

  34. Khwakwali Mongolia says:

    Munthu uyu ni nkhalamba. It has been often and repeatedly said that recycled politicians should retire and to pave way for the younger and energetic generation. Is it because of poverty alleviation that these adages still cling to power and positions in society? Shame on them Young, intelligent, efficient and capable young men/women are there and yet we still eye these old people. Let make change our motto so that our society and country can develop. Ndatha ine Kwakwali Mongolia.

  35. BOKHO says:

    Useless govt and u expect such tired people to run a ministry and be a presidential hopeful in Malawi munya alomwe muona.

  36. kalugap says:

    Vuma wasakala

  37. Mr. Speaker Msowoya, Sir says:

    Nonse mukuseka bwana wathu Presidential Candidate wa 2019 mukhaula ndipo ngati ndi MCP yakutumani mukhawulabe Parliament imeneyi. Leader of the House ndi Lawyer uyo and kulinso Lawyer Tembenu mommo. Inu MCP muli ndi ma lawyer ku front line kwanuko? Chief Whips anu onse amakhala ali mtulo koma maso akuyang’ana ngati tulo ta kalulu. mukhawula ulendo uno. kujanso ku Business Committee mulibe lawyer inu. ife DPP ndi Chaponda kumeneko heyiiiii Chakwera ali mmadzi!!!!!!

  38. ephrahim says:

    This picture earns indeed the under title:” Hard working spirit, integrity and patriotism!”
    A real leader know when to sleep!?
    But Hon. Chaponda I agree, it is really tired some to follow the speeches of your boss!

  39. koma nkhope imeneyi bambowa alibe ufiti? Asa!

  40. Kaya Kwathu says:

    Looks like the face people make when sniffing the white powder.

  41. ANALYST says:

    I have said it, and will say it again – Malawi is the hands of dogs – BIG DOGS for that matter! And he is the Leader of Government Business in Parliament! Actually, he was sleeping knowing that there is nothing the so-called president was going to say in his State of the Nation ‘Undress’! This was an empty rhetorical speech which says nothing! Malawi will continue suffering, come November, the same government will be panicking with food crises when time is now to grow maize for irrigation so that after four months (June, July, August, September) the country will be harvesting! Some of these straight-forward decisions do not need rocket science to be conceived and implemented. I was passing the Mangochi-Liwonde/Balaka Road via Lake Malombe this past week, and said what a fantastic irrigation land along all that stretch from Mangochi all the to the Liwonde/Balaka T-junction! But the Minister of Agriculture is here sleeping… Mxiiiii

  42. chris gavin says:

    galu uyu koma atisunga olo ku church amangofikira kugona uyu

  43. TTs says:

    Chaponda is nothing but a Turtle.

  44. dikisan says:

    Thupi latopa. 2019 ndikutali. Musiyeni abangona. KKKKKK

  45. pido says:

    Then we say they are responsible people shame.

  46. nkoloko says:

    He is paid to sleep! Mxm pusi wa munthu. Nduna yaziphwisi. Palibe anandibowapo mmoyo wanga kuposa galu Chaponda. Kudzikonda ndikusaganizira dziko la Malawi.

  47. INE says:

    Pali nkhani apa? utolankhani wachibwanatu uwu. iNU SIMUMAGONA?? Zachamba basi

  48. Rose Banda says:

    While the President was talking about development of this country it was a waste of time to Dr Chaponda. He only dreams to be the president of this country after Mutharika and he does not want anybody to stand in his way. He is so power hungry that has lead sometimes to him making irrational decisions.

    A chef from Ryalls Hotel in Blantyre will tell you that Chaponda has a huge appetite for mushroom soup and is not even interested in other flavours. It is unfortunate that the likes of Chaponda can not accept that they have done enough and it is time for them to sit down and enjoy their money.

    Power corrupts. Dr Chaponda you are tired. Mulanje is a very beautiful district go settle and enjoy than stressing yourself with politics.

  49. Winfuly Mziya says:

    My mother land!How can a minister be sleeping while the president is speaking?Keep up Mr President bring justice in our country.No wonder wanna die in a foreign country.

  50. Buyelekhaya says:

    More of the same!

  51. Mphepo zinai says:

    He is human after all and advancing in years. It happens to those in the twilight of their life.

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