Chaponda faces resistance in DPP on becoming Malawi President

There is mounting opposition to Foreign Affairs Minister, George Chaponda  in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party ( DPP) structures led by their governors across the country that he is being groomed to become the next president, saying  he will not be allowed to succeed President Peter Mutharika through the back door.

Chaponda denies harbouring ambitions to succeed Mutharika as Malawi President

Chaponda denies harbouring ambitions to succeed Mutharika as Malawi President but DPP governors say he is on underground campaign

There is wide speculation that Chaponda is running the show in both DPP and government.

And the DPP governors have since expressed their dismay over the conduct of Chaponda, who they say is creating parallel structures and fundraising for personal motives on behalf of the party.

But Chaponda has ydenied harbouring ambitions to succeed Mutharika, pledging instead to support the incumbent in next presidential bid.

“I have no presidential ambitions,” said Chaponda who has become increasingly powerful .

He accused “some jealousy people” of  having a figment of imagination on him become the next Malawi leader.

During a meeting in the Southern Region over the weekend, district governors revealed to all party structures that some cabinet minister is busy undermining their powers by working with ordinary members when dealing with party matters.

The governors further said that the said minister deliberately disregards party protocol of recognizing the party President and party slogans during meetings.

“He is simply making sure that his goals are achieved by side-lining the duly elected and sanctioned structures. Instead he is either working with our deputies who he is giving so much power to run affairs of the party in our areas. Chaponda is surely up to something fishy if you ask me,” lamented one senior party official from Blantyre.

The parliamentarian from Mulanje is also been accused of be getting moneytory support from Indian traders to boost his financial chest in preparation for  a  campaign at a party convention.

Despite his itching for the party purse, Chaponda lost miserably at DPP convention for the post of Treasurer. He was later on appointed by Professor Mutharika as Vice President of DPP in the South.

The dismayed party officials also reported Chaponda to the meeting saying he has been telling them that he holds enough power to change things in the party.

“He has been going around the country telling our committees that he wields so much power in President Mutharika’s government to the point of having powers of appointing his fellow ministers. He seems to have convinced some members that he is the one who proposes cabinet names and that the President only endorses them,” says one governor from Phalombe who has been visited by Chaponda several times.

At government level, Chaponda is being accused of openly demeaning influential Principal Secretaries and working with their juniors as a way of undermining government’s structures and efficiency in their dealing with the Office of President and Cabinet (OPC).

Some of the PSs and senior government officials who have fallen under Chaponda’s hate spell include Dr. Patrick Kabambe, Chinthu Phiri, Ben Botolo  and Chief Secretary to Government, George Mkondiwa, Erica Maganga, Sandram Maweru, Dr. McPhail Magwira and Justin Saidi.

To make matters worse, Chaponda has over the past year been convening news conference where he has been discussing matters that are not under his jurisdiction both at party and government level.

He has previously held briefings where he has tackled issues under ministries of Energy, Agriculture, and Health among others, a duty that is set aside for either line ministers or Minister of Information who is government spokesperson.

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35 thoughts on “Chaponda faces resistance in DPP on becoming Malawi President”

  1. The Partriot says:

    There is nothing wrong with having ambitions. Hate or loathe him honourablehe has the right to have ambitions and to dream in colour. If he sees an opportunity in becoming President let him grab it.
    All we pray for is that if ever he becomes president, he should treat all Malawians as equals regardless of their ethnicity, district of origins etc. Rumours are abound that he hates some sectors of the Malawi population just because of their region of origin! And thats not good for someone who wants to become President of Malawi.

  2. Phwado says:

    Chaponda ;nkhope ngati wadya manyi…..

  3. laston Donex says:

    Zachamba basi chakwera azalowa boma basi

  4. kaweluwelu says:

    Panga tukete wanyambala ohaha fiyo umunyamabla uyu

  5. Khwakwa says:

    Za ziiii basi!

  6. Dikisan says:

    Abale, Musiyeni mwana wa mzanu. Njoka saweta. Chilima amona ngati wafika, ali ndiulendo waulati. Tiyenazoni. Atupele ali pambalipo.UDF Boma

  7. Basa mangwanani says:

    This is pure coming from jelous people who are afraid of him as he is a nonsense man. Convening briefs and tackling of issues regarding other ministries, I don’t see any problem here since he has been delegated by the state president to attend a number of conferences which normally tackle and discuss issues at random and had also been a chair of the grouping of a few people. Tell the truth Malawians that Chaponda Hon. is the current DPP vice president for the South, he is the incharge of all party activities happening there so what could prevent him telling his surbodinates to jack up as the party was asleep in some constituencies since election?

    Do not involve us in office politics because the names that have appeared down to the last part of your story have contributed to this nonsense in one way or the other. For instance you have mentioned McPhail Magwira do you know that he was chased from min. of Education by staff and government had to intervene? what about others reaching mandatory retirement age? be investigative in your writings before posting them, every name here tells a story.

    Lastly why do you allow insinuating comments? what do the story have that could jeopardise all the Hlomwes with hate comments? next time I will not hasitate to respond to those attacks, I know a group or tribe of people that is commonly known for insinuations. Pathako pa nyinamwe!

    1. Fair Lady says:

      Basa @ 28
      Mmene zinthu ziliri mudziko muno, that is where you miss the point. There is no one ethnic group against another Lomwe and Muthalika sycophant taking over tha mantle. Kodi nkhani iyi yawulidwa ndi ndani? Si ndi abale ako omwewo. Mfiti siyiloza wakutali.

  8. Nonsense Chaponda is not befitting to be our next Big Kahuna
    Atupele is our next President whether I like it or not
    Atupele Woyeeeeeeeeee!!!

  9. Mphepo Zinai says:


  10. Mphepo Zinai says:

    Munthu wankhanza uyu. You can tell by his past actions. Uyu munthu oyipa kwambiri, ankanyenga mkazi wa mwiniwake, winayo akudwala nyumba momo.

  11. mwanafyale says:

    We are tired with the LOMWES and the YAOS, these people have destroyed our beultfull country,favourtism,nepotsm and tribaltsm it their GOD HELP US WITH THESE STUPID PEOPLE

  12. gwamba says:

    Nkhope ngati kobibira kwa nsato! 95% of lomwez ndi onyansa nkhope.

  13. mwene says:

    What is this Ziphwitsi man up to???? He spoiled Bingu and now Peter!!!!! Malawians be very careful !!!!!!

  14. PIxy says:

    VP watch your back !!!!!! Zayambapo Remember all VP’s before YOU.What happened to them.WAMISALA ANAWONA NKHONDO!!!BE SERIOUS WITH WHAT ALLAN NTATA HAS WRITTEN.

  15. Mj S West says:

    Kutha kwa DPP,ata hatimufuna ife Chaponda waku Zambia.Chimanga akubisa ku Luchenza nthawi yanjala ino atoja ndi abale ache okha

  16. Honeycomb Chidyauzu says:

    I heard on the radio from one learned professor that Malawi has been having accidental PresIdents. I agree with him that in Malawi it is only one person who was fit to be president the rest are presidents by accident. We will add more to this list of accidental presidents if we elect Chaponda.Malawians we have to be good people for God to give us good leaders. Malawi is full of envy,jealous,thievery wiches/wizards ,nepotistics etc that is why things are not going on well in this country. We seem like good people but not at all.

  17. smart says:

    chinkhope ndi mtima kufanana.ndi munthu ameneyu?nthawi zonse anthu amanena za khalidwe lake.koma alomwe…………………

  18. Nsenambo says:

    Coment 4, do u remember few yrs ago stories of Bingu grooming Peter were also refuted. But if you remember, it came to pass only that Bingu died earlier than expected and the deal collapsed…. I personally work with Chaponda’s sister, anandiwuzapo kuti achimwenewa akuwasuka to b the next leader of this country….

  19. Kanonono Siyalimba says:

    This is the cause of Malawi’s poverty. People do not work. Every time is campaigning time in the poor Malawi.

  20. 2016 welcome says:

    Koma tingoyerekeza kuti man Chaponda sinaloweko mkalasi ndiye imalima ku dimba ndiye bwezi akuoneka bwanji? Thupi losamva madzi ndi soap. Chule!

  21. jojo says:

    Eeeeh koma nkhope yake imeneyi mmmmmmh koma nyasaland????

  22. friday yotamu says:

    Alhomwe alhomwe!noophiya . . .like it or not! Kolopani Nyanja.chaponda yemweyo. . .boma!

  23. Msundu Mwene says:

    This Chaponda should never be allowed to be a president,,,,you see he has alot of issues…he cannot even find a good quality shaving blade and shaving cream…..his cheeks are full of bumps due to poor shaving….if he cant take care of his cheeks how can he take care of 17 million cheeks?

  24. Willie Chimseu says:

    utsi siufuka popanda moto. Koma za Chaponda it is a wishful thinking. Kaya poti amanena kuti angathe kuwina masankho opanda vote ya ku centra ndi north may be. Alomwe okha okha basi koma mwalipeza dzikoli ? Tiyeni nazo muzisiya. Nkhanga zinaona kale.

  25. Tan'gatan'ga says:

    Chaponda totooooo!!

  26. don says:

    akulu akulu pliz…..satana uyu nde tizayamba kudyana tokha tokha ndithu…..bola pano tikudyako ka gaga……luk at him….evil man with hate….Mmmmm……DPP pepani chabwino….angokhala Peter yommweyo……bwasasa uyu ayi

  27. Late Dr Chakufwa Chihana's Colleague says:

    What is it about the Lomwe’s they are all ugly. Look at George Chaponda a face like the behind of a gorilla. Then Bingu with a face like a rat. And Peter Mutharika with lips like those of a blue monkey’s behind. At least Kamuzu though a dictator was good looking. And as for Bwana Muluzi, he can be blamed for the politically handing the country to Bingu, Joyce and Peter but he is not ugly.

  28. stevovo says:

    Maonekedwe a Chaponda yo e-e-e ngati wachifwamba.Nkhanza zowonekeratu pa nkhope.Awa sangakhale President wadziko .

  29. model says:

    Ugly face cannot lead this countly stupit

  30. kamoto Ralph says:

    Nduna yaziphwisi. Upresident udzingokhala waalhomwe?

  31. Alfred Minjo says:

    I know the media can glorify or destroy individuals. This id not right. Where and when did APM say he is to groom Chaponda as the next president? I know some Malawians with evil intentions are not happy seeing the cordial relationship existing between the president and his vice. They are happy to see the history repeating itself to see a devide between the two. THIS IS NOT RIGHT you evil minded people. Kagwereni uko anyapaphi inu…

  32. The Analyst says:

    Every face tells a story, it is said . . .
    What story or strories can one hear from the face or the eyes, if attention is paid?
    Of greed or power-hungriness or sypathy for the incumbent, maybe?
    and determination to have firm foundation for grabbing power laid;

    Sadly, such people find their way to the top despite a display of character full of ambiguities;
    simply by beguiling such unsuspecting as people in our societies;
    with alot of good promises, sweet words and other niceties;

    Making it worse is fact that many people in Malawi are so illiterate;
    that their voting pattern is often and obviously indiscriminate;
    So long as the candidate belongs to the tribe or party, they are an affliate.
    Even when its obvious the candidate has no capability to see the country’s problems, ameliorate.
    But truth be told;
    with a voice so clear and determination so bold;
    Chaponda is as useless as other guys in the party who are equally and just as old;
    All of whom are just as ducks taken to the marketplace for the whole week but none sold;
    And thus whoever is grooming him to become president, or just give a nod;
    Shall, the bitter way, learn that all that glitters is not gold.
    When other well-wishing citizens vote for him with a shoulder so cold.

  33. jkkkk says:

    Just look @ the face. Nkhaza zikuchita kuoneka.

  34. Kenkkk says:

    Is this news? Some of us have been telling you about this arrogant tribalist man called chaponda ages ago.

    That is the real coup against the govt they were trying to hide. The coup amongst themselves dpp thugs.

    All this because apm has promised chaponda to take over. If not true, then he should fire him for destabilising thuggish dpp anyway.

    MCP moto, Boma 2019.

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