Chaponda sues FDH bank over breach of loan contract: Malawi court reinstates injunction

Blantyre-based businessman, Richard Chaponda has dragged to court FDH Bank for breaching loan contract and the High Court has since reinstated an injunction that was vacated last month restraining the commercial bank from confiscating and selling property used as surety in the loan deal amounting to K224.3 million.

Dika Hotel at Chilimba in Blantyre

Dika Hotel at Chilimba in Blantyre

On Thursday (12th March, 2015) Justice Rowland Mbvundula reinstated the injunction Justice Dunstan Mwaungulu had vacated on 10th February, 2015, allowing Chaponda to proceed with his case in which he is accusing the bank of breach loan contract and acting unprofessionally when trying to realize his property- a house, private secondary school and a Hotel.

FDH Bank wants to realize and sell Chaponda’s property for allegedly defaulting loan repayment, arguing the mortgagor has been failing to repay the K224.3 million loan facility approved in March 2012.

The bank changed the repayment period of approved loan from the agreed 120 months (10 years) to one year and some months after the mortgagor had refused to provide additional security.

Case File

According to documents filed at the court and correspondences between the two parties which Nyasa Times has obtained, Chaponda was persuaded to obtain a loan facility of K188 million from FDH Bank in January 2012 after the bank had offered to repay on his behalf another loan he had obtained from Standard Bank.

FDH Bank persuaded Chaponda to obtain the loan after seeing that the project, Dika hotel, which he was constructing was viable business and offered a ‘tempting’ repayment condition of 120 months (10 years from 2012-2022).

Chaponda only accessed 50 percent of the K188 million approved loan and the other 50 percent was withdrawn from his personal and business accounts held at FDH Bank Limbe branch by the bank as loan repayment.

In February, 2012 Chaponda applied for additional loan of K36, 280,000.00 which the bank approved on 9th March and was added to the earlier existing loan, increasing the facility to K224, 298, 288. 43.

And based on Mortgage arrangement, Chaponda was to repay the K224.3 million in 120 equal monthly installments amounting to K4, 712, 772. 63. The loan facility was to expire on 8th February, 2022.

However, Chaponda was denied to fully access the approved mortgage facility after he refused to provide his Rose Garden Private Schools, which the bank had identified, as additional security.

In one of the letters from the bank dated May 25th, 2012, signed by Head of Corporate Banking Chaponda was told could only access his mortgage facility of K224.3 million if he provided the private school as additional security, and was accused of not repaying the loan.

“You have an approved mortgage of K224.3 million which you have not fully drawn. One of the conditions for drawdown on this facility is that you provide additional security i.e. Rose Garden Schools. Please note that once you provide the security you will be allowed to draw from your account,” reads the letter in part.

In the letter, the bank argued that the loan repayments were not on schedule and that the loan has accrued K8, 706,742.34 in arrears as of May 2012.

But Chaponda dismissed the bank’s claims, arguing he has been repaying the loan, accusing the bank of being unprofessional in the manner it has been handling the loan issue.

Chaponda said was perplexed by the bank’s decision to change the loan repayment period from 10 years to one year and some months on accusations that he was defaulting repayments, adding the bank was wrong to demand repayment of K224.3 million when it actually refused him to ‘fully access’ the loan facility, especially the K36, 280,000.00 additional loan.

“If truth be told I have never refused nor defaulted repayment of the said loan as per bank statements from FDH Limbe branch and 5 cheques amounting to K10 million from International Commercial Bank in your custody,” argues Chaponda in one of the letters copied to Reserve Bank of Malawi, Anti-Corruption Bureau, Financial Intelligence Unit and Malawi police.

He argued that the bank’s behavior by advertising the sale of his property in newspapers affected his business, adding: “I made my position very clear in writing that I shall continue to repayment of the loan as per conditions agreed and upon surrender of my house property title deed currently illegally under your custody.”

Two weeks ago the bank officials stormed Chaponda’s Dika Hotel demanding employees to evacuate the premises as they wanted to evaluate the property to facilitate disposal. And the reinstated injunction means FDH Bank cannot proceed with its plans of realizing and evaluating Chaponda’s property before it is up for sale until the judicial review on the matter is concluded.

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61 thoughts on “Chaponda sues FDH bank over breach of loan contract: Malawi court reinstates injunction”

  1. luviriboy says:

    So this is how banks rob people of their properties? agree ten years and change to one year and anticipate failure then take it. I will not never come to you for a loan. But you persuaded him, was it a chess game?

  2. No tribalist lomwe. says:

    Having read the urguement, i have come up with this summary inshort: 1. There was an agreement on the loan.(original) agreed by both. 2. A second agreement was not well accepted by the needed an extra surity.( xool) a surity the borrower didnot agree. 3. The bank then changed the payment period to 10times less. 4.the borrower was not given money but the money was used by the bank to service another loan.(in this case the total sum given to the borrower was subtracted by the second loan with interest of ten years).JUDGMENT- first i ask myself if the borrower could ably pay the whole sum within the time set by the bank in the second time or if what the bank did was right to its customer. I also believe from the applicants claims he is not denying to pay the loan rather it is about time.(loan service period). On whither the accused has defaulted loan i base my judgement on evidence brought by the former employ.inshort that means the bank/borrower went into disagreement.RULING: it is improper to reduce loan period ten times there4 the first loan agreement must be honoured by both. No extra interest be payed. As a default is not proven, there4 sale of surity is herein dismised.Advise – mr chaponda beware of conmen misquareding as banks, their interest is in ur property-(xool) not otherwise as portrayed here.ali monga akatapila, afuna ulephele akulande xool ya mai .GOOD LUCK AS U , BOTH ,DO UR USUAL BUSNESS.kajeni therere mtima uli m’malo.

  3. 10 [email protected] says:


  4. Kevin Gonondoli, Zambia says:

    Manje ndani watukana bamusonda? Baoneka ngati bakwiya maningi.
    Yayi bwana musonda ikani mutima wanu pasi, mayiro munakomenta funo pa zodiak za ba Pulesidenti wathu kulemba pakhoma la police seloka.
    That was excellent komenti ka. Awo badana nanu bachita nanu sanje chabe.
    story ya .yu bambo chaponda ndiyoipa maningi,. Innocent pipo are suffering in Nyasaland because of such crooked banks.

    Pepa mu Nyasa muzanga chaponda, waberedwa maningi! Shame.

  5. Ken Msonda, in my personal capacity. says:

    I don’t know why you are dragging me in Mr. Chaponda’s case against FDH. The has nothing t do with MTL Privatisation case.

    Is it a crime to befriend someone? Is it a crime in Malawi to be a politician? Is is a crime in Malawi to have a relative who is a successful businessman?

    I don’t know why some people hate me so much, ndinakulakwilani chani?

    I have known Mr. Chaponda and his family for the past 35 years. Tikaonana tisapasane moni?
    Please people grow.

    If I ever wronged you please find space in your heart of hearts to forgive me.
    Suffice to say I know “SAGENDA MU MTENGO MULIBE ZIPATSO”. Malawi is a nation with few people demon possessed with demonic spirits of SANJE.

    Some people have sleepless nights because of my political involvement especially my unmoved stand for the former state President DR. Joyce Banda and the Peoples Party.

  6. DRAKE says:

    Of late there has been Many adverts of Sale of Houses in the cities. This is not good for the development of a country and Malawians per se. More Malawians are entering the poverty circle than anticipated, properties owned by Malawians are being sold to foreigners who have the cash and leaving Malawians into a destitute state. The Government through Reserve Bank need to formulate good Mortagage loan policy and Business loans. Bank Charges and interests must be reviewed quickly otherwise poor Malawians are sponsoring Banks.

  7. Matthews Mwale says:

    Kani ndalama Chaponda amangogawira anthu zija zina loan from FDH? I was wondering where this man gets his money to give to people.
    Much as FDH is wrong Chaponda is to blame too.
    Of late I have been seing chaponda in the company of a politician self proclaimed Christian and businessman ken msonda. I knew something fishy was coming up. FDH take cover simulimba.
    I see msonda feeding Chaponda how to fight back.
    This thin pp spokesperson is bad news kukonda mikanda too much. Remember the MTL sale he single handedly made late Bingu, Chikaonda, Press Corporation, Anadkat, FMB and Modecai Msiska lawyer representing Press Corporation and FMB dance to his tune.
    Mark my comment, Chaponda is too dull to take such a bold step someone is calling the shorts behind the scenes.
    Iam watching events from a distance

  8. Kenneth Njolinjo Magombo says:

    Malawi banks are involved i financial scam. Dont go to ask for a bank loan if you are not prepared to be swindled and eventualy loose you hard earned properties, only fools do that. Mr. Chaponda has a steady school business that could have easily funded his hotel business why go fo anothe loan with a cooked bank like FDH.

    Munakawaputa ala a bank bambo Chaponda muthana nazo nokha.

  9. MBC says:

    I will reserve my comment for now . Am about to sell my assets to invest in the expansion of my business. Am seeking 2 houses for 80,000,000 kwacha, which will in return save me 3,600,000.00 interest every month. If I keep the houses and decide to borrow, rentals for the house will be amounting to 600,000.00 which 3,000,000.00 less than the interest being saved. In my simple analysis, in 10years, I would have saved over 150,000,000.00 interest which I can use to build my 2 houses if I wish to.

    1. ginte says:

      And what will be the cost of construction of those two houses in ten years time?

  10. Cashgate1 says:

    Our govt ndilatulo, or those entrusted to review or enforce our policies akugona too much. lately ma bank akungolanda manyumba anthu, that’s not good for our economy. Banks lending rates are just too high for SME to operate and yet the very same banks are chocking these business. Govt needs to chip and provide an alternative. If it were in advanced economy a bail out is needed. People are loosing to much and you don’t expect our economy to grow in such cases. Mabank lekani kulanda anthu manyumba awo please. or else people should find means and stop borrowing from banks, through peoples savings groups.

  11. Chester Chinonga Maso says:

    If what Memory Kulisewa is anything to go by, Reserve Bank has to revoke FDH license and investigate this matter. Chapondas issue could be but just a drop in the ocean, there are more SME customers who have been cheated by this bank. Banks come up with attractive business plans just to convince you get a loan but truth is they target your properties.

  12. Memory Kulisewa says:

    Those who have no idea about this case are commenting blindly. I know the case from day one; I was an employee at FDH.
    1- Mr. Chaponda had a loan of K60m with Standard Bank which he was paying through his Rose Garden Pvt School. When FDH approached him for a loan at their bank, Chaponda Standard bank loan had a balance of K18m.
    2- FDH approached Mr. Chaponda and convinced him that FDH will offset K18m Standard bank loan and give him a loan of K180m that he was to repay in 10 years. He was fooled because of that temptation.
    3- FDH saw that his Rose Garden Private Schools business was a viable entity and able to pay Standard bank loan.
    4- After FDH gave him the loan the bank immediately started repayment of the loan through the same money, and other accounts of Rose Garden Schools and Mr. Chaponda’s personal account at FDH Limbe Branch. In one year and six months FDH repaid itself K80m from the same loan.
    5- Mr. Chaponda applied for an additional K36m because the bank inconvenienced him by getting the same loan money to repay the loan, and the bank asked for his Rose Garden Schools as surety which he refused. That’s where the problem started.
    I was a bank clerk at FDH Limbe Branch when the scandal started. This was an inhouse scam involving FDH managers. The bank discovered the scam and fired it’s managers but resolved to recover the lost money from unexpected customers like Chaponda.
    FDH did this to many other customers.
    I am ready to testify in Court if need be, I know,the story 101%

  13. John Suzi Makhawa says:

    Geoma, amwenye amalemera because they are disciplined. They dont borrow for consumption but for serious and well planned investments. They drive pickups and toyota vitz during the week. They don’t have girlfriends. They don’t drink. They sleep in cheap flats. They partner and are trustworthy with each other. But us blacks we are cursed. We lack discipline. Ka business kang’onong’ono sikanakhwime matama thoo kuzipatsa ma udindo. You want to drive poshy cars like Mercs, range rover etc yet you are only making a profit of K3mn a month before tax. You go to bank to borrow K100,000,000 but you divert K20,000,000 to buy cars for your wives and girlfriends. You compete splashing borrowed money at Alexanders, Mustang, TJ, chez etc. You build unnecessary mansions where you tie your scarce capital. You spend recklessly. No wonder no black person is progressing. Too much jealousy black on black. What happened to Noel Lipipa, the Chisimas, the Makhumulas, uja wa ma hammers, Nserebo and many more??? Its high time we became disciplined guys. Lets learn from the Anadkats, Mpinganjira, the Greeks in Malawi, azungu ndi amwenye. Pano muli busy kuchitira nsanje akuda anzanu a Mpinganjira koma akanakhala nzungu bwenzi mukuombera mmanja.

    1. Noella Lipita says:

      Spot on John Suzi Makhawa!!!!! Black Malawians we are pathetic. We like to milk a cow before we feed it. Our ambition in life is to marry/get married, have sex and bear as many poor kids as possible. Look at our women’s bodies; too fat because of eating chicken in bridal showers and weddings. We love good things yet we don’t have the means. Just imagine poor folks have no car even a simple Nadia but they demand that they want a fleet of mercs during their wedding. We borrow money and take girlfriends to Cape Town before even investing. Stupid fellows. We love to board aero planes business class yet azungu olemera ali ku economy class.

    2. OG Issa and Mussa Akbar says:

      True true true bambo inu manena ja nzeru. Inu abere azatenge jikisi waulere ku shop kwannga. You blacks are cursed and foolish. You were just created to be our slaves working for us. Imagine during the cashgate we were stealing together with Bathathathawala and Mphwiyo and his friends. Bathathathawala and us fellow Indians have used the money to build factories at Maoni and residential buildings for rent. We will be enjoying for the rest of our lives. But you foolish cursed blacks what did you do. You were busy buying X5s, Mercedes Benz M Class, Fortuners etc and flying prostitutes to Disney World where you slept in $2,000 a night hotels. Poor blacks. Cursed generation.

  14. Mabvuto Bundala says:

    Lets face facts here, a bank cannot give you a loan if your business is not viable. Why change loan agreement from 10 years to 1 year? Something is terribly wrong here, Reserve Bank has to come in and investigate this matter. our banks are making SMEs poorer instead of helping them. There are hidden conditions which they don’t tell you when giving you a loan. This bank has made a lot of pipo miserable. Chaponda fight on and Courts should look at this matter carefully.

  15. Concerned citizen says:

    i think the problem came in with the additional loan.The bank wanted additional surity and chaponda refused

  16. brutsha says:

    Malawi has handsome men in the likes of Kudontoni, Peter Mutharika, Binton Kutsaira, Mwanavekha, Winiko, Enock Chihana and George Chaponda just to mention a few.

  17. kajuju says:

    This is only a story because of his last name! get over yourselves people

  18. Kanthu says:

    Its unfortunate pple u are commenting blindly.This issue has nothing to do with Finance Bank or Indian Bank,ruther has to do with default of loan.Lets look at why this happened,one is high interest rates on this blame the govnmnt and second is integrity of borrower,,,Mr Chaponda is questionable just look at how he distribute to pple at the bank meant to repay loan

  19. owo says:

    The truth is that all people complaining defaulted and alowa chizolowezi cha ma injunction. The result is banks will reduce support to SMEs. Chiponda is big time defaulter. Let’s not support such people.

  20. johnstone chimphentheka says:

    Chaponda be vigilant these banks are thieves. This is what they do. Do not relent! Get damages for defamation, loss of business and profits and damages for breach of contract plus costs! Offset the total compensation with the loan and get the net back home

  21. GRM says:

    Two lessons.
    1. Never trust a business plan handed to you by a bank. Remember there was once Elma High school which was grabbed by a bank after cheating the owner to start a bus business on loan. We all know what happened to the owner.
    2. Never be a customer of a bank whose owners are Indians of Malawian origin or Malawians whose success is of questionable origin. Remember there was once Finance Bank that ended unceremoniously.

  22. Peter says:

    John Suzi Makhawa, I doubt if it is true that FDH wrote off MK2billion last year. We know through their financial statement that they made profit of over 3.3Billion from MK20 Million the previous year. If what you are stating is really true then the bank either makes its own bank notes or it is used as a conduit for illegal transactions possibly involving public officials, politicians and business people!

  23. Xmaz Maluzi Andipha says:

    a Malawi mwanyanya kukonda ngongole, FDH ndi bank ya anthu a sataniki nanu mpaka kukafunsako ngongole…….

  24. Fakifulu Mayamuko says:

    Our banks are there to steal from poor pipo. The unfortunate part is that FDH bank owner is a devolted Christian but a stealer.
    Shame on you.

  25. Lisa Mamayeye says:

    FDH is a DPP bank. MSB is being sold to cover huge outstanding loans obtained by DPP BANK top brass.
    Mulli and some top DPP officials have come together to by MSB through FDH. Shame on you Thom Mpinganjira for stealing from your fellow Malawians.

  26. Philip Papaye says:

    Mr. Chaponda is a victim of FDH bank inhouse scam. It is believed all managers who were involved in this inhouse scam lost their jobs.
    A million dollar question is why should the bank penalize customers for the sins of its managers?
    Many customers at FDH are facing the same problem. ACB and FIU should move in to protect innocent customers at this bank.

  27. Pofela Moyenda says:

    Many pipo have been robbed by this bank. It is a bank ran by Mafia Mulli and Mpinganjira now they want to buy MSB to cover DPP top officials unpaid loans at MSB

  28. Katolitoli says:

    Malawi banks being ran by crooks.
    I thought Thomas Mpinganjira is a devolved SDA Christian why is he involved in this shady deal to steal from fellow Malawians?
    Shame of you.

  29. Nkhombokombo says:

    It is unfortunate that some commentators are personalising this case. TM happens to be the CEO of the said Bank and not a Loan Officer at the Bank. Preaching at Church has nothing to do with the Bank Operations. If anything the blame should be put the Loans Dept and its officers who sit with the borrowers.

    1. Sekulu says:

      Have you not heard of ethical banking? Stop accepting mediocrity

  30. Mbanga says:

    It’s high time banks must learn to be fair. You borrow k1m and you pay back k10m. Where is the fairness. In other countries when interest equals principal amount borrowed they freeze the interest until when the client shows some ability to pay. This doesn’t happen in Malawi. The best way to treat our banks is to get injunctions throughout.

    And you also don’t advertise commercial and going concern property for fear of affecting the business. When this hotel is sold we should see another Malawian owning it, not an Asian or colored.

  31. Dick says:

    Banks give is loans to prosper!!

  32. Geoma says:

    This is personal and private matter, however, it is high time pur policies change to suit and defend entrepreneurs, our banks are part and parcel of the down fall of our economy coz they don’t support entrepreneurs but they bring different businesses down. They don’t consider that every business has challenges. Our economy is too small so to have people who can afford to inject over 100m in a business its extra-ordinary, Govt or Banks could have been in forefront helping these such entrepreneurs to grow as they pay alot of tax. Abale azilemera amwenye dziko lathu lomwe??? Are the banks telling me kuti all amwenye they don’t default loan? But they are treated fairly, koma default ikangochitika kwa Mmalawi eeosh, si phuma lake, kufunika nzanu asauke basi???

    1. Toona Mall says:

      These issues of loan are very tricky in Malawi because insufficient information is passed on to the borrower!

  33. freedom says:

    Go go Orleans and crew
    Ana achepa awa
    thought they were partners?

    1. Peter Njala says:

      Bravo chaponda

  34. Asawiluntha says:

    Yaah osafoka amenewo ndiye ma bank a ku Nyasaland ,amakunyengerera kuti utenge ngongole ,akaona kuti ndiwe wa nzeru wagwiritsa bwino ndalamazo amapeza zifukwa zosamveka akubere.osagonja maphwiya

  35. Malapwalapwa says:

    Ndiye mukutiuza ife kuti titani,bwanji mmene mumayamba kukongozana simunatiziwise koma poti zathina ndiye muzitiuza ife,musova!

    1. mapwiya says:

      Man mwakamba chilungamo,koma zikuoneka ngati zakubandani heavy.

  36. atate says:

    The same FDH which want to buy msb . U start the bank today in few years u are too rich through crooked ways. All banks are crooks in Malawi

  37. zagwa zatha says:

    This is my Hotel when i am in Blantyre. I love this hotel. This is the problem with Banks.

  38. Paulos Banda says:

    That is how FDH Bank makes money. Saturday a Tom Mpinganjira kukalalikira koma dziko ilii.

    Inu bank ingakhala professional bwanji kumayika ma head of department a Edward Mtulutsa munthu anali messenger uyo.

    1. Future leader says:

      What if he was a messenger? People upgrade nowadays and don’t your juniors will remain the same. You will be surprised when they employ you nexttime. Wake up!

    2. JACOBSON says:

      Iwe mchitsilu zedi ukhala choncho omwe mukuanyozawo akupanga prosper in live and living confortably inu mmalo mozipanga upgrade mukuchedwa ndikunyoza.

  39. Mayeso Moyenda says:

    FDH bank has been in serious breach of loan contracts with several of their customers. The bank is in serious administrative and financial problems due to it poor loan administration process. Chaponda is not the only person may other customers at FDH are facing similar problems. We call upon Reserve Bank and FIT to investigate transactions at this bank something is wrong somewhere.

  40. lol says:

    So, Mr. Chaponda you still trust Malawi Banks? One thing I should tell you is our banks do not have real solutions to our financial problems to make our businesses grow. When Malawi Banks gives you loan just know they are after your property otherwise they do not have real solutions to make our business grow. Guess who benefits when they get your property – foreigners, Asians.

  41. peter says:

    Why does RBM tolerate such scandalous behaviour by money hawks masquerading as banks? Most banks in Malawi have been selling property of people it loaned some money forgetting that the economic environment has been very tough for business and hence need for understanding. I wish banks could ‘walk’ with customers and provide the needed support for success. But this is not the case with our banking sector.

  42. John Suzi Makhawa says:

    Malawian businessmen, too much kungongola yet they are not faithful in repayment. Just last year alone FDH Bank wrote off over K2bn due to default by Malawians. We can’t progress like that.

  43. phwetete!!! says:

    Mr Chaponda needs to be very careful with his case. Many Commercial banks in the country they rush into bribing the judge and with the recent denial of Prados Oh! things might be opposite. Mpinganjira made Zimbabweans cry through the help of RBM so don’t just copy letters anyhow.

    1. Sekulu says:

      Bwetete you are tight Tom Mpinganjira stole the bank from Zimbabweans in a DPP mafia style with help of Perks Ligoya when he was RBM governor. He s the thief like judas iscariot

  44. ujeni says:

    Hotel? kikikiki poor Malawi

  45. ndaulurabe says:

    Mr Richard Chaponda, you made a big mistake by copying one of your letters to Reserve Bank of Malawi. Why, because when you see Thom Mpinganjira then you RBM, GOVRN OF MALAWI AND DDP.

  46. gabbage says:

    Che chaponda zimakoma pokudya lero bwezani gooo kuchulusa zokamba koma mpaka ma lawyers.sopano poti unadya kale ndalama za weni ndiye ukufuna kuti ma lawyer wa aziti chiani. ukufuna kuti agamule kuti ulibe ngongole?. poti olo upite mukhoti ukungozichedwesa chifukwa ngongole yi ubweza basi apo bii hotel, sukulu, nyumba yokhala paulendo. Mmalo moti upite ukakambe ndi a bank uli busy kuzitayitsa nthawi ndi ma lawyers ndalama imeyo unakachepetsako ngongole. chifukwa cha umbuli sungathe kumvetsa ma loan convenants ena unasayinila mwachimbulumbuli. Anthu okuba ngati inu ndi amene mukusaukisa malawi. amalawi kukonda kusabweza ngongole.Ena ndi awa akulephera kubweza ndalama za MSB mpaka kufuna kugulitsa bank mwachinyengo. kodi chonchi malawi angatukuke?

  47. Boy says:

    Typical Malawi style where defamation of character is taken for granted. Take for example the negative publicity by the nation newspaper regarding the sale of MSB. I believe some customers are closing their accounts and depositing elsewhere. I wonder whats the legal Team at MSB is doing. Sue these guys for lost business. Thumbs up Mr Chaponda.

  48. dafuq??? says:

    kukonda ngongole amalawi. munthu uli ndi nyumba ndi school kale, chokabwerekela 200 mita ndi chani? makobili amapangila pa stock market bambo, osati kupinyolitsa katundu opeza peza. i bet uli ndi ma benz atatu ndi ma bmw awili. ma ninja ena ndiye aja angoganiza zogulitsa bank kuti apange write off ngongox zawo. kkkk!

  49. Mtunga says:


  50. emwazi says:

    Loan repayment from 10years to 1year? No wonder FDH made a couple o billions in profit within a year! Bank mortgages in Malawi r the highest in the world though we r the poorest in the world there is a cartel which is filthy rich thru dubious means. NBM pays its CEO directors and its board millions of kwachas at the end of its financial year so to Press Corporation, its the ENRON tragedy repeating itself in Malawi yet the Government fails to arraign the situation. If truth b told the people enjoying enormous worth in Malawi r; the CEO Press Corporation, CEO NICO Group of Companies, CEO NBM, CEO CDH u can add more if u want

  51. anabel mitawa says:

    a malawi kukonda kusabweza za eni,eish. nde mwati mpaka copied to malawi police and acb?on what basis? abale,before kuputa these thibgs,read the forms very, very carefully especially that tiny font

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