Chasowa case refuses to die: Lawyer Ambokire seeks justice

Lawyers representing slain Polytechnic student Robert Chasowa and the state were at the High Court on Wednesday to see how the murder case can be started, five years after he was killed by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)  and state operatives for being critical of late president Bingu wa Mutharika.

Lawyer Salimu representing Chasowas

Lawyer Salimu representing Chasowas

Lawyer for the Chasowa’s, Ambokire Salim said state lawyers and him will soon be going to the Supreme Court to get certificate to start the case following a commission of inquiry instituted by former president Joyce Banda three years ago.

Salim said the chief justice is the only one allowed by law to give such certification but the problem is the current chief justice Andrew Nyirenda chaired the Robert Chasowa Commission of Inquiry when he was judge.

He said a judge who was supposed to give the certification on behalf of the chief justice retired before he gave the certification.

The lawyer was upbeat the certification would be given soon to kick start the case.

The Commission of Inquiry established that Chasowa was butchered by the DPP and police operatives because he was very critical of Bingu.

The inquiry established he was abducted from Polytechnic, killed near Lunzu and brought back to the college campus to fool people as if he had fallen off from pavement roof top in suicide.

The then police spokesman Willie Mwaluka repeatedly told people that Chasowa killed himself and produced a hand written suicide letter from the student but the inquiry established it was the work of handwriting expert at the police.

Some DPP officials including former regional governor for the south Noel Masangwi and some police officers were arrested on the matter.

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13 thoughts on “Chasowa case refuses to die: Lawyer Ambokire seeks justice”

  1. Ma says:

    Next Kusowesa iweyo Ambokile if you want kutchuka..just leave this to God’s judgement. ..BE WARNED

  2. George says:

    carry on we need to hear the results

  3. Manuel says:

    But Chasowa dealt wth both pro-JB & pro-DPP camps.When JB became president, only one camp was questioned sparing her own. The case fails in court. Doesn’t it appear to you that the murderers could also be in her own uninvestigated camp? Open ur eyes and see familiar style in: 1)chasowa&kamanya deaths(culd be work of same handwriting specialists!). 2)murder of that lady accountant at Area23 whose car was found towards Dzalanyama and Njaunju whose body was found too far frm his destroyed car. 3) GIZ & Auditor generals offices robbed ( we all heard a PP official telling us he knows what’s on page 13 of the stolen report). Any links to the arrest of PP officials for cashgate and commencement of trials? Careful wth over-conclusion, u may endup helping real culprits to hide more. I would suggest we ask a neutral country to assist investigating both sides. What do some of these pro JB, CSO/CSIs,that crooked lawyer, pro-JB head of CID at that time know about Chasowa issue?

  4. Denguzman. says:

    I do rmemba very well by then the current State President was the minister of education bt the funny thing was, he didnt even dare to condemn khalidwe lonyatsa ngati limeneli upto date APM is just maintaining his behaviour of not accusing those who are busy killing innocent people. Njauju was also murdered bt we held no condolense statement from the govt and it showz that these guluz in DPP they kno who is bhind these scandals and they dont want Malawians to kno the truth. Koma chomwe amayiwala nchoti pamene patuluka mwazi wa munthu, tsiku ndi limodzi choona chizadziwika. Salim, am just praying for ur protection and for Nyirenda we expect u to perform like a professional man. MTSRIP.

  5. Chemwali chimwene says:

    Thank you Ambokile. Politicians must not kill anyone. We do not a repeat of this nusty behaviour from psychpaths in the name of politicians

  6. Only God will make away out if you failed to judge the case. For being a poly candidate Chasowa, could make great things. Still his soul rest in peace!

  7. Daniel Banda says:

    Nyirenda, please rise to the occasion and tell the nation who the judge was who did not give the certification? Be a man of courage and conviction and tell the nation who was this person who failed to perform his judicial duties. Was it Munlo, Tembo, Msosa, Chinangwa, all of whom who are renowned not to have finished what they were busy with when leaving office and who left behind absolute chaos and despair to those people whose lives they have ruined by not performing their official duties. Please tell the nation so that we can know who to impeach, even after retirement and strip them of their retirement benefits as they would no longer be considered to be retired judges. The nation is sick and tired of such gross dereliction of duty and let this also be a warning to those judges who are currently in office because you will be measured by the same yardstick

  8. David Mbendera says:

    Who is the damn judge that was suppose to give this certification? Who conspired with DPP to cover up the murder of the greatly beloved son of Malawi? We want to know who it was so that we can take steps to make sure that that the judge is also brought to book and held accountable!!! Please tell us Nyirenda, because this is not going to go away.

  9. jombo isake says:

    thats good move the truth must be known

  10. Alex Mwale says:

    These people should face because of killing the noble son of Malawi. Let the case take its course

  11. Chilungamo chitheke says:

    Willie Mwaluka should be summoned to testify in this case for his “suicide” version of this unfortunate incident.

  12. mjiba says:

    This is an interesting case. Many who hold high positions in the current Government were fingered in this case. From Police Headquarters to the DPP Political machinery at State House and all over. Will they shoot themselves by consenting to have this case restarted and hang themselves with it. Good luck! Dont think it was a coincidence to have the current Chief Justice appointed to that position. The DPP machinery was confessing their sins with this appointment. Mea culpa

  13. Benjones says:

    Justice delayed is justice denied

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