Chasowa murder anniversary goes unnoticed: Black Moses demands justice

Student political activist Robert Chasowa’s fourth murder anniversary has passed by quietly with a lone voice calling on President Peter Mutharika to bring those who brutally murdered him to book.

Chasowa was buried here after he was murdered by regime agents during DPP-led government

Chasowa was buried here after he was murdered by regime agents during DPP-led government

Chasowa, a fourth year mechanical engineering student at the Polytechnic was found murdered and his body dumped at the college campus in 2011 after he fell out with the police and Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) over the July 20 , 2011 demonstrations.

Marking his death anniversary on Thursday , his friend Alex Black Moses said it was dissappointing that the state is doing nothing to take Chasowa’s killers -mostly regime operatives – to book.

“I wish I met the President to request him do something, someone needs to move the case,” said Moses.

Chasowa was killed in cold blood and according to a commission of enquiry set up to probe his death, he was killed in Lunzu by some police officers and DPP cadres.

The commission of inquiry report says Chasowa was recruited by the police to disrupt the July 20 protests organised by civil rights groups and was given some money and a vehicle hired for him and his group.

Later, the report says, the police had change of heart and decided to engage the civil rights groups directly so that they would abandon the protests idea but this did not go down well with Chasowa who felt betrayed and threatened to spill the beans.

The report says he published damaging articles of the former head of state Bingu wa Mutharika and instantly became the target of the DPP for assassination.

The Joyce Banda administration arrested several police officers and DPP cadres including MP Masangwi over his killing but they are all on bail and the case has stalled since the JB government was voted out of power and the DPP was voted back to power.

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21 thoughts on “Chasowa murder anniversary goes unnoticed: Black Moses demands justice”

  1. What? says:

    Which party killed many people, MCP, UDF, DPP, PP? The answer is MCP. For Chasowa, I think he was acting like the Mphwiyos when they were in college, but that he was unfortunate. unfortunately, even today, there are lots of students who engage in this dirty game, politics while on campus. To an extent you sow where you want to reap.

  2. Denguzman says:

    Iwe Clement, ndiwe galu yotheratu and i hope u dont have parent koma ngati uli ndi makolo amayi ako ayenera kukhala hule. Robert rest in peace koma mzimu wako udzathana nawo onse amene anakupha and one of the hd gone already wit cadiac arrest.

  3. Lovemaniac 91 says:

    Musova! # feels gud to be back in love!

  4. Zadziko zilibe phindu munthu kufera za dziko phindu ndi chani? Serve The Lord & you will be rewarded not politics.

  5. Chemwali chimwene says:

    The people you call politicians are psychopaths. DPP killed many people and there is no justification whatsoever for any politician to kill anyone, No. Do not support evil acts by politicians. Whatever Chasowa did and 20 who were killed on 20 July and those killed by any politician in the past are not justified to do so. Lero ndi Chasowa mmawa adzakhaphedwa mbale wanu, ngakhale mukudya nawo andalewo koma musawayikire kumbuyo kuti adzipha anthu. Ndalama zomwe iwo amaononga ndi zathu palibe wandale amene anabwera ndi thumba la ndalama koma amachoka ndi matumba ataba ndalama zathu.

  6. Comred Brigadier says:

    Boma osalimbana nalo kwambiri… Devil is in control all over the world yemwe kwa ndi kupha ndi kuononga

  7. Inu dont worry with what@ clement is saying, ndi chimwana chahule chimenechi!!! Mutu sugwira!!! @clement pa thako pako!! Kutumbo kwamako!!! Stupid idiot!!

  8. langa says:

    Don’t you know that they are in US , how can this get noticed amangwetu? Ndi New York Tu. Kutakata ma allowance.

  9. Savala Visanza says:

    Stupid Clement!

  10. clement says:

    Whatever but that’s the point. It’s up to you to take it or leave it. How special was the fucken chasowa?? We lost very important people and can’t compare with chasowa. If you want justice for the death of chasowa must also include Linda, Evison, ACB officer etc not only chasowa. How expensive was he???

  11. thinktankmalawi says:

    Anniversary??..Come on the guy was black mailer…you cant blackmail politicians..yes its sad what happened..but he is not a political martyr….am sorry…

  12. hk says:

    In as much as I am not happy with the murder of Chasowa, especially that justice is been delayed or denied, I still think it is not good for students to allow themselves to be used by those in power. Students should know how much and at what level they can participate in politics. Imagine, its now the parents suffering after a huge investment in the son, ….he would be earning a living by now supporting parents

  13. levelheaded says:

    Munthu kuti uphedwe ndi boma umakhala kuti wasempana nalo zochita. Boma silimangopha wamba ayi. Kulimbana ndi boma umangopempkha infa yodzasowa omuloza. Achinyamata anzanga zambirizi ndi bwino kumapewa. Lero ndi uyu mtata akubwebwetukayu mmalo momukonda inu Makolo ndi anzake kumuletsa akupangazi,akaphedwa ndiye mudzidzapempha boma la DPP lomwelo kuti lidzifufuze. Koma amangwetu ndizomveka zimenezo.

  14. Charombanthu says:

    Two wrongs do not make a right. So Clement (no. 4) ulibe nkhani. The issue here is about Chasowa and not Gadama etc. If you have issues on the cases you have raised, then this is not the forum, please.

  15. ??? says:

    An asshole calling yourself clement, are you one of the mutharika,s asslicker? You have no shame how do you justify the killing of an innocent chasowa? Stupid asshole with your stupid president!

  16. John says:

    @Clement. Zaoneka ndi maso kuti inu a DPP nadi chipani chokupha!!!!
    That is why u support of wht u did and u do now ndi Peter wakoyo.
    My question is, how many people are u going to kill kuzafika 2019? But know that almighty God is looking!!!!!

  17. Ankapha achina Gadama,Sangala ndi azizawo ali kuti lero,nanga Matafale nawo uwalindililanji moyo wamatenda,nanga A Chasowa,akumapasana moni kumasanuko?kapena kulozana dzala,ndiwe:ndiwe!!!! kumeneko,poti nawo ali konko.Anapha Njaunju akumva bwanji nanga?Malawi,choncho nanga tithawire kuti?tonse tizafabe basi olo undisogoze ndi udindo wanu wa stananicwo,,,,,

  18. clement says:

    Think twice before writing nonsense against the government. Is it DPP killed Linda Gaza, Matafale, Gadama, Sangala, matenje, Chiwanga??? This chasowa issue is the closed chapter and Moses and friends at poly should be their lesson for the chasowa’s death. These unknown NGOs will use you end result losing your lives and leaving parents in pain. No culprits will be taken to books, mind your business guys but if you want to be seen like you are clever ndizimenezo.

  19. Dr Kaunde says:

    Never ever say DPP was voted back in power rather DPP got into government through stolen votes or coup

  20. Benson T Phiri says:

    Tinakuudzani kuti ili ndi boma lokumpha werengani Matafale , chasowa ,20 pa july 20.koma kusamva a MALAWI. koma adzafabe olo ataniatani .

  21. jamesgondwe says:

    aaaaaa zopusa basi taziphanani nokhanokha achewa opanda nzelu inu,kumangokhalira katangle basi peter is next to axit this country!!!

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