Chasowa’s murder suspect heads police operations, JB watch out!

President Peter Mutharika has made some new appointments in the Police Service. Loti Dzonzi has paved the way. The new Inspector General of Police is now Paul Kanyama, who was previously Southern Region Police Commissioner.

New police chief Kanyama (left) to be deputised by Jose

New police chief Kanyama (left) to be deputised by Jose

Rodney Jose, the man who not long ago was in the news for all the bad reasons, will deputize Kanyama. Mr. Rodney Jose (formerly Southern Region Police Commissioner) is the police officer embroiled in the murder of Robert Chasowa, a final year engineering student at the University of Malawi’s Polytechnic in Blantyre in the wee hours of September 24, 2011.

According to a report of the Commission of Inquiry that was instituted by the former President Joyce Banda, Jose is the man who was at the centre of the murder plot, especially seeing to it State House instructions are carried out in detail.

He is the officer who personally ferried Chasowa and friends from Blantyre to Lilongwe and back for a series of meetings with the then Inspector General of Police, Peter Mukhitho. These meetings ended up in the death of Chasowa.

Mr. Jose was at the centre of scheming in the deadly troika of the Democratic Progressive Party, Police and State House that meticulously plotted to murder the Polytechnic final year student under the previous DPP regime of Bingu wa Mutharika.

It was also the same Police cast of Peter Mukhitho (now Chief of State Residencies), Kanyama, Jose and others that spearheaded the implementation of the ‘shoot to kill’ policy under Bingu wa Mutharika. They presided over the July 20 shootings, resulting in the deaths of 20 innocent civilians.

When Bingu wa Mutharika died during those three mad days of April 2012, Joyce Banda came out blazing with maternal instincts. She immediately ordered an inquiry into the sad death of this young innocent and bright student. The names of Mukhitho and Jose were mentioned alongside other top DPP officials as the architects of the untimely departure Robert Chasowa.

Following these revelations, the former President directed that Mr. Jose along with other officers named in the murder of Robert Chasowa be suspended to pave way for smooth further investigations. The investigations had not been concluded the time Joyce Banda and her PP government left office in May 2014.

The findings of the Commission of Inquiry indicated that the then DPP Government, under the late President Bingu wa Mutharika, was angry with Robert Chasowa and his friends because of the scathing statements they made and wrote against Bingu and his government, especially over the collapsing economy and general political intolerance by Bingu wa Mutharika and company, who included the incumbent President, Peter Mutharika.

Now, President Peter Mutharika has ‘reorganized’ his police service and, not only brought Jose back, but rewarded him with the rank of second in command (operations), deputizing the newly-appointed top Police Chief, Paul Kanyama.

Has Rodney Jose been rewarded for being suspended under the previous regime or for his role in the Robert Chasowa murder?

It is clear that the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) administration under Peter Mutharika is bent on rekindling the old style brutality reminiscent of the old DPP under the current President’s brother, Bingu wa Mutharika.

It is at the press conference where President Mutharika announced the appointment of Jose where the President Peter gave instructions to the police to “shoot to kill” under the guise of getting tough on criminals.

The threatening tone in the latest utterances by the ‘new kid on the block’ (Kanyama) is therefore not coming as a surprise. He is quoted in the press as warning that under his command, police will be armed to the teeth and will revert to its dangerous ways.

It appears now that the first victim of this ‘armed to the teeth’ drive by the new command at area 30 is the slain Malawi Defence Force soldier, Price Lameck, who was gunned down in cold blood for merely exchanging sharp words with a police officer on a night patrol in Zomba. The shooter fled the scene without rendering any assistance to the dying soldier, a clear indication that it was a deliberate act.

Tempers have flared in Zomba, and the Malawi Defence Force is visibly angry with Malawi Police. Officers are said to have abandoned their duty posts; roadblocks have been abandoned; traffic police is nowhere to be seen and businesses are closing before regular hours. People are expecting anything to happen.

It seems the ‘shoot to kill’ policy has grossly misfired and has ended up firing at the wrong target. In the end, Malawians will end up paying a dear price.

By appointing the man who was implicated and suspended for the murder of Robert Chasowa, Mutharika, and the DPP administration are sending a clearer message that the issue of the slain Polytechnic student is the least thing on the list of their priorities.

It is clear that the investigation of Jose and others over the death of Robert Chasowa is practically dead and buried, and that Mutharika’s podium talk about respect for human rights is just political rhetoric.

Joyce Banda instituted a probe into the death of young Robert Chasowa. Joyce Banda ordered the suspension of Rodney Jose to pave way for smooth and further investigations into that gruesome murder. Joyce Banda is no longer Head of State.

By engaging the very same people that are suspected to have been behind the death of the university student and whom Joyce Banda wanted to face the wrath of law, is Peter Mutharika not up to some evil against his predecessor? Your guess is as good as mine!

Recently, the Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and the Centre for the Development of People (Cedep) issued a statement urging international human rights organizations to take a leading role in pressurizing the Malawi Government to prosecute and conclude the Chasowa murder case.

*Hastings Kandoje is a social, economic and political commentator. He writes in his personal capacity

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44 thoughts on “Chasowa’s murder suspect heads police operations, JB watch out!”

  1. GONAMKULAWE says:


  2. Tatyata says:

    so what, why are you afraid you thieves? your time is running out!!!!!!!

  3. Khalamule says:

    eureka!!! it is now confirmed that DPP killed Chasowa

    1. Kenn says:

      Abale atumbukafe tidakudyelani chani? Tiwuzeni tikubwedzeleni mwina ife nkupuma chifukwakwa mwano mukunya agalu inu watikwana.

  4. gutter, grapevine, trash, stinking journalism mention it.


  5. Oluza ali m'boma says:

    Olemba izi ndi atumbuka ongotha mawu zithu asakuziziwa ndi zitsiru zokhazokha

    1. Utsiru sachitakugula says:

      Now now how does this issue concern Atumbuka? Chasowa was not a Tumbuka, Joyce Banda is not a Tumbuka, Rodney Jose is not a Tumbuka.

      Uchitsilu winawu mwina ngoyamwira

      1. mthako wa alhomwe says:

        wolemba nkukhala kandonje. mlomwe weniweni.

  6. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    koma JB asabwere kuno angazaphedwe ndi anyaniwa!

  7. kalapashi says:

    Something great is to happen. Please watch, open your third eye and see. If promotion is an award given to someone after shooting and killing, then all health workers after saving life will b awarded………? APM will soon be impeached.

  8. phiri says:

    Malawians like to write based on hearsay!! Hey you journalists emulate the way our friends in the west do investigative journalism – they write when they have the facts straight and have clear evidence and not simply to settle old scores.

    what this guy writes is purely what he heard others say elsewhere koma he knows nothing!! so better remain quite unless you have facts!

    sad that journalists want to act like judges – kulandira “ban” or kulira lost glory!!

  9. apao says:

    We must learn to respect law effcrs plz? Mumakhalatu mukugonatu inu iwo kumagwira ntchiti usiku wonse police amagwira ntchito yayikulu tiyenela kumawalemekeza

  10. U killed Chasowa Yet you want Us to Praise Yu !…Amfiti inuuu .

  11. Alungwana says:

    The government of murderers, thieves, crooks and killers.

  12. Blessings says:

    Why nyasa tymz alwayz starnd in opposition?wr made u smile and awarded u so plz we need to know what gorverment is doing…do u thnk JB dd a right 4 us?noooooo..nothng only stealing and now is one of de richest female in africa;we know coz we r nt riving dere.ine siwandale koma ndaona kusiyana pakati pa Bingu..Bakili.. ndi JB…..Bingu analibwino sindikuzi peter coz m not deir.note dat every one has right to talk but deir is limit…dont talk shit to ur presdernt is not right.Tilindi ufulu zoona koma usakhale onyozamsogoleli wathu chonde ziwani kuti iz zimabwezeletsa chitukuko chamziko.

  13. tapi says:

    So what did JB do to the ‘killer’ Jose? Nothing!! Because he isn’t guilty..otherwise she would have fired him..or perhaps maybe JB entertains killers..

  14. Teketeke says:

    Hastings Kandoje is NOT a social, economic and political commentator. He writes in his personal capacity as a relation of former president, Joyce Banda, scrounging for the least credit he can gain. He is dexterous in mixing half truth with his wild concoctions to solicit some mileage.
    However, he exposes that his Yao blood is thicker than water and ridiculously so. Don’t believe this trash story; that’s exactly what it is: TRASH!

  15. KALUSO GONDWE says:

    BEWARE OF VICIOUS DOGS, Malawians beware! the combination is very bad…ig and jose. The president is up to something. Remember bingu wanted to hav ‘extra security apart from his bodyguards the army and police. What did he mean actually, ‘secret army?’to carry out dirty work? No wonder the shoot to kill order…to kil those who voted 4 him. EXPLAIN MR PRESIDENT WHY YOU HAV DONE THIS. WE ARE SCARED….Blood thirsty is what they are.

  16. Mbanangwa says:

    I like Kandoje’s objective approach. If it were that he was wearing the northern region name, you would have heard the cursing and swearing of some brutes. That there are still objective commentators out there, it creates a sigh of relief.

  17. The Patriot says:

    Asiyeni akuona ngati kuchenjera pano! The blood of Chasowa will not go in vain! No matter how long it will take , one day justice will be done. There is NO way DPP will rule for ever and most of us are still young and we will make sure that the killers of Chasowa should face the long arm of the Law.

    1. Inu says:

      PP ruled for two years and did nothing. If there is one person to blame then blame JB. What was she doing? Why did she fail to meet the promise she made that those who killed Chasowa would face justice? This is not about DPP. It is about poor governance and lack of responsibility in Malawi, regardless of whether it is PP, DPP, UDF etc. As long as you are making everything about DPP, we are losing a grand opportunity as Malawians to rectify the weaknesses in our systems which have victimized the voiceless.

      The first step was supposed to be why these guys were never prosecuted under the PP leadership when the opportunity was there. From there, then we can move ahead to decide what to do next. Without doing this, any attempt to pursue this matter further will lack a sound basis.

  18. ndadabwa says:

    Jose and Peter Mutharika mutha udyo ndipo mukafika 2016, ndiye kuti Mulungu wagona tulo. Peter wapanga dala kumukweza Jose kuti akayamba ma investigation aziti palibe chomwe akupeza kwinaku akudzibisa yekha. kodi mbala imadzigwira yokha?

  19. Omex70 says:

    EESH!!!Evil government. Malawians,brace yourself for tough times ahead of us with this clueless government. It is only the die-hards who don,t see problem with the appointment of Jose.

  20. CNN says:

    Why some Malawians continue supporting DPP & PP amaze me. DPP is aparty of Satanism; Mafias, hooligans, Thieves & Thugs. PP is a party of Thieves & liers. Those who support these parties are partakers in the aboved evils. They killed Chasowa & one supports these foolish people. Next time it will be you or your relative, how will you feel? Foolish

  21. Blessed Banda says:

    I blame PP for sitting on the cases. All these people would be behind bars. DPP did everything the could up to rigging ekections so that they car erase these cases. They had a vision over these cases because it was be free or rote in jail so they hd to make sure they are free and so they are today. Clueless government we had for 2 years. All ministers and the president were busy distributing goats, maize, cows withouth formulating strategies. Akanakhala a Cheya nkhani zimenezi, ndithu ena akanalowa mundende.

  22. Observer says:

    I have observed that almost all stories that this page post are bent on criminalising the current government while blandishing a saint like face for the previous government. Can you be objective at times than swaying the minds of innocent people into your political vendatta with the current government?.

  23. Jabulosi says:

    The end of this clueless without conscience president will be disastrous. By bringing back memoirs of late Bingu before his demise is equipping Malawians to the teeth ready to square off with the current regime. Its a fact the late Bingu team is back in Town. Malawians get ready to finish off this team once and for all!!!! WE SHOULD NOT BE FOOLED TWICE!!!!!!

    1. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

      All what is said here is the truth about DPP govt. Its not long time ago when DPP sent its young cadets to cut people heads with Pangas/machetes, hence its same DPP that is ruling today! Any change you think?

  24. Patriot says:

    Mulungu SANAMUSANKHE UYU nkuona china chili chonse sichikuyenda.


      You are right Patriot. Donors have gone, The Kwacha is running away. Rains have stopped. Courts stopped operating. Soon everything will grind to a halt. I cry my beloved country. In the past we used to gather to pray for the rains. The country is now in the hands of gays. We have stopped praying. This guy was indeed not chosen by God but MEC and courts.

  25. Sosten Gwengwe says:

    The writer has taken sides on the shooting of the soldier without thorough investigations.

  26. Felie says:

    r u judges? remember jose is still innocent until proven guilty

  27. Gift Kayipa. says:

    All these are signs of the time

  28. kanundu says:

    Onsewo a PP ndi DDP ndi amodzi zomwe zinachitika ndi malemu Chasowa onse aPP amazidziwa amangofufuza kufuna kupusitsa aMalawi koma choilungamo amachidziwa ndipo ena omwe anaphera nao mwana ameneyu ali mu PP ndiye akanamaliza kufufuza bwanji? A menenso amaba ku 92billion ali ku PP akanafufuzanso bwanji osamanazina aMalawi kupusa basi

  29. Ambuje ku lilongwe says:

    A kandoje mwasowa colemba eti? Osangokhala bwanji? Mwanenazi mzosambeka kungofuna kutchuka basi.
    Nkhani ya casowa abiti amaicitila decampainging DPP koma analephera. Inu mwati muthandizire abiti kusesa APM? Eee dikirani mpaka 2024 mwinanso 2029 basi.

  30. Bonzing Master says:

    It is wrong to say,’ Malawians you voted for this regime’. Mind you it wasn’t even half of the registered voters but our judiciary which determined his victory. DPP is back in power and I don’t expect cases involving royalist to continue. Don’t worry much DPP imatuluka m’boma ndi cardiac arrest as the saying goes like; history repeats itself. Whether we deny justice on Chasowa’s murder the truth of his death will prevail and judgement will be delivered by the just judge our Lord Jesus Christ.

  31. Nyapapi says:

    Q.Why did JB note conclude the investigations during the two years she was lording it over us?

    A.She suddenly discovered that stealing public money was more important than bothering with the death of a nosy college boy!

  32. Malindima says:

    Innocent until proven guilty so they say. We can say these Police brass are innocent as no court of law tried and found them guilty. The DPP Government under Bingu also instituted an Inquiry and later JB Government did and one wonders which one was credible and why the last one could not use the earlier one as the base. One also wonders if this case was very critical to JB administration as one would not have expected it to be incomplete after two full years.This case is now in the cold files.

  33. Moya says:

    Malawi you voted for this stop crying. I wondered why Malawians are short sighted and only interested regional politics, bola wakwathu syndrome and forgetting serious issues like chasowas murder( a mother and a village robbed of a college graduate to be) cashgate etc. In Malawi democracy has failed bcoz the majority are illiterate and making the decisions for everyone, very costly it has proved to be, we need the few literate to make decisions for the majority.

    1. Ayobe says:

      THE illiterate majority has really failed us. Democracy works only when the majority are objective otherwise we need some other form of government. Maybe having a prime minister who oversees government operations can be good. The prime minister to be chosen only by objective people( Literate people). and letting the president be like the one Israel Have (honoraly position)

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